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What is going on with Russia?

The Western globalist traitors have to get Putin out of their way because he refuses to submit to their globalist dictatorship so the upper class trash can murder off most Russians.

More than a decade ago, Russia, China, and Brazil formed their own international banking system to keep from being under the financial control of the Western upper class trash financial banking and being forced to submit to the upper class trash's global dictatorship. They and others have been resisting since.

While Obama was in office, he had his CIA stage a coup of the pro Russian government that was in office in Ukraine and replaced that government with a Western puppet so the West could stage troops in Ukraine, really close to Moscow, for staging an invasion of Russia to seize control of their government and force their nation to be part of the Western upper class trash royal's global dictatorship.

Russia countered with a proxy rebel army composed mostly of Ukrainian rebels that took control of Crimea and an Eastern part of Ukraine called the Donbass region, with Russia annexing Crimea back into Russia.

While Trump was in office, he made friends with Russia, pulled our troops out of Ukraine, and Russia backed down too so there was peace.

Now, with the US Commie upper class trash back in control of the US Government, the commies have moved US troops back into Ukraine and are staging a coup of Kazakhstan to replace their pro Russian government with another Western puppet so the West will also be able to stage troops there to spread out Russian troops as much as possible and get even more troops as close as possible to Moscow to stage an invasion of Russia. That is why Russia is now rushing troops into Kazakhstan to help stop the coup at the request of the Kazakhstan government.

The Western upper class trash are trying to "stack the deck" against Russia to quickly invade and conquer Russia (battlefield preparation), the second most powerful nation in the world, so they can set up their global dictatorship. The Western upper class trash royals just gots to habs der global dictatorship and slaves back and they know that, if they can seize control of Russia and the US, the 2 most powerful nations in the world, the rest of the nations resisting won't have a prayer against the upper class trash globalism.

One way or another, the upper class trash are determined to start WWIII because they are insanely power mad, you know, just like all of the other power mad royals throughout history kept starting wars murdering people off. You just know that Satan is extremely proud of his evil spawn.

You have to understand that the US already has at least some troops in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine, is trying to seize control of Kazakhstan to base troops there (surrounding Moscow), and I expect the West to also try to stage a violent coup of Belarus so they can stage their armies even closer to Moscow for their invasion. Basically, the West is surrounding and closing in on Moscow to grab control of Russia because Russia is standing in the way of their glorious global dictatorship.

"Why, the lefty upperclass trash will own everything, you will own nothing, and you will be happy or else."

Basically, the European upper class trash royal Nazis are still trying to conquer the world and they are even more evil than the German Nazis were.

And you think the greedy, power mad Western upper class trash are not evil?

When I was a kid in the 1950s, our parents and grandparents used to say that what happened in Germany with the Nazis could never happen in the US. They were wrong because it is happening here right now.

Any nation can be turned into a dictatorship by the upper class trash if the people don't stay awake and stand up to the upper class trash before it is too late. In the US, we are right now in an evil authoritarian tyranny that is trying to consolidate power because we trusted our corrupt leaders and slept while they built their evil Nazi dictatorship over the last 70+ years.

To put it mildly, we are in a wee bit of a mess that is going to get a lot of people killed regardless of whether we win or lose, though fewer people will get killed if we win.

Please note that the situation in every one of the places where the evil lefties have taken control just keeps getting worse and worse with it not getting better in even one place.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash cause better than 90% of our problems?

If not, start paying attention and stick around; they will prove me right. They always do.

The lying lefties call what they are doing "civilization" but is really just sophisticated barbarism. They have not changed in thousands of years. They are still doing the same evil things, just with better technology.


Remember that I have been telling you that at least Western Canada will join forces with the US good guys and militias?

This video, from Eastern Canada, where the people of Canada are not quite as angry, is just one sample of the increasing frustration and rebellion of the Canadian people concerning their evil government's tyranny. Just like in the US, their anger is rapidly growing. I think I am going to have to start calling Canada Nazi Canada, you know, just like Nazi Australia.

