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The US is removing sanctions against Iran concerning its "civilian nuclear program".

You have to understand that civilian nuclear programs are often used to build a nuclear weapons program and I just heard a retired general say that it is now just a matter of time until Iran has nukes. Based on everything I have seen, I believe she already has nukes, just not the size arsenal she wants and feels she needs before she makes it known she has nukes.

This means that Israel is now going to have to take out Iran's nuclear program before Iran uses its nukes against Israel.

I find this a bit of an interesting coincidence with Obama having given Iran $150 billion in cash plus "unfreezing" tens of billions more in Iranian assets for this program, knowing Biden is Obama's puppet, and the timing of what else is going on.

Think not?

I just read that O'Biden just "unfroze" $29 billion in Iran's assets, you know, just like Obama did.

This in conjunction with what Biden is doing in making deals with China looks like the upper class trash are trying to buy out Iran and China to not start hostilities against the West when the West invades Russia so the West can more easily take out Iran and China later. It's a sucker punch against Iran, China, and Russia, you know, ye ole divide and conquer thingy.

The question is, "Will Iran and China be stupid enough to sell out or will they take the money and then start hostilities to help save Russia and their own butts?"

I don't think they will be stupid enough to fall for it, especially not China, because, since I wrote the above, I saw that Putin went to China and confirmed their military alliance.

Keep an eye on this.

Also, I have been watching to see what each of their different allies are interested in and, therefore, most likely to be targets during a war to spread out Western forces.

China has been showing military interest in Taiwan, India (with the help of Pakistan), Senkaku Islands, Guam, South China Sea, Indian Ocean to control commercial shipping to and from both the Persian Gulf and Suez Canal in conjunction with Russia and Iran plus I am certain that Japan, Philippines, and even Australia will be at least secondary targets. Plus she has set up bases in Mexico, the US, Venezuela (read control Panama Canal), Canada, South Pacific, and Africa to spread out US and UK troops.

Iran will probably be focused on attacking Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other Sunni Muslim nations through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and from Yemen and controlling the flow of oil and gas out of the Persian Gulf.

North Korea will focus on taking South Korea and then attacking Japan with the aid of China and Russia.

Russia is using a two part strategy. She is 1) building her military and allies stronger by recruiting more allies and building more and better weapons and 2) weakening the West by negotiating for nations like Germany, Hungary, and France to not side and participate with the US and UK in this coming war. She is working to increase her side's power and strength while decreasing her enemies' power and strength before the fighting begins.

Note that Russia is negotiating with both Germany and France, the two most powerful nations in the EU, to keep them out of a fight between the US and UK verses Russia and they are both showing that they don't want a war.

In this video the journalist asks if the US has a united front or force and the general she is talking to says that it is "not even close" to being united. Then he explains how both Germany and France are focused entirely on negotiating with Russia and Macron of France is trying to take a different negotiation tact.

That general, Jack Keane, also tells you that he doesn't think Putin will stage the all-out-invasion the left is scaring everyone with and states that Russia isn't ready for the casualties that would come from such an invasion. He doesn't tell you that is partly because Russia is short on military age men, which is one other reason why I have been telling you that Putin does not want to invade and conquer Ukraine.

Note that the general backs up his statement about how Putin handled the event with stopping the nation of Georgia from joining NATO without an all-out-invasion, which should show you that Putin is not imperialistic like the left is telling you. He is just protecting his country from an invasion by the West, especially the UK and US.

Note that she pointed out that it is Obama's negotiating team working for Biden and that is because Obama is in charge of the Biden machine and show. Biden is just a front man for Obama because Biden is using almost all of the same people Obama used. Gee, what a coincidence.

Plus Russia is working on positioning troops in Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, Argentina, and other places for controlling the Panama Canal and attacking the US from the south.

This video shows how Putin is dividing NATO up so that it won't be effective against Russia. The general pretty much lays out what I have been telling you.

