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No one is helping the Cuban people in their plight for freedom, not the US, Canada, Mexico, or anyone. The reason is that all of those nations are being run by commies and Cuba is the only place on the planet where the lying lefties could even remotely claim that communism has worked because the people had been bullied into being quiet and submissive about it.

Now that the Cuban people are in rebellion against communist oppression, the commies elsewhere have to help the commie government of Cuba to silence the Cuban people to keep the commie lie alive.


Remember that I told you years ago about the dreams in which God told me that this nation, the US, will be divided into two parts?

Causing or accepting such a national division starts in people's minds with them being willing to accept and then wanting to divide the nation.

This video shows that this is now going on with about 35% of the people total wanting to divide this nation. This is something that would have been almost completely rejected when I posted those dreams but is increasingly popular.

What I believe is most likely to happen is that we will have the war and towards the end, when only a small area along the Atlantic coast will be remaining under the control of the commies with increasingly intense fighting because of the increasing commie concentration in an increasingly smaller area, most conservatives and moderates will decide the fighting is not worth it and will decide to just let the commies have that small area to bring about peace much sooner and end the fighting.

We are RIGHT NOW moving in the direction of those prophecies being fulfilled. People are getting increasingly angry and tired of the crap.


Remember that I have told you that the US set up Pearl Harbor to entice the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor in order to break the US populace disdain for getting involved in WWII so the US could get involved in the war before it was too late? Remember that I also told you that the US was secretly ramping up for war in advance by bleeding off into the US Military some of the weapons the US was making and "selling" via Lend Lease to other nations like Britain, the Soviet Union, Australia, and China?

This video tells you about a little of that ramping up for war when he states that the US accelerated its pilot training program in July 1940, 1.5 years before Pearl Harbor, and increased the number of military pilots to triple by July 1941, almost 6 months before Pearl Harbor. Tripling the number of US military pilots in just one year is just a wee bit of a ramp up.

Gee, you don't think the US Government was ramping up for war, do you?

We briefly studied in college that FDR ramped up for war in the few years before Pearl Harbor but not much about how and it was only mentioned that some people thought the US set up the attack on Pearl Harbor and the more I studied both aspects of this, the more obvious it became. It was all planned out because the Pentagon knew that either the US got into the war before it was too late or the war would get into the US and kill tens of millions of US citizens. Pearl Harbor saved tens of millions of US lives.

The Pentagon had to use Pearl Harbor to change the public feeling about getting involved in the war because the commies (surprise, surprise) had been using a very effective propaganda program using the main stream media to brainwash the people into being against the US getting involved in the war. It is called psychological warfare. Pearl Harbor undid all of that propaganda for most people in the US, you know, just like the commies getting what they want right now and the rebellion in Cuba are changing how the people feel today about communism and the lefties.

Gee, is that a conspiracy?

Yeah, and a fact too. People, the lefty upper class trash have done nothing but conspire against you for more than 100 years so quit voting for them.

Do you believe me yet?

Commierat Civil War

In this video,Biden just said that communism is a failed system and he doesn't believe that socialism is a viable replacement. He also stated that Cuba is a failed state and is repressing their citizens.

You KNOW how that went with the Lefty Commierats, you know, their commies and socialists. It is an easy prediction that the Commierat civil war just escalated.

This will be interesting because there is nothing like watching professional liars being forced to tell the truth because the truth just became blatantly obvious to everyone. This means that the left will now have to back up and come up with a whole new set of lies the stupid people will believe. It is called massive damage control.

The more and worse the commies fail, the sooner the Muslims are going to feel a need to stage a violent coup.


In the Bible Jesus told us to not forsake the gathering together with other Christians but this is being taught in a misleading way. This does not mean going to a building that is called Christian but means getting together with other true Christians and, if the people meeting in that building are not true Christians, you are not gathering together with other Christians, you are gathering together with poser Christians who are Satan's spawn he has infiltrated into the church to lead you and especially your children astray.

If the other people meeting in that building are not true Christians, you would be better off staying home and studying the Bible with your family than gathering together in a building called a "church" with the spawn of Satan.

It isn't about the building, it is about the people meeting in that building. If they are not behaving like true Christians, they are not true Christians and you better stay away and keep your children away because it will not end well.