Remember that I told you that tyrants always make things worse and worse but never better?

He shows that in that video. Their people follow tyrannical orders in mass like good little slaves and the tyrants just keep making it worse and worse because the more power they get, the more power they want, and the more power they believe they can get so they will always grab for more power.

Tyrants always grab for more and more and more power until the tyrants have all of the power or the people stop them. It is like I have told you, greedy and power mad people can never have enough wealth or power, they will always want more no matter how much they have.

Towards the end, he asks the same question I have been asking, "How much more will the people put up with?" The more the people will put up with, the less free they will be and the more power the upper class trash will grab.

Left Insanity

This video shows the left insanity and it is really bad.

In the first part they talk about dieting and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THEY SAY has anything to do with biology and science. It is all made up lefty shrink insanity.

In biology, we know at the molecular level how the human body functions in relation to foods and drinks for all races and both sexes and I have taught you some of that biology.

Lefty thinking

You have to understand how the lefty academe "think" and "reason". Most of their intellectual work is done by the lefty academe with very few other people even questioning it. They are treated like intellectual gods and to question them, especially those at the top, is apostasy and blasphemy.

"Why, how dare you question our gods and not just blindly believe whatever they say, even if they contradict themselves or change their minds?"

When they change their minds, "they just learned something new." If Fauci says black is white, then black is white.

Now, how do the lefty academe dream up their great sounding stupid ideas?

Easy, they sit out of touch with reality in their academic white palaces doing drugs while reading each other's bull crap trying to come up with something more "intellectual sounding" that the other lefty academic fools will confirm when they publish it for "peer review" or, basically, commie approval.

I kid you not, I have studied their behavior for more than half a century and the lefties do just what I told you. I knew one lefty professor from USC in Commiefornia who told me he did "his best work while on acid" or LSD.

What should that tell you?

He dreams up the best of his great sounding stupid fairy tales the other lefty professors agree with when his brain is malfunctioning on really powerful drugs, meaning they are all screwed up. You probably have to be stoned on something to really believe their ideas are good or great.

You think not?

Pay attention to all of their great sounding stupid ideas they are forcing on you and 1) how they keep making things worse and 2) how they keep failing with them refusing to admit they are failing.

Their brains are so simple minded and damaged from the drugs, reading each other's great sounding stupid ideas, and inbreeding that, when their great sounding stupid ideas fail, 1) they blame something or someone else ("Hey, dey is poifect gods, dey cain't be wrong.) and 2) honestly believe that their great sounding stupid ideas will work if they just do more of what failed. You see them do that all of the time.

For example, why does their beloved Marxism always fail like it is right now everywhere around the world?

Because it is severely flawed and can't work. They ignore and fail to tell you that Karl Marx tried to get his beloved communism to work in the mid 1800s but even he couldn't get it to work and, when it persistently failed, he blamed those stupid peasants, who were submitting to his and his upper class trash academe friends ruling over them instead of blaming his flawed ideas ("Oh no, he could not be wrong, he was an academic god. Pass the dope, baby, I ain't stoned enough to make this work.") and idiot friends who were running everything.

"Why, it just has to be the fault of those stupid peasants permitting him and his friends to run everything. It couldn't possibly be his and his superior academic friends' faults; they were infallible academic gods."

That is exactly what the lefty upper class trash are doing right now, especially in the US. When it becomes obvious their great sounding stupid academic ideas are failing, they just keep increasingly doing more and more of the same things that failed not having even brains or sanity enough to realize their great sounding ideas are stupid and will never work.

Their extremely arrogant and flawed logic is like them believing that they can best build a house using dynamite and, when the dynamite turns their house into rubble, which it always will, they just say, "What we need is more dynamite because we superior natural elites just can't possibly be wrong"

Yes, they really are that nuts and you can see it every day by them saying, "What we need is more of what didn't work because, if we use enough of what didn't work, it will work." They have been inbreeding, listening to each other, and using dope too long so they have very few functioning brain cells left. "But, hey, dey gots duh right degree from duh right unkneebursitee and can use lots of big woids so deys gots to be smarty pants." They think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are.