Biden and the upper class trash are getting us into a real fix. They don't know squat about strategic and tactical positioning and all they know about is how to steal money. Being great crooks doesn't make you a great general.

I am wondering and watching to see if the EU trying to negotiate peace with Russia is those members of the European Royal Family realizing the aggressiveness of the British Royal Family and that the British Royal Family intends to rule over the rest of the royals? Is this the EU royals turning against the British royals and not wanting to be subjugated by them?

Keep an eye on this because the British Royals are very aggressive and they will turn on each other sooner or later.


Let me share with you how fragile the upper class trash wealth really is. With an M.B.A. I am trained to manage their wealth.

Out of greed and to "maximize their profits", they have everything "leveraged out". That means that they take out loans to increase their investments with all of the rest of their holdings like stocks, bonds, land, and other investments used as collateral on those loans. They normally leverage out up to about 90% of their wealth.

For example, if one of them is worth $100 billion, they will have $90 billion of that leveraged out with the banks owning that much of their wealth and them only actually owning $10 billion but, they claim to be worth the full $100 billion ("on paper").

If the markets or economy crash to where their "wealth" decreases by $10 billion, then the banks legally own everything and the banks will quickly seize the other $90 billion in holdings, you know, the collateral, and liquidate them so that the banks don't lose any of their money. The upper class trash go from being "worth $100 billion" to living in a cardboard box over night.

Zuckerberg's tears told me he is very close to shopping for ye ole cardboard box and dumpster diving for dinner. He is running very scared, which is why he almost cried at the board meeting.

When most of them reach the point to where they will start shopping for a cardboard box the next morning, they step out of a tall building that night.

If the FB members do stage a one day mass exodus, you watch how many millionaires and billionaires step out of tall buildings the next day or two. It happened with the market crash in 1929. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Hey, history is about to repeat itself, baby. You are about to watch a bunch of rich greedy people go sky diving without parachutes because the greedy upper class trash never learn from history and keep making the same mistakes because greed destroys common sense.

Keep an eye on this because this is going to be interesting. Just don't walk next to any tall buildings after it starts.

One of the problems we are having with management in this country today is that too many of the upper level management, especially CEOs, were brainwashed communist by "the right universities" so they really believe the commie crap they are forcing on everyone because they don't have enough smarts to see through the holes in what their idiot lefty college professors taught them, you know, the inbreeding thingy.

Part of the reason for that is that decades ago, the lefty college professors started the practice that, if one of their students dare question what they are being brainwashed to believe, the student gets flunked. You better not think for yourself.

We may have to get rid of one or two generations of brainwashed commies to get back control of the things these brainwashed commies are mismanaging.

War Drums

Excuse the limited profanity in this video because he really tells it like it is about all of the media who get in x-spirts to tell you that we should go to war and that they ALL stand to benefit financially from a war so, to them, of course we should go to war and forget about the innocent people who will die so these greedy butt holes can make more money.

That is what is going on with all of these x-spirts beating the war drums about going to war with Russia. They will all make much more money from that war, especially the media, who can make 3 to 5 times more money during a war. That is also why, when the US Military starts winning the war, the media start finding reasons to attack the military and tie its hands to prevent the military from winning and ending the media's money making war. They did that with Nam and Afghanistan.

"Gotta make dem wars last as long as possible so we can make as much money as possible."

Hey, the media and other war mongers making a fortune from that war don't want to stop making their fortunes, no matter how many of you and your families die fighting that war. They don't care about you, all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts. After all, it isn't them dying in their money making war, it's you.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

I keep an eye on those beating the war drums against Russia with me knowing what is really going on because those drum beaters are our enemies, not the Russians. Putin isn't the nicest guy in the world but he is just trying to protect his nation from being invaded by the West.

For example, they keep calling Putin "expansionist" in spite of the fact that he has only taken back Crimea in the last 20 years and the only reason he is staging troops next to Ukraine is to protect from what he knows is a soon coming invasion of Russia by Western troops from Ukraine.


