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I have been seeing reports where people who get the vaccine are still getting sick from COVID 19.

Remember that I told you that you are more likely to get infected, if you get the vaccine than if you don't because of human behavior because the vaccine DOES NOT keep you from getting infected, it just causes your immune system to generate antibodies to kill the virus when you do get infected so you don't get sick. You should also know that there is an acceptable failure rate of just a few percentile for any vaccine.

Yesterday I saw a report about a small case where about 300 people got infected and I thought about not reporting on it but it kept bothering me that NO ONE, not even the conservatives reporting on it, knew the right questions to ask, much less what was important. I thought about this overnight and decided to use it to show you the right questions to ask and what to watch for.

Just like I previously told you, most of the people who got infected, 74%, had been vaccinated, which should tell you that you are about 3 times more likely to get infected, if you have been vaccinated. That is just good information to know but the thing you should be concerned about and be keeping an eye on is that ALL 74% of the people who got infected and had been vaccinated got sick AND all 5 of the people who went to the hospital because of how sick they got HAD BEEN VACCINATED!

That last part is what you should be watching for because it TELLS YOU that the vaccine is NOT WORKING! IT IS NOT DOING WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO! And NO ONE knew to point that out.

Listen, if the vaccine is not working and it is making people sick and even killing significant numbers of them, then the vaccines are doing more harm than good. THAT is what you need to be watching!

If more than a few of the people who get vaccinated and infected, get sick, then the vaccine IS NOT WORKING!

Why take the risk of getting sick or killed by the vaccine, if it is not working?

Oh yeah, to make the chemical companies making that vaccine lots of money in tax payer dollars so they will keep bribing our corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, media, and others to keep forcing you to get vaccinated.

Forget the corrupt politicians' and bureaucrats' tax returns, I want to see their offshore bank accounts because I am trained to know how the system works. Corrupt people do NOT report their bribes on their taxes because, if they did, they would go to prison so they use "offshore" bank accounts to hide those bribes from the IRS.

My opinion is that, if you are a politician or bureaucrat using an offshore bank account to hide money from the IRS, you are probably committing treason.

Based on the results I am seeing, the FDA should stop the vaccinations until the proper tests are run on the vaccines but, hey, we gots to keep them chemical companies getting more wealthy so they will keep bribing the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, media, and others so they can keep getting rich too. It is like I told you, these lefties don't care about anyone or anything else but themselves and their bank accounts so you can't trust any of them. They are NOT doing their job of protecting the people.

The people who are forcing people to get vaccinated, should go to prison.

BTW, any more, the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists own stock in those corrupt chemical companies, which is a severe conflict of interest and why they never tell you about the cons the chemical companies they make money from benefit from and I have to tell you about them. This means these corrupt people are policing themselves. Think about that.

You should also know that the people forcing you to wear masks are making money by forcing you to wear masks, they are also making money by destroying mom and pop businesses to eliminate competition for the companies they own stock in with their lockdowns, and no telling how many other ways these criminals are making money from these unconstitutional and illegal mandates.

Gee, I wonder why these criminals keep forcing these unconstitutional and illegal mandates on you? Do you get the picture yet?

This is NOT free market capitalism, this is severely corrupt crony capitalism where the people running our government also own the businesses they are regulating.

Why would they NOT force you to get a dangerous and worthless vaccine that kills people their companies are making money from?

Add to that, this report also proves the article by the CDC to keep people getting vaccinated, was a lie so you can't even trust the CDC because they have proved to you they are bureaucrats who have no credibility because they will tell whatever lie they are told to tell. THAT is the most important lesson you should get from this.

Concerning the credibility of our government experts, Mark sent me a link to this article (, "Michael Crichton on consensus science", which starts with this comment about government bureaucracies.

"'I want to pause here and talk about this notion of consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had.

Let's be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.'"

This is another reason why expert organizations, you know, like the government, can't be trusted. He is saying you are better off taking the word of one person like me who is telling you about reality than any group of x-spirts who are telling you things based on consensus. I teach reality, the government x-spirts either teach consensus or what they are told to teach, which is almost never right.

Have you noticed who has the higher prediction success rate, me or the government x-spirts? Did you notice all of my "I Told You So" essays? Do you want to know the truth or the consensus or what the government x-spirts are told to tell you?

That is why I post the my "I Told You So" essays because the truth is more important than the consensus. Those essays prove to you that I am teaching the truth based on reality and what I teach has NOTHING to do with consensus or me making money. I don't make a dime from this site.

