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Unrigged Election

Once you unrig the elections, the left gets beat pretty bad and that is part of what happened this election.

This video gives you a glimpse of just how bad the Commierats got beat because of their own lies and bad behavior.

If you can keep the rigged elections from happening, we can turn this nation around and get it back on track for the people and not just for the upper class trash.

You should know that right now the upper class trash and their stooges are in a panic and they are in long secret meetings trying to figure out what to do next. You just know they will come up with another great sounding stupid idea.

I can't believe that at least some of them won't figure out that they MUST stage a violent coup before next November and the sooner, the better their chances of succeeding. They have to do it while they still have control of the government because, when Congress and then Trump get back in, you can bet they going to fire a bunch of the bureaucrats they spent 4 to 8 years fighting and those bureaucrats proved that they are critical for the Commie dictatorship because they are a very important part of the commie insurrection army.

I can't imagine that the upper class trash won't at least try and Obama is their best and probably only bet for even temporary dictator-in-chief.

Oath Keepers

Years ago I knew and was telling you about what the good guys and the military were doing to prepare for this war we are right now fighting. I knew they were training militias for the fighting to take back our nation when the upper class trash cross enough red lines that it wakes up enough people that they realize we need to stage a counter coup to get our nation back.

But I was surprised at, when they were recently exposed, how incredibly organized, structure, and planned out their organization is with them working with the good guys in business, politics, law, and everything else to create the best organized shadow government I have seen in history.

Then, just months after Newsom crushed with his super rigged election, the Oath Keepers showed up with an army of trained poll monitors that also surprised me because they saw the writing on the wall just like I did and was telling you about.

Now, remember that they still won in New Jersey because of their rigged election.

The Oath Keepers have organized more extensively and better than I had heard or read. They are ready to do first class battle with and defeat the upper class trash lefties. You might want to join them to learn to fight right. They have done everything I have been telling you and more because, on your own, you can't do the things they are organized and trained to do.

The Oath Keeper's move was a countermeasures/flanking move that beat the left but this war is a long ways from being over. You have to outlast the upper class trash and you can bet the upper class trash will regroup, reorganize, and come back tougher. These groups the good guys in the military, business, law, and other areas have built up for this war are right now beating the "intellectually superior" upper class trash royals but the fight ain't over yet.

That is why the Queen and Prince Phillip have come out of hiding behind their curtains in frustration and gotten engaged in the fight. These Oath Keepers are forcing the hands of the upper class trash to the point that the upper class trash are being forced to bring all of their people into the fight to try and save their global dictatorship. God will use that to open even more eyes.

Plus the persistent loses the upper class trash are suffering are causing the different factions of the upper class trash to show their hands by turning on each other for power before they have their global or even US dictatorships set up. Instead of waiting until they have their dictatorship established and then fighting each other for power, they are being forced to show their true intentions by fighting each other for power now.

This was going to happen sooner or later and the Oath Keepers are forcing them to do it sooner, which will open even more eyes.


I have been teaching you that, since well before Jesus and even up until right now, almost all royals are rich and almost all rich are royals. I think I need to expand on this a little so you can better understand why.

First, the royals have been working together to keep others from becoming rich and replacing them by having big families, taxing other prosperous people to keep them down, and even by conquest and murder. This is in spite of the fact that the same royals have been waging wars against each other for greed, power, and control.

They work very hard to keep as much of the wealth and power in the family as possible to protect their power from other families. One way they have done this is by intermarrying within other royal families to keep it as just one family and you can easily see this with the European Royals for the last thousand years or so.

In about the late 1970's I became aware of a study on the rich culture I have watched for decades and it is very true. The study was about the interactions between the existing rich and new rich.

If you suddenly became rich (the first generation) for some reason, the existing rich would shun you except to make money doing business with you. You would rarely, if ever be invited to their parties and cultural events.

Your children (the second generation) , if they remained rich, would also not be very popular with the existing rich and not get many, if any invitations to social gatherings and probably not be allowed to marry the existing rich children though they would be a little more accepted by the existing rich children their age and even make a few friends.

Your grandchildren (the third generation), if they remained rich, would probably be invited to the rich cultural gatherings and even be allowed to marry a few of their children, which would make your family a member of the royal family by marriage and make their children (the fourth generation) members of the royal family by birth, meaning that, all of the rich are still royals.

