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Medical Hypothesis

One thing this prolonged illness has taught me is that the medical professionals themselves are creating treatment resistant protists (single cell organisms that include bacteria and viruses.)

They keep blaming the patients and I am sure that is part of the problem but the medical professionals themselves are also creating treatment resistant strains of protists. The way they are doing this is that they don't question their simple minded idiot college professors and each other when they are taught that treating a protist with antibiotics for 10 days is magical and will terminate all of the protists.

I had one MD point out to me that all general practitioners treat urinary tract infections (UTIs) in men for only 10 days because dat is whut der college professors taught dem but it doesn't work because the male prostate is porous so that the bacteria can hide in the prostate for weeks untouched by the antibiotics. He taught me that men have to be treated for UTIs for 30 days in order to wipe out the bacterium.

I am seeing with other doctors that they treat all infections for just 10 days and, if that doesn't cure it, they let it come back and treat it with something else for just 10 days and, if I tell them that maybe we should treat it for more than 10 days, like maybe for 20 to 30 days, they absolutely cannot accept it because that is blasphemy, why der college professors said so.

Don't you just hate it when humans treat other humans like gods and refuse to question what those gods say?

What happens when you don't wipe out a strain of protists, is that some of those protists have been slightly exposed to the antibiotic but not enough to destroy the protist so that protist develops a resistance to that antibiotic. Therefore, when medical professionals don't properly treat a protist, you know, for just 10 days instead of for 20 to 30 days, they are creating treatment resistant protists, you know, like C-diff and treatment resistant tuberculosis.

I hate human gods like Fauci. They cause more problems than they could possibly solve.

BTW, remember that I told you that they have at least 3 college professors, 1 MD, and a college student facing charges for transferring or trying to transfer biological information to the Wuhan Lab? Did you know that there are at least 17 labs doing research on weaponizing protists in the US?

Let me see, you weaponize a protist, fund the building and operations for a weapons research lab in China, and send your deadly protist to that Chinese lab to turn lose on the world to cover your butt. "They turned it loose, not me!!!"

Gee, you don't think that is why Fauci, who helped fund Wuhan Lab, is now saying that COVID 19 was released by Wuhan Lab, do you? Maybe he realizes that we are about to find out he was involved in sending the virus to Wuhan Lab to be turned loose and is trying to pretend he didn't know, you know, from the evidence that will be used in one of those trials I told you about? Are the lefties involved about to stuff Fauci's butt under ye ole commie bus to save their own butts?

Think about it.

Eyes Opening

I am seeing massive conversions from one religion to another especially between Satan's many religions and God's one religion, with conversions going both ways.

I am seeing increasing numbers of Muslims converting to Christianity and poser Christians converting to Islam or other religions but mostly to Islam. One person told me of a poser Christian recently accepting Jesus as their savior.

A group of lefty homosexuals and transgenders recently went to be a part in a Muslim protest against Israel and was run off by the Muslims because, just like I told you, Muslims hate homosexuals and other lefties. You know that was a shock to the lefties who went there because their lying lefty upper class trash told them that they and Muslims would get along.

More and more lefties and liberals are finding out that their upper class trash, media, and lefty gods are lying to them and leaving the flock of lefty sheeple because their eyes have opened.

Just like I have been telling you, the lefties are in for a really big and unpleasant surprise when they do a mass conversion to Islam to join the Muslim army to invade Israel. More eyes will open when some of them get killed by the Muslims because of who the lefties are and other eyes will open just a wee bit too late when they show up on the front line to invade Israel, given an old and probably not working rifle with a pocket full of bullets along with some dope so they will charge the minefields to clear the minefields for the Muslims.

The only reason CNN still exists is because it is being propped up by lefty upper class trash money but that well will run dry in the near future when the upper class trash realize they are just dumping money down a rat hole because only their choir is listening to their preaching anymore.

I am also seeing increasing numbers of preachers teaching that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is not the same as the Battle of Armageddon so Jesus won't come in this soon coming battle. I have also been informed that there is at least some of a Christian following of this blog so I know I am helping some people to know the truth, which is why hackers have tried to stop this blog a number of times.

Remember that in 2001 there were 1.6 billion Muslims, by April 2012 there were only 1.2 billion Muslims, by the fall of 2012 there had been "400,000 conversions to Islam" so there were once again 1.6 billion Muslims, a few years ago they were saying it was back down to 1.5 billion Muslims, and I recently heard them saying it is back down to 1.4 billion Muslims with many Muslims converting to Christianity and others being killed off, mostly by other Muslims.

