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Does God have great timing or what?

I had just uploaded my last essay including an article about the spoiled rich people in the world, I went to let a few people know that I had uploaded it, and got this e-mail about those spoiled rich brats from Mark. Enjoy:

"I have a question, but I need to explain the scenario first. I briskly walk several days a week on our old railway where the rails were removed and the way was paved with asphalt by the state and made into a Florida State Park. It is a 10 mile long trail for bicycles, horses, runners, and walkers. It goes through both town and country. It is a pleasant place to walk, run, or ride.

When I pass folks opposite me that are walking, running, or riding, I smile and greet all of them with a hand wave, and a hello, good morning, etc. All of the people I greet like that who are walking, riding, or running usually return the greeting. Maybe 1% do not for whatever reason.

However when I pass cyclists that are riding expensive bicycles with fancy riding uniforms, special shoes, and helmets with logos on them and flashing strobes on their helmets and bicycles, they seldom return the greeting. They usually snub me and totally ignore me.

They are not racing, just riding, and they usually travel in groups and they are riding about the same speed as I ride there when occasionally riding my bicycle. I see some of them almost every day that I walk and the vast majority of them will not return the greeting. (They look like the same cyclists that hog public roads riding two abreast, taking a whole lane, and won't move over to allow cars to pass).

It only seems to be the ones dressed like professional cyclists that snub me. Very few of them ever even acknowledge the I greeted them. It almost seems like they are leftist elitists. I have been walking the trail for 21 years and have experienced that same thing with those types of riders the whole time.

People dressed in regular clothes riding their bicycles usually return the greeting. I have seen the pictures of riders on your Facebook page and they look happy and friendly.

I am asking you this question because of your experience with cycling. Is there a reason they are like this? Or is it just me?


I couldn't believe the timing. I sent him this e-mail I decided to share with you. Enjoy:

"Yeah, they are a bunch of arrogant elitist lefty snobs who are destroying the sports of bicycling and bicycle racing. They do virtue signaling to each other by paying exorbitant prices for everything they own including their bikes, cloths, cars, homes, and everything else because them being able to waste more money makes them feel superior to everyone else just like the upper class trash. It makes them feel like they are the upper class trash. It is not what they can do with their bikes but how much their wonderful and superior bikes cost. They would never lower themselves to paying less for anything and always pride themselves in paying much more, you know, they are proud of being suckers and fools enough to pay too much for stuff.

I have been getting the feeling lately that, when God heals me and turns me loose to briefly race again, God is going to use me to shoot those pricks down because the only bike I will have to race on is a little old (more than 15 years old), cheap, touring bike (not even a racing bike) to beat their super duper pro bikes that cost them from $5,000 to now more than $13,000 for a fricking bicycle.

Just imagine a 72 year old man beating those arrogant punks with an "old, cheap piece of junk" bicycle and them riding bikes that cost more than $10,000. It is just like God to do something like that, He told me I will race again for a little while and that is the only functioning bike I have. That will definitely take the wind out of their elitist sails.

By them paying more, they are driving up the prices of bikes, increasing the profits of the greedy bike factories and dealers, and keeping kids out of the sport, causing the sport to quickly die off. Because of them, the sport is aging very quickly but some of my friends are trying to run Junior programs to get kids back into the sport to grow it. Just like the upper class trash, they destroy everything they touch but, hey, dey is are be more wonderful dan you peasants so, why would dey even tink of lowering themselves to return a friendly gesture from a lowly peasant?

They are the spoiled rich brats I just posted my latest essay about (I had just uploaded it and came to send you notice about it. Talk about timing. :-)) They are some of the arrogant people who make life worse for others. Ignore them, they will all be burning in Hell soon and stop being a problem to the rest of us.

BTW, I just uploaded another essay that I know you will enjoy."

BTW, these riders Mark is talking about are not bike racers but the friendly cyclists on my site are bike racers, though not all are that friendly because there are a few jerks on my friends list.

Is that funny or what?

