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Remember that I have been telling you that these COVID vaccines do not work because they do not keep you from being infected or spreading the virus?

This video shows you that is very true, especially with the new strain because better than 79% of the people who got infected have two or more jabs. Note that only 7% of the infected either didn't have the vaccine or only had one jab without natural immunity and only 14% of the people who got infected only had natural immunity. That should open an eyeball or two.

Then he points out that people who have had the vaccine produce fewer antibodies for the new strain meaning the vaccine prevents the immune system from producing enough antibodies. Oops!

People, not only do these vaccines not work but it is beginning to look like the vaccines may be causing damage to the immune system that prevents the immune system from developing normal antibodies and that is very serious, it can get you killed.

Another thing pointed out in that video is that, concerning the rampant forest fires, an expert said that a primary cause was mismanagement of the forests by the state government, you know, just like I have been telling you for years, they are permitting the forests to become over forested, which causes them to dry out and become highly flammable. That is exactly what he meant by the forests being mismanaged by the state government. I have been warning you about this for years.

Upper Class Trash

I got this from Fox News by Audrey Conklin:

"Fentanyl overdoses have surged to the leading cause of death for adults between the ages of 18 and 45, according to an analysis of U.S. government data.

Between 2020 and 2021, nearly 79,000 people between 18 and 45 years old - 37,208 in 2020 and 41,587 in 2021 - died of fentanyl overdoses, the data analysis from opioid awareness organization Families Against Fentanyl shows."

I have told you that I have seen too much evidence that the lefty upper class trash own and are making tens of billions per year from the illegal drug trade and you think those evil monsters really care about you?

If you think so, you are either not paying attention or a fool because it should be blatantly obvious those evil monsters only care about themselves and their bank accounts.

But, hey, there are a lot of stupid people out there that will blindly believe without question anything the upper class trash say like, if you help them setup a Marxist/communist/socialist/progressive dictatorship, you will get free stuff and it should be obvious by now that is a lie and a sucker punch but ye ole stupid people insist on being suckers and fools.

Hey, with the drug trade, the upper class trash make lots of money while depopulating their planet.

The down side for them is that they are killing their own supporters, fools, and voters so they have to keep rigging the elections more and more.

"Hey, who needs stupid lefty voters when you can just truck or mail in tens of thousands of fake ballots?"


I was watching this video and realized that this many illegal aliens coming into the US is one reason why God is going to have Christians colonize other planets. There is no way we are going to completely get our nation back to anything like it was with so many illegals changing our national culture.

The upper class trash are doing this to intentionally and permanently destroy our republic so they can set up their global dictatorship. The upper class trash are trying to completely wipe out the American culture.

Our best hope will be to take only true Christians to other planets and start over but first we have to create a reasonably good new nation for a base of exploration and operation with a strong economy to support such activities.

Remember that I told you that the Spanish territories of Alta California, Nuevo Mexico, and Texas were monarchies and, after the Texas rebellion, the Mexican-American War, and the US purchasing both Alta California and Nuevo Mexico, destroying those Spanish monarchies, the Spanish royals have been trying to get their monarchies back?

He tells you that the Mexicans are trying to retake those territories to reestablish their monarchy and name it "Atzlan" and shows you a map of their intended reestablished monarchy and it is the same land we took from them in a rebellion or bought from them destroying those monarchies. Gee, what a coincidence, you know, just like I told you years ago.

And you think this is not a conspiracy by the Spanish Royals to get their monarchies and slaves/peons back?

I told you that, for decades, they have been sneaking Mexican soldiers in here to stage the rebellion to retake those lands and they even have a deal with our lefty commie traitors and China to divide up the US so it cannot ever again reunite to return to being a great republic that can stop their global dictatorship.

Did you also noticed that the planned revived Spanish monarchy includes Commiefornia and that Newsom is of French Royal decent?

Me thinks the Spanish Royals will take his royal highness, King Newsom's, throne away from him. Hey, no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor. I told you there will be infighting between the upper class trash.

Do you believe me yet?

When we fight this war to get our nation back or as much as we can, we will have to fight Mexico as well as other nations and I told you that a long time ago. When we beat these nations committing acts of war against us, we better annex their nations so we can hunt down and kill all of their leaders involved in this act of war against us so they can't do it again or they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over.

And then he told you that Canada is also involved in this act of war against the US so you will end up fighting against them too, just like I told you years ago.

Remember that I told you years ago that we will probably annex the western half to two thirds of Canada, maybe all of it? Remember that I also told you that we will have to annex Cuba and a number of nations all of the way to the southern tip of Chili, though maybe not all of them?

Do you believe me yet? Gee, with what he tells you in that video, I wonder why God told me that we are going to have to fight against and annex a number of nations in North, Central, and South America along with Cuba and other nations in the Caribbean and the Pacific plus we will also probably have to fight against China and some European nations like Britain?

It is going to get much worse and will be a real mess just like I have been warning you for years.

Note that this upper class trash plan to rule the world cannot succeed because its details do not fit with the Bible end time prophecy details. It is just the upper class trash Satanists wishful thinking of them fulfilling those prophecies their way, regardless of the details in Biblical prophecy but remember that man plans, God laughs.