If the Muslims don't stage their invasion of Israel so they can finish conquering the world soon, they won't have enough Muslims to conquer the world and, since all of the lefties already "converted to Islam" in 2012, they won't be able to magically get the Muslim population back up by converting more stupid lefties.

From what I am seeing, a conservative estimate would be that, if everyone converted right now, the way God told me they will convert, about half of the existing 2 billion Christians, you know, the poser Christians, would convert to Islam taking their global population up to about 2.4 billion and dropping the Christian population down to about 1 billion. That is Islam's last hope right now.

These are just more reasons why I believe Obama MUST make his move soon and all of the stuff God told me and I told you would happen, MUST happen. We are quickly running out of time, especially with increasing numbers of liberals and even lefties moving right as their eyes open.

These are just some of the reasons why God is permitting the left and Muslims to get some of what they want so they will show their true colors and everyone will see through their lies so people can make an informed choice between God and evil but even that time is running out because I am seeing increasing numbers of people who have chosen evil and won't even listen to the truth and will even laugh at the truth, mock it, and discourage other evil people to not listen.

At the same time, I am seeing increasing numbers of people making statements telling me that they know the truth and won't budge and are getting more angry by the day.

I am getting the feeling that most people have made up their minds and made their choice between good and evil. There can't be too many people left with their heads still up their butts not knowing the truth but, even after everyone has chosen you know that God will give everyone one last chance to change their mind before He permits things to move forward at the speed of light killing most of Satan's lefties.

I am absolutely convinced that these things must happen very soon because of what I see happening in the world right now.

George Floyd

They had a memorial for the criminal George Floyd where he died, probably from a drug overdose, and there were gunshots fired, to the media's surprise.

Let me see, they have a gathering for a criminal who probably belonged to a black gang, members of his gang showed up, as should have been expected (who did they think would show up, white nuns?) and a rival gang was smart enough to realize this would be a great time and place to stage an ambush drive by shooting of their rival gang and the media are surprised? Really?

Proving once against that the lefties are not very intelligent and are out of touch with reality.

Every time there is a big planned and previously announced gathering by one gang, a rival gang will always show up to ambush that gang. Hello.

That is probably also why the BLM leader in London was recently shot at a rally. Two rival gangs showed up, they shot at each other, and she got shot.

BTW, the founder of BLM in the US just resigned because of the backlash caused by her using BLM funds to purchase 4 very expensive homes totaling over $3 million.


I realized that at least some of you would have trouble believing that there are at least tens of millions of royals in the world called commoners so I decided, "Hey, let's do the math. You know I like math."

Until about the mid 1900s the royals tended to have from 5 to more than 15 children per family. For simplicity sake and ease of calculation so you can more easily follow the math, let's say they averaged 10 children per family per generation. Heck, the Kennedys had big families up into the 1960s.

So we start with the king and queen having 10 children and those ten children all average having ten children per couple for 5 couples so that within just two generations or 100 years, they have 50 children (not including surviving adults) who all have an average of 10 children per couple for a total of 250 children in just 150 years. Then those 250 children average having 10 children per couple for 1,250 royal children in just 200 years with those 1,250 children having 10 children for 6,250 children in just 250 years. In just 300 years, there will be 31,250 royal children and after just 350 years, they will have 156,250 royal children, not including adults. In 400 years, there will be 781,250 royal children and in 450 years, there will be 3.9 million royal children.

Now, when you consider that the royals have been reproducing and inbreeding for more than 3,000 years, as they have publically bragged, there should be hundreds of millions of royal commoners so my estimates of tens of millions is my usual very conservative estimate and they almost certainly have many more royal commoners than my estimate and you just don't know about them and you not knowing about them does not mean they don't exist, it just means you don't know about them because the royals keep it quiet. Even for just the last 1,000 years, there should be more than 100 million commoner royals.

Now do you see why the royals call them commoners? They really are quite common royals, aren't they?

Now, let's have some more fun with math.

There are probably hundreds of millions of royal commoners scattered around the world.

When they "depopulate the planet", how many people do they plan to leave alive?

Oh yeah, from about 250 to a maximum of 500 million.

Is it possible that they either plan to kill off everyone but their royal family and enslave most of those or kill off most of the royals to eliminate competition for ye ole global throne and enslave a handful of you peasants? Is that what they mean when they say the "royal family will cease to exist in the near future"?

Either way, it ain't going to be purdy for you or those other royals.

My guess is that they plan to murder off everyone except ye ole royals.