From what I understand, in my town, there are few true Christian churches even though there are quite a few buildings called churches.

Too many people just blindly go to any church that calls itself Christian not thinking that just maybe they are really Satan's spawn infiltrated into the Church to lead people astray from God. "Why, dey say dey is Christian so dey gots to be Christian." The problem is that most of those people don't even know what Christian means. It means to be a follower and imitator of Jesus.

What was Jesus like?

He was not some namby pamby dope smoking hippie who lay around screwing all of the time while rocking to some cool tunes and being cool with his homies.

Jesus was a conservative, orthodox Hebrew who chased the greedy upper class trash out of the Temple with a whip because their greed was defiling the Temple and He was hung on a cross because He was a devout keeper of the Law and publically condemned and shamed those who did not keep God's Law. If that is not the Jesus you follow and try to imitate, then you are not a Christian.

How can you be Christ like if you don't even try to be Christ like?

Jesus said to be "discerning" as to whether or not they are true Christians but Satan's spawn love to take scripture out of context and tell you "judge not lest you be judged," when you try to be discerning as to whether they are true Christians. What they are saying when they misquote that scripture is "How dare you judge me and find out that I am not a true Christian trying to deceive you and lead you astray?"

People, I am not afraid to be judged by God because I am a true Christian and I obey Jesus and am discerning about whether or not people are true Christians or Satan's spawn trying to fool us so they can lead us astray.

The easiest way to tell whether someone is a true Christian is whether they hate or love God's Laws that were given to us to protect us from bad people. If they love God's Laws, they probably love God but, if they hate God's Laws, they definitely hate God and can't be a true Christian. Basically, actions speak louder than words so that, if they behave like a pagan, they are a pagan and a pagan's words are meaningless because they love the lie taught to them by their Lord Satan so be careful. Pagans will tell you anything they think you want to hear to con you. Remember that their Lord Satan is the "father of lies".

The next time one of Satan's spawn poser Christians tells you, "Judge not least you be judged," just tell them, "OK, I will judge you to see if you are a true Christian and you judge me to see if I am a true Christian," and watch the look on their face.

God said, "Life is a test."

What is that test?

God said that test is that you have to choose between God's love and the world or your love of the world.

What is that love of the world?

It is you being obsessed with being accepted by God hating humans. You have to choose between God's eternal love for you and being accepted by those who hate God. When you choose to be accepted by those who hate God, you are rejecting God's love for you and choosing eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire. Your crime for that eternal punishment is rejecting God's love for you.

It is just that simple.

Do you love the world that hates God or accept God's eternal love for you?

It is your choice, choose wisely.

Fall of the Christian West

This morning I realized that what you are watching is the destruction and fall of the Christian West because of the greed, lust for power of the corrupt pagan upper class trash royals who have destroyed every growing and advancing culture throughout history. The royals have this insane fantasy of getting "their planet and slaves back" and they are too inbred to realize that what they are doing is what they ancestors have done for more than 3,500 years, they are destroying the greatest culture in history and it is an easy prediction that, if the royals get what they want, this fall will be at least 100+ times greater than the fall of Rome, which they also caused with their corruption, greed, and lust for more power.

People, let me give you a hint, the upper class trash royal globalists don't plan to depopulate themselves, they plan to depopulate or murder YOU.

You Christians better repent of your sins because God won't listen to an unrepentant people. You better turn back to God, pray long, pray hard, and pray often, and lock and load, baby. This is not going to be pretty and will continue to get worse until you do what I just told you.

Because of their inbreeding and sick fantasy, the royals and their puppets have no idea what they are destroying and how bad that destruction will be. They are already setting medicine back hundreds of years by their corrupt politicians seizing control of the people's medical care from the MDs.

"Why, I is are be a gubbenor, I can practice medicine without a license or any knowledge about modern biology." The ugly truth is that they would be doing better dancing around in a cloud of incense wearing a medicine man outfit, waving feathers and bells while chanting to their god, Satan, you know, just like their ancestors did thousands of years ago. And their lame excuse is that they can do this because "it is a medical emergency", you know, like our doctors have not been trained to deal with a medical emergency and they have. It is insanity, pure insanity.

