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Here is an easy prediction.

China keeps flying increasing numbers of war planes over Taiwan all at the same time. It is only a matter of time until she has enough planes over Taiwan at one time that they can easily take out enough key defensive targets to cripple Taiwan's defenses for an invasion. You just know that is going to happen.

What China is doing right now is gathering intel on Taiwan's defenses for targeting purposes. It is just basic electronics warfare and espionage. The way it works is you fly your planes with electronics warfare recording devices close enough to the enemy that they must bring up all of their defenses like radar, missiles, communications, and military responses to the incursion, while you are recording every signal they are creating. You take that information home and, with enough incursions, you can pin point the exact location of every defensive system they have. Then you arm you planes for one last trip, send them over, and before the enemy can realize this isn't just another trip, you have taken out at least most, if not all, of their key defenses and you can easily invade and conquer their nation.

They gradually keep getting away with more and more planes until they can fly enough planes in unopposed to stage an attack without any of their planes being shot down on the way in.

This video tells you that I am not the only one seeing the threat here.

Note how he says that, if China gets Taiwan, she gets our best electronics chips and will use them to improve her weapons systems and defeat our weapons systems. What China is doing is critical and a threat to the entire planet.

Remember that I told you years ago that China openly stated on her military web site that her plans are to conquer the world and eradicate everyone who is not Chinese and the Chinese who will not submit to her absolute rule?

Keep an eye on this.

The US needs to send a couple of carriers over behind Taiwan and give China an order to stop military flights over Taiwan. We need to warn them that any more war planes entering Taiwan air space will be shot down and then enforce it.

Note that the lefties in charge of our government and the Pentagon could very easily be allowing this to permit China to stage their invasion and for our lefties to just give Taiwan to China the way they gave Korea and China to the commies, gave South Vietnam to North Vietnam, and just gave Afghanistan back to the terrorists. You just know that is what they are doing. When you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

I absolutely would not be surprised to find out that Biden, Austin, and Milley have already sold out Taiwan along with everyone else in that area except for Australia, especially with Biden being for sale and so cheap and easy. Hey, Biden is the US international street walker. I got the feeling that the US, UK, Australian "alliance" was sending a message to China that she could take everyone in that area but Australia.

Hey, Biden has proved that he is for sale, is easy, and is cheap. He will betray anyone for enough money.

BTW, the peace treaty between the US and Japan says that Japan will not build an offensive force with the US providing an adequate defense for Japan. If the US breaches that treaty by not proving enough defensive force to protect Japan, Japan will no longer be constrained by that treaty and can do whatever she wants.

Keep an eye on this, especially with Chicom Joe in office.

Lloyd Austin

Some of you may question me in that Lloyd Austin is Obama's man.

I already explained to you that Obama promoted Lloyd Austin to the upper level in the Pentagon while Obama was president and then Obama's puppet, Biden promoted him to Secretary of Defense. Then, when you look at Austin's policies and that he just gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban, it should be clear that he is Obama's man and will appoint Obama as the temporary commander-in-chief. This is all planned out, which looks like Obama and Farrakhan may have been planning to betray their upper class trash allies since before Obama even became a US senator.

Keep an eye on this.

People, it should be obvious that everything the lefties are doing now was planned out while they were trying and failing to get rid of Trump because Trump destroyed the left's previous plans the left had planned out long before Trump got elected.

Also, I am certain that the left is bringing the Muslim terrorists into this country to be a front for the left's violence so the left can just blame the Muslim terrorists from Afghanistan. This is because the violence by Antifa and BLM was causing people to turn against the left in increasing numbers. The left is hoping that, if it is Afghan Muslims, the people won't blame them even though the left brought them here.

Taxing the Rich

Remember that I told you that you cannot tax the rich because they will just make you pay those taxes by increasing their prices and they just did that, with all of the lefties being surprised because they are too stupid to figure that out.

