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Remember that I have been telling you that, when the upper class trash no longer need their lying lefty media, they will replace them?

Have you noticed all of the lefty journalists and other media personalities they are replacing and they just can't find adequate replacements for?

Don't be surprised when they start replacing them with animations because "they just can't find suitable human replacements", you know, just like I told you they would.

Listen, people, if you know anything about espionage, you KNOW that they knew about all of these media personality dirty little secrets before they hired them. All they have to do to justify getting rid of them is expose their dirty little secrets and those puppets are gone for good right under ye ole commie bus. That is what the upper class trash are doing right now, purging those lefties. Hey, fewer and fewer people believe their lies anyway.

Keep an eye on this because it is getting worse and today computers can even do the voice overs.

Everything is coming together just like God told me and I told you years ago, one day at a time.

Fed Up

I get so fed up with what the left is doing to everyone and their evil plans that I just wish God would give me my health back and an army of angels to wage real war against these subhuman things but then I know that God has His reasons for permitting what He permits, part of which is our sins, and then He shows me that He has His people doing things in this fight just like He showed me in a dream and I told you years ago.

So, acknowledging His greater wisdom, I submit to His will and wait on Him, believing Him and what He told me.

It is so difficult to be so sick and poor you can't do anything in this war against humanity but watch it and teach about it but then God needs His teachers/prophets to teach the rest to do what He wants you to do.

BTW, I am pretty sure I told you that the two Hebrew words they translated as meaning prophet actually mean teacher.

I am the type that I would rather have a sword than a pen to lead you into war and to have to do it with the pen is very difficult.

These human demons want to have a power struggle?

After what the evil spawn of Satan have done to good people, I will enjoy watching them stand before the power of all mighty God on Judgment Day and watching those evil things struggle. They better enjoy their power now because God said, "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you," and God will do unto them what they are now doing unto others and more. KNOW that we will ALL get justice on Judgment Day, EVERYONE OF US! For some that will be good and, for the wicked, that will be bad, very bad.


Let me share something with you that I learned in Nam.

No military can be better than its leaders, I don't care what technology you use. If the leaders tie the military's hands in combat, that military cannot be any better than they are permitted to be by their leaders.

The US has had the best military in the world since WWII but has lost almost every war since because of their traitor leaders tying their hands in combat. We could have easily won every one of those wars with good leaders instead of traitors.

And now we have Joe Biden and his bunch? Scary thought, huh?

Australian Tyranny

I have been watching this for some months and it is now very obvious that the left in Australia have succeed more with their insurrection than anyone else in the West so that Australia is now a lefty commie/Muslim dictatorship.

Note that the first thing the Australian upper class trash did to achieve their tyranny was to take guns away from the people.

Their military and law enforcement should be ashamed of themselves for enforcing this commie/Muslim tyranny on their people and not arresting and trying their traitor leaders.

I think I will now refer to Australia as the United Soviet States of Australia and I am waiting for their evil leaders to start sending their people to Australian Gulags or work camps to die.

So how many millions do you think the Australian dictators will murder? 10 to 20 million or more?

This is so sad because Australia used to be a very good country. Hey, Satan's spawn will eventually destroy everything that is good.

Public Schools

Increasing numbers of public school teachers are bragging online about brainwashing their students into being little commies and getting fired for it. This video shares some of that.

People, I taught more than two decades ago and I was impressed at how many ignorant and stupid public school teachers there are. Many of your public school teachers are only teachers because they are too stupid/ignorant to get a job doing anything else so your kids get stuck with them as teachers. They don't know much to teach except their lefty crap so guess what they are going to teach. I warned you about this right after I started this blog.

Everyone who can, should either home school or put your kids in a good Christian private school.

You would have thought that, with as much as we have learned since the 50's and 60's, they would be teaching our kids more than they taught us but they are teaching your kids much less and often bull crap. Too many teachers are the college students who barely passed their courses because they barely learned anything.

Actually study and learn something?

No, all they did in college was party, do drugs, and screw. Then, when they got their worthless, over priced degree, they couldn't get a job so they went into teaching in the public school system. It was impressive at how ignorant many of them were and many of them were so stupid they couldn't even pass college hard science courses.

These are also some of the people who want to do away with the grading system so future employers can't tell how little they learned. "Hey, I got a degree, so what if I only learned enough to get a D."

What are they going to be able to teach your children?

Enough to get a D. It isn't possible for them to teach more than they know. Think about that.

Listen, if they are not going to work hard enough in college to get a C or better, do you really think they will work any harder to teach your children?

If they don't care about their own education, they won't care about your children's educations.

Also, the NEA or national teacher's union is a big part of the problem in getting rid of bad teachers. They will fight to keep bad teachers who pay their union dues so the union can keep getting their money.

Dangerous Pets

Remember that I warned you that there are a lot of people with dangerous pets that will get loose during this war and they will kill significant numbers of people?

