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Continental Drying

Remember that I began telling you about continental drying that I originally called global warming until the lefties came up with their fake global warming fear mongering thingy?

I just saw a video by Vice that shows just how stupid the x-spirts really are. Not once in the entire video about desertification did anyone ask, "where is all of that water going to?"

Do you know what the problem is with our x-spirts?

They blindly believe the bull crap being put out by doped up college professors living out of touch with reality in their white palaces without question, act on that crap to no avail, and keep teaching that crap. They also study a lot about only one or two things so they frequently don't know enough to figure out more complex problems.

Pay attention to what is going on in the world and think?

Yeah, right, like those x-spirts will ever do that.

At least they are now admitting that the increasing deserts are not just being caused by humans but that there is "a natural element" to it with mankind causing it to get worse because rain fall is decreasing. It took them long enough to get that far. We will all be dead by the time they finally figure it out.

People, when it rains, water evaporates, goes up into the sky, and causes it to rain some more. When the land is dryer, there ain't as much water to evaporate, go up into the sky, and cause it to rain more, therefore, as the land dries, so do the skies, and you get less rainfall. Because of this, as desertification increases, the rate of desertification accelerates. That was not mentioned one time in that video by the x-spirts.

Several times they said that the x-spirts in different countries were going to plant bunches of trees in long rows, you know, like a wall, to stop the desert from spreading. (My brain hurts.) I already taught you that trees are huge water pumps that suck lots of water out of the ground and breath it out into the air to be blown away. Planting trees to stop desertification is like stopping drinking water to prevent dehydration, it is beyond brain dead stupid. It is the worst thing they could do. I can't believe they are so ignorant and stupid to think a row of trees would be like a wall that would keep the desert out.

You want to plant grass and brush, not trees, because grass uses less water and holds the soil in place better than trees.

OK, once again, where is all of that water going that is draining and evaporating off of the continents causing desertification?

It is all going into the oceans, the only place it could possibly go, causing the sea levels to rise for thousands of years, which is why we keep finding ancient ruins from thousands of years ago in deserts and ancient port cities from thousands of years ago under water because, if the water is draining and evaporating off of the land and is going into the oceans, then the water levels on land will decrease and the sea levels will rise. Duh, hello, no brainer. Their x-spirts need to study archaeology.

Not once in that video did one person even mention returning that water to the land to stop desertification, not once!

And you think these people are smarter than you because dey gots dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneebersities? Really?

I taught you how to solve this problem two decades ago and the x-spirts still can't figure it out. There is even a guy in Canada promoting my continental drying hypothesis but the x-spirts are so fixed on their stupid ideas that don't work that they refuse to consider anything else.

In the video, they talk about how they are doing things like lake management and dike management but not one person even mentioned returning water to the land, not one!

People, if you dig up lake beds and dikes for "management" purposes, you are exposing moist soil to the air and it will dry up even faster, which is really stupid. You want to put more water into the soil, not take more water out of the soil.

What should the x-spirts be doing?

Returning water from the oceans back to the land in a similar fashion to rain falling to increase moisture in the soil in such a manner that allows more of it to soak into the soil with only some of it running off to form streams and rivers while also increasing air humidity to decrease surface water and soil drying, especially during their dry season. Note that this will also increase rainfall because there will be more water in the air to fall to the earth. They need to study meteorology.


Remember that I have been telling you that, if Trump wins this election, the left is being brainwashed to believe Trump will have staged a coup in order for the lefty upper class trash to "justify" staging a "counter coup" to remove Trump from office? Remember that I told you that, if Trump won, the lefty media would really start pushing the idea of Trump having staged a coup?

This video really shows the left starting to hammer or push the idea that Trump is staging a coup telling me that the left believes Trump is winning. After all, if Trump doesn't win, then there would be no reason for them to say Trump is staging a coup.

Tim even points out that one article even has a detailed list of what a coup by Trump would look like that was written before the election telling me that they knew Trump would win and they probably didn't even intend to win by rigging the election but to set up Trump for a "counter coup" by first making it look like Trump winning was Trump staging a coup. Interestingly, the details in the article are exactly the legal steps Trump is taking to stop the rigged election. Gee, what a coincidence.

Note that Tim even points out some of the recent victories Trump has had. You put these two things together and it tells me that the left knows Trump is winning because the left's actions are telling me that they know Trump is winning.

And you think this isn't a setup to justify staging a coup like I told you before? It is looking more and more like my guess was right, isn't it?

The left is RIGHT NOW setting up their coup by convincing their commie and stupid voters that it is Trump staging the coup. You just might want to secure your red zones, pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Note that a member of the Pentagon even stated what the left is doing is a coup. I am not the only one seeing the writing on this wall. This is all the left staging a coup and not Trump.

Also note the left is starting to move towards stuffing Bernie's butt under ye ole commie bus. I guess they don't need Bernie anymore and Pelosi has stated she will only "serve" for two more years, until the 2022 election, probably to stay out from under ye ole commie bus.


I have been watching it and I am absolutely convinced that the left is intentionally spreading the virus and inflating the numbers to continue to use fear to continue to control the people. There is just no way that this disease is spreading like this and this fast by itself.

The people involved in this are committing mass murder for political reasons, worse than any mass shooter ever, and should be hung.

