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Counter Revolution

This video is huge and shows just how extensive the rapidly increasing conservative revolution against the lefty commie traitors really is. Conservatives have set up and are still building their own "parallel" organizations, businesses, and government to taking back control of every part of our cultures and nations, especially law enforcement and the military but not just law enforcement and the military.

The conservatives have been very quietly, professionally, and even secretly taking back control of everything including things like banks, insurance, currency, businesses, and other things in our lives.

This is a counter revolution that already has everything in place we will need to set up a new nation after this war is over, you know, just like God told me He had in a dream years ago.

Based on what I have read over the years, I have to believe that the good guys in the military studied everything the lefty commie traitors were doing, and did the same and more for the conservatives so that we are right now in what they are calling a "parallel" society, you know, like with safe zones and commie zones just like God showed me in a dream years ago. This will be the Mexican standoff just like God showed me in a dream years ago.

People, this is massive and I knew the good guys in the military started working on setting things up for this war decades ago but I had no idea they were doing such a comprehensive and professional job in every aspect of our lives, businesses, jobs, government, and everything else. The people in the military have obviously been quietly working with other professionals in all areas and have clearly out done themselves preparing for everything imaginable. They have done much better than anything I was hoping for.

This is the single most incredible counter revolution in history and it is mind blowing just how thorough and professional they have done this and how quietly. They have done such an incredible job that it is scaring the living crap out of the lefty commie traitors and it should because the good guys in the military have outdone the lefty commie traitors and you can bet that what the lefties just found out about isn't the whole picture.

No one knows how to fight a complete war like the US Military, clearly no one.

Once again, the lefty commie traitors only think they are smarty pants. They picked a fight with the wrong nation. This just got very interesting and now that the news is out, I expect the conservatives to escalate their game. Keep an eye on this.

Man plans, God laughs.

Here is a thought: Has the US Military set up similar secret organizations in other nations the lefty commie traitors are trying to take over?


Remember what I was wondering what Al Quaeda was going to focus on now that there are no foreign armies in Afghanistan? Would they resume waging war against the West, continue their war against China, begin waging war against the Taliban for control of Afghanistan, or some combination of the 3?

I saw a report and am looking for confirmation that the bomb attack against a Shiite (Taliban) Mosque (100 died) was done by a Uyghur Muslim along with a few other bits of information and some dots began connecting.

Remember that the Taliban is Shiite Muslim and Al Quaeda is Sunni Muslim and those two Muslim groups have been waging war against each other for 1,400 years?

Remember that Al Quaeda sent 17 terrorist leaders from Afghanistan into China to organize a terrorist cell within the Uyghur Muslims about 15 to 20 years ago?

Remember that China is persecuting the 400 million Uyghur Muslims in China (about one third of the global Muslim population) since the terrorist attacks began?

I found out that during the collapse of the Afghanistan government, 35 Uyghur Muslims in jails all over Afghanistan all escaped, probably with the help of their pals, Al Quaeda, upsetting China quite a bit. They believe this may cause a split in the relationship between China and the Taliban.

The Taliban is making buds with China for a few billion dollars, turning their backs on or selling out the Uyghur Muslims in China and, therefore, Al Quaeda.

Another Shiite Mosque in Southern Afghanistan was bombed yesterday killing 35 Muslims.

At this point, it looks like Al Quaeda is working with the Uyghur Muslims to wage war against China and their new ally, the Taliban. There is a pretty good chance Al Quaeda will join forces with ISIS, which is also a Sunni organization. With no common enemy, they will turn on each other.

This could get very interesting, especially with no US troops in Afghanistan to tie up Al Quaeda and ISIS forces.

Will this cause China to shift her focus from working with the Taliban to helping the former government regain power?

You might want to keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that Obama is pulling the strings of the people who are pulling Biden's strings?

This video shows that I am no longer the only one believing this. Judge Jeanine points out very clearly what I told you and provides you with even more evidence.

Remember that I also told you that Lloyd Austin would appoint Obama as the acting or temporary president if Obama takes out the government?

Pay very close attention to her pointing out that Austin is one of Obama's people and also pay very close attention to the comment Obama made at the end of the video. Oops, busted!

Do you get the picture yet? Do you believe me yet? Do you also think that Obama is Biden's Marionettist or puppet master? And you think my espionage ain't good? Really?

Just remember that Obama answers to Soros who answers to a British Lord who answers to the Queen.

But is Obama working to beat out the Queen, Prince Harry, and Meghan?

So, where do you think Obama got his nukes from, Austin, Iran, or Pakistan, and how many nukes do you think he has? Who do you think he is going to take out to become your Muslim Caliph and impose Sharia Law on you?


