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I am noticing the left trying to buy off China and India so the West can afford to tie down the US one front military in a war to get rid of Putin.

I am wondering if those nations are stupid enough to take that sucker punch knowing that, when Putin is gone, they are next?

It is looking like they are not that stupid because even India is refusing to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine to protect themselves.

The British Royals are getting extremely desperate and their increasing and determined negotiations are showing it but they are not succeeding with any of those negotiations; not with Iran, not with China, and now not with India.

They only have until about next January 2023 in being able to have enough control over "their colonies" via the lefty commie traitors to use the might of the US to quickly set up their global dictatorship and then they have to give into the demands of Iran to get seats for the Muslim Caliphate to be able to share control of the global dictatorship with the Muslims, you know, just like the Bible says they will with the feet with iron (the West) mixed with clay (the Muslims).

That should tell you that what the royals are negotiating for is evil and not good for those nations the royals are negotiating with because those nations are not buying it.

BTW, Macron won the election in France so I expect the hostilities to continue towards Russia, increasing the probability of the war expanding into Europe.

Some nations, like Hungary and Serbia have sided with Russia and refuse to be part in aggravating Russia, which should save them.

There is nothing I can do about this but to inform and warn you about what is going on and will almost certainly happen. If the people persist in voting for evil tyrants, then they deserve the tyranny and death they bring on themselves. Hey, gotta have that free stuff. This means that God may permit this war to extend into Europe to punish those people who keep voting for that evil tyranny by letting them have that evil tyranny. I just have to accept God's will be done in this regard. I have done everything I can, including praying.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load.

Bad People

This video tells you about how the lefties keep turning criminals loose in their lefty run cities who keep killing the lefties in those cities who keep voting for the corrupt politicians who keep turning those criminals loose to kill more lefty voters.

How do I know the criminals are killing mostly lefty voters?

Because most of the people in those cities are lefty voters, who voted those corrupt lefty politicians into office, the criminals do not stop to ask whether the person they are killing is a lefty or conservative voter, therefore, based on simple math, most of the people those criminals kill are going to be lefty voters, increasing numbers of them are the upper middle to upper class who donated to those lefty political campaigns. That is just common sense.

If you keep voting for these lefties who keep turning criminals lose to kill you and you get killed, you deserve being killed because you got what you voted for.

Now, the conservative voters who also live there do not deserve being killed because they did not vote for the people who turned those criminals loose to kill them. They do not get what they voted for.

That is also true for the Europeans who keep voting for the corrupt lefty politicians who keep sacking their militaries so those militaries cannot defend those nations and people from invasion. The lefties who keep voting for those corrupt politicians deserve being conquered and even killed because they voted for it by voting for the corrupt politicians who sack their militaries.

Also, the conservatives do not deserve to have their nation conquered or them being killed because they did not vote for it.

If you vote for it, you deserve what you get. Use common sense before you vote.


I wonder where Tucker gets honest retired military officers, you know, not on the military industry payroll putting out propaganda.

Talk about a coincidence, it has only been hours since I uploaded my last essay and this video has a retired officer telling you what I told you in the "Logistics" essay.

He talks about the lack of training for the Ukrainians to use the weapons, he talks about the Ukrainian weapons and troops being used by Russia for target practice, you know, while our military industry makes tens of billions of dollars selling them new weapons to be destroyed by Russia for your tax dollars with kickbacks to our corrupt politicians, he talks about the lefties needlessly extending the war, and he talks about Russia "finishing off the last of the Ukraine forces in the southeast", you know, the Donbass area just like I told you in the last essay, meaning he also sees the Russian encirclement trap. Gee, what a coincidence.

Who would have figured?

Oh yeah, I did in that last essay.

One thing I forgot to include on the Logistics essay was that it takes from about a year to more than three years to make many of those weapons systems, which means it will take even longer for these nations whose upper class trash have been sacking their military budgets to get their militaries back up to a reasonable level.

This video is by a US veteran who does his research and provides good intel. He says a few important things in the video.

First, he warns you about the timing for the test firing of Russia's new missile, just like I told you, he warns you about backing Putin into a corner, just like I warned you, he also tells you that Russia has intel that the UK is preparing a nuke strike against Russia, you know, trying to start WWIII, and he tells you that it could lead to a preemptive strike against UK. Keep an eye on that because Russia's invasion of Ukraine was also a preemptive strike.

