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The Purge

After I posted the last essay, I realized that with Newsom also being from the French Royal Family and Trudeau possibly being purged, don't be surprised if the left suddenly turns on Newsom and his fellow criminals to purge them and consolidate power under the British Royal Family like I told you would happen.

Then you might also want to keep an eye on Grisham and her criminal accomplices who are members of the Spanish Royal Family.

Remember that I have been teaching you for more than a decade that the greedy and power mad whackos can never have enough wealth or power so they will always want more and will turn on each other when they have all of the power and wealth?

With their potential power and wealth now being limited by the final defeat of their globalism and the upper class trash royals now being forced to share that power with other upper class trash, they have to purge out many who had been part of their operations or they all end up with much, much less and you know the ones at the top are not going to take ending up with much less very well.

This insanity by the upper class trash is just now beginning and a lot of you are going to die because of their insanity. The purge has begun and it looks like the royals may be turning on each other. People, this purging of royals by royals is what caused the Feudal System following the fall of Rome. The royals have been murdering your ancestors and each other for thousands of years for more wealth and power and they are not going to stop now. It should be obvious by now that they won't stop until they are all burning in Hell.

God said, "There is nothing new under the sun." If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because you will need it more every day for some time now.


This video is interesting for several reasons.

First, it shows that Zelensky is a typical front man, stooge, or puppet. If you are the corrupt upper class trash, you do not want a front man/woman who is intelligent enough to realize they are a disposable front man and a stooge so they will blindly follow orders.

The main reason for having a front person is that, if things go wrong and crimes have been committed, the front person takes the blame and you can dispose of them either with prison or "suicide" so you can continue with your crimes by simply hiring another front person to continue doing the illegal work for you.

In that video Zelensky shows that he is too simple minded, ignorant, and stupid to think beyond the local or micro picture to see the global macro picture and probably wouldn't know a strategic analysis if you showed it to him. All that arrogant little fool can see and understand is that Ukraine is under attack by Russia and that the West is not keeping their obvious promises for saving his stupid butt and not why.

He is not capable of seeing Ukraine in the bigger picture and realizing that, if the West sends troops to his aid, the rest of the Eastern Alliance will go wild on the world, bringing down the West by spreading the Western troops out thin enough the East can beat them.

Note that he said he is only asking for 1% of the tanks, planes, and other equipment NATO keeps in reserve and he does not realize how important that 1% will be in WWIII to hold off the enemies of the West until their industries can ramp up enough to begin quickly replacing destroyed equipment faster than it is being destroyed.

Let me share the logistics of just "giving" Ukraine weapons systems. You don't just give Ukraine planes and they gallantly fly off into battle easily defeating the Ruskie pilots. It ain't that simple, people.

If you give the Ukrainian Air Force even used planes they have never used, you have to also provide them will all of the ground support equipment that is specific to each type of plane they get for starting and working on those planes on the flight line. You can't even start up jet planes without specific equipment.

Then you have to also provide them with all of the shop equipment for repairing systems in their shops. Then you have to also provide them with spare and special mission parts. You often use special adaptor equipment for different weapons systems.

You not only have to train their pilots and flight crews in using those planes, that can take up to a full year or longer (the training time for F-16 pilots is one year AFTER they already know how to fly a jet.) Then you also have to train all of the different ground support crews for all of the specific jobs for repairing and maintaining those aircraft and their systems because broken planes don't fly very well.

For example, after I already knew ECM and had worked SAC bombers for almost a year, I had to take a 3 month course to work or maintain TAC planes before I could transition from working bombers to working fighters and attack planes.

The same is true for tanks and even small arms like the M4. You have to provide them with the weapons, ammunition, and spare parts and then train them in how to break down, clean, repair, and rebuild just modern rifles. You don't just send them a box full of rifles and say, "Here, go shoot somebody."

In case you have not noticed, this isn't 1776.

Plus Zelensky doesn't realize that almost all of that stuff will be destroyed by Russia as fast as it can get inside the Ukrainian borders, much less into action.

It won't do him any good so why waste it on him?

Second, it shows that Zelensky is desperate, which means he isn't even close to defeating or stalling Russia.

Third, it shows that Russia is attacking where ever she wants with impunity, which means Ukraine isn't even close to defeating or stalling Russia.

Fourth, it tells you that Russia has added to its strategy the destruction of oil and other resources to deny Ukraine with the required energy and materials to fight a war.

You see how much one video can tell you even though it was not meant to tell you most, if any of that?