Now do you understand why God caused that to be the case?

I don't answer to anyone but God because God takes care of me, not my readers or advertisers. What you take away from this blog is between you and God.

Thanks for the info, Mark.

Remember that I told you that the conservatives don't even know the right questions to ask?

I sent Mark this e-mail:

"One reason why I get so frustrated is because even most conservative journalists don't even know the right questions to ask because of their ignorance, especially about science but even about other things.

Are they just playing like they are the good guys and they are in on what the left is doing?"

Mark sent me this e-mail in response that tells some of the reasons why.

"Both. They are in fear of losing their jobs so they do both. Conservatives usually get talked over by other journalists. They were not able to do that with Trump. He would keep talking and scold them when they did that. Conservatives need to take note and do what Trump does.

Leftists are very adept at changing the subject abruptly and that often throws conservatives off their game. That is because most Leftists are narcissists. Unfortunately most conservatives do not know how to shut down a narcissist. Conservatives need training in how to handle a narcissist, especially if they agree to an interview with an leftist reporter or reporterette. There are plenty of folks online that give that training.

Have you noticed how the left overuses the words toxic and covid19?"

The conservatives simply don't know how to beat the left at their lies but some are finally learning. You have to learn to beat the left at their own game or you lose your nation and freedoms. You conservatives need to learn which questions to ask.

BTW, have you noticed that, increasingly, the unelected bureaucrats have taken over running this nation from the elected politicians?

Keep an eye on it because it is getting worse by the day and is very unconstitutional. The US Constitution very clearly states that the ONLY GOVERNMENT BODY that is permitted to write law is the legislature but the unelected bureaucrats are writing almost all of the laws today, which is unconstitutional. They don't represent anyone but themselves, their bosses and their upper class trash owners.

What? Didn't anyone pay attention in 9th grade Civics class?

Slavery Reparations

I am really tired of all of this crap about reparations being pushed by the upper class trash to get you tax payers to pay for damages for what their ancestors did and benefited from in order to buy the black vote.

People, by law, the only people who should have to pay for damages for anything are the people who caused and benefited from those damages. Therefore, the only people who should pay reparations for slavery are the people who inherited wealth generated by that slavery, which would be most of the upper class trash royals. The royals pretty much invented slavery and made almost all of their wealth from it with almost all of your ancestors being their slaves at one time or another.

If you want to get technical, almost all of the royals got their wealth from some form of slavery and should have to pay everyone, who they or their ancestors lived in poverty because of the royals using some form of slavery but you can bet that NONE of the academe or upper class trash will go for that. They would almost all go broke really fast.

What you need to do to stop this crap is change the subject from denying there should be reparations to that there should be reparations but ONLY FROM those who inherited wealth generated by the slavery and ONLY TO those whose ancestors lived in poverty because of slavery.

This would mean that almost all of today's upper class trash would have to pay reparations to the victims of slavery and you can bet they and their puppet politicians and media would quickly shut down this reparations crap because, legally, they are the only ones who should pay any reparations for crimes only their ancestors committed and only those who inherited wealth generated by the slavery their ancestors used to get wealthy, which would be almost all of the upper class trash.

Now the upper class trash owned media and universities will tell you that all Americans benefited from slavery but that is absolutely false.

Today's descendants of the middle and lower classes did not benefit from slavery because slavery suppressed your ancestors' wages forcing them to also live in poverty. Before the US Civil War, better than 95% of the Americans lived in third world poverty and that was because the slavery used by the upper class trash royals suppressed those people's wages so they could not get a good paying job. Therefore, all of those middle and lower classes were also victims of slavery and should also get reparations from the upper class trash, you know, the upper class trash returning to the people what they stole from the people.

Yeah, you know where that will quickly go.

BTW, I have noticed that the left is trying to defeat the courts by just ignoring the courts and continuing to illegally do as they will, you know, Satan's one law. Hey, they know they are above the law because the lefty DAs won't enforce any laws or court orders against them.

I have also noticed that the government bureaucrats and agencies are increasingly taking over running the government with the corrupt politicians increasingly taking a back seat. The bureaucrats are now consolidating their dictatorship power and doing a better job than the politicians were. An example is the CDC now putting out the unconstitutional mandates. Keep an eye on this because this is the last fight for your freedoms and rights before the guns get used.


Why is Cuomo fighting so hard to remain governor when everyone else including Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer are demanding he resign?