He also warns you that China is getting ready for an attack on Taiwan (gee, what a coincidence), he warns you about China ramping up for war without our media saying anything, he stated something I had not heard about, which was China building their PLA or CCP factories and other facilities they use to bring in military sleeper cells right next to or near our military bases (I told you they were bringing the cells but I didn't know they were placing them close to our bases), which is huge because those sleeper cells can be used to stage attacks against and take out those bases when the fighting in the US starts (and you thought I was full of crap about the Chinese military sleeper cells?) and he also tells you about the CCP buying up other things to control the American people.

I love this vet's attitude. He is a true patriot but he lost me when he started talking about the cigars, which are not good for your health. It seems you can't agree with anyone on everything.

I just love to hear these twits say that Ukraine is not "our beef" or "our problem". Get it straight, the US and UK caused this war and are escalating this war so it is our "beef" and we need to stop it before our idiot leaders turn it into WWIII with billions of you dying, which will definitely make it your beef.

Remember that I told you about the US and UK trying to buy off India and China?

This video shows one such effort in which it is stated that India refused to condemn Russia for defending herself in Ukraine but notice the spin put on it or propaganda by the British PM and he is a member of the British Royal Family.

This also tells me that Britain is hurting economically and looking for other trade partners, including in the Eastern Alliance, who can shut down their trade with the UK to destroy her economy and don't be surprised if Britain starts quietly or even secretly buying their oil, gas, and coal from Russia by way of India, who is also buying gas and oil from Russia. It is very likely that is what this "trade deal" is really about.

The lying lefty media and Ukraine are really hyping the mass graves they are finding in Ukraine to make Putin look bad, you know, like they are all civilians that were murdered by Putin.

When an army destroys another army, killing from thousands to over 100 thousand soldiers, where do they put those bodies, especially during combat?

They quickly round them up for health reasons, you know, to prevent a deadly disease pandemic, and put them all in mass graves because they don't have the man power and time to bury them individually.

Did you notice that they are not telling you anything about the dead Ukrainian soldiers? Gee, where are their bodies?

In those mass graves just like has been going on in war for thousands of years.

Do you believe me yet that you can't believe a thing the left is telling you?

Remember that I told you that the European nations are too weak militarily?

I got this from Breitbart by Chris Tomlinson:

"Greece's Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos stated this week that Greece has no further plans to send military equipment to Ukraine and argued that further shipments could weaken Greece's ability to defend its own interests, particularly regarding islands in the Aegean Sea."

I told you that it isn't just Germany that is too weak to send much in weapons to Ukraine because they have not been maintaining their militaries at the proper strength.

So who is going to back out next?

Why has Russia not already taken the Mariupol area?

Well, the Ukrainian Azov Battalion has about 1,000 civilians, mostly women and children, in those underground tunnels with them and the Azov know that Russia won't turn those tunnels to rubble until the women and children are out.

Putin has been trying to get the Azov Battalion to surrender and get the civilians out of there so he can bomb those tunnels the Azov are hiding in to rubble but, for some reason, the Azov can't seem to get those civilians out of the tunnels safely.

Gee, you don't think the Azov Battalion is using them for human shields, do you?

Plus Putin has to keep looking weak and defeated to draw the rest of the Ukrainian Army into his trap so he can finally finish them all off. If he takes Mariupol to easily and quickly, it will scare the rest of the Ukrainian Army off.


In this video he tells you at the beginning what I have been telling you for years that the greatest threat to US national security is the left and he later states that "the greatest external threat to the US is China", further proving that the greatest threat to our national security is the left. They are our worst and most dangerous enemy.

The left has already destroyed our Republic, turned it into a limited dictatorship, and are working very hard to quickly turn it into a complete dictatorship so they can set up their New World Order dictatorship and commit global genocide.

BTW, China moving into the Solomon Islands is for the same reason the Japanese moved into the Solomon Islands during WWII, to isolate Australia from the West, weaken Australia for an easier invasion, and prevent the US from military intervention to save Australia.

