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The Heart

I have been thinking and thinking and thinking of ways to clean up this mess because I know how they work in making and maintaining this mess. You should know that by now.

Every time I come up with a new idea on how to put an end to their evil, God shows me how they will beat that.

You see, if everyone were living by God's morals, values, and ethics, we wouldn't have the problems we have because everyone would live by God's Laws that are designed to protect good people from bad people, which is why bad people hate those Laws.

If all of the politicians were true Christians living by God's morals, values, and ethics, they would not be corrupt, they would only pass good laws, and they would live by the good laws just like you. Only evil people think they are above God's Laws.

If all of the bureaucrats were true Christians, they would not be corrupt, they would live by, support, and enforce the law, and they would do their job of protecting you.

If all of the law enforcement were true Christians, they would not be corrupt, they would not obey evil orders, and they would do their job of protecting you and not enforcing an evil tyranny on you.

If all of the media were true Christians, they would not be corrupt, they would not lie for money, they would not be willing to send our young men off to die in unnecessary wars so they can make more money, and they would tell the truth.

If all of the teachers, professors, and academe were true Christians, they would not be corrupt, they would not brainwash your children with satanic lies so the upper class trash can control them, they would teach the truth.

What it ultimately comes down to is that this is a matter of the heart and YOU must turn from your sins back to God to have a good heart and call on His name. You have to understand that God will not listen to prayers from a sinful heart because those prayers are just coming from your mouth and mouths lie, hearts don't lie. When you call on God with a repentant heart, God will hear your prayers and take care of you but, as long as you keep calling on His name with sinful heart and lying mouth, God will not hear your prayers.

As a people, we Christians MUST turn from our sins, turn back to God, and call on His name with a repentant heart. That is the only way He will hear our prayers.

This is not a matter of the law but is a matter of the heart because, if the heart is good, it will obey the law and do what is right. Evil hearts will always do what is wrong and cause harm to good people.

Why are so many conservatives believing the left's lies about Russia and Ukraine, knowing that the left lies?

Because they have not repented of their sins or are not Christians so God is not giving them His wisdom or common sense to see through the lies.

You just might want to join the global prayer vigil.


To show you just how planned out this move against Ukraine was, China stopped the container ships from accepting produce from Commiefornia and the US to destroy our economy so we cannot finance the military we need to stop their soon coming military actions against us. This is called "prepping the battle field" by the military.

When did China start this?

In November 2021, you know, 5 months ago and you didn't hear anything about it from the MSM.

Get the picture yet? You think China is not working together with Russia, Iran, North Korea, and others as a unified Eastern Alliance to bring the West down? You think our stupid, arrogant, inbred upper class trash are not playing into their hands?

I warned you that, if we messed with Russia, it would not end well for us.

Do you believe me yet?

Look, people, their war against us has already begun. China started destroying our economy some time ago, Iran is escalating their actions against Israel and us, North Korea has accelerated their missile testing, and Putin is fighting back against our upper class trash to save his nation.

Do you believe me yet that we need to pull a Korean War II by staging a strategic retreat from Ukraine and repositioning our forces to a stronger position to stop Iran, China, and North Korea.

But, the inbred, stupid, greedy, power mad upper class trash royals are in control and they are determined to destroy Putin at all costs and it is going to cost us a massive amount. Putin has outsmarted them and, when you have been outsmarted in a military action, the best thing to do is fall back to a stronger position and not try to continue fighting from the weaker position.

Believe me, God will take care of Putin and you better take care of the rest of them. That world war I tried to warn you about years ago, it is here.

The fun and interesting thing here is that this shows that China is not going to share power with our lefty commie traitors and, if China succeeds, you can bet they will round up our traitors and execute them all with our fool traitors still thinking China is still in bed with them.

I warned you this would happen and our stupid, inbred upper class trash royals are causing it to happen.

You think not?

How about these retired generals they keep interviewing on TeeBee while forgetting to tell you those generals are working for the military industry selling the military trucks, tanks, planes, and weapons? Then you have the media themselves who are lying to you so they can increase their revenues by increasing their coverage of your sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers dying in battle?