I just saw a lefty troll on FB post that, if we tax the rich just 3%, it will pay for the full $3.5 trillion dollars of your money the lefties want to steal. Remember that I told you that the left has invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending?

Do you believe me yet?

Those stupid lefty voters just saw taxing the rich fail just like I told you it would and I am willing to bet that most of them are stupid enough to fall for that lie again. They are so stupid they make my brain hurt.

"Yeah, taxing the rich failed because they passed those taxes onto us by raising their prices but, if we tax them again, it will work this time." You just know that is what those simple minded fools think, the upper class trash know it, and are using it against us. Hey, it gots tuh be true because dey seen it on TeeBee!!!

Why do the rich keep pushing the idea of taxing the rich?

Because it gives the rich the excuse they need to increase their prices enough for you to pay those taxes for them and to also increase their profits plus they get to help steal some of the money our corrupt politicians steal from you in taxes. I have told you that I am trained to manage their corruption.

The stupid people make my brain hurt with their stupidity. I pray that God will please deliver us from their stupidity soon. They all need to crawl off into a corner somewhere and find something shinny to play with while the rest of us clean up their mess.

The lefties who are using the stupidity of their lefty voters to commit their crimes should be hung for taking advantage of the mentally challenged.


The people of Commiefornia have been revolting more and more against the lefty commie tyranny. They started going to the beaches in large numbers without masks on.

Suddenly, by the strangest coincidence, they have a massive oil spill forcing them to close down all of the Huntington Beach beaches. Gee, what a coincidence.

Is der Fuhrer Newsom punishing the people for trying to recall him?

That is my bet and you can bet it will get worse.

"Why, how dare you try to dethrone your king and emperor? I'll teach you!" You just know he is going to go full ape doody on Comiefornians for daring to try to dethrone him. Hey, ye ole tyrant has to punish ye ole peasants to keep them in line.


If you think I am wrong about the lefties failing at almost everything they are trying, this video shows that they are even losing the 2020 election they rigged so massively.

"What? Losing the 2020 election in 2021?"

The conservatives are even winning that election, a few months longer than it should have taken, had the Supreme Court, Congress, and the Pentagon done their jobs, but they are gradually and steadily winning even this election that was rigged against them. Truly God is fighting for us.

This video tells about the left losing concerning the killer vaccine mandates with people protesting all around the world.

This is just going to make the lefty Nazis more and more desperate and violent but, hey, God showed me they will even lose that in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Keep praying people because God has His people still fighting for us.

One thing I am keeping an eye on is that I have seen Obama state things that support what conservatives believe and want, so I have been wondering if he is just being a poser conservative to gain the support of at least some conservatives, probably the more gullible ones. At about 2:50 in that last video he states that he has seen reports and pictures of BLM walking with Trump supporters in opposition to the killer vaccine mandates.

Is Obama trying to get at least some support from conservatives or is this just a sign he is rebelling against his own lefties because he knows they are racist and plotting again him before he seizes control of the US government?

Keep an eye on this.

Great Depression

Remember that I told you that FDR did NOT end the Great Depression, that WWII was what ended it, unlike what your lefty professors, teachers, and media tell you?

In this video Thomas Sowell tells you pretty much the same thing I told you except that I read that the GDP was recovering by the time FDR became president.

Basically, they had very high unemployment right up until the beginning of the war for the US. When you draft 12 million unemployed people and send them off to die in a war, that stops unemployment really fast.

The lefties have to lie to make their presidents look good because FDR, Truman, Johnson, Carter, Billy Boy Clinton, and Obama were all very lousy presidents. They have had very few good presidents like JFK in the last 80 years.

You can't believe anything the left tells you and what kills me is that they have to know that they have to lie to make Marxism look good, which tells me that they don't have good intentions.

Remember what Thomas said about not knowing when the US Government will intervene again and then ask yourself, "what is Biden going to do next?" It makes your economy and international relations very unstable.