Another thing is that the lefty media and videos keep telling us that Ukraine has defeated or stalled Russia. Why, Russia is a beaten foe.

Then why is Zelensky increasingly willing to give Putin more and more of what Putin wants? I mean, if Ukraine has defeated or is defeating Russia, shouldn't Russia be the one making the concessions?

Right now, Zelensky is considering giving Putin what he wants about Ukraine being a neutral state and Russia getting the Donbass area. That doesn't sound to me like Ukraine is defeating Russia. It sounds like all of those media and videos are lying to you.

Pay attention and use common sense.

Don't forget that, at the very beginning, Putin said that he did not want permanent control of all of Ukraine or to annex it. Putin told you that he only wanted a treaty with Ukraine that they would remain neutral, neither Western or Eastern, and that he wanted to free the Donbass area and possibly take control of just Eastern Ukraine, whose population is mostly Russian anyway, to increase the distance between Ukraine and Moscow in order to protect Moscow. That is what Putin is doing.

Lately, I keep seeing videos or news about Ukraine seizing back control of this, that, or some other village from the Russians and I am keeping an eye on it. It is looking like they have learned that when a conquering force moves through an area, they don't leave behind any kind of controlling forces because that would deplete the Russian forces too quickly so it looks like some of the Ukrainians are waiting until the Russians take a village and leave and then some of them put on some uniforms and "retake the village" and make videos about it to fool you.

Also, I am seeing where they are saying that Ukraine is "continuing their assault on Kiev".

Hold it, why is Ukraine continuing an assault on Kiev if Ukraine is winning the war and keeping Russia from taking their cities, especially since we started hearing that lie before Russia took Kiev?

The lefty commie traitor media keep contradicting themselves. I cannot remember one army in history that kept taking turf while losing battles and a war. It just doesn't happen.

Maybe these lying fools don't know that losing a war means you are losing turf and winning a war means you are taking turf?

If that is what is going on, you can bet that, when Russian troops move back through the village for patrols or anything else, the brave warrior Ukrainians take off the uniforms and hide. From what I have seen of the videos, it looks like it is usually half a dozen to a dozen fake troops bravely taking back the village after the Russians have moved on.

This may be the reason I recently read that Russia just sent in reinforcements, you know, to maintain control over land taken?

I wouldn't be surprised to find out later that most of them are the same "great Ukrainian warriors" traveling around behind the Russian troops "liberating" empty villages for propaganda videos.

In espionage, you have to be able to tell which dots are important and where each dot goes in the picture to get the right picture. Little things can tell you a lot.

Remember that I told you that Putin is driving Ukrainians out of at least Eastern Ukraine but at least some out of all Ukraine to make the nation more Russian friendly? Remember that I told you that many of the Ukrainians who flee will start new lives somewhere else?

I just got confirmation on this where some of them are even not only living in other nations like Italy but are even going to college there, you know, kind of long term plans. This video of a young Ukrainian refugee and her family is a good example of what I told you would happen. She has signed up for college at a university in Italy, just like I told you would happen. Many of them are already starting new lives elsewhere and won't return any time soon, some never.

Putin knows what he is doing and God keeps showing me what he is doing.

BTW, Zelensky is now saying he is willing to make concessions for things that Putin demanded before the war but Zelensky refused to concede and caused this war like making Ukraine neutral and refuse to ever be a NATO nation. If Zelensky had made those concessions before the war, this war would never have happened.

Wow, that really sounds like Ukraine is kicking Russia's butt, doesn't it?

I mean, imagine a nation that is winning the war to make concessions to an invading army.

Have you figured out that you are being royally lied to by the MSM and other war drum beaters?

Watch this video and ask, "If Ukraine is decimating Russia, why can't Ukraine establish safe corridors to evacuate the rest of their people and, if they are defeating Russia, why do they have to evacuate the rest of their people?"

"What? You mean the left is lying to us and Ukraine isn't defeating Russia?"

They keep proving themselves to be liars and keep proving me right.

And the ultimate proof that the left is lying to you about Russia getting its butt kicked in Ukraine is this video telling us about NATO placing tens of thousands of troops in the East European states to "discourage Russia from invading Europe," you know, right after Russia finishes losing the war in Ukraine.

Do you believe me yet that their actions speak much louder than their words and Putin ain't losing the war in Ukraine because their actions are telling you he is not losing the war in Ukraine?

The liars tell you one thing while their actions tell you the exact opposite.