BTW, I need to explain why bicyclists need to ride two wide and take up an entire lane. First, we ride faster and further by riding "paceline", where we take turns pushing through the wind while the others rest in our draft, which requires us to fall back alongside the group or peloton to get back in the draft and rest for our "next pull" or turn on the front. This causes all packs of bicyclists to ride what we call "rotation" or two wide with the downwind line slowly moving forward and the windward line slowly moving backward.

Second, dozens of bicyclists are killed every year by motorists trying to pass in the same lane with bicyclists because too many motorists "don't know where the right side of their car is" plus bicyclists have to often dodge the trash motorists throw in the street and the motorists hit bicyclists using the same lane, killing them. Because of this, most states have laws requiring motorists to pass bicyclists by at least 3 to 5 feet of clearance, which means you cannot legally or safely pass bicyclists within the same lane. Therefore, for safety and by law, you have to move into another lane to pass bicyclists so them taking up a full lane doesn't matter and is actually safer and allows them to travel faster, which slows traffic down less.

Unfortunately, they don't teach this to motorists. I guess you are supposed to have ESP and just know it.

Think of it this way, those bicyclists could be driving cars, increasing the damage to streets, and driving up the price of gas until you can no longer drive your car and will also be forced to use a bicycle or stay at home, which will slow you down even more. Those bicyclists are helping keep the price of gas down, saving wear on roads, which helps keep the cost and time lost for street repairs down, and keep pollution down. Most traffic congestion is caused by too many cars and not by bicycles partly because bicycles take up one sixth the space an average car takes up. They are a big benefit to us.

If you see a pack of 50 bicyclists heading down the street, just think that they could be driving 50 cars, which would take up a lot more room and be even more difficult to pass. 50 cars would fill two lanes for about a quarter to half a mile, whereas 50 bicyclists fill one lane for about a city block.

See, I can teach you all kinds of stuff and God's timing made it possible for me to teach you even more.


It is so obvious that, as the left is increasing their efforts to grab guns, the number of mass shootings are also increasing.

Gee, you don't think this is all planned out by the upper class trash to have their lefty shrinks send brainwashed, doped up psychopaths to murder people to scare you, do you?

It sure looks like it, has looked like it for more than 20 years now, and I think we need an investigation to stop this. Pay attention and you will see that almost all mass shooters were seeing lefty shrinks. Gee, what a coincidence. People, those lefty shrinks are some of the sickest, most deranged people on this planet.

Maybe putting certain lefties in jail will do more to stop these mass shootings than grabbing guns from law abiding citizens?

Probably. Keep an eye on this because it happens every time they increase their efforts to grab guns and that ain't no magic coincidence.

Remember that I have been telling you that everything the left is doing is failing?

This video shows that because the Commierats are trying to get people to support the lefty upper class trash taking guns away from people by scaring people but what it is doing is causing increasing numbers of scared people to buy guns and turn against gun confiscation, especially Commierats, women, and minorities are buying their first guns.

The Commierat terrorist activities to scare people into submission are backfiring and causing people to not trust and to turn against the Commierats.

Man plans, God laughs.

The upper class trash can't do anything right or make anything work and they think they are more intelligent than you? Really? Maybe they should do less thinking, crawl off in a corner, and find something shiny to play with?

People Choosing

Remember that I told you God is making people choose between God and Satan and that God is separating His people from Satan's people, creating safe or red zones?

This video shows that most of the people fleeing the blue or commie zones are conservatives or are becoming conservatives and they are actually turning the red states more red. People, those people are voting with their feet and they have decided that they wish to live in the safer and more sane red zones.

God is causing His people to get out of the blue zones before things get really bad probably because Obama will draft people to invade Israel from the blue zones or states. God is protecting His people because ye ole fecal matter is increasingly hitting ye ole fan.

It turns out that God has been moving His people for more than a decade, probably for at least 15 years.

This means that blue states are becoming more blue and dying so they will have less power.

An interesting thing here is that God showed me in a dream I told you about more than a decade ago that there will be a truce at the end of the US war where the lefties would be given a small sanctuary area on the Northeast coast which would have a peninsula on its southern edge and I thought it might be Delaware but could be New Jersey. In this video, Turley said that Delaware, which is already blue, is turning more blue, which means it is a good chance that will be Delaware.