I realized this morning that bicycle road racing is a perfect example of how they are destroying everything in our culture.

When I started racing bicycles in 1968, it was the second most popular sport in the world and was thought to have briefly passed soccer in global popularity. The sports sciences showed that it was the healthiest sport in the world with their athletes living longer, healthier lives. It was the fastest growing sport in the world until the early 1990s, when it because extremely corrupted by the lefty.

The sport has dropped in global popularity by better than 40%, the athletes are dying in their 20's, 30's, and 40's from such things as heart problems caused by their dope, and the sport is dying and on the verge of becoming extinct like other sports from thousands of years ago because of their corruption.

Can you guess who literally owns and manages European professional bicycle road racing?

The royal family of Monaco. Gee, what a coincidence.

They seized control of European professional bicycle road racing right after WWII, you know, just like the British royals escalated their seizing control of the world following WWII, and began corrupting it. They began to control the road races that had become so popular from almost 100 years of racing adventures, started organized gambling just for bicycle road racing so they make money from managing the sport and selling sponsorships to major corporations owned by other royals and now gambling. The royals turned professional European bicycle road racing into their privately owned racket.

Gee, what could go wrong? You don't think evil people might be tempted to rig the sport to increase their profits from the gambling, do you?

Then, in the late 80's and early 90's they set up the perfect racket when they began unofficially allowing doping in the sport, you know, turning ye ole blind eye to the doping. Then they did away with the rules that permitted individuals and upstart teams from competing in the big pro races because it gave them more control of the teams and racers, you know, no independent individuals to upset ye ole racing apple cart and interfere with their race rigging.

Suddenly they were making even more money selling the dope to the athletes produced by their chemical companies and then began requiring that all the racers use dope to increase their profits even more, which also gave them more control over the athletes because, if the athletes didn't do exactly as they were told, you know, let certain racers win to increase the profits of ye ole royals even more, they could just very easily suspend those racers from competition "for doping" because they knew that all of the racers were doping because they required all of the racers to dope.

Did that open an eyeball or two?

Now the sport is dying as increasing numbers of fans realize the sport is corrupt and rigged, but, hey, there are plenty of stupid people who will follow a corrupt sport, athletes are dying younger and younger because of the dope they are using, they have changed the rules to allow over-priced "modern" bicycles to further increase their profits (the royals own the bicycle companies too) and keeping everyone except the rich kids from making entry into the sport so fewer and fewer new kids are coming into the sport, and they have made the races shorter and easier because of the spoiled, whining rich kids, even using their dope to make the races easier, insisted that the races were "too long and hard", which has destroyed the challenge, achievement, and prestige of the sport.

Man plans, God laughs.

My question for this sport is the same question I have for the Christian Western culture the royals are also destroying, which is "How much longer can it survive all of this evil, satanic corruption before complete failure?"

Think about that. You are watching and part of the greatest death and destruction of the greatest civilization and culture in history by the royals. Hey, after 3,500 years, they have gotten really good at destroying everything good to get their evil way.

The easy prediction is that, once again because of the inbred greed and lust for more power by the royals, the fall of the Christian West will DWARF the fall of all other cultures COMBINED! This is going to get beyond ugly.

People, take a good look around. The royals and their followers have corrupted ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and are still making things worse. They have destroyed everything that was good like sports, music, dance, art, science, education, communications, businesses, all of the governments, and much more. They have the satanic "Midas touch" because they corrupt and ruin everything they touch.

Do you believe me yet that only God can save our stupid butts now? Do you get the picture yet?

God is our only hope and without Him, there is ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE!!!! It is only the hand of God that is keeping these evil subhuman spawn of Satan from getting everything they want right now and destroying everything even faster.

God warned you about this repeatedly in the Bible. He said that, if you want your sins instead of His Law, He will let you have your sins and the problems those sins cause. He said that your sins would cause harm to you unto the third and fourth generation.

Guess what generation we are in right now?

Well, let's do the math. This all got started with the Baby Boomer or selfish "Me" generation teaching our kids it was OK to sin and they taught their kids it was OK to sin and they taught their kids it was OK to sin, you know, the fourth generation. But the last two generations are seeing the harm our sins are causing us and them, you know, the third and fourth generations, and that is causing them to become more conservative and turn away from the sins.


