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The super duper greedy chemical companies are saying that vaccinated people should get the worthless booster shots that do not prevent infection or the spreading of the virus every 90 days.

Remember that I told you that the vaccine prevents the immune system from putting out certain normal antibodies that help protect you from everything including COVID?

It should only be common sense that, if you keep getting shots, you will destroy your immune system and then some insignificant disease will kill you.

But, hey, dem super duper greedy chemical companies gots tuh make as much money as dey can as fast as dey can, you know, before dey finish depopulating the planet.

Hey, the first people to go will be the idiot lefty voters, activists, and thugs making the world a much better place.

Do you believe me yet that the vaccines have nothing to do with medicine or your health?

They are now saying that the fourth jab is "not enough".

So the first jab isn't enough or doesn't work, the second jab isn't enough or doesn't work, the third jab isn't enough or doesn't work, and now the fourth jab isn't enough or doesn't work.

Just how many more jabs do we have to take that are "not good enough" or don't work before people realize that the murder vaccines just don't work, they will NOT keep you from being infected or spreading the virus, period? How many more of their lies will the people believe?

"Oh, we know that the murder vaccines don't keep you from getting infected or spreading the virus but they decrease your potential for serious illness or death", you know, while increasing numbers of fully vaccinated people are getting seriously sick and dying.

It is just a perpetual con to keep making tens of billions of dollars per year at your expense and they are going to keep that con going as long as they can get away with it.


Everyone is debating whether or not they should impeach Biden after the GOP take back the House and Senate because "then you end up with Kruella".

Didn't learn anything from history, did they?

You do to the lefties what they did to you.

Remember when they removed the VP before they got rid of Tricky?

You get rid of Kruella and then Biden and then put a Republican in as president to clean up this mess. Duh, hello, no brainer.

Also some of the states are saying that the Google and FB CEOs committed crimes to get the advantage over their competitors. So they should investigate those CEOs for their crimes because, if they did commit crimes over the Internet, they were using the phone system and the Internet is national. That would make their crimes federal felonies.

You can bet these criminals know that, if the GOP get back control of Congress and the Presidency, they will be investigated by a new DOJ and FBI.

Also, you can bet Fauci and his accomplices will be investigated for their crimes after the GOP gets back control of Congress. Don't be surprised to see that little jerk Fauci commit suicide like Epstein did, you know, probably to protect someone else.

And then I understand that they are already looking into Milley having committed treason against Trump, which would be a capital crime, you know, with ye ole death penalty.

Also expect them to investigate the lefty leaders of the CIA, FBI and DOJ along with other corrupt government agencies.

Then I found this video that shows the Commierats are losing huge numbers of supporters and voters increasing the probability that the GOP will take back both houses. Keep in mind that more than half of independent voters are also leaning towards the conservatives so it is worse than the Gallup Poll shows and he shows that later.

Do you understand why the lefties are going to stage a violent coup? Do you really think that, if they lose control of the US Government, they are going to just sit back and let the conservatives take back their nation without some kind of terrible fight or surprise attack? Don't you think they are planning or conspiring to save their butts? Do you really believe the Commierats are going to just sit quietly waiting to go to jail or the gallows?

If the conservatives regain power, these lefty traitors are facing from life in prison to the death penalty and they are running out of time.

Don't be surprised to see Austin and Milley provide Obama with the nukes.

Mark sent me a link to this article. Thanks, Mark.

The problem is that everything else the left has done has failed. Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, the Commierats talking about running Hillary against Trump is a pure act of desperation.

They don't have anyone else and I am wondering if their plans of running Meghan have already flopped or is Hillary a distraction to keep people from ripping Meghan apart until the election gets under way?

BTW, this video shows increasing problems for the Commierats. Remember that the blacks and then Latino voters started going from being Commierats to being Republicans. Now there is a big shift in Asian voters from the Commierats to the Republicans.

I am surprised this move has taken so long because the two groups the lefties treated the worst were whites and Asians. What? Did the Commierats think they could treat Asians like crap and the Asians would vote for the Commierats forever?

What has happened is that the Commierats believe or just knew they would be able to seize absolute control to keep from losing power but they failed and are now losing power and time so they are getting increasingly desperate.

The Commierats are losing everything because they are now losing people from all three of the largest minorities and women. The Commierat Party is quickly heading the way of CNN and MSNBC for the same reasons.

If you go around treating everyone like stupid peasants and slaves, abusing them for power and money, many of them will stop supporting you. God is opening eyes concerning the truth about the evil Commierats and increasing numbers are choosing to no longer be Commierats.

God is moving in this world and things are getting worse for the Commierats by the day. He has had enough of their evil crap.


I have been watching and thinking about what the left is doing in relation to what God has shown me and this being the end times. Today I came to realize that I would not be surprised that, when the current dust settles, there would be less than 100 million people left alive in the US and we Christians might have to flee to those 9 other planets just to get away from the persecution here on Earth and survive.

Look, there are only 1 to 2 billion true Christians on the entire planet with 6 to 7 billion pagans. If just 3 billion pagans were to die with no Christians dying, the Christians would still be outnumbered by about 2 or 3 to 1 with the pagans now waging war against us.