The commies will only control the eastern side of that peninsula, which is important because the large water area to the west of that peninsula is where the US Navy keeps and maintains most of its biggest ships, meaning us controlling the west side of that peninsula would be a matter of national security and fits perfectly with that dream.


Concerning my comment about abortion in News 541, Mark sent me this in an e-mail:

"I took this quote from pro-death leftists, 'you are pro-life until your wife is found to have a fetus that has no kidneys or brain and will die before it is born'

That is a straw man argument. 99.9999% of abortions caused by free sex with anyone you wish.

I would not want my wife to abort that child. If it was going to die, then it would die after birth or be still born. I probably would not believe a medical professional that told me that the fetus was going to die anyway.

One of those 'medical professionals' told me that I should abort my 51 year old daughter because their 'tests' showed she would not be viable. The same happened to my 11 year old great granddaughter. My granddaughter, her mother, was told by a 'medical professional' that her daughter may have birth defects when she was born and should be aborted. My conservative granddaughter told the professional no abortion and she gave birth to my perfectly normal great granddaughter."

People, this is terrible because it sounds like MDs are being taught to murder your unborn babies to harvest their body parts and makes me wonder what kind of money these doctors are being paid for baby body parts they abort, which should be a federal felony because murdering anyone for money is a felony.

Are today's doctors telling women to abort their babies so the doctors can make money selling those babies' body parts?

"Hey, you don't need your kid because you can make another one I can also abort and I can use the money to buy a new mansion or yacht so let me murder your unborn kid and sell its body parts."

This is the kind of evil crap you get with pagan morals and values instead of Christian morals and values. I have seen this kind of medicine with my medical problems but not this openly evil.

And you wonder why our nation is being judged and punished by God?

That absolutely should be a crime and should be enforced. Judgment Day is going to be very interesting when we find out just how terribly evil these people are. The Lake of Fire is going to get really full. I am convinced that there are going to be a lot of evil people with college degrees being ushered into the Lake of Fire.

If you still wonder why this nation is being judged by God, just watch this video. Every day more of our slime crawls out of the woodwork and shows us just how evil it is.

Please note that Mark points out that the IRS is "bribing" churches to not preach the truth and many are taking the extra money and leaving the souls in Hell, where you know Jesus will send those church leaders who put money before people.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." He didn't lie, did He?

People, you know this nation is in trouble and why it is being judged when the preachers love money more than truth, right, and people. We're screwed at least until our preachers repent.

People, this should be a lesson that, if you let Satan get his foot in your door, it won't take him long to own your house. Keep the door closed.


Remember that I have been telling you that life is so complex that it is scientifically impossible for it to have happened by accident?

In this video the biologist literally tells you that it didn't happen by accident just like I have been telling you.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study all of the incredible complexities from the simplest living cells, which are extremely complex, to the global ecosystem. There is absolutely no way any of this happened by accident, none, not one cell of it.

The simplest living cell is far more complex than the most complex thing man has created and we still cannot create just one living cell from raw molecules because they are so complex. It took someone a lot smarter than us to create all of this life and Mr. Accident isn't him.


Remember that I have been telling you that one of the biggest problems we have that is causing all of this trouble is liberal education, especially primary and secondary education, brainwashing the kids?

God is opening eyes and more people have realized that what I have been saying for years is true with this video showing that. More people now support school choice than at any time in history with 71% of Americans supporting it.

Also, he shows that homeschooling is going through the roof because of what the lefties are doing with it going from about 3% of students in the US homeschooling to more than 11% or a threefold increase.

This all means that fewer kids are going to be getting brainwashed by lefty teachers and professors, especially with more than half of the lefty universities having already shut down.

Everything the left is doing is backfiring against them.

Man plans, God laughs.


It seems Fauci is getting deeper and deeper in trouble with some now calling for his firing.

It is like Fauci and I have told you, Fauci is a liar and has no credibility. He is now being increasingly caught in more of his lies that are very serious, you know, they killed people. Some are predicting he won't survive this turn against him by even his own criminal party.

I won't be surprised to see Fauci disappear under ye ole commie bus to save the rest of their butts but they will do it so that he will probably just retire unless some evidence proving just how evil he really is becomes public knowledge. If that happens, you can bet the left will quickly stage an investigation and ship his little butt up river to cover their butts.

