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The EU is rushing to make Ukraine a member before Putin can resume his attacks.

Telling me what?

That the West is lying about Putin being defeated, they know that them continuing their aggressive actions against Putin will cause Putin to attack again, and they are hoping that, by making Ukraine a member of EU, it will bluff Putin into being afraid to attack Ukraine to protect Moscow. That is very obviously their game.

No, it will create just one more reason why Putin MUST go into Europe to stop their evil insanity. Hey, if attacking Ukraine to protect Russia is attacking the EU, you might as well go all of the way and get all of the bad guys. Get it straight, Putin is not a coward and will do everything he can to protect Russia and the left can't seem to realize that Putin will always call their bluffs.

Here is food for thought: Concerning dealing with our own people, the upper class trash are greedy and power mad tyrants setting up their evil dictatorships we are fighting to stop them from destroying our nation but, in dealing with Putin, the upper class trash suddenly and magically become good guys? Really?

People, Putin is fighting to save his nation from our bad upper class trash the same as you have been fighting to save our nations from our bad upper class trash. Our bad upper class trash are not just trying to destroy our nations, they are also trying to destroy Russia and every other nation on this planet so they can set up their evil global dictatorship. Our upper class trash ARE the bad guys.

Do you get the picture yet?

Remember that Putin still has not committed more than about 10% to 15% of his forces to the Ukraine war and he has devastated the Ukraine military but Putin has been defeated? Really?

I found out that Putin has pulled his forces from holding north of Kiev back into Russia and is resupplying those forces and positioning them where I said Putin would position forces to invade and encircle the enemy with it believed by our military that Putin plans to use those forces to drive down through where I said he would drive to encircle the enemy but they think he is going to just seize the eastern one third to half of Ukraine before calling for a truce and not to encircle and trap the enemy AFTER Putin has clearly staged a tactical retreat back to the Donbass bait?

Remember that I told you about how encirclement works, where you stage a tactical retreat or fake being defeated to fake fleeing from the enemy to draw the enemy into what they call "the pocket" so you can do the pincer movement to encircle and destroy the enemy by cutting them off from retreat, reinforcements, and resupply, while bombarding them from all directions.

Does that sound familiar? Are you seeing this right now?

Question: If Putin has been defeated, why is he still using his defeated military units instead of replacing them with stronger fresh troops, when he has so many fresh troops still positioned to invade Europe? Are the lefty upper class trash suckers taking a sucker punch right now?

European Invasion

Remember that I told you that, when Russia invades Europe, they will start with cutting off resources to Europe, possibly days before hostilities begin to let Europe run low on those resources to decrease their fighting ability, and following that by a barrage of artillery, missiles, cruise missiles, drones, and aircraft?

This video is incredibly valuable intel concerning such military actions and shows how unprepared the EU/NATO really are and you can bet Putin knows this and more. I have read about some of his fighter planes recently testing or probing Eastern European air defenses.

Note that not one of the incursions into NATO nations in that video was stopped or even intercepted and their speeds were really low at just a few hundred mph to a little over 600 mph when you consider that Russia has a variety of weapons systems, especially planes and missiles, that can travel at from 1,000 to more than 3,000 mph, with ranges of from about 500 to 1,000 miles, and there would be no hope of Europe intercepting or stopping most, if any, of such weapons systems.

And those arrogant, greedy, power mad fools want war with Russia? Why don't the Western leaders just put guns to their own heads and blow their own brains out?

It would definitely make the world a better place.

You better bet that Russia knows this and more and it is very likely that at least a few of those incursions in that video were Russia testing the European air defenses, which is normal military operations prior to an attack. Think about that.

People, in the military, we call sending planes, drones, ships, troops, and other military assets to test enemy defenses "probing the enemy defenses". Yes, we have a term for what you better bet Russia is doing because I was evolved in the US doing it and trained to see Russia doing it, you know, "probing".

Then, when you look at this map and realize that every square inch of Europe is within minutes of high speed Russian weapons systems that can be launched from all directions by ground, air, or sea, you should realize that there is no way that Europe can stop such a bombardment from Russia.

"Sir, sir, we have incoming weapons!!!"

"From which direction?"

"All directions, sir!"

"Uh, we better kiss our butts goodbye."

