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It just dawned on me that the biggest reason the pagans are not seeing what I am seeing is because they are not considering God and Bible prophecy in what they are seeing so it is just going right over their heads and they keep being surprised.

"After all, the Bible isn't real, it is just fairy tales, right?"

Maybe they should try listening to God once in a while?

He is talking to them, they are just not listening so they are only getting half the picture; only the half that pagans can understand.

Infiltrators into US

Remember that I have been telling you that forces have infiltrated into the US from Mexico?

Years ago, it was made publically known that the Mexican Army was infiltrating soldiers into the US as illegal aliens because "they want to get back the US Southwest" that the US purchased from Mexico in 1849 without Mexico having to pay for it.

Over the last few decades, the Mexican drug cartels, that are owned by the US upper class trash, have infiltrated into and throughout most of the US but are worst along the Mexican border as is shown in this video. This is a big and increasing part of the armies being infiltrated into the US by the upper class trash, which is why Biden and his criminal accomplices are keeping the border open. This is part of an insurrection and coup by the upper class trash lefties.

The reason the left is providing financial "assistance" to illegal aliens is to encourage more of them to come to the US for those rewards. At the very least it is sabotage against our nation.

You think the left is not determined to infiltrate their mercenary soldiers into the US to use against you?

This rapidly increasing problem should tell you that the left is making its final move to finish destroying the US to set up their global dictatorship. We are running out of time to stop them.

A Thought

God's Laws were given to us to protect good people from bad people, therefore, when God punishes you for breaking His Laws, He is punishing you for what you did to other people.

US Petrodollars

Remember that I told you that Saudi Arabia is about to destroy the "Petrodollar" and crash the value of the US dollar?

This video tells you about that. If the US leaders, you know, Afghan Joe and the upper class trash who keep failing at everything, don't handle this properly, it will cause a US economic crisis far worse than the Great Depression in the US that was caused by FDR's socialism and even worse than the worst depression in modern history, which was the 1920's Germany Depression following WWI, after Britain and France sacked Germany.

Note that he says that better than 80% of the international transactions are done using the US dollar. That means that destroying the Petrodollar without the right reactions from the US retarded upper class trash (remember this was caused by their sanctions against Russia), that will result in an international decrease in demand for the US Dollar of at least 60% to 80% (conservative estimate) that will absolutely devastate the value of the dollar and, with the trillions of dollars printed, especially by Obama and Biden, will crush the value of the dollar even more. This is going to suck and be the economic black hole I warned you about more than a decade ago.

Without the correct reactions by the upper class trash, the US dollar will become as worthless as Venezuela's currency they just dump in the street and no one even bothers to pick it up and we will have their poverty for almost all of the upper middle to lower classes.

What I expect our inbred upper class trash to do is dump the US dollar for another currency, probably the Pound or Yuan, as quickly as possible to save their own evil butts and make the US dollar worth less than the paper it is printed on.

Even with the right reaction by the US, it will still crash the US dollar to about half to three fourths of its current value.

What is the correct response?

First, you have to understand what all Marxist dictators do as soon as they get absolute power to increase their wealth that always crashes the value of their currency and destroys their economy because ALL Marxists are absolutely clueless about economics or they wouldn't be Marxists. Venezuela is a very good example here.

What they do is they start printing their currency at an insane rate so that, in their simple and ignorant minds, they can have more money to steal in less time to make themselves more wealthy faster. It doesn't take long for the more intelligent ones to learn that printing that much more money actually drives down the value of the money at a faster rate than they can print it, which will actually decrease their wealth in the not too long term because it takes much, much more of their currency to have the same wealthy.

The Venezuela upper class trash handled this by printing massive amounts of their currency and, before the increased amount of their currency in relation to its demand could cause the value of the currency to decrease in value, they converted their currency into US dollars so that only the middle and lower classes suffer the deflation of their currency and the resultant inflation.

Their currency has become so worthless because of the greed of their upper class trash, that even the banks won't take it anymore and the common people just dump it in the street because it is worthless trash. This happens in almost every Marxist country because of the greed of their Marxist dictators.