Get it?

It is this occasional injection of new blood or genes into their family that has prevented the royals from completely inbreeding into infertility and extinction hundreds to thousands of years ago, just like the Hapsburgs did a few hundred years ago, because they are so heavily inbred.

In studying biology and psychology, I was taught to identify the physical characteristics that are caused by inbreeding such as the Hapsburg cranial structure. I have been watching this for more than half a century and have seen a number of such indicators of how bad the royals are inbred and it isn't good.

The best and most obvious example of this right now is that Mark Zuckerberg's cranial structure is almost identical to the Hapsburg cranial structure so that all that is missing is the protruding lower jaw. Without new blood, his family line is probably within a few generations of extinction.

Now, if the royals get what they want, they will be able to set it up so that no more other families will become wealthy, be eventually accepted into their family to bring in new blood or better genes, and they will probably inbreed themselves into extinction within half a dozen to a dozen generations and they will probably also wipe out the rest of mankind with their insane depopulation schemes, which is what their god, Satan, wants because he wants to wipe out all of mankind in his effort to defeat God.

Now, while I was in LA, primarily because of the free market capitalism Satan has taught his stooges to hate, I met a group of wealthy people who are not members of or involved with the corrupt royals. They just want to make money, enjoy life, leave others alone, and be left alone just like most of you.

These are probably the members of the upper class who are working with and are even members of the Oath Keepers trying to help save our Republic.


Remember that the upper class trash royals have been teaching you and your ancestors for thousands of years that they are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Remember that I have been telling you that inbreeding decreases intelligence and increases insanity? Remember that I have been telling you that the royals are not smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

We are right now engaged in an intellectual game of political and legal chess with ye ole royals and each side is trying to outsmart the other side using the system the Founding Fathers set up.

Who is winning?

You are, the lowly, intellectually inferior peasants. You are beating them back at every point.

What? You mean that you intellectually inferior peasants are outsmarting the intellectually superior royals? Really? Do you still believe that they are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

I bet that opened an eyeball or two.

The reason they have stolen more money than you can earn is not because they have more intelligence than you but that they have fewer and worse morals than you and are more willing to use violence to steal from you and your ancestors.

People, the main way the royals got as rich as they are is because they used violence to steal from your ancestors, you know, all of those great conquering, raiding, sacking, looting, stealing, raping, enslaving, murdering generals and kings.

That is why, with them losing the intellectual contest, they WILL resort to violence to get what they want just like God told us they will. "Hey, if all else fails, murder em and sack em!" You know, just like they are right now trying to murder off more than 95% of you to steal everything you have so "you will own nothing and be happy," you know, so they can continue to own everything and be happier.

Do you get the picture yet?

You better get ready for the violence God told me and you that they will use when they lose the smarty pants game to you lowly, intellectually inferior peasants because, as soon as they lose that smarty pants game, their violence is coming just like they have always done in the past and it ain't going to be purdy. Be ready for it.

Do you still believe they are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

All having more money means is that you have more money. It doesn't mean anything else.

Guess what, they have been lying to you and your ancestors for thousands of years and God is right now opening your eyes to the truth and "The truth will set you free," the royals know it and hate the truth. That is why they keep censoring the truth and spreading lies, misinformation, and propaganda. "Hey, it worked for thousands of years, so let's try it again."

Dem royals just gots to get der slaves and der planet back so they can't leave anyone else alone and the only thing that will stop them is death. They will prove that to you very soon.

Keep in mind that there are good royals and rich people out there, with many of them now working with you via the Oath Keepers and other organizations to win this fight for you. You need them when this is over.

Right now, God is forcing the bad royals and their evil stooges to show themselves so you know who you are at war with and who is fighting on your side so pay attention.

People, I am living proof that the upper class trash are not more intelligent than you are because they have more money than you have. I grew up in real poverty as trailer trash with nights that we didn't even have food and them telling me that there was no hope for me because I was too stupid because I was poor and they had me believing that when I was 18 and graduating from high school.

Then God took over and proved to me that it wasn't true. I learned that most of them are not intelligent enough to pass the prerequisite college courses to some of the science courses I took in college by making me study all of the hard sciences and much more.

Just look at the stupid things they say, believe, and do.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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