I am wondering why those ships are just sitting off of the Coast of Commiefornia when they could very easily and much more quickly travel to other ports in Oregon, Washington, Texas, Florida, and other states to unload?

I am keeping a close eye on this because those ships are losing money just sitting there for days on end. They could have all already unloaded at other ports on the east coast and be making money with other shipments by now.

Something else is going on here.


Mark sent me this comment in an e-mail that I agree with.

"I believe that those Americans following the mask and vax mandates do so because they either have no faith in God, or they are letting their faith in God get lax. My point is that all these mask wearing and vaccinated people are terrified of death. Unbelievers are so completely frightened of death that they will do anything anyone tells them if they think that it will prolong their lives-including stupid things. They follow Fauci for this reason. That includes poser Christians. True Christians with full faith do not fear death."

Thanks, Mark.

He is right, the vast majority of people who are terrified by COVID 19 to the point of being irrational are not true Christians because true Christians don't fear death, especially not to the point of being terrified and stupid. Plus true Christians get the wisdom of God we call common sense so that true Christians will realize that a pathogen that is no more deadly than COVID 19 with a mortality rate of less than 5% is not something to be scared about. You can be concerned but not scared, much less terrified.

Another thing is that most Christians won't intentionally weaken their bodies with things like drugs and sexually transmitted diseases by committing adultery and that is important when you learn that the average person who has died from this virus had 4 co morbidities or medical problems. The statistics show that almost everyone who has died from COVID 19 had other life threatening medical problems that contributed to their death.

Good health or a strong body is the best medicine. I am severely ill but had myself tested a few years ago and they told me that my cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems were both stronger and healthier than better than 90% of the people in this nation. COVID 19 attacks your cardio respiratory system so better than 90% of the people in this nation are more likely to die from it than I am even with my bad health.

For example, when I got the H1N1 Pig Flu years ago, when I was sick, I didn't even know I was sick with it until after I had recovered and it killed more than 60,000 people in just the US that year.

If you mind God and are a good steward and take care of your body, your body will take care of you.

Hey, to live is for Christ, to die is to be with Christ, which is much, much better company than Satan's spawn. Believe me that, in Paradise with Jesus, I won't be thinking, "I wish I had my own planet to get away from these people."

Studying Religion

By about 1970 I had become aware that people studying theology in college or who had theology degrees from secular universities almost never study a religion or its books the way I do. They almost always study books about that religion or religious book written by people who studied books about that religion or religious book written by people who studied books about that religion or religious book written by people who studied books written about that religion or religious book for who knows how many generations of books and were lectured to by people (x-spirts) who also never actually studied that religion or religious book.

Because of this, those x-spirts rarely know the religion or religious book they are considered to be x-spirts about. If you are going to be an expert on a book, you have to read the book.

By that time I had become aware that almost all theology majors from US universities who were considered to be x-spirts on Christianity had never studied the Bible or Christianity and had usually just taken one class on it taught by a professor who had not studied the Bible or Christianity and read books written by people who had never studied the Bible or Christianity. Unfortunately, this is where most of what most non Christians get their information about the Bible and Christianity, which is almost always wrong.

Because of this, I learned that, when discussing the Bible and Christianity with such theology x-spirts to always ask how much did they study Christianity and how much of the Bible did they actually read.

I have never known such a theological x-spirt who had read more than about 10 to 15 chapters in the Bible with the Bible having 186 chapters. Most of them had only read about 3 to 8 chapters in the Bible, did not know what the Bible really said, and only knew what others told them the Bible says, which was never right.

When they find out how many times I have read the Bible straight through, how much other studying I have done in the Bible, how much I have studied about Hebrew and Christian history, how much I have studied about Middle Eastern history, and everything else to do with the Bible and Christianity, they never seem to want to continue discussing the Bible and Christianity with me.

Because of this, when I went to Thailand in 1973 through 1974, I realized I had a really great opportunity to learn the truth about how Buddhism is really taught and lived in Asia because I already knew that what they were teaching in the US about Buddhism, even on things like PBS, was crap. Therefore, I spent time talking to people who were Buddhists and lived Buddhism and it was very, very different from anything I had heard about Buddhism from x-spirts in the US.

Therefore, when I began studying the Koran and Islam following the 9/11 attack in 2001, I knew to be very careful and selective in believing x-spirts like academe. I dug and dug deep for years, shoveling through tons of crap to get as close to the truth as I could.

I read where x-spirts said things like the Koran didn't exist until 100 to more than 200 years after Mohammad died, the Koran is not in chronological order, and that the subsequent caliphs were the ones who built Islam to what it is today. The Koran and Islam prove those x-spirts wrong.

