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Space Aliens

I just remembered one thing this space alien thing is all about.

Decades ago it became known within the science community that the creation scientists proved that it is scientifically impossible for the first living organism to have happened by accident and coincidence so the evolutionists started claiming that "maybe it happened somewhere else under different conditions and then somehow life miraculously got to Earth and we all evolved here on Earth".

The evolutionists ran with this lie for decades until it was pretty much forgotten that the creation scientists had proved it impossible for life to have happened by accident and coincidence and then the evolutionists dropped the alien thingy. You see, the evolutionists said that the creationists couldn't go to that other planet because 1) we couldn't get there and 2) we had no idea where it was so we couldn't prove it to be false, ignoring that the creationists proved that it was scientifically impossible for life to have accidentally happened under any conditions.

It was a con and sleight of hand and the left is trying to con us again but I think this time will have more to do with the "space aliens" telling us to obey our lefty leaders so those corrupt leaders "can take care of us".

Do you know what is really funny, absolutely hilarious about this space alien thing?

People wish that more intelligent space aliens would come to Earth to give us laws based on wisdom that would cause peace and better health for all of us. That is why most people really want to see space aliens come to Earth.

Well, a vastly superior being did come to Earth 3,500 years ago and dwelled with man for decades, giving us laws so we could peacefully cohabitate with each other and have healthier lives. This incredible being did not give us those laws to "oppress us" or "be mean" to us. It is recorded in the Bible but we have been rejecting those laws for 3,500 years because we humans love our sins or the things that cause wars and bad health.

All we have to do is turn from our sins, you know, those things causing our problems, turn to Yahweh/Jesus, live by the Laws God already gave us, and call on His name and we humans would have happier and healthier lives but we just gots to hab our sins we love so much.

What the God hating pagans want is to be able to continue to do the things that cause wars and bad health without having the wars and bad health those things cause.

The ugly truth is that, if intellectually superior space aliens did come to Earth and give us laws to have better, more peaceful lives, those laws would be the same Laws God gave us in the Bible and the people would reject those laws too because they love their sins that are causing these problems. The pagans would certainly also drive off the space aliens and even kill some of them because the pagans love their sins and won't give up their sins for peace, better health, and happier lives.

"No, no, those Laws God gave us can't be the better laws we humans long for because they require us to give up the things we love so much that are causing our problems!"

Is that hilarious or what?

Stupid humans. What the God hating pagans really want is for someone to show us how we can continue to do the things we love doing that are causing our problems without having those problems. You know, like standing in front of a speeding train and being run over by the speeding train, without having the problems caused by being run over by the speeding train called our sins.


Again, it is looking like Trump could still win as shown in this video and this video and this video. This is just getting more interesting.

People, you need to know that the primary job of the US Supreme Court is to uphold the US Constitution and, if they won't do that, then they have no job, we have no need for them, and we should just stop paying them. It is time for them to earn their pay.

Then I found out that 9 other states had joined the Texas suit and the Arizona legislature had made Arizona in contention. That is 5 states that have at least temporarily taken points from Biden and then I got this from Newsmax by staff:

Headline: "Republicans Block Inaugural Resolution Recognizing Biden's Win"


"Republicans on the congressional panel planning inauguration ceremonies blocked a resolution stating that they were preparing for the swearing-in of President-elect Joe Biden, as President Donald Trump's continues his bitter battle over the election result."

It is official that Biden is not the president elect.

Man plans, God laughs. Keep praying, people, we really need it.

Please note that God always waits until the last minute to save our butts in order to test and build our faith. God is also stretching this rigged election out because it keeps showing us more and more just how evil the lefties really are. God is using this to open eyes and I keep seeing more and more eyes being opened.

BTW, remember that Flynn asked Trump to enact the Insurrection Act and declare martial law because of what is going on and what I have warned you about. This US general officer is obviously very concerned about what I have been warning you about. Trump is delaying it to force the left to more and more show their evil hand. I am not sure how this election will end except that, when it does, the left will say Trump staged a coup and will start preparing to stage what they will dishonestly call a "counter coup".

Flynn knows things you don't know, like the left is setting up to stage a violent coup of the US Government and Flynn obviously wants Trump to make his move to stop that right now. Remember that the left has already been committing violent acts and even murdered people in this coup and are showing more and more that they will murder. Hey, the left is planning to murder more than 7 billion people before they are finished. It is very likely that the Republicans at the state level refusing to do what is right is them under duress for being threatened with their and their families' deaths.

BTW, I recently realized that Obama could also get his nuke for Chicago from China. Keep an eye on this.


Trump has asked Barr to open an investigation into Hunter Biden's criminal activities. Trump probably knows that an investigation into Hunter will expose Joe's complicity. Keep an eye on this.

Then we found out that Barr already has an investigation into Hunter and also into Joe's brother. This will be interesting.


Let me explain the way vaccines work for viruses. What they do is grow a bunch of viruses, kill the viruses and create inactive parts of the viruses for the vaccines. When they inject these virus parts into your blood, it causes the immune system to create antibodies that will destroy the different parts so that those antibodies are released into your blood to attack the parts of the viruses that they were created to destroy so the antibodies destroy the parts of the viruses, which destroys the viruses.

One of the problems is that they don't destroy all of the viruses used to make the vaccine so you can end up getting infected by the virus. Wow, that works well.


