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Remember that I told you that Putin is moving so slow to give everyone a chance to quit attacking him and Russia to bring down Russia so they can set up their evil global dictatorship but the evil, intellectually superior, natural elite, greedy, power mad upper class trash fools are misunderstanding Putin's caring for others as being fear and weakness?

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Bob Cronin:

"Russia has had the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile since 2018. But it wasn't until Wednesday, after launching its offensive in eastern Ukraine, that Russia said the Sarmat had been successfully tested-an announcement packaged with a warning, the New York Times reports.

Analysts and other nations have raised the possibility that Russia could pressure other countries to keep out of the fight by suggesting nuclear weapons might be deployed.

'This truly unique weapon will force all who are trying to threaten our country in the heat of frenzied, aggressive rhetoric to think twice,' President Vladimir Putin told Russians on TV."

Putin's message is clearly, leave us alone or fry.

Will they listen?

The upper class trash? No.

Some of the rest? Maybe, we will see.

Once again, they have pushed Putin as far as he will go into his corner and this time, when he fights his way out, it won't be to go into Ukraine but into Europe and to also cause harm to the rest of the West like the US and Canada.

You should also note that, when Putin fights his way out of his corner this time, it should be clear he won't be fighting alone but will be fighting with China, Iran, North Korea and the rest of their allies.

We are one idiot move by the upper class trash from full scale nuclear war WWIII and I know the upper class trash are too stupid from thousands of years of inbreeding, too arrogant and narcissistic to even consider them not being able to defeat the Eastern Alliance and they don't care that a few billion of you will die unless the first thing Putin does is to nuke the homes of as many of the upper class trash as he can at the start of the fight. Then the upper class trash survivors just might have the very first intelligent thoughts in their lives.

Remember that I told you that the Europeans, especially Germany, are very lacking in military strength because the upper class trash were busy laundering their defense money into their greedy pockets?

Right now Germany has a wee bit of a problem in sending weapons to Ukraine in that she doesn't have enough for herself, much less to send to others, especially with Russia poised to invade Europe. "Their inventory is lacking." Their excuse for this irresponsible behavior is that "they didn't see a need for it." I guess their bank accounts needed the money more than their militaries did.

But, hey, the rest of Europe can only send a few planes or armored vehicles each because their militaries are not much better off and the US is even having to sell some of those nations some of our weapons so those nations can afford to send anything to Ukraine.

Once again, the Europeans are depending on the US to cover it all with just token efforts by them.


The media are maddening. The idiots drive me up the wall. They are so brain dead ignorant about tactics, strategies, or anything military but they insanely shoot off their big mouths as if they know everything about what is going on. Why dey is smarty pants. It just completely blows my brain when they say, "We know Russia was CRUSHED in the first part of the Ukraine War."

They are not capable of connecting any two dots, doing the math, or anything else required to understand what is going on, you can bet Putin knows this and is using the media morons and der exspoits to spring his trap and it looks like it is working.

Yeah, Russia was crushed in Ukraine, why she only destroyed better than 60% of the Ukrainian Air Force, she only destroyed better than 60% of the Ukrainian tanks, and she only completely destroyed the Ukrainian Navy, including their flag ship. Zelensky is begging and begging and begging for more tanks and planes for Russia to use for target practice because Zelensky has "crushed" Russia.

The media really are that crazy.

Why, listening to these idiots and their exspoits, you would think that Zelensky has driven Putin all of the way back to Moscow, has shelled, bombed, and nuked Moscow, has chased Putin off of the planet to Mars, out of the solar system, and into another galaxy!!! Russia has been utterly crushed!!!!

Why, the proof of Russia's defeat is overwhelming because the Russian forces are withdrawing without finishing Ukraine off the way they would and after getting the concessions the way Putin said he would withdraw his troops after he got the concessions he wanted, taking the Donbass area with him. Ye ole dumber than rocks media are seeing this as Russia being defeated and running because none of them have the memory of a gold fish.

Hey, Putin is moving his troops away from the fight so Putin must be defeated and running, therefore Putin has been crushed!!!

I have even see idiot journalists saying, "This is the opportunity for NATO to finish off Russia!" You know, let's send our troops deep into Russia's trap to finish crushing Russia.

People, how many Ukrainian artillery shells, bombs, and missiles have fallen on Moscow? None? Not one? How many Russian artillery shells, bombs, and missiles have fallen on Kiev? At least hundreds and probably thousands and Ukraine has "crushed" Russia? Really? And all of these journalists are so insanely stupid they can't figure that out?

Now that Russia is attacking all over Ukraine with impunity again, after only a few days to regroup, the morons still can't figure out that, just maybe, Russia wasn't crushed?

