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The left is so evil. They are now calling women "birthing people", which is very dehumanizing. They only see women as baby factories that you can use for a sex toy.

A woman is much more than a baby factory or a sex toy. She is an intelligent and potentially talented human being just like a man. She can think, has feelings, and has dreams just like a man.

It angers me to see lefties calling women "birthing people" or baby factories. The evil lefties can't go to hell fast enough.

God, please deliver us out of the hands of Satan's spawn and into your protecting hands.


It is extremely unlikely that evil people like Hillary, Fauci, Pelosi, Schumer, and others will be prosecuted and get justice but God will take care of it because He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

When they finally get justice, it won't be pretty and they will get justice and soon. When God gets justice against these evil spawn of Satan, God will get justice against ALL of them including everyone I have told you about.

I used to want so bad to arrest these human demons and bring them to justice but God said, "That isn't your job, that is my job and I will take care of it my way and in my time." So I teach and wait for God to take care of it. I don't know if He will use you or do it Himself or some combination of the two, but God will soon get justice against these evil things.


There are three main groups of people in this nation. There are 1) the patriots who will fight for their freedoms and rights and are the main reason anyone has freedoms and rights, 2) the lefty commie traitors who are working to set up their dictatorship in the US and over the entire planet, and 3) the sheeple who will just sit by and watch the other two groups fight with many of them being killed by lefties, some just for the fun of it.

When the Nation of Islam seizes control of the US Government, these sheeple will quickly convert to Islam and submit as second class citizens to the Muslim rule in mass. They are the people still wearing masks who have already submitted to being second class citizens to their leaders. The are cowards and will even submit to slavery "Just don't hurt me!"

You will see this when Obama and the Muslims make their move.


I have been watching and wondering about Iran's "largest ship" burning and sinking. The Muslims were making a big deal about its plans to travel into the Atlantic in defiance of the West then it suddenly caught fire and burned to the waterline causing it to sink in the Gulf of Oman, before it even got into the Indian Ocean.

My thoughts are, "Was she carrying nukes to Obama and the Nation of Islam so the Pentagon sank her? Were they going to be delivered by way of Canada, you know, just up the lake from Chicago?"

Keep an eye on this.


I have been thinking about my research concerning what it would take to destroy the US Government so you could seize control of the nation the way God told me Obama will.

Remember I told you that my research showed that, using 10K nukes, no matter whether you killed the president with one in Chicago or Washington DC, you would still have to use a second nuke to take out both Congress and the Supreme Court because the White House is too far from Congress and the Supreme Court to get it and the others too with just one 10K nuke.

Yesterday I was reviewing some writings on this blog, especially about dreams and visions when I came across one I had completely forgotten about. I read "Dream Update" that was posted February 2013 and it tells about dreams by other Christians I had written about, posted, and forgotten.

One of them dreamed they were driving across the US and a number of different cities got nuked. The other person dreamed about Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico both getting nuked and suddenly now they made sense.

After years of reading, praying, and thinking about this, I realized that most certainly at least Chicago and DC would get nuked to take out our government leaving a power vacuum in the US the Nation of Islam would quickly fill.

Does this also mean that they will nuke at least a few of the state capitols to get rid of governors and legislatures too?

After all, look at how the conservative governors and legislatures are fighting back very successfully against the federal government.

Why Santa Fe?

You have to understand that power mad Obama and company are globalists who want to rule the entire planet and they will not tolerate letting anyone have even a little monarchy or dictatorship of their own. That is why they are globalists trying to set up a global dictatorship to rule the ENTIRE planet and not just most of it. It is amazing at how many of those working with the globalists thinking they will get a piece of the global pie for their part just don't get this. They ain't getting nuttin'!

This dream becomes very understandable now that the descendants of Spanish royals have finally reestablished their monarchy in Santa Fe with Grisham as their Nazi Queen and they control better than two thirds of their legislature to keep her and them in power plus they use these rigged Dominion voting machines to help keep her and them in power and the DAs and judges are also Spanish royals, who have been supporting her illegal actions. These very corrupt Spanish royals literally own the New Mexico government, they just don't want to lose their heads trying to keep it. All these royals have been doing for more than a year is consolidating power.