He knows that, when he leaves office, he won't have the control over New York's corrupt justice system to keep out of prison.

It has reached the point to where that will no longer do him any good because another Commierat is now putting together a legal criminal case against Cuomo, which means his trip under ye ole commie bus is going to end in prison.

Now, if we can just get the same for all of the other Commierat governors, mayors, and other politicians and bureaucrats. That is more likely than you think because they have all openly committed crimes and there are other Commierats who will benefit by getting those criminals out of their way. When this snowball gets rolling, it is going to turn into a avalanche very quickly with a lot of these power mad whackos going down to get them out of other peoples' way.

I have seen this happen with all dictatorships and it is what I have been warning you about. Power mad people will eventually turn on each other because they don't want to submit to other power mad people and don't want to share power with any more people than they absolutely have to.

The upper class trash are so determined to get rid of Cuomo because he is hurting their cause that they are starting something that could quickly get interesting.

Listen, people, when you go to bed with selfish, self centered people who only care about themselves and their bank accounts so that all they want to do is screw everyone else, just remember you are also "everyone else" and they will screw you just as soon as it benefits them and they think they can get away with it.

That is why I tell you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor. You CANNOT trust anyone who only cares about themselves, you know, like Satan, which is one very big reason why all pagans are screwing themselves.

You think I am wrong?

It is very obvious that the upper class trash just turned everyone else loose on Cuomo and you watch how they devour him. Commies are the worst kind of ruthless barbarians.


Have you noticed how the US Constitution, when enforced, keeps stopping what the commies want to do to you?

That is exactly why the lefties despise the US Constitution and Biblical Law, they both stop the lefties from "doing as they will" to you. The lefties want both of them out of their way so they can do whatever they want to you. That is what this fight is all about, the lefties want to be able to do anything they want to anyone they want any time they want.


Remember that years ago I told you about how we in ECM called anything and everything that sent out an electronic signal a "beacon" telling you exactly where that weapons system is so we could kill it?

This video shows you an example of that weapons strategy and technology with them explaining a recently developed radiation guided supersonic missile designed to home in the radiation or radar signal of a SAM.

The electronics warfare definition of radiation is any electronic signal.

Now, to destroy a UAV like I told you years ago, all you need is a missile that can be adjusted to any radiation signal frequency so that missile can lock onto the signal being sent out by the UAV so the operator or controller can tell what the UAV is doing and that missile will follow that signal directly to the UAV and kill it, which is why we would be really, really, really stupid to replace all of our piloted aircraft, especially combat aircraft with UAVs because ALL UAVs are beacons just begging to be blown out of the sky providing everything necessary for someone to do that.

One important thing is that the weapon system that would be used to kill all UAVs doesn't have to send out any signals like radar to tell you it is there hunting you so that it would be a completely silent killer that you won't even know is there until it has made its kill. It will do its hunting and killing by watching for, detecting, and locking its missiles onto any signal the UAV is sending out for operations and we have been using this technology since Vietnam.

That is why, any time I see some x-spirt trying to promote their career or make a lot of money by replacing all combat aircraft with UAVs, you know, like fighter planes, I know I am listening to an idiot. Anyone who listens to them is either ignorant and/or an idiot.

People, when I was working the Weasels, if a fighter pilot keyed his communications radio twice within a few minutes, we could tell where he was, how fast he was traveling, what direction he was traveling in, his altitude, and kill him because he was a beacon sending out an electronic signal.

The little and now obsolete APR-46 receiver we used in 1973 could tell you exactly where a plane was, how fast it was going, and the direction it was traveling in if the pilot just keyed his radio twice within 15 minutes and they have better today.

That is why I tell you that ALL electronics devices send out signals telling where you are so we can find you and kill you. That includes and is not limited to your electronic watch, a flash light, night vision, or anything else that uses electron flow because ALL electron flow sends out signals.

BTW, I could help design a weapon system that could hunt and kill the weapon system that could quietly hunt and kill UAVs because all weapons systems have a weakness for which counter measures can be used against it.

During Nam, the North had to replace all of their gasoline engines in their trucks taking supplies and troops south with diesel engines when they found out we were using smart bombs designed to home in on the electronic signal given off by spark plugs that were very accurate, you know, regularly hitting inside the engine well.

Believe me, it would be much easier to do the same for UAVs. UAVs would be very easy target practice because they are ALL beacons and I am trained to know how to destroy all beacons.

Their technology will guide our technology right to their technology.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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