They are lying to you to convince you that the Ukraine people are successfully holding off the Ruskies to prevent the Ruskies from destroying their cities so you will believe it is safe to send our troops in to just help the Ukrainians finish off the Ruskies while showing you pictures of the Ruskies destroying their cities to make you angry and want even more to send in troops.

Hold it, if the Ukrainians are successfully holding off the Ruskies, then who is destroying their cities? Maybe they are lying to you to get you to send troops into the Ruskie trap?

After all, the more trucks, tanks, troops, and planes are destroy in the Ruskie trap, the more money those greedy military companies are going to make selling replacement equipment to the military and they don't care how many troops, women, and children die in their beloved war.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil" and "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword."

You can't believe a thing any of the war drum beaters say. They all want to send you off to die fighting in their war so they can get richer.


Remember that I told you that Russia will invade and stage attacks inside Alaska?

Why would they do that?

Because we already have a gas and oil shortage in this nation because of the left, Russia will soon cut off their gas and oil to the West, Iran and China will soon start disrupting the other gas and oil shipments to the West, the US gets a lot of the rest of its gas and oil from Alaska and the Ruskies know it. Oops. Biden already showed Putin our weakness by not sanctioning Russian oil and gas coming to the US.

Yeah, you watch and it will on be a matter of time until Russian Spetsnaz teams start invading Alaska and destroy our gas and oil lines and/or they will start attacking those wells and pipelines with missiles. You better bet they know where they all are. Think about that.

You can also bet that the troops China has brought into the US know where our other oil and gas facilities are in the US and will start attacking them soon with organized commando raids.

If you don't have gas and oil, them planes ain't going to fly nowhere, the ships ain't going to sail nowhere, and the tanks are just parked target practice. Think about it.

Now, what do you think the Ruskies, Chicom, and Iran are going to do next, especially since they have already started destroying our economies by not accepting shipments of good from the US?

It doesn't take a military genius to figure this out, just a military person who is not an arrogant fool. Their next 10 to 20 steeps have already been planned out and they already know what their "end game" is.

I do my homework and the lefty upper class trash have gotten us in real trouble. The mess our evil Western leaders caused in Ukraine is about to come home to the US, Canada, and Europe.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

People, what I see coming at us because of our evil traitor upper class trash being in control is extremely bad news and few will listen. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Remember that I told you that Israel condemning Russia for defending herself by invading Ukraine would came back to harm Israel?

Russia is now just helping setting up Iran's nuclear program without any negotiations and no regard for Israel as is shown in this video, you know, bypassing the Western sanctions against Iran.

Guess who Iran will be loyal to?

In this video it starts by Israel trying to save face with Russia by refusing to send their weapons to Ukraine while providing humanitarian aid to save face with the West. That should help the situation in Israel at least a little, maybe.

Note that he talks about how Israel's relations with the lefty upper class trash is getting worse just like I told you.

Just think of this, Russia, Pakistan, China, North Korea, and now Iran, all members of this Eastern Alliance, will all soon be nuclear armed. In the West, only the US, UK, and France are nuclear armed, with UK and France only being lightly nuclear armed.

This video shows that the Western upper class trash have outsmarted themselves again because they think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else is dumber than they are.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

Note that Turley says that what they are doing is destroying the globalist financial and banking system so it is destroying their hopes of their global dictatorship.

Now, keep in mind what I have taught you about the upper class trash never quitting. You know they will regroup, reorganize, and get violent just like they did in starting the Ukraine War. They have gotten so desperate that they are right now risking and even starting WWIII to get their global dictatorship.

Turley seems to believe that their completely failed global dictatorship will make the upper class trash just give up and behave but you better know that it won't. They will just get more desperate and more violent.

Remember that I told you that the retarded generals saying that the brave Ukrainians were thwarting the Russians were lying to get you to accept them sending US troops into the Russian trap in Ukraine?

Now I am seeing report after report of the Russians, who were "being thwarted by the Ukrainians", doing more and more damaged to the Ukraine cities.

Which is it, are the Ukrainians thwarting the Russians or are the Russians destroy the Ukrainian cities?

You can't have both, people.

I also kept seeing pictures of long lines of Russia ground forces supposedly sitting still because "they didn't plan ahead and were out of fuel" showing me the liars telling about those pictures either were lying or they are clueless about military logistics.