So, how is the magic widdle masky thingy doing, where you are being forced to wear worthless dust masks that cannot protect you, are causing people to spread the disease, and are causing bacterial infections? How is that social distancing doing where you cannot get close to each other and socialize and it doesn't work because the aerosol viruses can stay airborne for hours? How is that lock down crap doing that is destroying your lives, businesses, jobs, and cannot work because you don't quarantine people who are not contagious? How do you like being forced to do all of that stuff while the upper class trash very openly gets away with not doing it because they know they are lying and it is all about them getting more wealthy and powerful at your expense? Having fun, are we?

Just like all other civilizations in history, God is going to let us have our sins and let our sins destroy our civilization so our third and fourth generations will have to rebuild from the rubble we have caused with our sins. God is going to once again use this destruction of our civilization to kill off most of the upper class trash and their followers so our third and fourth generations can rebuild a better nation.

God has let me know that, if you repent of your sins and turn back to God, God is going to use many of His true Christians to set up a much greater civilization than you can begin to imagine.

Remember that I taught you that God told Adam and Eve to "fill the Earth" and I have never heard anyone ask, "Then what?" concerning AFTER Adam and Eve fill the Earth.

After they filled the Earth, what was God going to do?

Well, look out at them thar stars that fill the sky and that should tell you what God's plans were, He was going to have us humans fill the universe one star system at a time, which would have taken a little while.

Why do you think God created such a massive universe, just to look purdy?

God has let me know that He is going to use this punishment we are bringing on ourselves to sort the true Christians out from the poser Christians and pagans so He can use those true Christians as the seeds to start His next and greatest civilization ever, many times greater than this civilization ever was. Jesus is going to soon start colonizing 9 other planets in this galaxy and the next galaxy so that, after the Battle of Armageddon, He will already have the beginning of His civilization for His Millennial rule, you know, for the following 1,000 years. They will already have an intergalactic economy in place.

God will be growing that civilization from just before the Tribulation until Jesus returns for the Battle of Armageddon so it will be more than 7 years old for when He will be ready to take over, manage that civilization, and grow it into the absolute greatest civilization in the history of mankind.

During that period of time, the pagans will continue to butcher each other and destroy everything here on Earth.

God is right now letting you see what paganism does to a civilization and soon you will see how God grows an even greater civilization. That civilization will dwarf anything man could possibly dream up and God gave us the instructions for doing that 3,500 years ago called "The Bible."

What did you think Jesus was going to do after the Battle of Armageddon and Him repairing the dying Earth and sun, tell us to just go build some mud huts and teepees to live in?

Jesus will already have a prosperous Christian civilization to take over and grow into something beyond your wildest imagination but, first, we have to get through this pagan tyranny, which is going to require a lot of prayer and some warfare.

God plans ahead for everything and is going to partially fulfill his original plans to show us a glimpse of what He had planned for us had we not sinned. The Bible tells us that, if at any time in history, 100% of us stupid humans had turned from our sins to embrace God, He would have done this for us. But, hey, we stupid humans lubs our sins more dan we lubs God.

BTW, it should be obvious that the upper class trash globalist plans are telling you that they are lying to you about colonizing any other planets, including Mars. If they really did plan to colonize even just one planet, they would want to grow the human population and not depopulate it. With more than 7.5 billion people and they want to only have 500 million people per planet, they could colonize at least 14 other planets.

The upper class trash are telling you with their actions that they know what I have been telling you is true. Earth is the only habitable planet in this star system and it would take too long for them to travel to other star systems to colonize any planets they MIGHT or MIGHT NOT find there. They don't even know whether there is a habitable planet within thousands of light years of Earth.

Their globalism should tell you that they know they can't colonize any other planets and their plans are to seize control of this planet, depopulate it, and hunker down to live here in luxury at your expense. The upper class trash are telling you with their actions that they don't plan to colonize anything.

Just remember; man plans, God laughs.

God is getting ready to do what the lefty upper class trash are telling you with their actions they can't do. Hey, 9 planets at just 50 million people each is a starting of a 450 million people Intergalactic Christian Federation. Now that sounds very interesting.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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