Don't believe me?

Just sit back and watch them because they prove me right every day.


I have been watching and waiting to see what today's attorneys and judges will do but they are not doing their jobs. This is another bit of upper class trash corruption that blows my mind.

Where did these people study law, Bozo U, Institute for the Mentally Challenged, Nazi Law College, Linen University, Monarchy Madness U?

I told you about an extremely important ruling by the US Supreme Court in 1977 that stated that "All laws must be enforced equally and fairly" meaning that NO ONE, not the president, not Congress, not the Supreme Court, NO ONE can be above the law. Everyone MUST abide by the same laws. There can be no "laws for thee but not for me."

That means that our governors and other leaders CANNOT make laws or mandates and exclude themselves or others from those laws and mandates. It means that Pfizer CANNOT be above the law and MUST be held accountable for their actions and damages. That one ruling says that you can sue the living crap out of Pfizer for damages. For the president, Congress, or anyone else to make Pfizer above the law is unconstitutional. Members of the Pentagon CANNOT be above the law. For anyone to force you to do anything of a medical nature is unconstitutional. No one can impose unconstitutional mandates on you and then ignore those mandates.

Just that one Supreme Court ruling should stop most of the crap we see going on right now and no attorneys or judges know about that ruling? Maybe they were bribed to forget that ruling?

Also, because their professors did not teach them about that very important Supreme Court ruling, it means those professors are negligent and derelict of duty. They are not doing their job.

In four years of college they couldn't teach their students about that very important ruling?

Almost everything the left is doing right now is unconstitutional. BREAKING NEWS; according to that ruling, Pfizer can be prosecuted and litigated into poverty with their upper management all being held accountable for any and all crimes and damages they caused.

PFIZER CANNOT BE ABOVE THE LAW!!!!! That is unconstitutional.

BTW, that also means that everyone encouraging or forcing anyone to get ye ole jab is an accomplice in Pfizer's crimes and can be prosecuted and sued for damages. There is a lot of money sitting out there waiting for some greedy attorneys to remember that Supreme Court ruling.

Where are the greedy attorneys, people, did they suddenly get alergic to money?

They and their accomplices in their crimes get to live by one set of laws but you have to live by another set of laws, which is unconstitutional because ALL laws MUST be enforced equally and fairly.

What the upper class trash are doing with the law is what royals do with the law in a monarchy, where they put themselves above the law. That is not something that is permissible in our Constitutional Republic.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, that means that EVERYONE, including the president, Congress, Supreme Court, all governors, all legislators, all mayors MUST abide by the US Constitution at ALL TIMES because the US Constitution is the "law of the land" upon which all other laws depend. NO ONE can be above that law so it MUST be enforced equally and fairly.


Panic, run around in circles screaming, continue to be terrorized and under the control of the evil upper class trash because THERE IS A NEW VARIANT OF COVID! Bwaaaaaaa!

What does this mean?

Omicron wasn't terrifying enough and they were losing control of the people so they went back to their bio-warfare labs, created a new variant, and used the continuing fakedemic as cover to release it. It is being called IHU and they have "only found" 20 cases of it in France so they just barely started spreading it.

Do you believe me yet that these evil things never stop, they just regroup, reorganize, and keep right on going?

They won't stop this fakedemic until you stop it and to do that, you have to shut down Fauci's bio-warfare labs in the US.

Don't believe me?

In the article I just read it said, "Coronavirus variants crop up all of the time. Most die without ever coming to our attention." Read: our labs are always making new variants but most don't work well so we dump them.

Do you get the picture yet? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash lefties are waging biological warfare against you as a terrorist attack to control, oppress, impoverish, and enslave you?

People, the lefty upper class trash have gained too much control and gotten too rich from this fakedemic to ever want to quit and you have to stop them. They will milk this cash cow until you do stop them because, once it stops, they lose the control and stealing opportunities they are now enjoying over you.