When you get large masses of troops where you want them to go and you have to set them "in array" for battle, it takes time and requires time with those long lines sitting still while waiting their turns to move into position. Sometimes you have to wait for the rest of the forces to show up before you can position.

I see so much bull crap and, what is funny, the bull crappers keep being proved wrong just like they keep being proved wrong concerning their COVID 19 bull crap. It is called fraud.

FINALLY, here is a video with a retired military officer telling you that the "slow progress" of the Russian troops WAS NOT because of the valor of the Ukrainian citizens. It was normal military progress but a little slower than normal to decrease both civilians and Ukrainian troop casualties, unlike what those x-spirts who work for the military industry on TV shows that were beating the warm drums.

People, Putin moving his troops a little slower to keep enemy casualties lower plus Putin providing the people he conquers with humanitarian aid proves that Putin is not the bad guy and the lying West is. After all, it is the lying West that is causing the unnecessary deaths of those people by causing the war for their power madness and greed.

Did you hear him talking about encircling troops the way I told you they would do?

Did you hear him tell you about them encircling or cutting off the Donbass area the way I said they would do?

Did you see the maps telling you that the troops moved the way I said they would move?

Did you hear him tell you what I told you about Putin's end game?

Remember that I told you that NATO is now a ghost army that couldn't fight its way out of a kindergarten sandbox?

Does what they say sound anything like any of the other bull crap you have been seeing and hearing from the war drum beaters?

Note that he only pointed out the first two of three pincer movements I warned you about, you know, the first to entrap the Ukraine troops at Donbass and the second to trap more troops east of Kiev, both of which the Russians are closing right now.

No one has told you yet about the third pincer movement I told you about further west, you know, that Moldova is part of, which is the trap keeping the West out of Ukraine. They also keep forgetting the major troop landings at Odessa that have already closed off the area between Odessa and Moldova and will be part of that final pincer movement.

Gee, what a coincidence that Putin is using the same pincer movements I told you about.

Remember that I told you that we should do a Korean War type strategic retreat to a stronger position and shore up against Iran, China, and North Korea?

He told you the same thing at the end.

The lying war drum beating media make me so furious.

This is an interesting video telling the other side and he told you some of the stuff I have been telling you, especially about the causes and their allies working together to create their own banking/financial system.

Also, they are now saying that the Western or NATO troops they are gathering in Poland and Romania are not to invade Ukraine but to keep Putin from invading Poland or Romania. I guess they finally realized that their bluffing Putin won't work and that they need to place more emphasis on stopping other allied nations from going to war.


I found out that the West is now putting sanctions against India for daring to continue to belong to the banking and financial systems that Russia and China are using to remain out from under the control of the Western upper class trash royal Nazis. The upper class trash don't have enough brains to realize this will just force nuclear armed India to be more united with those countries as allies for self defense.

The idiot Western upper class trash are just driving the Eastern Allies closer.

Now imagine what will happen if Iran, Pakistan, India and China control everything in the ocean from the Red Sea east to the South China Sea.

It will give them control of at least 80% to 90% of all commercial shipping and completely destroy the Western economies.

I am waiting for the arrogant upper class trash fools to also place sanctions against Brazil, forcing Brazil to also unite with the Eastern Allies against the evil upper class trash of the West. The evil fools are driving more and more nations away from their control to being forced to be enemies of the West. Hey, nothing like staking the deck for your enemies.

Then I found out that Brazil has refused to condemn Russia and remember they are one of the founding nations for BRICS international banking system. That is big it adds Brazil to the already existing members of the Eastern Alliance in the Americas, you know, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Argentina, and Mexico.

Another thing you better think about is the Western Allies. Germany, France, and a few others almost already joined sides with Putin just for oil and gas. They had to be persuaded to stay on board with the US and UK. If we lose one of the battles our upper class trash have already started, either military, financial or economic, those nations' cowardly leaders will jump ship like the cowardly rats they are, out of here at light speed, leaving the US and UK holding the bag alone against Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, the others, and THEM. We don't have that many troops between the US and UK and our military is not infinite in size.

