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I forgot to mention in my last essay but do you know what Austin was saying when he admitted that they are using the Ukraine War to weaken the Russian Military?

He was admitting to you that they know what I am telling you is true; the West cannot defeat Russia without first wearing her down to weaken her. He was telling you that they know that, if the war with Russia starts right now, the West will lose because our greedy upper class trash have spent decades weakening our militaries to stuff their pockets full of our militaries' money needed to keep our militaries strong.

Just think, how many times in the past has the US had to weaken a military before going to war against that military? None?

BTW, remember that I told you that the European nations are not ready or capable of defending themselves against Russia because of the greed of their upper class trash.

We just gave over $400 million to Ukraine to buy our weapons from our military and gave over $300 million to 15 European nations to buy our weapons from our military, decreasing our military's readiness. But, hey, you know that our military will buy more weapons with the money they make from those sales so the military industry is going to make almost a billion dollars and this is just beginning.

People, it will take time to build the replacements for the weapons those nations are buying from our military. It is not like our military can just run down to Walmart and buy some more weapons right off of ye ole shelf.

People, all they are doing is transferring weapons from the US Military to those other nations' militaries and eventually replacing those weapons in the US Military. That is not the way you build military strength.

What they should be doing is the US Military should be using that same money it is giving to those other nations to increase its own military strength while forcing the greedy upper class trash of those other nations, who are sacking their military budgets, to quit stealing from their militaries and use that money to simultaneously increase their nations's military strength. That is how you quickly build military strength.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are idiots, which is why everything they do fails?

Germany finally relented under extreme pressure by the US to send tanks and other armor to Ukraine, weakening Germany's military.

People, this kind of pressure by the US and UK is teaching the other nations' political leaders that they have been lied to and, in the New World Order, they will also be expendable puppets and not the over lords they have been promised. God is using this to open corrupt rulers' eyes too. There is only one group that will ultimately rule their New World Order and that is the British Royal Family and only the blue bloods.

You know that, with his spies, Putin knows this, knows which European leaders are ready to turn and has his agents working on those people to turn them.

What this is going to do is drive even European nations away from the US and UK to be pals and protected by Russia and Putin, you know, like they are already doing with nations like India. You watch the Eastern Alliance grow into Europe itself very soon. Bullying people does not turn them into your dependable ally.

For example, the Aztec Indians bullied the coastal Indians who very quickly joined forces with the Spanish conquistadors to fight and defeat the Aztec Indians. Oops!

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Everything the evil upper class trash is doing is failing and backfiring on them. The upper class trash plans cannot succeed because their globalist plans don't fit with Bible prophecy. God gets final say on EVERYTHING! Man plans, God laughs.

Do you believe me yet that God is using Putin to destroy the upper class trash globalist plans?

You know that little bit of money will not make any of those nations ready to defend against Russia. The best it will do is make it possible for them to slow Russia moving through their nations a little bit more.

Remember that I told you that Russia landed forces at Odessa, Ukraine in the first few days of this war?

It seems that those 1,500 Russian forces moved into the Transnitria area running north and south on the east end of Moldova to protect the 100% Russian population living there from attack by Ukraine, temporarily giving up control of Odessa to the Ukrainian military.

I was just watching a video by some military guys who are watching Transnitria like I have been and they are also thinking Russia will soon probably make a coordinated land/amphibious move to take Odessa and create a permanent link to Transnitria and give Russia control of the entire Ukrainian/Black Sea coast line so that Ukraine will be cut off from the coast or land locked. Hey, those military guys are seeing what I see.

It seems some military action recently took place in Transnitria.

They also pointed out that Russia had gotten Ukraine's best forces staging a defensive/offensive position inside of an obvious pocket against the Russian held Donbass area just like I have been telling you Putin was doing. It looks like Russia is just holding position right now to draw as much of the rest of the Ukraine forces into that pocket they can before encircling them to finish them off just like I have been telling you.

That move is just so obvious that it tells me that Ukraine's top field officers must have flunked combat tactics 101 to not see that move developing. I have to say I can't see how anyone could possibly move their forces into that pocket while still having a functioning brain.

Can't they read a map?

The only possibility I can see is that they believe what they want to believe about them defeating Russia, chasing Russia back to the Donbass area, and are now so focused on "trying to finish Russia off" that they can't see the trap.

"Ha, we got them cornered now!" You know, cornered all around them.

This makes me question the integrity and/or intelligence of all of the people in the West telling us that Russia has been crushed and Ukraine is winning. Ukraine is about to lose their best to a standard encirclement. It is like they are committing suicide.

And you think God is not moving in this for Putin?

Then I expect Russia to return to Kiev and they may have already started that action too.

You can bet that, if Zelensky is in country, Russia has plans to 1) prevent him from fleeing again and 2) take him and his corrupt cabinet out.

From the looks of it, this shouldn't last too much longer because, when those troops are encircled and taken out, there won't be much left for Russia to fight.

For the recap, what it looks like to me is that Russia moved to take the Donbass area, where they encircled some Ukrainian forces early in the fight and took them out while moving to Kiev in hopes of taking out Zelensky but found he had fled early and was hiding in Poland, so Russia faked their own defeat and "fled" back to the Donbass area to draw pursuing Ukrainian troops into that pocket to finish them off in hopes that Zelensky would return to country (hey, the Russians are defeated and have fled, right?) so they could get him and also take Odessa to build a bridge to Transnitria.

Putin needs to get rid of or kill Zelensky, his cabinet, and the neo-Nazi branches of the Ukraine military.