They also admit some very interesting things in that video like the forces there are not expected to stop an invasion by Russia, you know, after Russia loses the war to Ukraine, but to slow their advance and that their ability to move forces has "decayed", especially since their forces have also decayed. Note that, while talking about NATO he said, "You want to have US with boots on the ground from day one" proving that the US force is almost all that NATO has. It ain't NATO, people, it is the US because NATO has degenerated into a paper tiger that can't even growl loud enough to worry Putin.

Hey, if the upper class trash launder too much of their military money into their greedy pockets, they won't have enough military to protect those greedy pockets and they are now realizing it but it would now require years of rebuilding for them to have a military required to protect those greedy pockets and the war could happen right now.

Do you still believe that the greedy and power mad upper class trash are smarter than you when you see just how horribly bad they have screwed everything up because of their greed? Do you believe me yet that the ONLY reason Europe is still Europe is because of the US Military and even those days just came to an end because of the upper class trash greed? Remember that I have been telling you that because of our greedy upper class trash tearing the US Military down and Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea building up their militaries, we can't beat them?

This is not only proving me right but should answer a lot of questions. I just found this over at The Heritage Foundation by James Di Pane and Otavian Miller dated March 29, 2022:

Headline: "U.S. Military Forces Cannot Fight on 2 Fronts"

Oops and I already told you that, if we go to war against Russia, you know, tying down one front, we will have to also simultaneously fight on at least 4 more fronts including inside the US, which may require at least one more front just to defend the US from internal forces.

People, if we go to war right now, we will have to fight inside the US, while fighting Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea, you know, at least 5 full fronts and our military cannot fight on even just two fronts.

Do you believe me yet that we need to do a strategic retreat back to the US to prepare for this war, while very quickly stopping the upper class trash from stealing any more of our military money so we can very quickly ramp up for this war? Remember that I told you that our military isn't infinite and I was hoping it was at least a 2 to 3 front military but now we know it isn't even a 2 front military? Do you understand why the West is not in a hurry to start a war with Russia and they are just posturing and bluffing and Putin knows they are just bluffing? Do you get the picture yet?

Putin has his spies everywhere and he knows this stuff.

You can get the full story at this site. I am so fed up with our upper class trash because they destroy everything they touch because of their greed.

Now, do you understand why, with Russia preparing to stage an invasion of Europe, our idiot leaders are frantically giving the farm away in negotiations with Iran? It makes sense now, doesn't it? Do you really think putting a few thousand troops in Eastern Europe is going to stop Putin from going into Europe?

If Putin wants to go into Europe, he is going into Europe. The lefty upper class trash could very quickly and easily end up losing everything because of their greed and bluffing.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

They just keep proving me right, don't they?

I have been telling you so!!! I knew we didn't have a four or five front military and now we know that we only have a one front military. People, even if we could quickly ramp up to a 3 or 4 front military, which will take at least 1 to 2 years, it won't be enough because, for this situation, we need a minimum of a 6 front military to handle a 5 front war and most of our allies are virtually worthless.

You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load and join ye ole global pray vigil. Every time the lefties get into power they tear our military down to a one front military or less. Clinton tore it down to less than a one front military.

And you think the upper class trash are smarter than you?


Remember that I told you that Putin obviously has his spies everywhere in the West and he saw everything coming so he was able to prepare for it?

This video a former Ruskie spy tells you what I told you. Putin has his spies everywhere and he knows what is going on and what to expect. He knows what to do, which is why he is beating the West.

I told you so.


This video shows another interesting aspect of what China is doing globally. They are putting money into a lot of smaller countries around the world so that those countries each become one less negative vote in the UN concerning anything China does and they are doing it around the world.

Hey, he who gives the most money to the corrupt leaders of a nation, gets to own that nation's vote in the UN.

It is corruption working at its best PLUS they are spreading ports around the world to build up as military bases without having to invade and conquer those nations.

This is not going to end well.

Murder Vaccines

When I saw that the RNA messages in the murder vaccines causes changes to your cell DNA, I knew there was a significant cancer risk because cancer is caused by a change or malfunction in your DNA causing your cells to grow or reproduce very rapidly and out of control.

Now Pfizer is doing a "massive recall" for its vaccine because of a cancer risk. That should tell you they already knew about it but put it out there anyway because of the illegal and unconstitutional protection Afghan Joe gave the vaccine companies.