Remember that I told you that the US commies are working to build a secret US based Chicom military force in the US in various places but especially in Los Angeles?

This video shows that Trudeau is working to train Chinese forces in Canada for fighting in Canada's cold weather. Gee, what a coincidence. Watch this video to the end because it just keeps getting better.

So China has forces in the US, Canada, and I found out about 20 years ago that China has bases in Mexico. Canada is having "bilateral" training exercises with China.

For what, to invade the Northern US together? Do you get the picture yet?

Add to this the recent news about China's spies working with Democrats in the US Government showing just how much in bed with China the left is. Watch this video, which tells you about how well in bed the Chinese are with the Commierats.

It is just like I told you, the royals, in the US, Canada, and Mexico, are working with China to overthrow the US while they are both working to eventually destroy each other for world domination because they are all power mad. Remember that Canada is a Common Wealth nation under the ultimate control of the British Royal Family.

Do you believe me yet that they have been inbreeding too long? Do you believe me yet that my statements are very conservative?

They just keep proving me right, people. God has not lead me astray.

Note that one thing the British Royal Family may be doing is working for China to invade the US and use that invasion by China to grab control of the US Government to use the excuse of China invading the US, the US Military, along with the UK military and its Common Wealth militaries to turn on and destroy China. Keep an eye on this. It could be a sucker punch to China.

Corrupt Courts

Remember that I have been telling you that the left has corrupted our legal system?

Have you noticed that judges keep throwing out cases concerning voter fraud based entirely on "legal technicalities" and often without even hearing any evidence?

The judges keep refusing to hear or consider the evidence. I keep noticing that many of these judges were appointed by Obama.

The biggest reason why this mess has not been settled or cleaned up yet is because of bad judges playing political games for their Commierat team. They won't do the job they are supposed to do.

God is using this to show you just how corrupt our judges are so pay attention.

Great Reset

One of the primary goals for the "Great Reset" is that no one, except the upper class trash, will own anything by 2030 and "you will be happy", I guess or else.

People, these lockdowns are doing that right now by financially breaking people because they can't work or do business to pay for things and taxes and then the government and banks seize that property because you can't pay for it and, therefore, don't own it, either the government or banks own everything.

To achieve this, they are using things like mortgages and land taxes that you can't pay.

Basically, this is the upper class trash stealing everything from everyone because they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. Tim points this out in this video and I have been telling you this for years.

What these criminals, the Commierats and their upper class trash owners, are not counting on is that, when the people no longer own anything, the people won't have anything to lose by staging a rebellion and only have to gain. Therefore, the people will stage a rebellion and the greedy, power mad upper class trash are too stupid to get it.


Remember that the left said that they are going to "depopulate" their planet to a maximum of 500 million people with Ted Turner having later gone on the lecture circuit preaching that he could depopulate the planet down to 250 million?

I bet you stupid lefties never did the math on that, did you?

Hey, I know, let's do the math, you know I love math.

We now know for certain that these white upper class trash royals are racist, which is important. They just use "people of color" when it suits them.

Here are the populations in millions for the following areas with mostly white people: North America 579, Central America 45, South America 423, Europe 742, Australia 25, New Zealand 5, for a total of 1,818 million.

If you subtract 500 from that, it equals 1,318 million, if you subtract 250 from that, it equals 1,568 million, if 1/3 of the total are liberals that equals 606 million, if 2% are royals, that equals 36 million.

Now, for the upper class trash to depopulate their planet or murder enough people to have only 500 million white people, with 36 million of them being royals, they will have to commit genocide against all Asians, all Indonesia, all Polynesians, all Africans, and all Native Americans and will still have to murder at least 136 million liberals but, most likely, more than 1/3 of them are liberals so it is more likely that the upper class trash will have to murder more than 200 million liberals who have been voting these criminals into power.

But, if the upper class trash decides to murder down to a global population of 250 million, then they will have to murder at least 400 to more than 500 million liberals in those nations. Smart move, liberals, you are voting for you to be murdered.

But it gets better because the 36 million royals will need to enslave the survivors to keep living their lives of luxury at everyone else's expense so you know they won't enslave liberals because most liberals either don't work or are lazy workers and the best slaves will be working moderate sheeple and not liberals. Guess who the upper class trash plan to murder, the liberals or the moderate working slaves?

The math says that the upper class trash are going to murder all of you stupid liberals. I guess that will be them showing their appreciation.

Number of Royals

I realized that some of you may have thought that it was unlikely that all of those rich plantation owners in the South before the US Civil War were royals so let's do the math and I will be my usual conservative self so the numbers would have actually been higher.

Let's say that one area got one specific family of royals we will follow, who will marry with other royals in that area, in 1700 with the average generation being 50 years and each family will have a conservative average of just 6 children with 3 being males and 3 being females to keep it simple. By 1750, there would have been 3 breeding families from that one family, all with plantations, and, by 1800, there would have been 9 breeding families from that family, all with plantations. By 1850, there would have been 27 breeding families from that family, all with plantations. By the start of the US Civil War in 1861, that family would have easily had more than 70 breeding families all with plantations.

Now multiply that times more than 1,000 members of the royal family that had received land grants for plantations and you would have had at least 70,000 plantations with slaves owned by royals.

Then you realize that the average family back then had more than 10 children and the number of royals would have been much higher. There are now many more royals than you think there are. They currently exist in the tens of millions, maybe more than 100 million. It is one really huge international crime family.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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