The fool Fauci thought he was going to get away with his crimes forever? "Oh, they will neber get me because I is are be a smarty pants."

This is getting interesting.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

It looks like God didn't lie because Fauci's sins are definitely finding the little liar out.

I used to tell you that, with all of the harm Fauci and his partners in crime have caused, Fauci should be hung because Fauci caused more harm to more people than even doctor Mengele (of Auschwitz) or his 200 fellow doctors from all of the Nazi death camps who were all hung for their crimes. In my opinion, Fauci is at least as bad as Mengele because Fauci harmed at least tens of millions of Americans by abusing his medical license to help the left gain control and power for political reasons shutting down tens of thousands of businesses, destroying millions of jobs, and causing many to commit suicide.

Now I see God taking care of Fauci. It will be interesting to see where God will take this. If this gets too bad for Fauci, I would not be surprised to see the little criminal commit suicide, especially if he poses a threat to other top members in the Commierat Party.

If the true extent of Fauci's crimes is made known, many will call for him to at least go to jail. He thought he was safe with the media helping him lie but now even the lefty media are turning on him.

Then I just found out that Fauci is going to be making money selling a book about the fake pandemic. What I want is to see his offshore bank accounts to see how much he was taking in bribes and who from. When that information gets out, this worm will hang.

BTW, remember that I told you that the COVID 19 virus will just go right through these masks people are wearing?

They got some of Fauci's e-mails and, in one of them, Fauci stated that the masks you are buying in your stores will not stop the virus because "the virus is so small that it will just go right through the material." Fauci's words and just like I have been telling you because my science is good science.

Just like I have been telling you for more than a year, your masks are useless, they won't stop the virus and will only cause bacterial infections. My science is good science and you are wasting your money and health on those stupid masks because they are NOT medical masks and won't even stop a bacterium, much less a much, much smaller virus.

Do you believe me yet?

But it gets better because this entire mask thingy clearly had nothing to do with science or medicine, therefore, it is unconstitutional and a federal felony. Everyone involved should go to jail just like I have been telling you, including the media, CEOs, and others who were aiding and abetting in the commission of these crimes. If you helped them force people to wear masks, social distance, or be locked down, you are complicit.

They keep proving me right every time I turn around which is why I have so many "I Told You So" essays and other articles. My science is good science, Fauci said he is a liar, and I believe him. Fauci has zero credibility. You cannot believe a thing Fauci says. The most important thing is that I tell the truth.

And God said, "The truth will set you free."

I really, really want to see Fauci's offshore bank accounts. That will tell most of the story.

Getting Close

Remember that I have been telling you that we are getting close to the things God has told me are going to happen?

About 4 months ago I suddenly realized that I was building a stock of food without trying to and that maybe God was preparing me for something coming soon so I decided to stock up with what I could using this stimulus money that just happened to be coming to me at that time. Gee, what a coincidence.

When you stock up for coming events, you don't put your faith in your stock pile but in God because God can destroy that stock pile really fast.

I got stocked up for about 3 to 6 months (all I have room to store) with plans to rotate the stock and just bought some of the new stock to replace the old stock I had used. The new stock got here really fast, much faster than the old stock had gotten here. I already have almost everything I ordered YESTERDAY with free regular shipping, interesting.

A few days ago I saw that a food shortage is developing, especially in the blue cities and states, which have been devastated by everything else caused by the upper class trash for more than a year so, hey, why not a famine too?

Then I realized that, when our war goes full blown nuclear with the red zones secured by conservatives, almost all of the fighting, killing, destruction, and collateral damage will take place in those big blue cities that God is currently causing conservatives to flee. Gee, what a coincidence.

Talk about turning those big blue cities into archaeological sites really fast.

Guess where God is punishing the most and will destroy the most. Yeah, the big blue pagan sin cities which hate God and His Christians. It is going to get ugly for all of us at least a little but those big blue cities will be turned into smoldering rubble with plenty of dead bodies soon for archaeologists to dig up a few thousand years from now.

Do you see why every day I believe more that we are really close to those things happening?

There are just too many coincidences and they increase every day.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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