The journalists are so simple minded, ignorant, and stupid they can't realize, "If Russia has clearly not been defeated, then why is she pulling her troops deep into the pocket to only fight in the Donbass area?"

Gee, you don't think that Putin has been paying attention to our moronic media and is using their ignorance and stupidity to get those ignorant people in our nations to pressure our militarily ignorant politicians to pressure our military to send the military troops deep inside Putin's pocket so Putin can encircle those troops and destroy them just before he invades Europe to send fear among the Europeans, maybe even to get the Europeans to surrender without a fight, do you?

I keep seeing more reports of Ukraine units that have been dug in defensive positions fighting for their survival coming out of those defensive positions to chase defeated Russia out of the Donbass area just like Putin wants.

It just amazes me at how incredibly stupid and ignorant so many well educated people are today. It just blows my mind.

Then I found this video which makes it look like it is the UK/British Royals leading the US into WWIII to make it a war between the US and Russia. Remember that most of the people in their Parliament are British Royals, including their Prime Minister.

It looks like the British Royals, with plenty of lefty help in the US, are wanting to use the US as their bully club to get rid of Putin and, hey, if the US ends up as smoldering rubble, no big deal to them as long as they get rid of Putin.

Hey, why risk destroying the UK in a nuke war when you can get Russia and the US to destroy each other and make way for the Royals to set up their New World Order dictatorship?

BTW, I just found out that Canada just sent troops to Poland along with the US and other troops already there.

Are they ramping up to go into Ukraine?

Note that he said that the amount of aid that is being sent to Ukraine by the US is just enough to prolong the war just like I have been telling you so the military industry can make billions but Putin is not going to accept that and will eventually and probably soon just go full scale war against the West with the help of China, Iran, North Korea and all of their allies.

Remember that this isn't just about Ukraine. It is about using Ukraine to get rid of Putin because he is against the left's/royals' New World Order and is in their way. The royals have to get rid of Putin to get their global dictatorship.

A lot more people are going to die because of these evil upper class trash and they obviously don't care who or how many.

Catholic Church

I recently saw a person post the false history of the Catholic Church on FB taught by the Catholic Church.

What they teach is that the Catholic Church was created by the first Christians, you know, the Apostles, right after the resurrection of Jesus, which is false.

At the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire had one church, the Church of Rome, which was created by the government for the Republic of Rome by combining all of the pagan religions in Rome, when Rome was still a city state several hundred years before Jesus was born. It was a purely pagan religion.

After the death of Jesus, the rest of the devout members of Judaism began persecuting Hebrew Christians (for the first few years after the death of Jesus all Christians were Hebrews and belonged to Judaism), causing the Christians to flee Jerusalem and spread throughout Israel and then to neighboring nations, where they finally began to convert Gentile people out of the pagan Church of Rome into Christianity or Judaism, which ticked off the leaders of the Church of Rome, you know, the Pope and Vatican.

This caused the Church of Rome to begin persecuting Christians, meaning they murdered them, until 312 AD, you know, for almost 300 years. There are written reports of thousands of Christians crucified along the roads of the Roman Empire, in some areas, for miles. The Roman Army hunted Christians down and slaughtered them with crucifixions, feeding them to lions in their gladiator arenas, and any other brutal and cruel ways they could.

Because of this, ALL of the Christian churches for the first 300 years were kept small and hidden or the Roman Army would have quickly hunted the Christians into extinction. There were no massive Christian cathedrals for hundreds of years, not one, because it would have made it too easy for the Roman Army to find and slaughter the Christians.

In spite of this rabid persecution by the Church of Rome, Christianity grew faster than the Romans could slaughter them, which meant the Church of Rome was rapidly growing smaller and controlling fewer of the people.

In 312 AD Emperor Constantine decided to use the Church of Rome the way it was originally designed to be used, which was to assimilate people from other religions into the Church of Rome for control. To do this, they had to incorporate the most important Christian beliefs and holy days into the Church of Rome mixed in with their paganism to convince the Christians that the Church of Rome had "converted to Christianity" to get most Christians to returned to their former Church of Rome.

To achieve this, Constantine, his wife, and the Pope did a number of things. First, Constantine, whose favorite god was Sol, the sun god, and whose birthday was December 24th, moved that birthday to December 25th and they named it the Mass for Christ or the Christ Mass so he and the church could PRETEND to celebrate the birth of Jesus while secretly continuing to celebrate the birth of Sol.

Then they moved the celebration for the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus from the Biblical Passover to Easter, the celebration for the birth of their fertility goddess (hence the eggs and bunnies), which was just a few weeks away so they could PRETEND to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus while continuing to secretly celebrate the birth of their fertility goddess, Ester (who also was called a number of other pagan names.)

