News 56

We are in a dark time of great evil.


I get so tired of digging through sensationalized garbage called news in hopes of collecting a dot or two. They all put up sensationalized headlines to increase readership/viewership/subscriptions and, when you see their "news" item, there is nothing significant and sometimes nothing to do with the sensational headline. This all gets very frustrating and takes hours every day but I keep doing it because I know this is what God wants me to do because someone has to tell the truth. It would be easy to estimate that you could take better than 90% of what is provided in all of the media, throw in the trash, and we would be better off. There would definitely be fewer confused people but, hey, the media like to keep you confused so you will keep coming back to them.

Part of the problem is that the false prophets are doing the same thing plus they also take prophesy out of context to make you think things are happening which are not. A clue is that, if they keep taking prophesy out of context to sensationalize their stories, they are false prophets. Remember that ALL prophesies are about very specific events during very specific times. That is why context and the details are critical in understanding prophesy.


China is now on the verge of bankruptcy and it is being covered up by our upper class trash. I expect their nation to fall about the same time the rest of our nations collapse and this is probably the upper class trash stabbing China in the back. I expect the Western Muslim province to become an independent Muslim nation, Tibet to return to being an independent Buddhist nation, and other provinces to break up based on populations and religions in the near future. It turns out that China has a larger debt problem than the US.


Increasing numbers of power brokers in banking, Hollywood, TV, and other areas are dying by suicide, jumping out of tall buildings, and accidents. The upper class trash is consolidating their power. The purge has been going on for some time. If the upper class trash doesn't need you any more, you either "commit suicide" or "have a fatal accident".


Something I am watching is that the Commiecrats started programs that turned the people against the Commiecrats and the RINOs are finishing those programs with the Commiecrats still taking the blame. It is possible that the upper class trash had the Commiecrats, the party of the minorities or non whites, start this mess to take the blame and turn whites against non whites and then have the RINOs, the white party, finish the job. I think they are doing this to turn the Commiecrats into the Marxist/minority party and chase whites to the GOP while frustrating, then angering, then turning that anger into racial hatred to create a lot more people like Roof who just want to see all minorities dead so the upper class trash will have their support in the upper class trash planned genocide...uh...eugenics, yeah, that's the ticket, eugenics.

More Purging?

According to the experts who got the right degrees from the right universities and are almost always wrong, we are interring into a 6th mass extinction. (Gee, this wouldn't be the upper class trash depopulating the planet or purging, would it?) I am not going to lose any sleep over this or their other fantastically accurate predictions like global warming. First, their stupid predictions are just scare tactics to get you to do what they want you to do...or you are going to die!!! Second, their stupid predictions are based on the pagan fairy tale, evolution, and every prediction based on their beloved evolution fairy tale has been wrong because their fairy tale is a lie. Third, I just read an item which said that invertebrates are dying really fast which would put slimy slithering liberals at the greatest risk. I could go for an extinction of liberals. That would be fun to watch.

Confederate Flag

Oh and how about everyone attacking and stopping the sales of the Confederate flag but not stopping the sales of communist or Nazi flags? The lefties say they are going to destroy everything which had to do with US slavery.

So, when are they going to destroy the Democratic Party, which fought for slavery?

I still can't figure out why the Democrats hate the flag they raised in battle for slavery.

Oh, do you think, maybe it is because they don't want to remind people they were the ones fighting for slavery?

Keep the flag up, boys, and make sure everyone remembers.

Here is something interesting to keep an eye on. I would not be surprised to see the right wing army fighting under the old Confederate flag in rebellion for freedom just to spite the lefties. I think it is very likely that at least some of them will. There has already been a surge in sales of the flag with large numbers of people waving them in public.

Military Cutbacks

The US Marines are now going to be forced to use foreign ships to deploy into amphibious battle.

What if the ship owners don't want to risk their ships to deploy the troops? Is Obama doing this to keep the US Marines from coming home to save the US?

After all, the US Navy would bring them home to fight but other countries' ships won't, if told not to.

Commie Pope

The commie pope says that the Genesis account for creation is not true. I guess the commie pope believes the God of the Bible lied, which is why he wants to change over to the god of Islam. Of course the commie pope also says that anyone who owns a weapon can't be a Christian in spite of the fact that in Luke 24 Jesus told the apostles to buy two swords instead of just one sword.

I guess that means the Christ isn't a Christian and the commie pope who thinks God is a liar and wants to convert to Islam is a Christian?

The commie pope also says that the Koran and Bible are exactly the same. I have read both and they are exact opposites. The commie pope also just signed a treaty with the Palestinians against Israel.

Gee, would a real Christian lie so much about God, Christianity and the Bible and take the side of God's enemies?

Almost nothing he is saying is Biblical, unless you recognize the "Communist Manifesto" and the Koran to be his bibles.

Does he think that because he is Pope, he can just make stuff up and he doesn't also have to answer to God?

