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Great Sounding Stupid Ideas

It kills me and is so frustrating when I see the upper class trash paying unscrupulous engineers and scientists to keep coming up with great sounding stupid ideas that fool the stupid people so those upper class trash can use those ideas to steal tax money from the people and usually while causing damage to this planet.

I recently saw a post on FB about a great sounding stupid idea to put iron filings in our streets and highways to magnetize them to create a magnetic field to charge electric cars while they are driving. It sounds absolutely fantastic to ignorant and stupid people but more intelligent people will know that it would require a massive amount of energy to magnetize every street and road in just the US and to keep them magnetized, much, much more energy than our cars use.

Just putting the iron filings in those streets won't magnetize the streets. You have to magnetize the iron filings or they won't create a magnetic field to do anything.

I can just hear the stupid people, "But it sounds so good it gots to be true," or "I seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true." The upper class trash and their academe know that, if you make it sound good, the stupid people will just blindly believe it.

Plus those iron filings will oxidize, turn into soft rust or iron oxide, and more quickly cause road deterioration.

Have you ever noticed that there are no trees around windmill farms? Why?

Because trees block the wind so, before you can build a windmill farm, you have to deforest the land, you know, cut down all of the trees up wind and downwind from the farm. Wow, that sounds like a great idea and should be really great for our planet's ecosystems and the stupid lefties have not figured it out yet.

Plus research has shown that the land downwind from those windmill farms does not benefit from breezes and light winds, which recycle our air we breathe and help keep the dust off of plant leaves so sunlight can reach them and cause photosynthesis so the plants can grow and you can have food to eat.

Have you ever noticed that there are no plants around the solar energy farms? Why?

Because plants would block the sunlight reaching those solar devices so they keep the plants completely cleaned away from those energy farms, which causes the sunlight to reach those devices and the ground, generating massive amounts of heat that warms the planet, causes strong up drafts, and disrupts our planet's weather. Wow, that sounds like a great idea and should be really great for our planet's ecosystems.

Let me give you a hint here, people. When sunlight reaches the ground, most of it is absorbed by the ground and turned to heat, which rises causing changes in our weather, you know, like the global warming thingy. When sunlight reaches plant leaves, it causes photosynthesis, which provides the plant with energy, helps the plant process CO2 into oxygen for animals to breath and carbon for the plant to use for growth.

Now I am seeing increasing articles about using ocean wave actions to generate "clean energy".

Have you ever studied enough oceanography to know what wind generated waves and ocean tides do for our coast lines?

Those tidal and wave actions move water in and out of our coast lines, cleaning those coastal areas so the coastal water will not become polluted and kill off all sea life along our coast lines. Just go to a beach and watch waves coming in because those waves bring in water to wash our shores and then the water recedes carrying pollutants out to sea and eventually to the deep ocean floors. The water comes in at the surface with the waves and recedes as a current beneath the waves, constantly washing waste from our shore lines.

Research has shown that using those tidal and wave actions to generate energy decreases the cleansing of our coast lines, causes them to become polluted, and will kill off almost all plant and animal life along our coasts. Wow, that sounds like a great idea and should be really great for our planet's ecosystems, especially since the rest of the life on this planet is dependent on our coastal life.

Don't believe me?

You should check out the off shore island projects in Dubai. They created breakwaters around the islands to protect them from storms and erosion that also stop the cleansing effects of the waves and tides and has caused those waters around those islands to become polluted and stagnant with almost no sea life in them. The world is now "concerned" about the ecological effects of those islands stopping the cleansing effects of our ocean tides and wave actions.

People, the intellectually superior upper class trash and their great sounding stupid ideas are creating a global ecological disaster and they are too stupid to realize their greed is destroying this planet.

BTW, these projects were dreamed up by the intellectually superior upper class trash and their x-spirts who got dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneebursities. Wow, that worked well.

Do you still think people are more intelligent than you because they have more money? Really?

You should just check out all of the crap rich people screw up every year because they can because they have more money than brains.

Listen, people, all of these great sounding stupid ideas happen because one or more rich jerks dream up a way to make a lot of money from something that shouldn't happen but they don't care because all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

Please, please, please question everything you are told by the upper class trash and their idiot puppets.


Remember in my essays about Islam and the Koran, I told you that the Koran was clearly written by a Christian Hebrew rabbi and a group of Hebrew rabbis who also read the Koran said the writer was clearly a rabbi but they missed the Christian part but I didn't because that rabbi proved he was a Christian with his references to Christian New Testament texts that only a Christian would have been familiar with or used? Remember that I told you that Hebrew rabbis are trained to hide secret messages to other rabbis in their writings?

This video shows that the rabbi, who wrote the Koran for Muhammad, hid some very interesting messages in the Koran that told us that Allah is not god but Yahweh is God by including names from the Bible that glorify Yahweh as God and our savior.

I told you that a Hebrew rabbi, who was Muhammad's slave, wrote the Koran because Muhammad couldn't read or write and Muhammad never realized that the rabbi played and fooled him by including secret messages to other rabbis and Christians telling them that Allah isn't god and Yahweh is God. This is just one more proof that I was right in my assessment.