Why? Remember that they keep telling you that they are superior to you and call themselves the natural elites?

Because their original maximum goal was 500 million people globally, which would probably include all hundreds of millions of royals and some house servants and then Teddy Boy Turner started making speeches to the upper class trash telling how he had "figure out a way" to get the global population down to 250 million.

Gee, why did he have to figure out a way to get the global population down to 250 million without upsetting the royals? Does that mean they have to kill off a bunch of royals, you know, like those which are not pure Aryans, you know, like Obama and Meghan?

And you stupid lefty activists, media, college professors, trolls, and other puppets think they will leave you alive much less let you be part of their privileged group called commies?

You fools are going to be purged first thing just like I have been telling you for years. They are going to tell you to get on another bus for another trip to another protest, you will go down and get on that bus again, and the bus will stop at one of their death camps, where you will be escorted off that bus at gun point and marched to their showers with some Zyklon B shampoo.

Remember that dictators always purge at least 90% of the people who helped them get into power, which definitely means all of the non royals and Stalin purged 100%, including quite a few members of his own family so that his daughter fled to the West because she knew she was going to be purged too.

When the upper class trash lefties talk about 500 million will survive the global genocide to depopulate their planet, the royals are talking about their family and some servants. You have to understand that the royals see their extended family as THE superior Aryan race, they have been inbreeding and reproducing for more than 3,000 years, and they want to get rid of all of the inferior races, you know, those who ain't family. Wake up!!!!

Why would the superior royals want to share their planet with you lowly inferior sub human peasants?

See, my estimates are ALWAYS conservative to keep my estimates safe.

If the Royals get what they want, most of you reading this are going to die, aren't you? Are you going to die submitting, you know, just walk right into the showers to die screaming, cowering and begging for your life, or fighting to take at least some of those royals with you?


Mark sent me the following e-mail taken from a Bill Whittle video that tells you pretty much what I have been telling you for years and even repeats some of what I just told you.

"I ran across the following at a Bill Whittle video:

Willis Eschenbach wrote the following in response to this tweet from Dr. Robert Rohde, a Physics PhD from U.C. Berkeley:


The @IEA says that if the world really wants to reach net-zero by 2050, then it is time to stop investing in fossil fuels. The development of new fossil fuel extraction sites should Stop immediately. Leave it in the ground.

Willis Eschenbach response to the above:

Idiocy. First, they say no fossil fuel cars after 2035. In the US we drive 3.2 trillion miles per year. Electric cars use ~0.3 kwh/mile. We'll need to build a 1 GW nuclear plant every three weeks starting tomorrow JUST for the extra electricity to charge the cars.

I agree. Dr. Rohde is off base here. The only way to even come close to net-zero (which is a pipe dream) is to go all nuclear. Yet the Left hates nuclear power. Their real agenda for banning gasoline cars is to remove all types of personal transportation because not too many people will be able to purchase an electric car. They are too expensive.

That would leave only public transportation for most of us so the elites can control us by telling us if, when, where, how, how far, etc. we would be able to travel. Totalitarianism is their goal.

The only bright spot in totalitarianism is that when the small group of elites takes over, or more likely one elite leader takes over, that person or cabal will first purge (murder) government leaders, then all those who helped the elite to attain power, then all the news media people, etc., etc. History has proven that over and over.

Even Castro's right hand man, Che, was murdered by Castro's regime. An exception was warlord Chiang Kai-shek, who was not murdered by Mao, but he retreated to Taiwan because he was still powerful after Mao took over. In Taiwan, Kai-shek was not much better than Mao. He persecuted his detractors.

All of the green idiocy that the Left is promoting is unattainable, but don't tell that lunatic AOC or the Squad that. Do not underestimate AOC, who would be an extremely stupid leader and that would make her extremely dangerous and blood thirsty-a female Saddam Hussein."

Thanks, Mark.

I have been telling you for years that everything the left does is about money, control, and power. I told you that the left is trying to herd everyone into cities where we can be more easily controlled and to immobilize us for easier control. I told you that the left always creates fake problems that they never solve in order to use fear generated by that fake problem to control you, it is called psychological warfare against you.

I told you that, when the power mad set up their dictatorships, they ALWAYS purge at least 90% to 100% of those who help them get into power (yes, all of you lefty commie traitors are going to be murdered by your glorious commie leaders). I told you about Castro sending Che to conquer Bolivia and then betrayed Che to the Bolivian Army so the Army could capture and kill Che.

I am not the only one who has learned this stuff from history and observations.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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