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I have been following this drama ever since before Obama got out of office. I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Robin Quinn:

"Work on Barack Obama's presidential library finally began this week-but the project's opponents want the Supreme Court to order an immediate halt. The Protect Our Parks group has filed an emergency request with Justice Amy Coney Barrett, arguing that the project will do irreparable harm to Jackson Park, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and located on Chicago's South Side, CBS reports.

The group says construction of the Obama Presidential Center will 'adversely affect the human environment, the historic landscape, wildlife, and migratory birds.' The nonprofit organization says the feds failed to conduct the necessary environmental reviews, reports NBC."

Obama is determined to destroy a nature preserve for his bloated narcissistic ego and the local people of Chicago don't want him to destroy their nature preserve that they enjoy with their children.

Build his library somewhere else?

Oh no, he has his evil mind made up to destroy their nature preserve to build his library so, no matter what the people want, he is going to destroy the nature preserve to build his really ugly library.

Note, I think they design these buildings to be ugly to torment the people.

Obama claims he wants his library in Chicago because "it is his home town" but he bought a $12 million mansion in Martha's Vineyard to live in? Really? Does he really think the Chicago people are stupid enough to let him destroy their nature preserve so he can pretend Chicago is his home town, which it clearly isn't because he wasn't even born in the Continental US?

People, remember that he was alleged to have been born almost 5,000 miles away from Chicago in Hawaii and grew up as a child in Malaysia attending a Muslim madrasa school. Oh yeah, you just know he has fond childhood memories of Chicago. /sarc

People, there are vacant lots in Chicago itself that Obama could easily use for his bloated ego but he insists on destroying the people's nature preserve. If Obama really cared about Chicago, he would also want to 1) respect the people of Chicago and 2) want to preserve their nature preserve.

Knowing Obama and his bloated ego, if the people of Chicago manage to permanently stop the building of his arrogant, egotistical "library" without books in place of their nature preserve, he will want revenge against Chicago. Obama is about as mature as a spoiled rotten two year old brat and he will want revenge so you know he will throw a deadly tantrum just like a spoiled two year old brat would do.

Do you see why I have been following this with what God told me Obama is going to do?

This fight could very easily be one of the catalysts to Obama nuking Chicago. Keep an eye on it.

Charging Highways

Remember that I told you about their great sounding idea of magnetizing the highways so they will charge your electric vehicles as they drive over them?

Indian is going to test that great sounding idea. If you have been around long and paid attention to anything the left does, you know this won't end well.

Now you know that the stupid people are thinking, "Wow, we are going to get free energy for our cars." People, that is why they are already talking about a mileage tax on your car. This was planned out a long time ago so they can control your mobility. Ain't nuthin' free but you know the upper class trash will sell it as being free and the stupid people will buy it. That is a very easy prediction.

"Hey, it sounds good and it is free stuff, it gots tuh be true."

BTW, if they can remotely charge your vehicle, they can also remotely discharge your vehicle. I also know how to instantly stop any electric motor with a little jammer in my car. If you don't believe me, study electronics, especially ECM.

Also, I want to see the energy bill for their highways. Also, wait until you find out what the microwave radiation they plan to create does to your body and mind.


After Afghanistan, are the top people in the Pentagon smart enough to figure out just how stupid they look right now?

My guess?

Probably not or they would resign in disgrace. They will probably just blame someone else for their stupidity.

I have been warning you that things are going to get worse before they get better.

Do you believe me yet?

One thing God is doing by permitting the Taliban to take over Afghanistan is that He is showing you the ugly truth about Islam because too many people believe the lefty and Muslim lies candy coating Islam. Most of you won't believe their lies after this is over. "The truth will set you free."

If you keep believing Satan's lies, you know, believing the lefty media lies about how Islam is a religion of peace, God will let Satan show you the ugly truth with his actions.

Dear stupid people, please stop believing the lefty lies. They may sound good but they are still lies.

Evil People

Remember that I told you that Biden's fiasco in Afghanistan will encourage other evil people to make their moves?

China is right now talking about invading Taiwan and they are only the beginning of this mess.

Also, almost instantly with the fall of Afghanistan, China is making its move to deal with the Taliban for their resources, you know, like this was planned out and maybe even that Biden took a bribe or two.

For those who don't know, Afghanistan is rich in resources because their corrupt governments never used those resources and China is short on resources. Gee, what a coincidence.

I am right now wondering just how much of Hunter's art did China buy to get the US to pull out of Afghanistan?

You watch just how fast China has deals with the Taliban for those resources and that will explain a lot.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, all of that military equipment, weapons, and ammunition Biden left behind, guess who is going to pay to replace it (you) and guess who will make a lot of money replacing it all (upper class trash)?

Plus Biden just armed the Taliban again, with some of the best weapons in the world.

Wow, this is all a win-win for the lefty upper class trash, isn't it? With Biden taking the fall for it though, but I am wondering what Biden is getting out of it all?

Something else is going down here other than Biden being stupid. Too many bad guys are making out like bandits.