I know that you are taught that Britain is a democracy using a parliamentary system but that can't be true because the head of the British Royal Family has final say on all political matters and can order their government to do things, overriding anything their Parliament says. At this time, Queen Elizabeth is listed as the "Monarch" of the British Parliament. Gee, what a coincidence.

You add to that that almost all of the people in Parliament are members of the British Royal Family, you know, like their current PM, Boris Johnson.

That isn't a democracy, it is a monarchy using a fake democracy as a front to fool people into believing the government is a democracy. At this time, ultimately, the Queen of England has final say on all government matters just like any Monarchy and no democracies.

When you understand that, then you should realize that Britain never stopped being a monarchy and has always been a monarchy; it is just that their monarchy is hiding behind a fake democracy run by other monarchs or members of the British Royal Family.

I have been watching and, when the US Commierats are in power, the US Government and Military pretty much do the bidding of the UK Government or the British Royal Family.

This tells me that, when the Commierats are in power, the Queen pretty much has "her colonies back". It looks like she is pretty much using the US Government and Military as a bully club to do her dirty work for her in setting up her global monarchy.

Keep an eye on this.


This is a great video that tells it like it is using sarcasm. Everyone should watch this video. This guy is so good doing these videos.

Please note that "Big Pharma" is some of the chemical companies I have been warning you about for years and you can't trust them on anything. They are extremely corrupt and deceitful. In my opinion, at least all of the upper level managers, principal share holders, and "scientist whores" telling the lies they are paid to tell belong in prison.

That video ends with hope in the form of the people standing up against corruption and tyranny.

Please note that, when they say, "lobby the government", you should think, "bribing the government."

Remember that I have been telling you that government owned "scientists" are academic whores who will say what they are paid to say?

This video shows that at about 3 minutes into it when he states that there was a phone call between the great criminal Fauci and other scientists with those other scientists changing their statements and then getting hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in research grants. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you believe me yet?

They really started pushing these government research grants for science when I was in college saying "it was to more quickly advance science" but they obviously lied because their true intentions had nothing to do with advancing science but to buy off scientists so they won't tell the truth.

Now you know why we used to call them academic whores prostituting their degrees?

I have been warning you about these criminals and their corruption for years.

They just keep proving me right.

Transgenders in Sports

Remember that I have been telling you that conservatives are finally fighting back for the people against the left and winning?

This video shows some of that as the left continues to fail in their efforts to destroy everything good and to steal from and oppress good people for their own evil gain.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the arrogant upper class trash, their puppets in government, the media, universities, and elsewhere, and their thugs think they are superior to you lowly conservative working people?

This video does an excellent job of telling you that. It makes it very clear how little the upper class trash and their hirelings think of you and that they don't care about you.

Remember that the ones at the top are the arrogant Euro-American royals and they clearly think and act like it.

Also notice how determined they are at keeping their Canadian tyranny in place and refuse to even back down.

Fortunately, their military has refused to enforce the upper class trash tyranny on the people but their fascist cops are enforcing the tyranny.

Hey, them fascist cops are just doing their jobs, you know, following illegal orders to illegally enforce the upper class trash tyranny, you know, being accomplices in the upper class trash crimes against the people.

What are the upper class trash in Canada going to achieve by clamping down on their people harder and harder?

Make the people madder and madder until the people completely break, storm the upper class trash castles, and start taking off upper class trash heads but the upper class trash are too stupid and arrogant to figure that one out plus they know they have to shut this revolt down before it spreads globally and completely ruins the upper class trash evil plans.

Then you have criminal known royal tyrants like Grisham and Newsom persisting with their unconstitutional mask mandates even after their medical god, Fauci, has been forced to publically admit that the masks don't work (just like I told you they wouldn't work almost two years ago) so that the mask mandates cannot have anything to do with science and medicine, therefore, they are unconstitutional and illegal but no one is prosecuting them for their blatantly obvious crimes because they are above the law. Hey, they are royals, baby.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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