China is also using the Solomon Islands as a stepping stone to take control of the Pacific Ocean from the US and move bases closer to the US to support their people invading and making war in the US.

China is really making a lot of important moves lately and the media are not telling you about it.

Note that the corrupt upper class trash ruining the Solomon Islands sold out to China because China stuffed the most money in their greedy pockets without regards to what China will do, after she has finished conquering the world. "But, hey, we gots lots ub munee rights now." Typical greedy upper class trash; don't think about tomorrow, only about right now.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Do you understand why God tested me by plunging me into poverty and then provided me with a number of opportunities to make large sums of money and all I had to do was lie and steal?

When you get those opportunities, you are being tested by God and you better pass that test. Today, almost all of our world leaders, including the leaders of the Solomon Islands, have flunked that test. That money isn't going to do them any good burning in Hell.

And God said, "Life is a test." You just might want to try to pass that test because your eternal existence will be determined by how well you do.

College Professors

Remember that I have been telling you that one of the biggest problems we have today is what our lefty college professors are teaching their students and too many students are so stupid they are just blindly believing what they are told?

Florida just passed a law and DeSantis just signed it holding college professors "accountable."

I guess that most of the Florida government figured out that I am right.


Have you noticed that Obama is getting increasingly active in the political scene and he is increasingly radical?

Keep an eye on this.

Mask Mandates

If you have a little bit better memory than a gold fish and use common sense, you should know that these mask mandates are illegal. It has been proved that the masks don't work, therefore, the mandates have nothing to do with science.

Two years ago, they told you that, if the mask mandates had nothing to do with science, they were unconstitutional and, therefore, illegal; a federal felony.

Therefore, the people continuing to issue and support mask mandates are committing a federal felony because those mandates are all about control and power and have nothing to do with science.

Why are they not being prosecuted, including Her Fauci?

And who taught all of these bad DAs to not prosecute criminals?

Their lefty college professors.


I am looking for confirmation about Israel dumping the US dollar for the Chinese Yuan. I got that information from just one source and I am looking for confirmation.

If this is true, it is probably because everyone turning on UK and the US to join the Eastern Alliance and Israel being betrayed by the US making a nuke deal with Iran.

We need to keep an eye on this because, if this is true, then it puts Israel on the side of Russia and China.

What kills me about such things is that our intellectually superior upper class trash keep doing things that keep chasing other nations to join the Eastern Alliance and they just don't get it that maybe our upper class trash are not as smart as they think they are and the rest are not as dumb as the upper class trash think they are. Hey, I told you that stupid people can't figure out they are stupid because they are stupid.


Remember that I told you that God is opening people's eyes for us to make a knowledgeable choice between Him and Satan?

I am seeing more reports of people returning to religion from secularism with increasing numbers choosing between Christianity and paganism. Keep an eye on this.

French Royals

I enjoy watching some of these videos because the person seems to do a good job of showing that ancient famous people were just human like the rest of us but she also researches the history. She probably does a reasonably good job on the recreations. We will find out how good on Judgment Day.

In this one, she tells that, contrary to the way it tends to be taught about the French royalty being wiped out by the Bastille Revolution, most of the French Royalty fled France before the killing began so there are still a lot of French Royals around but not well known, you know, like King Newsom of Commiefornia and probably also King Trudeau of Canada.

BTW, Napoleon and all of his military officers were also typical inbred, greedy, power mad French Royals who waged war against the other European Royals for wealth and power, killing millions of people in the process.

There are many, many times more royals still alive today than most people realize, they are very wealthy, and many still rule in some way, whether by government or major corporations and many of them are still just as greedy, power mad, and evil as their ancestors. I don't know if you have noticed it but evil royals raise their kids to be evil royals so that only the "black sheep" turn out good, who usually raise their kids to be good.

BTW, based on what the Bible and Jesus said and what I have learned from studying history, it is pretty safe to assume that probably at least 80% to 90% of the royals from the last 3,500+ years are burning in Hell just like all of the evil Royals, not the good royals, of today will soon burn in Hell. Hey, they chose to go to Hell by rejecting God, His love, and His Laws for the temporary pleasures of this world, usually at the expense of other people, so they will end up in Hell. Be careful what you choose because you will probably get it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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