This video talks about owning a venomous snake.


Because there are a lot of people and increasing numbers who have or are getting venomous snakes. Many of these people are lefties who will be killed in this war with their pets getting loose to kill others.

When neighborhoods and then cities start to fall, you better be very careful about these former pets because they will not be domesticated and will still kill and when they get hungry, they will go hunting for whatever food they can find.

Note that he tells you that your local doctors and hospitals don't even have the anti venom or know who to treat the bites for the more exotic poisonous snakes.

Also, he is right about most snakes not being aggressive unless they are afraid or injured. If you give them space, they will usually try to get away from you but, if you happen upon one and surprise it or corner it, it will attack you.

One thing that will help with the smaller deadly things like venomous snakes will be to have free roaming feral cats that will hunt and kill these things.

This war is going to get even uglier because of these exotic and deadly pets getting loose. People, there are people with pets like lions and tigers that will hunt humans when they get hungry. Most people think those pets are cute and neat but wait until they get loose in your area without someone feeding them. Then it becomes a different world.

Bad Teachers

It kills me some of the things I see preachers saying about what the Bible says. I just saw another video by another preacher teaching that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and the Battle of Armageddon are the same battle in spite of the fact that the details in those two prophesies contradict each other so they could NOT possibly be the same battle.

This is extremely important because it will mislead people into believing that Jesus will come for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 when He will NOT. This will cause many Christians to lose faith and fall away from God when Jesus does not come for that battle because they will believe that "Jesus didn't come when the Bible said He will." Jesus WILL NOT come for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 but He WILL come for the Battle of Armageddon.

People, God gave us details in prophecy so that we can know when a prophecy has been fulfilled. If absolutely every detail has not been fulfilled for a prophecy, then that prophecy was NOT fulfilled. Therefore, to understand Bible prophecy, you MUST pay attention to every little detail in that prophecy.

I explained this before but let me give you the nutshell version of why those two battles cannot possibly be the same battle.

First, the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be in what the Bible calls the "Northern hills of Israel", which is today's Lebanon and Syria. The Bible very clearly states that the Battle of Armageddon will be in the Valley of Megiddo, which is about 75 to 100 miles south of Lebanon and Syria.

That one difference between those two prophecies should prove conclusively that they CANNOT be the same battle because, if they were, one of them would have to be wrong and God CANNOT be a liar, therefore the teacher must be the liar.

But, it gets better.

The Bible very clearly states that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be lost by the armies invading Israel because God will cause a massive earthquake that will cause chaos that will cause fear that will cause the soldiers to turn their weapons on each other, with them killing "5 out of 6" of their own forces or 83.3% of their own troops. In that battle, the mortality rate for the invading army will be 83.3% or 5 out of 6 will die. God made a point of giving us that mortality rate so you could tell it isn't the Battle of Armageddon.

The Bible states that, for the Battle of Armageddon, Jesus will come with a "two edged sword protruding from His mouth" and He will destroy the invading forces.


What is the sword of the Lord?

The Sword of the Lord is God's word, the Bible tells you that, so, what is being described there is that Jesus will speak and everyone, 100% of the people in the invading army, will hemorrhage violently and die. In that battle the mortality rate for the invading army will be 100%, everyone will die.

How do I know they will hemorrhage violently?

Because the Bible tells us that the blood of those people will run down through the Valley of Megiddo up to the reins on a horse and biology teaches that for that much blood to come out of even a billion people, they MUST hemorrhage violently. The blood MUST gush from their bodies.

If you don't believe me, go to college and study biology and sports medicine.

Most people who die, even from being stabbed, shot, or clubbed to death, don't lose enough blood to fulfill that prophecy so those people MUST hemorrhage violently to fulfill that part of that prophecy.

I have even seen preachers teaching that Armageddon will be a nuclear war or battle, which is insanely absurd and it tells me that 1) they are ignoring the details of that prophecy and 2) they don't have a clue about nuclear warfare because nuclear weapons will vaporize all of the liquids in the human body so there won't be any human liquids of any kind running anywhere.

As a matter of fact, it can't even be a battle using modern conventional weapons like bombs, missiles, and artillery shells because those weapons generate enough heat to vaporize people and their body fluids so there won't be any blood running through any valleys.

In order to fulfill that part of that prophecy, it must be a supernatural event by God/Jesus.

The only thing that prophecy can be telling us is that Jesus will speak (the sword coming out of His mouth) and everyone in the invading army will hemorrhage violently and die so that the blood will run down through the valley up to the reins on a horse. Those details were given to us for very important reasons.

When you pay attention to the details in those two prophecies, do you see the difference in those two battles so that they CANNOT be the same battle?

Pay attention to the details for every prophecy because God gave us those details to confirm when a prophecy has been fulfilled.

Question EVERYTHING you are taught to make sure it is true.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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