The commie pope and Catholic Church don't speak for me. God speaks for me.

Why do I not think the Catholic Church will be pretending to be Christian and may not even be around too much longer?

Don't be surprised to see God severely punish the commie pope, Vatican, and Catholic Church in the near future. I would not be surprised to see God destroy the Vatican City, Vatican, and commie pope with something like an earthquake or volcano because they have rejected and mocked God.


Greece has called for a referendum on July 5, 2015 for leaving the EU while the Greek people run on the banks for Euros, you know, like them defaulting on their debts to the EU is not going to crash the Euro. What they are doing is stealing all of the money from other nations they had previously borrowed by refusing to pay it back. Now they are saying that Greece is bankrupt and is being denied an extension by the Euro zone. I guess the EU wasn't going to let Greece milk them for more free money before Greece defaults.

So, who will leave the EU next, Britain or Germany?

You know Putin is laughing his butt off.

Oops, Britain or Germany may not be next to leave the EU. It seems there are large movements within Austria and Italy to leave the EU, you know, the EU is blowing itself apart just like I told you years ago. I guess the EU can't be the one world government like the false prophets have been telling you it is. The one world government and church will be Islam, just like I have been telling you.


The fecal matter has started hitting the fan at a significantly increased rate since the recent insane and treasonous rulings by the US Supreme Court. I told you that the courts have been taken over by the liberals. All hell is breaking lose and the left is seizing control of the US, setting up their dictatorship, and forcing their pagan morals and ethics on everyone else. In violation of the US Constitution, the US Supreme Court just legislated on homosexual marriage for all of the states. They also supported Obamacare and Obamatrade along with other things which are going to make things worse and give themselves, the liberal commie traitors, more power and control over everyone else while keeping themselves above the law. The US Supreme Court just illegally handed the liberal commie traitors all of the tools the traitors wanted to finish off the US and set up their pagan dictatorship and the left is going into hyper drive to finish off the US.

After winning the homosexual marriage fight, the liberals just went into over drive on polygamy, pedophilia, destroying Christianity, and everything else they want, you know, all of the things they have been saying they would not go for after homosexual marriage was made legal. The liberals are really on the attack now.

Basically, the Republic of the US just about finished kicking and will soon be punished with destruction. We will be forced to build a new nation by the time this is over. You won't have a choice, our once great nation is dead.

So, how is that democracy thingy working out?

A Christian preacher, one of my four verified site readers, stated that the liberal homosexuals will now wage open warfare on Christian churches and preachers insisting the churches and preachers marry the homosexuals or be prosecuted and litigated. This will not only purge most of the remaining poser Christians from the church but will also force the surviving churches underground, you know, the way it was before Constantine more than 1,600 years ago when the pagans were persecuting and slaughtering Christians and before the Christians began to fight back to survive. And it has already started with a homosexual couple already suing churches for not wanting to perform homosexual weddings. The liberals are openly bragging they are using such actions to destroy Christianity.

This may be the beginning for the fulfillment of a dream I had a number of years ago. I found myself in what I thought was a retirement or old folks home (maybe FEMA camps) with all of the top true Christian religious leaders who had been rounded up and put there by the government to silence them and get them out of the way. I knew that they would soon be getting out because God would get them out and, after just a little bit we were released because the government had been overthrown. God let me know that He would use these homes or camps to keep God's true Christian leaders safe from being murdered by liberal and Muslim street thugs.

You preachers need to organize your churches into Bible study groups to be done in homes the way our Christian ancestors did more than 1,600 years ago. They will almost certainly take over your church structures and use them for paganism but those are just buildings and you need to worry about your people first. After the war, you will get what is left of those buildings back or get to build new buildings.

BTW, I read that Joel Olsteen is now embracing Muslims in his church. The posers are leaving and converting to Islam even before things get tough because of the war against Christianity. God is purging the church of posers.

Orange County, Florida is permitting Satanist to hand out books to children in public schools teaching Satan worship and rituals, you know, just like I have been telling you would happen. It is only a matter of time until the pagans will be doing public human sacrifices, especially with children. So, when little Johny or Sally comes home and tells you they volunteered to be human sacrifices for a Satanic ritual, you will know what happened. Read home schooling.

I read that liberal shrinks are working on getting pedophilia classified as a sexual orientation or alternative lifestyle so they can make it legal to rape children. Of course they will be "consenting" or seduced children so it won't be legally or officially rape. Now that homosexual marriage is legal, nothing is off the table. Satan's "Do as you will" just became law.

Ready for a Christian theocracy to protect your family yet?

You will be by the time the pagans are through with you. BTW, by the time the liberal commie traitors and Muslims have finished destroying the Republic of the US, you won't have a choice but to build a new nation. You will either build a new nation or remain under their tyranny.