That video shows that Europe's/NATO's air defenses suck and are very vulnerable. Very clearly, without the US, there would be no Europe today. They couldn't even stop an obsolete Ukrainian drone flying below the speed of sound.

Now think about Russian aircraft and missiles flying through those same nations at 2 to 5 times that speed. Oops!

Do you get the picture yet?

Now think about this: I know and bet that Putin knows how to use ECM to get most weapons past good air defenses, that is what ECM is all about, which means that, with ECM, he could get all of his weapons past those bad air defenses because NONE of those craft in that video were using ECM and they still couldn't intercept one of them.

Do you see how terribly bad Europe has let their militaries degenerate since the fall of the Soviet Union because of the upper class trash greed? Do you get the picture yet? And the arrogant upper class trash Western fools are pushing Russia to invade Europe? Did you notice that, during a war in a nearby nation, they don't even have their interceptor aircraft flying patrol and by the time they get their planes in the air, those relatively slow craft had passed through their nation?

Once again, giving Europe the benefit of the doubt, I was being very conservative in my estimates concerning the damage Russia could quickly inflict on Europe. With the US having only a one front military, they can't stop a Russian invasion of Europe, especially after Russia stops all of Europe's resources from Russia at least a few days before invading to cripple Europe.

Every time I get more intel, the situation for Europe looks worse. The stupidity of the European leaders makes my brain hurt a lot. Even I didn't think their militaries were that bad. I am stunned.

Then I found this video that was obviously put together by NATO and it makes it look like what we were trained to do during Nam but there are some little hints telling us that the other video is also right.

First, in this video, what Russia is doing is probing the NATO air defenses. They fly their planes towards NATO airspace to look for weaknesses in the NATO air defenses recording everything like radar and radio signals. They look for locations and types of radar and communication signals, which tell them where the threats are such as SAMs, while watching response times by the NATO aircraft. Note that the video says they intercepted 4 teams of aircraft probing NATO defenses but it doesn't tell you that there were probably more probes that were not intercepted before the Ruskies turned back.

This provides you with the information for targeting threats such as SAMs with attacks and types of ECM to use in different locations to get past their air defenses.

But the fact that they say they get teams of 4 aircraft (also normal US Air Force operations) in the air within 15 minutes (but not necessarily intercepted within 15 minutes) plus the small list of planes they give tell me they don't have enough NATO planes in the area to fly full time patrols and maybe not the money. You have to understand that planes need maintenance time every so many hours of flight so, with that few planes, they could have half of those planes down for maintenance at the same time.

They are intercepting Russian aircraft that are flying at about or below the speed of sound and manage to intercept them just outside of NATO airspace. They are not going to intercept a 2,000 to 3,000 mph missile before it can take out planes on the ground or the entire base, especially with tactical nukes.

In 15 minutes, an aircraft or missile traveling at 1,000 mph can travel 250 miles and a 3,000 mph missile can travel 750 miles or almost halfway across Europe.

NATO definitely has holes in their air defenses and that is what Russia is looking for so they can plan missions against those air defenses.

Two holes I have quickly seen is that, they don't keep at least one or two planes on patrol for quick intercept, which makes it too easy for projectiles traveling at today's speeds to get to target and that the countries are so small and their inter-country communications are so poor and can't be depended on that it is easy for even relatively slow moving craft to penetrate even second and third countries, meaning things like missiles will get to their targets at least most of the time.

I would not be surprised to find out that Russia captured the Ukraine drone and used it to probe NATO airspace.

On top of all of that, look at all of the European nations that are selling their own old weapons systems to Ukraine to make a buck. I hope they are using that money to buy better weapons but I doubt it.

And you think those idiots are more intelligent than you because they stole more from their militaries than you can earn?

I am absolutely convinced that this is definitely the fall of Rome II and Putin is Alaric II.

For us to get out of this mess caused by our criminal traitor lefty upper class trash without a massive disaster in Europe, the upper class trash would have to give up on their insane obsession with their global dictatorship to make peace with Putin and you know they won't do that.

The next best thing is to stage a counter coup and take back control of our nations to stop the upper class trash evil obsession with their beloved global dictatorship and make peace with Putin. At this time, I don't see a chance of that happening either.