You need to litigate against the government and vaccine companies based on the decision of the US Supreme Court in 1977 stating that "all laws must be enforced equally and fairly", meaning that NO ONE can be above the law or have special protection from the law. The White House and vaccine companies are very liable and they should pierce the "government veil" and go after Afghan Joe and everyone involved in these crimes for the same reason.

An easy prediction is that there is going to be a massive die off caused by the vaccines, which, according to what I have seen, has already started. People should hang over this series of crimes against humanity. The upper class trash MUST stop being above the law.

Under Biblical Law, even Moses and Aaron were not above the Law. That is one reason why we need a Biblical theocracy.


The only reason I am commenting about this is because someone has to use common sense concerning Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. I am seeing nothing but really stupid stuff concerning this.

I am certain this was staged because the viewership for the Oscars had dropped so low that they almost didn't televise it this time so they had to generate more interest in the Oscars with a stupid piece of Hollywood drama.

It really looks like it was staged because Chris didn't try to block or dodge the hit and grimaced just before the hit was thrown to set up or brace to take the hit and no charges were brought against Will plus no one seems to be pointing out that, right after Will struck Chris and turned to walk off, he appeared to be smiling for just a few seconds. Chris obviously knew it was coming because it was staged.

People, they are actors and they make their living faking scenes for entertainment and to make money. It only makes sense that, to save their beloved fake Oscars, that make them so famous and so much money, they would fake a Hollywood drama scene.

In a few months, someone will leak that it was all staged and that will be it.

They are actors. Their movies are nothing but a series of fake scenes to entertain you for money and almost everything they do in their lives is fake. The Hollywood celebrities are plastic people living in an insane lefty bubble.

It's Hollywood, it's Hollywood. You can't believe 5% of what you see coming out of Hollywood.

Use common sense. It was just show and too many people bought it.

BTW, I will be very surprised if Hunter Biden goes to jail. Listen, the only reason they are "investigating Hunter" now is so that, after he is convicted, his father can give him a pardon. They want to get this over with before Trump gets back into office because, then, Hunter and Afghan Joe will both go to jail.

The upper class trash and their evil puppets have rigged the system so they can be above the law.

Spy Ships

Remember that I told you about spy ships the Soviet Union had off of Guam during Nam to gather electronics warfare intel on our B-52s?

This video gives you a glimpse into China and the US using such spy ships and quite a few of them. With both sides doing this much intel gathering, it must be both sides preparing for war.

You have to understand the types of intel gathering they are doing like mapping the bottoms of the seas in detail so their subs can hide and your subs cannot, gathering electronics warfare signals from those areas to tell us what weapons systems are present, where, and in what numbers, and in gathering intel concerning other things like what intel the other side is interested in, which can tell us what their plans are.

Keep in mind that we are not just gathering intel by ships but also with aircraft, land based units, and satellites. They will cross check intel from each other's gatherings to get as many and accurate of details as possible and then do follow up gathering on significant intel by returning to get more specific detail. They will also be keeping an eye on changes in their intel, which will tell them about new systems in the area or that systems have been repositioned for strategic and tactical reasons.

There is a lot involved in gather intel before you begin blowing each other up. You would be amazed at what is going on in this world that most people don't even have a clue about and some of it is very interesting.

I thank God for putting me in the Air Force when He did and causing me to learn what I learned. If I see things I recognize, I know what is going on and, even for stuff I don't immediately recognize, I can figure out almost all of it. Usually, all I need is a little more intel and I can understand what they are doing.

I have not seen anyone who teaches you people the balance and compliment of weapons and how they are used as part of the bigger picture. That gets pretty complex. They usually just teach you about individual weapons systems but that is not how they are used.

War Drum Beaters

Remember that I have been telling you that the real reason these war drum beaters were beating the war drums was money with the military industries standing to make hundreds of billions in weapons sales?

This video gives you a rough idea of how many billions of dollars in weapons were sent to Ukraine by various nations with those nations now having to purchase replacement weapons so, of course, the military industry wants this war to escalate and last as long as possible.

Do you get the picture yet?


With all of the above that is going on, I decided to do a last minute search and God showed me something interesting about rebuilding Babylon at this site. It explains a lot and Iraq is now making a major effort to quickly rebuild Babylon and you can bet that Mystery Babylon will be built right on its heals. Gee, what a coincidence that this is happening while the US, Russia, China, the EU, and Iran are right now negotiating a super deal for Iran and setting up their Muslim Caliphate to conquer the world with Babylon being the financial and religious capitol of the world.

It is all coming together faster and faster.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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