I see increasing numbers of Christians standing up and fighting back now. You can bet they are not posers. Good people are getting tired of the evil people forcing wickedness on us. You can bet they will accept a Christian theocracy to protect their families from the pagans.

I don't know if you realized it but think about this. The US Constitution was written based on the Bible and the British Magna Charta and not based on the government of the Iroquois Indians the way you have been taught. The US was set up as a Christian theocracy to protect good people, especially Christians, from bad people, especially pagans.

Therefore, when we build a new nation, we will get to keep much of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. We will have to rewrite them to prevent what is happening now from happening again. First, we will have to state that our new nation is a Christian nation based on Biblical Law and not common law, which the liberals have used to destroy the US.

Second, we need to be much more specific such as stating that the rights for free speech and freedom of the press do not give anyone the right to commit crimes such as lying and fraud. They still have to tell the truth and not some liar's version of the truth.

Then we will have to write in that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE must abide by all of the laws with no special favors for anyone, especially for the rich, powerful, and famous. We will have to write in that the single greatest threat to national security is government corruption and, therefore, government corruption will be considered treason and all acts of treason will be capital crimes carrying the death penalty for everyone involved. We must state that the primary purpose for the legal system is the pursuit of justice and define justice as protecting good people from bad people and that justice is more important than the letter of the law.

We will have to make quite a few modifications and build on the US Constitution based on what we have learned in what the pagans have used to destroy our nation.

Next, polygamy!

I warned you about this years ago and told you what they are really after is polyamory or group marriage to completely destroy the institution of marriage. Then everyone will be living in adultery completely doing away with the Biblical commandment which says, Thou shalt not commit adultery. You see, the pagans are trying to destroy the Bible, God, Jesus, Jews, and Christianity.

So, curious minds want to know, are Obama and Michael finally going to get married legally?

Now that the left have legalized homosexual marriage nationally, we are soon going to be punished by God. Hang on, this is going to be really rough.

Mexico just legalized same sex marriage and I am getting the feeling that every nation which legalizes same sex marriage will fall.

BTW, remember that I told you that, after Obama and his Muslim pals take over the US from the liberal commie traitors, the Muslims will be tossing the homosexuals off of buildings in the US just like they are now doing in other countries?

Soon, very soon, and the Muslims will know who they all are. All the Muslims will have to do is check for marriage licenses plus the Muslims have the liberal data base.

Are the liberals going to be surprised at what the Muslims do when the Muslims take over or what?

Obama's War

Now Obama only has two major items left to accomplish on his list. 1) Disarm all law abiding conservatives and 2) seize control of the US military. Guess what he will be focused on next.

When I see pictures of liberal traitors, I think that, after Obama seizes control, he is going to kill you and God will get justice over you. You only think you won.

Man plans, God laughs.

This is all because the pagans love their sins and hate God. With the last few wins, the liberals are just jumping out of their closets and showing their true evil colors. Evil is rapidly spreading everywhere. Eyes are opening and people are choosing. But, as evil as the things are which you are already seeing, it will get much worse. Do not be surprised to see public human sacrifices to Satan, especially children.

Let me give you a clue. The pagans were persecuting the Christians more than 1,000 years ago so God used Constantine to get Christianity into the Roman culture and spread it throughout the Roman Empire. Then the Romans corrupted that Christianity so God had the Germanic tribes convert to Christianity, conquer the Roman Empire, and spread Christianity around the world. Now the pagans have corrupted the West and God will use the Muslims to destroy the West, purge the pagans, and permit Christians to rebuild...again.

Other News

Homosexual Marines, calling themselves "Semper Pink", are trying to stop females from being in the Marine infantry, after all, homosexual males hate women. They are saying it will be "an affront to the traditional Spartan values which we cherish as Marines." Nothing like a little hypocrisy when the original and true traditional values of the Marines were Christianity and heterosexuality.

I will be watching for the liberal feminists to be fighting the liberal homosexuals on this one. I just love watching liberal on liberal warfare.

I am getting the feeling that this and other things are going to cause the failure of our current military and we will have to form a new Christian military to fight for our freedoms against what will be left of this military.

Because of all of this wickedness, a huge number of people are going to die. These evil people want to "depopulate" the planet so God is going to depopulate the planet by killing those people who want to depopulate the planet instead of those evil people killing you off. Remember that God said, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you." These evil mass murderers are about to get done unto them what they are now doing unto others. Be careful what you wish for.

Also, I expect Obama to radically increase terrorist activities in the US and restrict FBI's fighting terror to strike fear into the American people and force them to subjugate to Obama and the Muslims. Obama is already using our open borders to move large numbers of terrorists into this country. I think this may create the "Mexican standoff" from one of my dreams.

Learn to fight, war is coming, it won't be long now. We already have a race war going on with liberal blacks waging war against whites without the whites fighting back. This is a one sided war that is rapidly escalating. It is only a matter of time and the conservative whites will fight back.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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