In my opinion, most of the Koran was dictated to a Christian Hebrew rabbi by Muhammad and most of it is in chronological order so that people saying things like that are actually telling me they are the theology x-spirts who never read the Koran or studied Islam but, hey, dey gots dem duh right degree from duh right u-knee-bur-city so dey gots to be right.

First, did Muhammad write or dictate any of the Koran?

If the later caliphs had written the Koran, it is only human nature and normal behavior that they would have embellished Muhammad and his mighty warriors to be examples for their warriors to want to be as great and wonderful as Muhammad's warriors. They would not have written anything negative about Muhammad and his warriors that might discourage their people from wanting to be like Muhammad and his warriors.

The first few chapters of the Koran regularly have Muhammad rebuking his warriors for not having enough faith in Allah and being cowards who cut and ran from the battle when Muhammad believed they almost had the battle won.

Do you think those later caliphs would have written that showing that the earliest Muslim warriors were cowards?

No, of course not. The only person who would have written that about Muhammad's warriors would have been Muhammad rebuking his warriors for cowardice. That is normal human behavior.

About the last dozen or so books of the Koran have Muhammad explaining and justifying why he was not living by the same laws that he was forcing on everyone else, talking about all other Muslims being upset with Muhammad because he was not living by those laws, and admonishing the other Muslims for being upset at Muhammad for not living by those laws. Basically, Muhammad was trying to stop a rebellion by the people and even his lieutenants because Muhammad was being a hypocrite.

Do you think those later caliphs would have written that showing that Muhammad was a hypocrite and apostate?

No, of course not. The only person who would have written that, especially for that many chapters, would have been Muhammad fighting back against the other Muslims to keep his power and stop a rising rebellion against him.

He probably dictated that stuff to his scribe and had his scribe take it out and read it to the Muslims to reprimand them for their growing rebellion. Part of the reason why I believe that is because Muhammad included warnings "from Allah" against those who rebelled against Muhammad.

It is because of Muhammad being a hypocrite and not living by Islamic law causing a rebellion against Muhammad and his top lieutenants, that I believe that Muhammad's top lieutenants took Muhammad out in the desert, murdered him, and came back with a great sounding fairy tale to prevent the Muslim followers from staging a rebellion against Muhammad that would have also cost them their lives.

There are a number of stories about the probable end of Muhammad and the one I consider most probable because of those writings by Muhammad at the end of the Koran is where Muhammad went out into the desert with his top lieutenants, was caught up by Allah the way Muhammad's favorite Biblical figure, Elijah, had been caught up by God, and the lieutenants came back telling everyone about it.

With what Muhammad wrote at the end of the Koran about the building rebellion against him and his lieutenants, it is most probable that those Lieutenants took Muhammad out in the desert, murdered him to prevent being killed in that rebellion, stuffed his butt in a sandy grave, and returned with that great sounding fairy tale to save their butts. That would be normal human behavior under those dire and threatening conditions described at the end of the Koran, especially with that particular fairy tale about Muhammad being caught up by Allah so no one would go looking for Muhammad's body.

Did later caliphs add to, take away from and make some changes to the Koran?

Yes, but I am convinced by what was written in the Koran and other writings that most of it was written or dictated by Muhammad because there is no way those caliphs would have dared write some of that stuff, only Muhammad would have. From what I read, some of those later caliphs did take out some of the worst stuff that Muhammad wrote because it was just too damming and would have destroyed Islam.

Those x-spirts telling me that Muhammad had nothing to do with the writing of the Koran is them telling me they definitely didn't read or understand the Koran and only read books about the Koran because it is just too obvious that he did write most of it. No one else would have written a lot of what is in the Koran.

Also, a number of writings by people who were close to Muhammad confirm that Muhammad wrote most of the Koran.

Is the Koran in chronological order?

Most of it is but not all of it.

The x-spirts say that the Koran is not in chronological order and the later caliphs just put the largest chapters at the beginning and the smallest chapters at the end, again, telling me they never read the Koran and only read books about the Koran.

There are two things you have to understand about this, first, when someone is starting a new religion or cult, they start out writing a lot because they have a lot to teach and, as the years go by, their writing decreases in quantity because they have already taught most of what they want to teach. Therefore, it is only normal that the first chapters would be larger and the last chapters would be smaller.

Then you have to understand that, as Muhammad wrote the Koran, he regularly talked about the current events of his life and Islam. Therefore, you have to understand Muhammad's history from the time he started Islam until he died.

Muhammad was born into the Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe. The tribe was practicing Sabianism and Allah, originally Ali Allah, was their war and moon god (they were moon worshipers) and Allah was his father's chosen primary god with more than 360 gods total.