They added a number of other Christian beliefs and rituals to the pagan rituals of the church to further fool the Christians.

Then Constantine marched his army through a river and said, "There, the Roman Army has been baptized so they are all Christians" so they quit persecuting Christians to gain the trust of the Christians.

At the same time, Constantine sent his wife throughout the Middle East building huge "Christian cathedrals" and making up stories about how the different Apostles built and managed each different cathedral that didn't even exist until hundreds of years after the deaths of all of the Apostles and people today still believe those false stories because the Catholic Church still teaches those false stories.

"Why, Peter founded this church" and "Paul founded that church." The Bible says that Paul was crucified by the Church of Rome in Rome.

Who are you going to believe, man or God?

They did all of this and much more to fool the Christians into being assimilated back into the Church of Rome and most of them fell for it but not all of them. This is why I will refer to the Church of Rome as the "Borg", they were very professional at assimilating people into their Church for control.

You have to understand the culture prior to this massive assimilation. The people who had been converted out of the Church of Rome into Christianity, a branch of Judaism, were suddenly at odds with their families and friends and naturally missed going to pagan rituals in the Church of Rome with their families and friends in the Church of Rome. Constantine and the Church of Rome knew this and used it to assimilate most of those Christians back into the Church of Rome under the pretence that the Church of Rome had "converted to Christianity", hence the incorporation of certain ideals from Christianity. Now those assimilated Christians could return to worshiping in the Church of Rome with their families and friends.

To make this assimilation complete so their people would not go back to the Judaism they had been converted to (Christianity is a branch of Judaism) for information about the Bible and Christianity, Constantine and the Church of Rome spread the lie that the Hebrews "murdered our God, Jesus" to turn the people against the Hebrews and begin the persecution of Hebrews by the Church, ignoring that the Bible says it was the Roman Army that crucified Jesus and not the Hebrews, but the Hebrews did sentence Jesus to death.

They also added about half a dozen to a dozen books to the already existing Bible to taint the messages of the Bible, falsely claiming that the Christians took those books out of the Bible.

What Christians took those books out of the Bible if the first Christians founded the Catholic Church? Think about that.

This created three basic groups of Christians. The vast majority were successfully assimilated back into the loosely Christianized Church of Rome, the Hebrew Christians stayed under cover within Judaism, and a group of mostly Gentiles, who refused to assimilate back into the Church of Rome because they realized the con. These latter Christians became known as "Baptists" because they still performed the full emersion baptism of the Bible and they were hunted and killed by the Church until about the 1800's AD, which is what caused many of them to flee to the American colonies to keep from being murdered by the Church. I found out from a former Catholic priest that those laws that were used to murder those Christians are still in the Catholic book of laws or their Cannon.

Many of today's Baptists don't even know this.

In the early 400's AD, about 100 years after this mass assimilation, the Roman Empire was split in about half with the western half still being called the Roman Empire but the eastern half was called the Byzantine Empire. Of course, this meant that the Church of Rome was also split in half with the western half being called the Catholic Church and the eastern half being called the Christian Orthodox Church. Therefore, there was no "Catholic Church" for the first 400 years of Christianity so none of their stories about the Apostles founding the Catholic Church and building those massive cathedrals could be true.

Since the Fifth Century or the 400,s AD, a number of churches found out the truth about true Christianity, made some minor modifications to their church doctrines and left the Catholic Church in protest so they are called "Protestants" or protesters.

Interestingly, the Baptist Church is falsely called a protestant religion even though they were never part of the Catholic Church and could not have left the Catholic Church in "protest" and most Baptists don't know this. That is also why the Baptists tend to have doctrines that are more Biblical than the other branches of Christianity but even they have been seduced over the last few hundred years into things like worshiping on Christmas and Easter, while also practicing Halloween.

That is what really went on.


Remember that I told you that Alec Baldwin is a member of the British Royal Family? Remember that I told you that the Royals have made themselves above the law?

Alec Baldwin's filming business just got a fine for manslaughter by killing that woman but not Alec himself.

Nothing is going to happen to Alec so I guess he bribed enough of the right people in Santa Fe enough? Remember that New Mexico is being run by Spanish Royals?

If you are not a member of the Euro-American royals, YOU would have gone to prison.

Do you get the picture yet? Do you think this is still a republic and not an oligarchy or monarchy run by the royals and their puppets?

They just keep proving me right.


I saw this video and realized that, right now, many of you could probably use a little inspiration and this is pretty good.

Remember, man plans, God laughs. God is in control, not man or his god, Satan.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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