Because of the US setting up the Fed to keep printing money so our upper class trash could have more money to steal and Nixon taking the US dollar off of the gold standard, the US dollar has deflated down to about 20 to 25 cents on the dollar over the last half century, which is why things keep costing more and more but it being the internationally used currency for almost all foreign trade has kept it propped up some and prevented a complete collapse.

This video tells you that some people are saying that the value of the dollar could drop by as much as 80% over night so that it would quickly only be worth 20 cents in today's currency. What costs you a dollar today, will cost you $5 tomorrow, if it costs you $20 today, it will cost you $100 tomorrow, and, if it costs you $100 today, it will cost you $500 tomorrow. It will utterly destroy our economy.

This video also tells you what I am telling you. He points out that our government has caused inflation to eat away at our incomes for decades.

You think not?

In the 1950's and 1960's the average price of a home was $17,000 and today it is over $150,000, gas was 25 cents and, today, it is more than $4, and the price of a new car was just hundreds of dollars and today it is tens of thousands of dollars. You see my estimate that the dollar deflated to about 20 to 25 cents was very conservative as are ALL of my estimates. It is always worse than I tell you.

Note that he points out how much faster our money is now devaluating. This is a crisis created by the upper class trash just like all financial crises they have created in the past. They cause these crises to impoverish you to make you easier to control.

Welcome to Venezuela II because of our commies. Hey, on the up side, if you are all more poor with fewer things to leave behind or take with you, you will have fewer reasons to stay here and more reasons to go colonize other planets when that time comes.

What we should do, but I don't think our upper class trash are smart enough to do, is 1) take at least 50% to more than 60% of the US dollars out of circulation to decrease the supply in relation to demand and you have to bring the supply down to "market saturation" or no more than normal demand for the dollar but you know the inbred upper class trash won't do that because then they won't have as much money to steal and 2) increase the US oil production and require that all oil purchased from the US be paid for in US dollars to help keep up at least some of the international demand for US dollars.

Another thing we need to do is revitalize our industrial economy to return to making things other nations will want to buy and insist they purchase those things in US dollars to increase the demand for US dollars.

That is just for starters and they better do it fast.

If I were Putin and wanted to save the Russian Ruble, I would start requiring that Russian oil be paid for in the Russian ruble along with any other products where Russia is a major producer and he may have to decrease the number of Rubles in circulation down to "market saturation" or no more than normal demand for the Ruble.

Note that he points out in that video that other countries are encouraging China to buy oil from Saudi Arabia in Yuan because our beloved upper class trash have taught most of the world to hate the US and want to see it destroyed. Also note that they have put a date for this action against the Petrodollar to be finished, which is the end of March, you know, less than 2 weeks away.

This video tells you more about how the US sanctions by the lefties are turning more and more nations against us and causing them to join the Eastern Alliance. Everything the lefties are doing is failing and backfiring on them and will also cost us.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash lefty royals have destroyed the Republic of the US and it just has not finished kicking yet? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are not as smart as they think they are and everyone else isn't as stupid as the upper class trash think they are?

The old girl doesn't have many more kicks left. This will finish the nation I grew up loving and served.

This is going to get bad and you will very soon be demanding that they put Trump back in office because he understands these economic things and proved it when he was in office before.


Remember that I have been telling you that you can't trust the media?

This video shows that people who are believing the media and going to Ukraine to fight for the righteous Ukrainian Army are being murdered by that army. From what the guy says there are a lot of people from US and Europe who are going into Ukraine to fight and being used for cannon fodder and, if they don't go on suicide missions, they are shot in the back, because the lefties care so much about you.

Wow, that really shows they care a lot for you people who are caring about them. /sarc

I have been telling you for several decades that you mean nothing to the lefties, not a thing. They do not hesitate to murder you and use you for whatever they want. They do not care who or how many they hurt or kill.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties are evil people?

If you believe their lies, it will get you killed so question everything you are told.

Ukraine Jets

You want to know why they are not sending jets into Ukraine?