Do you think power mad Obama will let these royals keep their New Mexico monarchy?

No, he is a globalist and isn't going to permit anyone to have a square inch of "his global Caliphate" so I could see him nuking Santa Fe to get rid of those Spanish royals and their monarchy. This would be God using Obama to foil the evil plans of the Spanish royals to reestablish their monarchy in New Mexico.

Man plans, God laughs.

Why Albuquerque?

Because of Sandia National Labs, the US Air Force National Guard unit, or to take out the Albuquerque upper class trash neighborhood or any combination there of?

If Obama takes out the US Government and at least the most powerful state governments in one hour with nukes, while blaming Israel, most of the rest of the governors and most of the people, especially the sheeple, will be so terrified they will blindly submit to Obama's rule, especially if the media terrify the people even more by playing on the idea that there might be more "Israeli nukes" waiting to go off and they will turn to Obama to get rid of those nukes.

This would definitely cause the Mexican standoff God told me would take place because even conservatives who knew it was Obama who nuked this nation would be hesitant to attack Obama and the Nation of Islam for fear of them having more nukes waiting in more cities, especially in aircraft that could be flown anywhere.

Plus it will eliminate Obama's lefty competition for power. I would not be surprised to see Obama nuke certain upper class trash neighborhoods to clear the path for Obama to seize absolute control of everything, though God told me Obama will fail in getting absolute control because of the patriots.

I have long thought that God will use Obama to get rid of at least some of the most powerful of the upper class trash royals to clear the path for him to gain absolute power to set himself up as the Muslim Mahdi to rule over the entire planet.

Also, don't be surprised if Obama uses lefties from all the other nations as part of his army to invade Israel and puts them all on the front lines to clear Israeli minefields for the Muslims, getting most of them killed off in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

What? You think God will only punish our US lefty pagans and not all of them, when they have all turned against God?

This is much bigger than just being about God punishing only the people in the US who have turned against God. These corrupt lefty commies want globalism, they are about to get it big time from God. If God doesn't punish all of them, He will have to apologize to those He does punish.

Years ago their dreams didn't make much sense but after the last year, they seem much more reasonable. Keep an eye on this.

Remember that God uses what Satan and his spawn do for evil to achieve good. You should see God doing that right now as Satan and his spawn are trying their best to set up their evil global dictatorship and God is using it for good by it turning people back to God.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I have been teaching that there are many, many more royals than what you are led to believe?

At about 6:30 minutes into this video it shows how hundreds of years ago the royals had already ranked the royals into three distinct levels with the blue bloods, the red bloods, and the yellow bloods. Today, the red and yellow bloods are just called commoners, which is what Diana and Meghan are.

Believe me yet?

There are at least millions of royals today, probably more.

Commierat Civil War

Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierats are having a civil war and they are failing at almost everything they try?

This video really shows the effects of the lefty internal civil war and how it is increasingly causing them to fail at everything they are trying to do especially consolidating power to cement their commie dictatorship in place.


Remember that I warned you that a big part of what this $6 trillion "infrastructure" plan of Biden was about was them transferring your tax money to their global government to run it until they can set up a global tax system to run their global dictatorship?

This video shows the upper class trash are starting their global tax system RIGHT NOW and they are RIGHT NOW ramping up their global government just like I told you.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you believe me yet?

We don't have much time left, people. You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Here are some interesting coincidences. They have been telling us for 30 years that they plan to set up their global dictatorship, which they are doing RIGHT NOW, and then depopulate their planet by better than 90% and we just came out of their pandemic they released on you (you will believe me now) and are giving everyone a vaccine that has already killed some people and will require annual vaccinations, which will probably kill many more people.

Gee, what timing and you think there is no conspiracy? You think this wasn't all planned out?

"Oh no, it couldn't be all planned out and is just a magic coincidence."

Believe me yet?

The upper class trash royals are setting up their global dictatorship RIGHT NOW and putting together the tax system to fund it. Globalism is a real life conspiracy.

God has to do something very soon.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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