It is very obvious that, for the upper class trash to make a deal with Iran and start working to set up the one world government and church of Islam out of Mystery Babylon during the Tribulation, the upper class trash are going to have to give up things, power, and/or control to Iran they don't want to give up, which is probably why Obama and his Muslim pals will have to stage their coup to join Iran against Israel and to build Mystery Babylon.

I am still trying to figure out what the catalyst will be that will cause Obama and company to make that move and maybe it has already happened and things are right now moving that way?

He sure has suddenly come out from behind his curtain to begin making moves to take that control and maybe he is using that to set up that move right now?

I keep waiting for him, or maybe someone else, to throw the formal ball in the Sears Tower in Chicago on a Monday that is not a holiday but a normal work day during normal work hours and will definitely have some of the most powerful people in at least the US and probably the world.

It is possible that Putin taking Europe will cause Obama to make that move because then their globalist plans will definitely be 100% dead and the Muslim Caliphate will be their only hope for a global dictatorship.

It looks like I am going to have to keep praying about this.


This morning, you know, during my 3:30 am conference with God called not being able to sleep, He reminded me of another emergency function for the US Government you should have learned in civics class and showed me another path Obama can take back to power.

You see, if Pelosi resigns as Speaker of the House, the Commierat controlled House can appointed Obama as Speaker of the House, then Kruella resigns for another government position and Obama becomes Vice President with the House appointing Meghan as Speaker of the House, then Biden either resigns or they get rid of him with the 25th Amendment because of his failing health and Obama becomes president with Meghan becoming Vice President and the House appoints Pelosi back as Speaker of the House.

Most people don't know it but the US President is not just limited to two terms but is limited to two terms plus two years so that, if he becomes president at mid term because something happens to the president, he can still serve two more full terms. Therefore, Obama can serve as president for two more years before he has to step down.

Then, after Obama becomes president and Meghan becomes Vice President, Obama nukes Chicago (probably with the help of his lackeys, Austin and Milley, running the Pentagon), which will create much more fear in the American people than the fakedemic even came close to creating, which Obama can use to declare a national emergency and then declare "temporary" martial law, under which Obama can "temporarily" suspend the US Constitution, Congress, the Supreme Court, impose any law he feels necessary like Shiria Law (that God told me he would do), and the upcoming election the left will lose heavily and lose control and power.

The safeguards for this to force the president to return the US to being a republic are 1) that our Commierat controlled Congress can vote to return to being a republic so they can lose the next election, control, and power, which you just know will happen, and 2) for Obama's controlled Pentagon under his stooges Austin and Milley can force Obama to return the US to being a republic so they can lose control and power, which you just know is going to happen. /sarc

There is a third control where the people can stand up and take their nation back, which is the real reason why the left is trying to take your guns.

It looks like it is possible the Commierats intentionally rigged ye ole election to get Dopey and Kruella "elected" as President and Vice President because they would be so unpopular that people would be more than glad to get rid of them, then use them to do the things that would make any president and vice president very unpopular, then replace them with Obama and Meghan to finish setting up the US dictatorship or monarchy, then send Obama with a US military force to get rid of Israel because she is also standing in the way of the upper class trash royal global dictatorship or monarchy, then have Obama resign to make Meghan president so she can finish establishing their monarchy by making Harry and Meghan the first US king and queen so ye ole Queen of England can get her colonies back to finish setting up their global dictatorship or monarchy but me thinks Obama has other plans, you know, him standing on the Temple Mount to give the order to kill all remaining non Muslims to establish himself as the Muslim Mahdi to unite all 1.4 billion Muslims to overthrow the European royals and become ruler of the world, you know, a coup within a coup.

That explains Obama suddenly coming out from behind the curtain and being so popular with Biden not being able to draw flies. Those upper class trash Commierats know that Biden is on his way out and Obama will be the new president and that was made very clear by how those upper class trash treated both of them. We are being set up by ye ole royals to get their planet and slaves back.

Keep an eye on this because, after what we have seen the last few years, I wouldn't put anything past the upper class trash.

Just remember that man plans, God laughs.

Now, after I was made to get up to share that with you, I am going back to bed at 4:30 am in hopes of getting a little more sleep.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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