People, Putin, Xi, and Iran could easily end up controlling all of the oil, gas, and manufacturing in the near future because of the intellectual superiority of the upper class trash and, if the spoiled, rich upper class trash royals get a little uncomfortable, you watch just how fast they fall in love with Putin and Xi because all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts. They will not remain loyal to the US because we have saved their evil butts in two world wars and a cold war.

Also, I could easily see God give just desserts to the British Royals, who have caused so much trouble for this world, by letting Putin conquer England and spend the night sleeping in Windsor Castle with the spoiled royals as his lowly servants.

Do you believe me yet that, if we pick a fight with Russia, we could lose because of our lousy leaders?

It is too late because our stupid, inbred upper class trash royals have already pick that fight. The stupid, greedy, power mad, inbred upper class trash just keep making things worse for themselves and us. The lefties are failing at everything they try.

Man plans, God laughs.

Lies, lies, and more lies

This video tells you about how deceptive the lefty lies are and continues to also explain other things.

One of the best things Tim explains in the video is why so many lefties are so insecure that they remain lefties in spite of any and all evidence proving the left is wrong just so they can continue to fit in with the other lefties. That is a very good and very accurate description of most lefties. They have to keep believing the lies so they can keep fitting in with the other lefty liars.

It isn't about truth, right, or wrong with them but about being able to continue to fit in with their friends and groups. That is why they won't debate or discuss anything and, when cornered by the truth, they just resort to calling names to discredit you so they can feel safe in not believing the truth.

Note what they teach about Canada with the Western part of Canada being conservative separatists and the east being lefty and remember that I told you years ago that, when the big fecal matter hits the big fan we will probably join together with Western Canada. Gee, what a coincidence.

Here is a very good video that uses sarcasm to point out some of the same things I have been telling you. This guy does an excellent job.

Government Corruption

I really hate this guy's language in his videos but what he teaches is much more important than his language. He does a so much better job of giving details about what is going on than anyone I have seen.

For example, he shows why I refuse to consume anything that is diet and I have the same reasons for anything that is low or no salt or fat. The chemicals they add to replace those substances are far more worse for you than those substances could be.

Note that they have 384 lobbyists who are regularly bribing 77 government agencies more than $27 million a year and that better than 70% of those lobbyists are former government employees who know who will take the bribes.

Why are government agencies allowed to take bribes...uh...donations from rich corporations? Do you see how corrupt our governments are?

You know those x-spirt retired generals working for the military industry getting on TV telling us how the Ukrainians are kicking Russian butts so we need to send our troops into Putin's trap so the military industry can make billions of dollars in profits in blood money selling the military replacement equipment?

Yeah, they are all lobbyists paid to lie for the military industry to increase the wealth of the military industry in blood money.

Do you get the picture yet?

I keep warning you about this crap. I have been watching this corruption for more than half a century.

Speaking of government corruption, we finally have something interesting. This video shows that Mark Zuckerberg may be facing criminal charges, both state and federal. I am sure you want to keep an eye on that but, after putting on the right show to make the politicians and bureaucrats look good, he will buy his way out, you know, like Alec Baldwin.

Government Bureaucracies

This video is about sex education but is an excellent example about how government bureaucracies work and are used to promote the left's agendas at your expense. We need a much smaller government.


You think there are no conspiracies? Really?

Watch this video and see a small sample of such conspiracies by the upper class trash.

"Nah, it is just a magical coincidence that all of these lefties are doing the same things in the same places at the same time."


The left loves to blame all of the problems they cause on Republicans but I want to know why none of the lefty media are telling us about the Commierat who did the most at making Russia more powerful, especially as a nuclear power.

That is right, when you go to vote, do not forget that it was Hillary Clinton who sold Putin at least 20% of the US known uranium reserves against the protests of conservatives. Hillary did more to increase the weapons power of Putin and Russia than anyone else in the last 20+ years.

Be sure to tell all of your friends about that because she is now running for president of the US and this Ukraine War is largely her fault.

Maybe Biden should be bringing charges against Hillary for treason?

Also, with Biden failing miserably and dragging down the Commierat Party, how long do you think it will be before Obama and friends decide to use him to revive the Commierat Party by making him "a victim", you know, by nuking his butt in Chicago and blaming Israel?

Think about it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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