Now I am waiting to see what Russia will do because she is arming and training the Afghan military that fled north across the border.

What is that all about?

BTW, watch for Russia to move on Ukraine, Iran move on Iraq, Turkey move on Syria and other locations like Cypress, North Korea move on South Korea, and others make such moves. This is going to get much worse very quickly.

BTW, if Russia goes back into Afghanistan with Afghan troops, you can bet she won't tie her troops hands the way the US did and she will fight no holds barred. They have learned from their mistakes and the mistakes of the US so I would expect them to ruthlessly crush the Taliban but that won't change the fact that most Afghans are devout Muslims though there are some pretty massive protests going on in Afghanistan right now and I am wondering who is behind those. You can bet those people will love to see Russia come back into Afghanistan.

Keep an eye on this.

Then I saw this video which explains what I have told you and more. Another great sounding stupid idea of the arrogant left has failed and failed super badly.

The world as we knew it just ceased to exist, thanks to the upper class trash, and what will our new world be like?

It is like Turley said, "What will fall next?" Once the international dominos start falling, they tend to accelerate until everything falls.

This is just starting to get worse and will get much worse at least until we win our war within the US. Between now and the end of that war, it is just going to keep getting worse thanks to the left, their insane greed, and their lust for absolute power. I have been warning you about this for years.

Remember that I have told you that every time the upper class trash royals have destroyed nations and civilizations in history, there has been a massive price to pay and we must also pay that price just like our ancestors did because the upper class trash can never have enough wealth and power.

But, will this setback stop them?

No, of course not. Just like I have been telling you, they will regroup, reorganize, and keep on until full scale war and death stops them. Death is the only thing that can stop Satan's spawn.

From Vietnam, I want to welcome the Afghan veterans to the club because we were also betrayed by the lefty commie traitor Democrats. They tell you that we lost the war but that is a lie.

Just like you, but not quite as bad, they tied our hands to keep us from defeating their commie friends in North Vietnam and we still forced them to sign the Paris Peace Accords in February 1973 with it written in the Accords that the US Military would come to the aid of South Vietnam in the event that the North attacked the South again. The North's military was devastated by our military and on the verge of collapse.

In 1975 the Democrat controlled Congress passed a law forbidding the US Military from aiding South Vietnam in a war with the North and over rode the veto. When it became law, the North invaded the South forcing the US Military to stage a hasty and chaotic withdrawal while the North took over the South like just happened in Afghanistan. Deja vu, baby.

Did you know that Joe Biden is one of those Commierats in the 1975 Congress who betrayed the US Military, people, and our nation in Nam?

And, surprise, surprise, here he is 46 years later betraying the US soldiers in Afghanistan proving that once a traitor, always a traitor.

Do you understand why they used to shoot or hang traitors?

Because they knew that no one could trust a traitor, not even another traitor and, if they didn't execute the traitors, the traitors would just betray their troops, their people, and their nation again and again and again until they die but, hey, the lefty commie traitors brainwashed us to believe that we should be understanding and feel sorry for the traitors and not execute the traitors, you know, THEM!!! Gee, I wonder why they taught us that. /sarc

Welcome to the club. We know how you feel and you are in good company.

Maybe someday the stupid people will stop voting for commie traitors but probably not until after Judgment Day so accept Jesus as your savior so we can watch them all burn together. That way, Judgment Day will be our day to get justice against them for the crimes they have committed against us.

People, I pray for everyone to accept Jesus KNOWING that most won't and then I pray that God send those who reject Him and are causing harm to good people to Hell where they can never again cause harm to anyone.

Dear stupid people, please stop voting for the lefty commie traitors. They have absolutely no good intentions and all they do is lie, steal, and destroy everything they touch.

Good Intentions

The biggest mistake I see the right making in trying to understand what the left is doing and why is that the right keeps ASSUMING the left has good intentions because we have been brainwashed to believe they have good intentions, they do not, and the left keeps using this assumption to get away with the crimes they are committing. Therefore, the right keeps believing that the left is just stupid and not also evil.

Everyone has to stop ASSUMING the left has good intentions or believing the left's lies about them having good intentions. Everyone has to deal with the obvious fact that the left has ZERO good intentions and they are very evil, stupid, yes, but mostly evil.

Listen, if the left really did have good intentions, at least some of them would get something right at least occasionally. Since they don't and they cover up for each other's "screw ups", then they simply cannot have good intentions.

Don't believe me?

Just look at the massive global mess they have created "with their good intentions".

Could you possibly create such a horrible mess with good intentions?

No, you couldn't create one tenth this mess with good intentions. No one is that stupid. As they say, "The proof of the pudding is in the pie" and their pie is pure evil.

Big Tech

I just heard that a "strike" is being organized against big tech in September. I am trying to find out more about it. I think they mean boycott.

I just found out that an attorney by the name of Lin Wood is organizing the "strike" and he is supposed to be pretty good even though he recently lost some big cases. We will see but this is the first I have heard about this and it is supposed to happen next month. That isn't very good PR.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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