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I am seeing what I call shadows moving in the background. These are things that provide me with information that most people don't notice. I am seeing some of these shadows moving right now and they are interesting.

First, it is looking like the lefties are planning a Linen style violent takeover of the US Government, if Trump wins this election, probably starting that night or the next day. They will riot coast-to-coast to topple and seize the government with the help of the lefties and deep state within the governments.

Then I am seeing that Trump is grabbing Antifa and BLM rioters, interrogating them, and turning most of them lose along with it looking like Trump is planning to start arresting people and bringing charges against them by about the end of this summer. This is probably meant to stop the above violent coup when he wins the election.

It looks like what Trump is doing is grabbing rioters, interrogating them for intel, keeping the more key people they have enough evidence on to try them, and turning the rest loose.

Here is a video that talks about this. He also realizes that the left is waging guerilla warfare against us just like I have been telling you.

If this is what the feds are doing, then they are trying to get enough information on the leaders and organizers to investigate them and bring charges against them before the election so those people cannot organize the violent coup after Trump wins the election.

Also, you can bet that they have spies in Antifa and BLM and this is a safe way to bring those spies in to get intel from the spies without exposing who they are, which is why they are turning so many Antifa and BLM loose, you know, to cover for the spies returning to work.

Don't be surprised to see increasing arrests in the next few months with them arresting higher and higher people within the lefty organization, you know, like Obama. They need to get as much of this done as they can by the first of October.

Watch this video about this.

Note that Trump is deploying increasing numbers of DHS troops to liberal run cities where the rioting has gotten out of hand as shown in this video. The police and people are begging Trump for help in regaining law and order.

Believe me yet that we are already in a guerilla war against the left?

Note that Ben Shapiro, an attorney, states that it is legal for the feds to send in forces to fight crime when the local government either can't or won't stop the crime. Also, it is legal for feds to arrest corrupt politicians and bureaucrats for crimes.

The way this works is that the local government is responsible for protecting their citizens from criminals but, when they can't or won't do their job, that responsibility falls on the governor and, if they can't or won't do the job, then it becomes the responsibility of the president to step in and take care of it.

Keep an eye on this.


I started trying to share the truth about COVID 19 with people on FB and in person and it is amazing how many sheeple there are who have been dumbed down, brainwashed, and love the lefty Kool-aid. They don't want to hear the truth because it ain't on TeeBee so it kain't be true.

Listen, reason, think?

No way. If it weren't on TeeBee, said by der lying lefty politicians or bureaucrats, you know, dem x-spirts, or told dem by der lying lefty commie media, it kain't be true and dey don't want to hear it. They just keep drinking the lefty Kool-aid and giving up their freedoms and rights.

They deserve what they are about to get and are even getting right now.

I spent years watching and studying lefty trolls posting on FB and they tell you who they are with the many personal things they post and what they say about other things.

You have to understand how the college system works. Only the hard sciences of science, engineering, and math require you have an above average intelligence to even pass freshman and sophomore classes. With a little extra hard work and/or sleeping with your college professors, you can get even a Ph.D. in the soft sciences with nothing more than an average intelligence. I have known too many soft science professors who are not that intelligent and have no common sense.

I have not seen one lefty troll yet who studied the hard sciences in college. They either studied the soft sciences or didn't go to college with many not even completing a soft science degree. They are very ignorant people, when you realize that science is the study of reality. That should tell you that many of the people with soft science degrees are out of touch with reality.

Also, decades ago a lefty court ruled that employers cannot monitor what their employees are doing on their computers because that was deemed to be a violation of their right to privacy, even though you are paying those people for their time. That set it up for people to get jobs for the government, nonprofit corporations, and even major corporations and be able to spend most of the day surfing the Internet, you know, as trolls. This made it possible for the lefties to start building an army of Internet trolls to terrorize the Internet. Get it straight that lefty trolls are paid propagandists and terrorists who spend their time putting out lefty propaganda and terrorizing anyone who tries to tell the truth.

What the lefties did was focus on two groups of people for hiring their trolls. The first and main group is the lefties who can't get a good paying job with their worthless college degrees and the second group is the lefties who have the spare time and just want to make some extra easy money working as Internet propagandists and terrorists.