Most likely about 2 to 3 billion people will die, maybe more, with them dying pretty much the same percentages of the currently living population so that, if 12% of the people on the planet today are true Christian, 12% of those who die will be Christian or about 200 to 300+ million of those dead being Christians, leaving only about 700 to 800 million true Christians left on the planet and about 5 to 6 billion pagans remaining.

We may not be going there to colonize those planets but to flee Earth and survive. Besides, God is about to let ye ole pagans have what they want during the Tribulation, which is control of the entire planet.

I intend to keep an eye on this.

Just Do It People

Remember that I told you about the "just do it people" and how they enable tyranny?

This video shows that at least 65% of the people tested in the US are "just do it people" who will do whatever the authority tells them to do no matter whether it will cause harm to others. That is 2/3 or 2 out of every 3 people will do whatever they are told by their leaders regardless of whether it will cause others harm because they are cowards. If told to do so, they will murder you.

These are the spineless cowards that Jesus will spew out of His mouth.

Everyone should watch that video.


Yesterday I saw a video about women rulers that made me want to puke and it was probably setting up Hillary or Markle to run against Trump. It was about a paper written by a lefty member of ye ole academe that said that "women rulers tend to want peace", you know, a very sexist general comment about women all being the same.

You know, ye ole, "all women are darling angels" thingy. I can't stand stupid men who believe that all women are darling angels and can't do any wrong.

That intellectually superior, natural elite, highly educated, grossly overpaid academe member of the upper class trash must have flunked history and not been paying much attention for the last 20+ years. Women have not gotten into the top power position very often but, when they did, they were just as bad, tyrannical, and evil as the men and some times worse.

They want peace, do they? How about Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, who started wars? And you want brutal and tyrannical? How about Catherine the Great and Queen Victoria?

Did you know that the Nazi SS often hired women to torture men because the women tended to be more cruel and ruthless? You want female tyrants from just the US? How about Grisham, Whitmer, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Mad Max, AOC and her squad, and let's not forget Queen Hillary who was in charge of the State Department and running the operations against Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Syria, and definitely not forget the 6 CIA agents she abandoned and left to die at Benghazi in Libya?

And you should see some of the tyrants in Nazi Australia because some of the very worst, most ruthless, cruel, brutal, and evil are women.

Listen, Adam wasn't the first to sin, it was Eve and I will not be surprised to find out on Judgment Day that she threatened Adam that, if he didn't eat the forbidden fruit, she would cross her legs.

Decades ago, I found out that there is an entire industry in Washington D.C. built around using the wives of Congressmen to get their husbands to vote for bills the husbands had refused to vote for.

The way it works, is that, if the Congressmen refuse to vote for a bill, the people pushing that bill hold a party for those Congressmen's wives and entice those wives to want their husbands to vote for the bill with money often changing hands. Later the wives tell their husbands that they either vote for the bill or the wives will cross their legs and a lot of bad bills get passed that way.

Women are human just like men so there are good ones and there are bad ones. You have to judge them based on individual merit and not what is between their legs or the color of their skin.

Listen, at any time, 51% of the people on the planet are women and only 49% are men. That should tell you that probably about 51% of the people in Hell will be women and you can bet that God will not stupidly treat them all like darling angels because God isn't stupid. Just like the men, every one of the women will be judged by individual merit and most of them will burn forever, just like the men.

Anyone who believes that ALL women are darling angels is a moron who doesn't pay attention and must have flunked history. There are just too many examples of evil women, especially today.

Food For Thought

This is a little something to think about.

Just look at all of the harm that the lefties, especially the upper class trash royals, are causing here on Earth. Look at all of the people whose lives they destroy, oppress, impoverish, and kill for their own gain in wealth and power and that they never stop their evil.

Why would God want such obviously evil and destructive people in Paradise causing harm to good people and destroying Paradise for all eternity?

Common sense and the Bible should tell you that God does not want them in Paradise so they will all burn in the Lake of Fire forever to protect the good people in Paradise forever. They have already proven they will never quit with their destruction of everything.

Do you believe me yet that they will ALL burn forever to protect the rest forever because they chose to burn forever?

Which side of God's line are you on, eternal salvation or eternal damnation?


This is something you better know; if the US gets stupid and invades Russia, you can bet that China, Iran, North Korea, and others hostile to the US will use us having so many troops pinned down in a war against Russia to go on the war path against us stretching our forces very thin.

Right now, the stupidest thing the US can do, especially with Biden at the helm, is to go to war with Russia. It will be instant WWIII with tens to hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Mexican troops already in the US hiding as civilian workers and illegal aliens, especially in Commiefornia and Idaho, and the idiot lefties in the process of tearing down our military. We could easily lose that war against Russia and find ourselves fighting for our own existence within the US.

What? The idiot inbred upper class trash don't think China, Iran, and North Korea will grab at the opportunity of their life time to take out the US? Really? Just how stupid are these lefty idiots? Maybe the fools think that, after China takes over the US she will let those traitors stay in power and won't round them up and execute them to get them out of her way?

Keep an eye on this. This can end much worse for the US than Afghanistan did.

Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39

Remember that I told you some time ago that China will send troops to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 on the side of the invading army?

China just signed some agreements for their "Belt & Road" program with Syria and Iran, which means she will now have an investment in Syria and Iran to protect. Years ago I had told you that China had purchased the oil rights for the area near Babylon in Iraq. Gee, what a coincidence.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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