In this video this guy explains it. Putin has said that sending jets into Ukraine will be considered an act of war against Russia and Putin is backing the US and NATO down.

They know that, with the current situation, they can't win a war with Russia and I have explained why, in spite of what the military industry is having their people tell you. It will also devastate Europe at least as bad as WWII did and maybe worse.

Ingraham and Tucker keep getting in good retired military officers who keep telling the truth and giving good solid explanations, to the ire of the left, while most others are working with corrupt, lying retired officers working for the military industry.

Speaking of liars beating war drums to make money murdering your family and friends, watch this video that tells you that, prior to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, our despicable, corrupt, politicians purchased defense and energy stocks, you know, they were looking forward to a war with Russia to make millions.

Note that he is only telling you about a handful of the members of Congress who bought those stocks RIGHT BEFORE the invasion and not about the many, many more members of Congress who already owned stocks in those and other military industry companies before that. When you see politicians, the media, and others beating war drums, always ask to see their stock portfolio.

That should tell you that they intentionally caused this war to make millions of dollars in blood money murdering your sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, and friends and are the bad guys, not Putin. They intentionally caused the suffering and death of the women and children they are using your sympathy for them to turn you against Putin and make you want to "stop Putin" instead of stopping them and their crimes so they can start WWIII to make millions and billions of dollars murdering more people because they KNEW they could use your sympathy for the women and children they were going to cause harm to in order to cause you to support their war.

These evil spawn of Satan don't govern for you, they don't care about you, they don't care about those women and children they have caused this harm and death to; all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Do you believe me yet? Do you believe me yet that all those evil things care about is themselves and their bank accounts? Is it getting obvious enough for you yet?

All of those war drum beaters are the worst kind of criminals because all they love and care about is their blood money.

Gee, what a coincidence, they own stock in the companies that are making the weapons those companies sold to the US Military to send to Ukraine. Gee, I wonder why they plan to drag this war out to make billions more dollars selling our military more and more weapons to give to Ukraine to kill more and more women and children.

Remember that I told you about the corruption in government and business I have been trained to manage? Do you believe me yet? Do you believe me yet that they always do their evil in the name of doing something good to cover for their evil or justify their evil? Do you believe me yet that the lefties, especially the upper class trash are horrid, evil blood sucking parasites?

He is only showing you a tiny bit of their corruption. It is much, much, much worse than he is showing you.

Remember that I have been telling you that the greatest threat to you, this nation, and this world are the upper class trash and their puppets?

I have been watching this evil crap get worse for more than half a century with the upper class trash causing the suffering and murder of women and children around the world. I am tired of their completely out of control evil.

Here the Word of God: This evil is part of the reason why we are about to have the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to get rid of most of these evil human demons and blood sucking parasites. These evil monsters will bring their armies down against Israel, after having used the lies of their media to turn you against Israel the way they have turned you against Putin, and they will gather in Damascus with the power mad upper class trash to wheel and deal to make their millions and billions murdering the women and children of Israel when God, Himself, will destroy Damascus and them. The day after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, most of these evil things will be burning in Hell where they can never cause harm to anyone again forever and WITHOUT their wealth and power and butt naked.

I will not shed one tear for one of them.


Remember that I have been telling you that, when US troops get tied down in fighting Russia, China will make its moves in their area, especially against Taiwan?

This video shows that I am not the only person who knows this because Taiwan is stepping up its preparations for defense against China, especially with Russia asking China for financial and military assistance that could only mean Putin is expecting to have to invade Europe to stop the lefty upper class trash from destroying Russia.

Note that he said Taiwan is now planning to be more self dependent, meaning you can't depend on the US, especially with Afghan Joe now providing funding for the startup of microchip manufacturing to replace Taiwan's chip manufacturing of military quality chips, telling Taiwan that he may not try to protect them any more than he is protecting his Nazi puppet Zelensky or Afghanistan.

Note that he also referred to the Senkaku Islands I have been warning you about China planning to take.

I guess Taiwan can read wall writings by Afghan Joe?

You Europeans just might want to read the writing on your wall and be a little concerned about this too.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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