Do you get the picture yet?

I Told You So Big Time

Remember that I have been telling you that COVID 19 began in the US and was transferred to China's Wuhan Lab?

This video details just how that happened. It names names and gives dates.


People, they keep talking about "gain of function", which is just a deceptive way of saying biological warfare research, "to create vaccines for viruses", you know, viruses that don't exist. Well, until they do their research creating those viruses.

Why do we need vaccines for viruses that don't exist?

They deceptively changed the name from biological warfare research to gain of function research and came up with that fake excuse right after the Soviet Union failed and we no longer had them as a threat to the US. The very name, "gain of function" is a lie or deception so they could continue their research in biological warfare.

Note that she said that they had not come up with ONE vaccine from decades of their research, which should tell you that it was not so they could develop vaccines but to create the viruses, of which they now have plenty that they can turn lose on you.

What, couldn't they create even just one vaccine in decades of research?

Also note that, under Obama, these people developing COVID 19 got an exemption to continue developing the virus IN THE US with the Chinese doctor FIRST visiting the US to see the new virus and then the US doctor visiting China, you know, to teach them how to create the virus or to give them the virus to turn loose on us.

Also note that she said there were other scientists involved that she did not mention, just like I told you.

Do you believe me yet that absolutely EVERYTHING about COVID 19 has been a lie?

They have not told you the truth about any of this and their lies make me so furious.


I saw this video and thought that maybe it would help some of you. Enjoy.


Remember that I told you that Biden suddenly pulling out of Afghanistan was a big mistake?

The situation is quickly getting so bad there that it may get him impeached by Commierats to save their own butts because Biden is increasingly becoming a liability to them.

Right now, everything the left is doing is failing and opening more people's eyes. The conservatives seem to beat the lefties at every turn though sometimes it may take longer than other times. The lefties are all discrediting themselves and destroying their own plans.

Man plans, God laughs.


Right now the terrorist organizations like the Taliban are taking over Afghanistan very quickly.

Something to keep an eye on is that I read that across the Afghan northern border in one of those other small countries, Russia is working with the remains of the Afghan army and militias to train and arm them to take back their own nation.

Is that irony or what?

Russia is made to look like the bad guy who works with terrorists but they are the only nation trying to help another nation save their nation from terrorists.

Lefty Segregation

What are the lefties doing with this move to segregate blacks from whites?

They are fooling the stupid people in the black communities to enforce the "Jim Crow" segregation laws on themselves. It is called reverse psychology. You get them to impose restrictive laws on themselves by making it look like they are getting special treatment and they will defend those laws that restrict them.

The Commierat slavers are getting their slaves back one step at a time by using reverse psychology and getting the blacks to submit themselves to the slavery but the more intelligent blacks are figuring it out.

The lefties are extremely deceptive and you can't trust them on anything. This is a con that is working on the less intelligent members of their community.

Christian Resistance

I keep seeing where preachers are saying that we Christians should just quietly submit to our governments, whether good or bad, because God ordained they should rule, which is the same argument the royals have been using against us Christians standing up to their evil rule for more than 1,000 years. Gee, what a coincidence.

1 What, they think God wants us to live under the rule of an evil government?

2 Submitting to a satanic government is submitting to the rule of Satan and these "Christian" preachers can't figure that one out? Do you really think God wants us Christians to submit to the rule of Satan where Satan's spawn could easily seduce your children into Hell?

Let me guess, who would be teaching us to submit to the rule of Satan instead of taking a stand for the rule of God by God's Laws? Real Christians or poser satanic "Christians"?

Think about that one for a while. Common sense should answer that question really fast.

Does the Bible tell you to take a stand for God or submit to Satan? Can you even imagine that God would say, "I don't want you to stand up to and resist a satanic government, I want you to submit to their satanic rule and permit them to brainwash your children into being satanic instead of taking a stand for me?"

If God doesn't mind if you submit to satanic rule, then why are we going to have Judgment Day? Hey, we will just let Satan and his demons take over Paradise, right?

Have you noticed that it is always the evil people who say you should not resist an evil government, that you should submit to an evil government?

BTW, this video shows what I have been telling you about there being an already escalating war with the left causing and forcing that war and that God showed me that about 80% of law enforcement and military will be on the side of the people. Gee, what a coincidence.

Think about what you see them doing. They are not just ramping up for war against the left because they know it is coming but are also working WITH POLICE in an attempt to prevent that war and to protect the people. These people know what is going on and are doing everything they can to prevent the left's communist dictatorship.

I showed you years ago that the military was training up militias to work with in this coming war and this shows that their numbers have better than doubled recently. These are the people who will cause the Mexican standoff with the left and Muslims just before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

God is putting His human army together for this war.

Climate Change

The UN recently released an exhaustive report about how climate change is wiping out all life on Earth.

This video shows a scientist shooting holes in their report. Please pay attention to his statements about increased coral growth because the left has been screaming that the Great Barrier Reef will soon cease to exist because of climate change but this scientist says it is at record levels of growth.

You just can't believe ANYTHING the left says, especially if it sounds scary. It is probably just another terrorist attack against the people using psychological warfare to terrorize everyone.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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