I have seen recent research, mentioned in this video showing that COVID 19 was in the US by early December 2019, before it appeared in China. This is just more proof that it originated in the US the way I told you months ago. Note that some of the people fighting the truth were MDs.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the left began working to get the US Government involved in grants for scientific research "to promote scientific research". It turns out that was a lie and what they really wanted to do was gain control of most scientific research so they could control the information put out by many scientists. If those scientists don't say what they are told to say, they won't get more government research grants to pay their salaries and will have to get a job at McDonald's.

About 10 years ago I was coaching a bike racer from Purdue who was working on his Ph.D. in astrophysics. About a year before he left my program because he had learned enough to race on his own, he told me he had changed his major from astrophysics to biochemistry because he didn't want to have to constantly lie about what they were finding and learning about in space to keep getting government money to pay their salaries. He told me he had to lie about just about everything to keep getting government money.

I have also noticed that the government pays scientists to do bogus research to prove whatever the government wants them to prove.

I also found out about 20 years ago that the government is using educational grants to universities to control what students are taught. The professors who are under these government grants have to provide the government with a detailed curriculum showing what is being taught on each day of the course and the government sends in monitors to make sure those professors teach what the government orders them to teach for specific parts of the course and not teach the truth. I have met and talked to such monitors, who openly admitted their job with no shame.

BTW, I have seen an increase in the number of doctors showing up on YouTube with their own channels promoting the lefty agenda by spreading lies. These people are either not doctors or are academic whores promoting a political agenda with lies and bad medicine.

People, believe me, the government and media are lying to you. If you believe just 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed.

I have also seen an increase in sites that keep saying that Trump has already won this state, that state, or another state. This is psychological warfare designed to frustrate Trump supporters and turn them against Trump by getting people's hopes up and then dashing those hopes repeatedly. I don't want propaganda supporting either side. I want information and the truth so I can figure out what is going on.

I have also been watching a tough guy veteran video that the guy showed up at a protest that went nuclear and he suddenly turned and ran to a safer place even though the action was moving away from him.

It ticked off many of his viewers to the point that he had to do another video explaining it. You better know that most people who talk the talk will not walk the walk when the fecal matter hits the fan.

You also have to know that, before this turns into real fighting in a constant state of war, some smarter people will be careful about choosing their fights to stay out of jail so I am temporarily giving this guy the benefit of the doubt while keeping an eye on him. You can't fight for your country locked behind bars so pick your fights carefully.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash are above the law and only you peasants must obey their unconstitutional and illegal orders and laws?

This video is about Tim going on a rant about just that and giving examples. He makes it very clear that this is the upper class trash tyranny oppressing you, the people. Hey, dey is are be royals, baby, dey is abub duh law and you is are be der slaves. Dey gots to hab der planet and slavies back.

It is the upper class trash who are causing all of these problems and oppressing you people so it just doesn't make sense for you to fight their thugs in the street instead of taking the fight to the upper class trash.

Space Aliens

Remember that I told you years ago that the lefty upper class trash will stage a meeting with fake advanced space aliens?

I am seeing increasing items about us just making contact with space aliens and we will soon see and hear them.

You just know what those fake space aliens will tell us. "You people need to submit yourselves to the absolute rule of the upper class trash because they are smarter than you, they know what is best for you, and they will take care of you," you know, the same lie the upper class trash have been telling us for thousands of years. Gee, what a coincidence.

You know the stupid people and UFO nuts will go totally ape over this swallowing it hook, line, sinker, and fishing pole. They will all insist that we MUST do exactly what our upper class trash tell us to do just like they are right now telling us that we MUST do exactly what our upper class trash tell us to do.

Can't you just hear the nuts and sheep?

"Yuz gots to obey what yuz is told soze dey can takes cares of us." You are about to find out just how stupid the stupid people are. Keep an eye on this.

Don't you wish space aliens would take our upper class trash and stupid people to colonize another heavenly body, you know, like the sun?

"Here, you space aliens think our upper class trash are so wonderful, you take them to your planet."


Remember that I told you that the Republic is dead, just not finished kicking yet because the system has been taken over enough that it no longer works?

In this video he tells you pretty much the same thing. He lists the parts of the system saying they are not working, meaning, the Republic is dead.

The politicians are not doing their jobs, the DOJ is not doing its job, and the courts are not doing their jobs to enforce the US Constitution and this rigged election is proving this to be true because God is still opening eyes.

No one is enforcing the Constitution and, if no one enforces the Constitution, then the Constitution cannot work and, if the Constitution cannot work, the Republic is dead because it is a constitutional republic, which cannot exist without a functioning constitution.

People, the globalist Commierats have been telling you for years that they are going to destroy our Constitution and Republic and they have almost finished the job. Our Republic is dead and just not finished kicking yet.

You think this is not a coup? You think they have not almost completed the coup and finished destroying our nation?

You better think again. If they finish this coup, it will either be a dictatorship or an armed revolution, your choice. If the last of the legal actions fail, the only recourse the American people will have left will be either submission to slavery or armed revolution.

While the left is busy destroying our republic, they are accusing Trump of staging a coup as is shown in this video and the video also shows that a number of US veterans agree with me about the real danger of what is going on by calling for Trump to declare martial law to prevent the lefty coup. The sides are forming.

Every day I become more convinced that it is almost time to storm the lefty castles. Listen, they are tearing our republic apart and taking the deep state people out of it so that their fifth column government will be more likely to overthrow it.

If God doesn't do something soon, it is going to be war or slavery and I realize that God may let us lose our Republic to make enough of us mad enough to fight. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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