Their only weapon is what I call "troll speak" where they put out whatever propaganda they are fed by their supervisors and the troll talking points used to discredit the truth and truth teller and to distract people from the truth, often using lefty pear pressure to scare people into not reading or watching the truth.


This is the best video I have seen about guns and what is going on right now. Eyes are opening and people are realizing that the only one who can protect them is them.

I want to add to his message at the end for you to quit voting for the lefty tyrants who want you to be their slaves. If you voted for them, you are right now getting what you voted for.

BTW, if you really believe that the lefties can't figure out why they are now having a surge in violent crime after they recently released thousands of violent criminals, you have to be pretty stupid. Of course they know why they are having a surge in violent crime, they planned this surge in violent crime to add to their chaos to get people to turn to these upper class trash criminal politicians to protect the people from the criminals they turned loose on the people and the stupid people will fall for this.


Did you know that we spend between $14,000 and $17,000 per student per year in our educational system and that it only costs about $3,000 per student per year for home schooling and that our children get a much better education with home schooling than with public education?

Watch this video and remember that I told you that the left has turned our government into a money laundering racket.

Think about that.


For years I wondered how we were going to clean up a number of things the left has corrupted such as professional sports and our corrupt governments.

How do we rebuild things to prevent this from happening again in the near future?

I now see God letting the left get what they want to make that job much easier for us when the war gets underway following the coup by Obama and company.

First, God is exposing the corruption of the left in everything they are destroying so people other than just me are not only seeing how bad these things are but want to destroy everything the lefties have done.

Second, God will use this coup and their invasion of Israel to gather most of the upper levels of these criminals along with many of their minions into Syria and Lebanon to destroy them for us so our fight against them won't be so bloody for our side.

Third, by these criminals getting what they want, they are increasingly becoming confident enough to come out of their closets so everyone will know exactly who they are and who the people will have to fight to be free again.

Fourth, since this will all be followed by all-out war, these criminals who will be left will become legal military targets or "the enemy" to be shot on sight to eliminate them too. We simply won't take many prisoners to waste time, limited manpower, and money trying them in court because everyone will know who they are and the capitol crimes they have committed. A bullet costs much less than a trial, requires less manpower, and works much faster with better results than a trial. Hey, they will be casualties of war.

Fifth, God is permitting the criminals to destroy things such as our corrupt sports and athletes so we will be able to much more easily finish these things off so we can clean up the mess and rebuild them right from the ground up as Christian organizations instead of the corrupt pagan organizations the left has turned them into.

For example, with God permitting the lefties and Muslims to destroy our republic and replace our Constitution with Sharia Law, it will not only make it easier but a necessity for us to replace their Sharia Law with Biblical Law to set up a Christian theocracy because writing a new Constitution to prevent this crap from happening again (and the US Constitution WILL have to be seriously modified) will be much more complex and take much longer and the people will be much more willing and even glad to set up a Christian theocracy after having their republic destroyed by Marxism and Islam and the horrors that are coming with that.

God is proving to us that even a republic has its flaws and a Christian theocracy will do a much better job of preventing this kind of crap. Remember that every democracy and republic in history has failed after about 150 to 200 years with the Republic of the US lasting longer than any before the pagans destroyed it.

I see God using the lefties and Muslims to move increasing numbers of people in these directions. These people are losing their faith in such things as a republic and being forced to put their faith back into God. Our false pagan god, republic, is being brought down before our eyes by the pagans and we are being left with only the one true God to put our faith in.

People, get it straight, you are RIGHT NOW witnessing the fall of the greatest civilization, nation, and culture in history. Western Christian civilization is being brought down by the evil pagans to set up their dictatorship to control, enslave, impoverish, and murder the people to increase the wealth and power of the upper class trash.

Many of the crimes and actions the left has used to achieve this are illegal and forbidden by Biblical Law, which is why the left hates the Bible, God and Christianity. Therefore, the only cure is the Bible, God, and Christianity, which is why they are currently waging war against Christianity.

Silent Majority

Watch this video. The first part of this is a real eye opener.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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