Muhammad was raised mostly by an uncle who was a merchant and traveled in caravans most of the time, trading between Saudi Arabia and maybe as far as Persia (Iran). He learned all about caravans and used that later to get rich and powerful by raiding caravans.

That is where he would have also learned about scribes because he would have used them to communicate with friends, family, and other merchants and suppliers just like everyone else was doing at that time. He would have learned that, at that time in the Middle East, the most renowned scribes were Hebrew rabbis because of their extreme accuracy and dependability in writing. Therefore, if Muhammad had to choose a personal scribe for his new cult, he would have chosen a rabbi he had taken as a slave.

After Muhammad left his uncle and went out on his own, he moved to Mecca and tried to start Islam only using Allah as their one god but he only had a handful of followers and the Sabianists chased them out of Mecca for apostasy so Muhammad and his followers fled to Medina, where he became friends with and was helped by the Hebrews, he later murdered, who were most of the city's citizens, and his cult grew.

After a while, Muhammad and his followers formed a gang of Muslim bandits and began going into the desert to raid caravans for loot and slaves to increase their wealth. Hey, why work for a living?

Their band of bandits grew more and more powerful with them shifting from raiding caravans to raiding villages, towns, and then cities. They finally raided, conquered, and took over Mecca as their main base of operations. From there, they continued taking over cities and regions all of the way north into Persia.

It was about this time that Muhammad thought he was above the law just like our corrupt leaders today and his hypocrisy began to cause a rebellion just like our corrupt leaders today.

Understanding all of that, when you read the Koran, the first half dozen or so chapters talk about the bandits raiding caravans and then it stops and moves onto the bandits raiding cities and regions with the Koran ending with the last years of Muhammad's life.

Therefore, it should only be common sense that most of the Koran, not all of it, is in reasonable chronological order so, when someone tells me it isn't, they are telling me they didn't read it and just read books about it or they are clueless about history.

How do I know that Muhammad used a Christian rabbi as his personal scribe to write the Koran?

Because that rabbi told me with what he put in the Koran and the Muslims have never figured out plus I told you that I later found out that a team of about a dozen conservative rabbis studied the Koran a few decades ago and came to the same conclusion I had, that it was written by a rabbi scribe but they missed the messages from that scribe telling me he was a Christian because most rabbis are not as familiar with the New Testament as that scribe clearly was and only a Christian would be.

For example, throughout most of the Koran, Muhammad would say something pagan and unbiblical, then add in, "just like..." (some Biblical figure, usually Noah, Moses, or Elijah), which was actually the opposite of what the Bible says those people were like.


The rabbi was clearly sending a secret message to all Hebrews and Christians Muhammad missed to not believe the Koran and Islam because it was not true because those statements were not true. You see that throughout most of the Koran telling me that Muhammad dictated most of the Koran and that rabbi wrote most of the Koran.

Understanding human behavior, I could just see Muhammad dictating the Koran to that rabbi, say something pagan and completely unbiblical, and that rabbi saying, "That is just like...", and Muhammad saying, "Really? Put that in there." It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Then we have the Christian part. Whoever got Muhammad to structure Islam's beliefs, practices, and end time prophecies clearly knew the Book of Revelation extremely well, better than non Christian rabbis could have, because they got Muhammad to structure the religion, its beliefs, and its end time prophecy to be EXACTLY the same as the end time prophecies in the Book of Revelation but from EXACTLY the opposite perspective, you know, from the perspective of Satan and the Antichrist and not from the perspective of God.

The incredible detail that rabbi built into Islam for its practices and end time prophecies is so detailed to precisely fulfill the end time prophecies of the Bible that it required someone with extreme knowledge and familiarity with the Book of Revelation, which only a devout Christian would have had. Even most modern Christian preachers today could not have done as good of a job of making Islam fulfill those end time prophecies.

Probably without that rabbi knowing it, God clearly used that rabbi to turn Islam into the theocracy that would be the one world government and one world church during the Tribulation. This was clearly not something that happened over hundreds of years but was done by one man Muhammad trusted within a few decades.

Why would a Christian rabbi do this?

To make Islam look purely satanic and evil so all Christians would know to not believe it or convert to it. It is a massive warning to all Christians that Islam is evil.

Now, we don't know, but it is possible that God gave that rabbi visions, telling him to do that, which would have caused that rabbi to realize he was helping create the one world government and one world religion for the Tribulation. We will find that out on Judgment Day and I am looking forward to meeting that rabbi and having a little talk. I am sure he has some interesting stories to tell.

If you don't believe me, read the Koran and study Islam because, if you know the Bible and end time prophecy, it will smack you in the face like a 10 ton truck. It is just too obvious and I have already taught a lot of that on this site over the last 20 years.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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