This globalism is a bunch of satanic cults like Satan worshipers, Luciferians, witches, Celts, and other pagan cults trying to fulfill the Bible end time prophecies their way because they are greedy, power mad jerks who want to rule the world and either enslave or murder off everyone else and they believe they can make their global dictatorship last forever because Satan has told them that, if they manage to set up this global dictatorship and murder off all Christians and Hebrews, Satan will come, make them all immortal gods, and they will rule forever. I have read that over the years about a number of these pagan cults, including Islam.

Do you believe me yet that they are very, very evil spawn of Satan, human demons, and subhuman things?

It is getting close, people, it is getting really close and you can bet that God will stop their evil plans soon because they do not fit with Bible prophecy and God cannot be wrong.

You just might want to join ye ole global prayer vigil because you now need it because you need God to save your butt right now.

Personal Revelations

About 4 to 5 nights ago I was awake at about 2 am when I began thinking about something that quickly became depressing and I wanted to write about it but God made me put it on hold until He showed me more about it.

What I thought about was the global population, which is 7.8 billion people but to make it easier to work with, I rounded it up to 8 billion and you will see why.

They say that Christianity is the largest religion in the world with 2 billion people and, if we say that all 2 billion are true Christians, who are saved, then that means that 6 billion or 75% of the people on this planet are pagans who, if they died right now, would all go to Hell. But we know that at least half of the Christians are Christians only in name and will also go to Hell, if they die right now.

That means that 7 billion or 87.5% of the people on this planet are eternally damned. That alone was pretty depressing but those people all chose to reject God, His Laws, and His payment for their crimes against His Laws.

Billions of those pagans hate God, the Bible, Christianity, and the Hebrews and want to wipe them from the face of the Earth and you see this with regular news reports from around the world. Just over the last 10 years I have read news items about Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, the occult, Marxists, Darwinists, all of the lefties, the upper class trash and many more pagans hating and waging war against Christians and Hebrews, murdering untold numbers of them every year, probably millions globally.

This is in spite of the fact that it was the spread of Christianity around the world that created the global culture of the freest and most advanced cultures in history. Before the spread of Christianity around the world, the entire world was living under hundreds of pagan dictatorships/monarchies and other forms of tyrannies oppressing the people and their technological developments.

Now those pagans are waging war against and trying to wipe out Christians and Hebrews around the world, openly stating a hatred for them. Those pagans want their oppressive pagan tyrannies back.

Well, God is letting them have their pagan tyrannies back and those pagan tyrannies and the evil tyrants running them are butchering the pagans by the millions. A great example in just the US is the lefties wanting their glorious Marxism and everywhere their evil Marxist dictators have seized control, their tyrants are murdering the people under their tyrannies, most of whom are those stupid pagans who voted the tyrants into power, with COVID 19, their vaccines, rioting in their streets, their rampant crimes, masks causing a pandemic of bacterial pneumonia, and other such "civilized things". Hey, they gotta have their pagan chaos, baby.

God is letting those pagans get what they want and is using what the pagans want to win the war the pagans are waging against God's people and to punish those pagans for their sins or crimes against God's Law. All over the world in places like China, North Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Canada, Britain, Europe, and the US, the tyrants supported by those pagans are oppressing and killing the pagan people supporting those tyrants and, yet, many of the pagans continue to support the tyrants while also continuing to hate God, the Bible, God's Laws that protect people from tyrants, Christians, and Hebrews.

Kind of stupid, huh? I am wondering how many of those pagans waging war against God will God permit their evil tyrants to murder off before God stops this insanity?

It is looking like the tyrants could easily murder off from 3 to more than 5 billion people globally before this evil is finally stopped by God. It is possible that less than 4 billion people will soon go into the Tribulation, even without a rapture.

Interestingly, this explains something. The Bible makes it very clear that there will be two military actions by the Muslims in the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation, they will kill off 25% of the people on the planet in the first military action to the west of Israel and 33% of the remaining people on the planet with the second military action to the east of Israel for a total of half the people on the planet being murdered off with just those two disasters, not including the other disasters during that time, and that the Muslims will rule the entire planet by Mid Tribulation so that there will only be three or four possible populations just before the Muslims force Israel to capitulate at Mid Tribulation.

God showed me in several dreams that, when the Muslims conquer to planet, they will murder off all of the non Muslim adult men and enslave the surviving women and children.

Those populations will be the Muslims, the Muslim slaves, mostly pagan women and children, the Hebrews, most of whom will capitulate and convert to Islam, and the "remnant" that will be a small group of Hebrews and Gentiles loyal to God, who will flee into the wilderness, where God has a place prepared for them (not Petra). That is because, in conquering the planet, the Muslims will have killed off or enslaved everyone on the planet except for the people living in Israel.

After Israel capitulates and most of them convert to Islam, there will only be Muslims, Muslim slaves, and the small remnant hiding in the wilderness.

With less than 4 billion people on Earth going into the Tribulation, those numbers work very well and easily.

By the Battle of Armageddon there will only be Muslims, Muslim slaves, and the Hebrews in Israel, who will have converted back to Judaism.

The day after the Battle of Armageddon, there will only be the Hebrews, Jesus, and the hosts of Heaven with all of the pagans burning in Hell, including all of the upper class trash, which is why Jesus will be able to setup a Biblical theocracy or Christian monarchy that will have no crimes or wars for 1,000 years.

So that explains why God is permitting these evil lefty tyrants to oppress and murder off mostly pagans around the world, you know, all of those pagans currently waging war against God and His people.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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