Lefty End Game

I have been watching something for years and am now convinced that the lefty upper class trash end game is that, when they depopulate this planet, they will kill all of you and replace you with robots because robots are programmable to be very obedient and they can't think for themselves.

The upper class trash has been lying about depopulating the planet down to a maximum of 500 million people. That has been a cover for just killing off everyone but themselves and replacing what they formerly needed in slaves with robots. They do not plan to keep any of you lefty trolls, activists, or other commie traitors, which is why they are insisting that you lefties also take their killer vaccine.

Their end game is that it will be them and robots who can't think for themselves. You lefties are screwing yourselves to death.

BTW, the Commierats and upper class trash never stopped their slavery. They just changed the name to human or sex trafficking, took it underground, and kept right on doing it.

They are still slavers.

This video exposes a number of lies and crimes by the lefty upper class trash in order to expose the "dark side" to solar energy.

One thing he exposes is that the lefties are "outsourcing" their slave labor to China and other nations to save costs and increase the lefty upper class trash profits.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

And you think the Commierat Party stopped using slavery because they lost the US Civil War? Really?

No, they just sent it overseas to other nations where slavery is still legal and, as he shows, it is still costing you jobs and depressing your wages, just like slavery has always done.

He also points out the pollution problems in the production of solar panels and the waste created when they stop working, which is much worse than CO2, which is naturally recycled by plants into oxygen and creates no harmful waste. It just creates more plants.

One very big problem we learned in solar engineering that they don't like to tell you about is that solar energy only works when the sun is shining and you need that energy most when the sun is not shining, which requires storing the energy solar panels make in batteries and, if you have not been paying attention to the pollution batteries cause also both from manufacturing and as waste when they stop working, then you need to do your homework in that area too.

Also, BTW, I think that the more intelligent blacks have figured out that the upper class trash white racists have conned the less intelligent blacks into segregating themselves by conning them into believing it was the blacks segregating themselves for their benefit so the upper class trash could segregate the blacks without looking bad. "Why, the blacks said they want to be segregated."

BTW, I have been telling you that this corruption and global insurrection is all being done by one crime family and I keep seeing proof of this when I keep seeing stories about how one evil person doing one thing is married to another evil person that is doing the same thing for another organization. I must see stories like this at least once or twice a week. They are one very evil upper class trash crime family staging a coup of our government and planet.

Doctors and Nurses

The reason why they mandated that the doctors and nurses take the killer vaccine is to get rid of them so the doctors and nurses can't treat you for the plagues the upper class trash are planning on turning lose on you next. People, I have been warning you for years that the lefties would cause a number of pandemics. They are just getting started.

When the doctors and nurses refused to take the killer vaccine, they fired those doctors and nurses so they won't be at those hospitals to care for you telling me they plan to turn the next pathogen loose on you soon.

What the upper class trash is doing is getting rid of the people like cops, military, doctors, and nurses who will interfere with or stop their efforts to stage the lefty insurrection and kill you by helping save you.

Notice that these efforts to murder you all off will murder both conservatives and lefties. You idiot lefties drinking the Kool-Aid and getting the killer vaccine are also being murdered off to be replaced with robots and you are too stupid to figure it out.

But, hey, at least that will get rid of you idiot lefties and the thing that scares the upper class trash the most is for them to be stuck here with them, their robots, and the armed angry conservatives, who can think for themselves.

Keep an eye on this.


I keep seeing people saying that they are overjoyed by Biden's collapsing poll numbers.


First, I get relief knowing those polls are as rigged as the elections.

Second, if 38% of the voters in the US support Biden and think he is doing a good job and there are only 100 million voters, that would mean there are 38 million idiots in the US who are either too stupid to think or they are complicit in this insurgency.

Now just think about you having to share your nation with 38 million plus lefty idiots and coconspirators.

Does that sound good to you?

You are surrounded by 38 million traitors. If his poll numbers were just 1%, you would be surrounded by one million traitors. That thought should keep you from sleeping for a week or two.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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