Euro-Centric End Time Prophecies

Where did the flawed Euro-centric end time Bible prophecies come from?

You have to understand that it was in 312 AD that the Church of Rome and the Roman Empire "converted to Christianity" and began to study the Biblical end time prophecies. That was before the Empire and Church divided into Eastern and Western parts.

At that time, Rome was the greatest empire in the history of the world and, because of basic, normal human behavior, the leaders of the nation and Church could not believe that the prophecies about a one world government and one world church could possibly be about anyone but them. Just like us, they just knew their empire was going to last forever so it just had to be them.

Do you get the picture?

By the time Rome fell and the Church was divided, they had been believing that arrogant, egotistical lie so long that it had become fact to them and they just kept teaching that the one world government had to be Europe and the one world church had to be the Catholic Church and they still believe and teach it today but that was Satan distracting them from the real end time government/religion, Islam.

In 1,600 years of numerous European empires collapsing, the Europeans have never questioned that because their upper class trash egos said it could only be them. Why, they are superior to everyone else so it could not be anyone else.

To this day, Satan is using that as a distraction to keep people, especially Christians, from realizing the true plans of Satan because Satan knew that, if the Europeans knew the truth, they would have tried to wipe out Islam 1,000 years ago. The fact that the upper class trash Euro lefties are converting to Islam should tell you that they finally figure it out and they want to be the ones to rule the world because they are evil.

That is how and why the Euro-centric lie began and is still being taught by many Christian preachers in spite of the fact that lie requires ignoring details, taking scripture out of context, and just not being the truth.

That is why the European upper class trash royals are trying to set up their global dictatorship today. They arrogantly believe they are ordained to rule the world forever and that Bible prophecy is about them. They know it is the end times and that it is almost time for the one world government and one world church. Satan has them believing that, if they set up a global dictatorship and murder everyone off, he will come, make them immortal, and they will rule forever.

Don't believe me?

Study Luciferianism and Satan worship because that is what Satan teaches his fool puppets, you know, the upper class trash.

Do you get the picture yet?

Here is something interesting, you know, one of those magic coincidence thingies. It wasn't until 2012, when Obama was President, that the left converted to Islam and the Catholic Church made a public statement that they are going to covert to Islam.

I began teaching the truth about the End Time prophecies for both the Bible AND Islam after I studied Islam following 9/11 and began posting about Islam in March 2002, you know, when the Internet was still small with far fewer sites than today.

Farrakhan began publically calling Obama the "messiah" or Mahdi before Obama was elected in 2008, the left went overboard on getting Obama elected knowing he is a devout closet Muslim and poser Christian, and they still support him today in a big way.

Obama began financing the rebuilding of Babylon only 3 months after he got elected in 2008 and they posted architectural drawings for the modern or "Mystery Babylon" but took them down after they had decided which one to go with and I had posted about them being online.

Then Obama dumped the Sunni Muslims, who had been closer to the US than Shiite Islam, for Shiite Islam and financed Iran with more than $150 billion cash.

Now they have finished dredging the Euphrates River for modern container ships and oil tankers all of the way up to Mystery Babylon.

Yes, they tell you that the Euphrates is drying up but they have dams that control the water flow and decreasing the water flow makes it easier and faster to dredge the river and the massive harbor required for Mystery Babylon. When they have finished the dredging, they can release more water to bring the water flow back up for shipping.

I have been wondering, "Did the upper class trash read my writings and realize it wasn't them but Islam that the Bible was talking about?" Their people could have much more easily found my site back then.

That sure is an interesting coincidence, isn't it?

The upper class trash believed the Euro-centric crap as fact for 1,600 years until after I started posting the truth in detail and then they converted to Islam and are now supporting Shiite Islam. Gee, what a coincidence.

We know they read my site because they tried to censor it for a few weeks a few years ago but changed their minds. Maybe they realize that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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