Then the next day I found out that it has begun because Putin has cut off natural gas to Poland and Bulgaria just like he has been warning and has warned other European nations they are next. Their economies just took a nose dive and they will be weaker in the face of Russia, especially in a few weeks.

Question: with the left and their x-spirts saying Russia has lost, Russia can't win, Russia can't seize control of Kiev, Zelensky is defeating or crushing Russia, and such, just how stupid are they going to look when Putin does win, you know, with his "crushed army"?

People, either those x-spirts are lying their butts off or they can't even read a battlefield. It looks like Trump was right in that today's generals in the Pentagon don't even know how to win a war because all they have been taught in their idiot military academies is how to make a war last longer to make the military industry and themselves more wealthy by milking ye ole military industry cash cow.

"Know how to win a war? Nah, but we sure know how to milk a military cash cow to get rich."

You know what will happen. The media, leaders, and x-spirts will suddenly and quickly change the subject to something like butterflies mating and the stupid lefties will quickly forget their media and leaders were wrong and just keep right on drinking the lefty Kool-Aid.

Because of this, the lefty leaders know they can lie to their stupid lefty voters forever because they don't even have the memory of a gold fish and can never think for themselves.


I have noticed that the left has stopped talking about using the Speaker of the House as a gate way to replace Afghan Joe and Kruella so they can have a reasonable candidate who is also the incumbent president in 2024 because the incumbent president has an advantage over their competition.

But then I noticed the next day that they are now talking about how Pelosi should resign. Gee, what a coincidence.

They are now focused on trying to figure out "who to run for president in 2024", possibly to work them into being the incumbent president via the Speaker of the House, and what they are doing is proposing different people to run so they can poll the people to see who the people would best support.

If they realize that everyone currently known and is a current corrupt politician is damaged goods and can't make it, then they will have to run someone who is not already a politician and, therefore, not damaged goods, and the only person at the top who meets those requirements is Meghan.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, the reason why the left seized control of and began censuring the social media is because the social media helped get Trump elected in 2016 and the censorship helped Biden steal the election in 2020. If there is no censorship on Twitter, then it will be even tougher for the left to steal...uh...I mean win elections.

Remember that the evil EU just unanimously passed a law requiring all Internet platforms to censor anyone THEY say should be censored. Nah, there ain't no evil tyrants there. /sarc

The next day I got this from American Military News by Laura Widener:

"After Elon Musk's offer to buy Twitter was officially accepted on Monday, the European Union threatened on Tuesday to sanction or even ban the platform if it doesn't comply with a newly passed tech moderation law."

I told you the evil EU passed that law because Musk bought out Twitter.

Now, do you understand why God is using Putin to destroy the evil EU? Do you believe me yet that you are watching the fall of Rome II and Alaric Putin is being used by God to do the job because Rome II is now as evil as Rome I was?

God is using Putin, Musk, Trump, and even people like China's Xi to show just how evil the upper class trash are and bring down the evil, satanic upper class trash because God has had ENOUGH! They are history, it is just that their story has not finished being written yet.

Upper Class Trash

To show you just how stupid the upper class trash are, they get these great sounding stupid ideas floating around in their doped up minds and don't stop to think about the really terrible results they will cause and how the people will respond to those terrible results.

They just very simple mindedly think about how their great sounding stupid idea will give them short term control and power. They can't think beyond that to "and then what?" They just think that, if we do A and then B, then we will get C but they are almost never right. The real world is too complex for them to understand.

A great example is them putting all of these really terrible DAs in office in the blue cities and states.

They dreamed up this crap about the only reason criminals are criminals is because they are victims of society and, if we just coddle them, they will repent and become normal citizens, which is completely out of touch with reality.

So they convinced themselves that, if they keep turning the criminals lose, then they will reform and become good little boys and girls but they don't. When there is no price to pay for their crimes, they just keep committing worse and worse crimes proving that their criminal actions are a matter of choice and not a compulsion caused by their "victim hood".

But the terrible results for their great sounding stupid ideas puts the moron lefties in a bad position because, if they stop what they are now doing, then they are admitting they were wrong and the left can never admit they were wrong so they just keep doing the same thing but more and more of it with the extremely flawed idea that, "if we do enough of what doesn't work, it will start working."

Their stupidity is driving their stupid lefty voters away and to the right.

Their great sounding stupid ideas are why everything they have tried has failed and will keep failing.

Common sense should tell you that doing more and more of what doesn't work will cause it to work will never happen, which proves what I have been telling you for more than a decade, which is that the first and most important requirement to be a lefty is you can't have a lick of common sense or you won't remain a lefty very long.

God uses this against the arrogant fools by letting the arrogant fools get what they want to prove that what they want won't work in order to open people's eyes to the lefties being fools. This turns the more intelligent and honest ones away from the left towards God and Christianity.

Remember that I told you that a huge part of the cause of our problems are the corrupt attorneys working in corrupt legal firms that keep intentionally writing bad laws to control us? Remember that I also told you that the left never quits with their evil and insanity?

Tim shows you both of those things early in this video and then shows you about the continuing war that you and Elon are facing to preserve your right to free speech. He also says something interesting how the left is evolving our republic into their democracy and that is so they can evolve their democracy into their dictatorship.

People, this and other things I have shown you should tell you that, no matter what happens in Ukraine, the upper class trash won't stop their war against Putin, they will just find another way to try to destroy Russia to get Russia out of their way so they can set up their evil global dictatorship. They are going to force Putin to invade Europe to stop them the same way they forced him to invade Ukraine except that some of the EU nations will not fight against Putin and will even join his side to get out from under the oppressive heel of the upper class trash tyrants.

God is using this to open the puppets' eyes to the fact that the puppets won't share in the power of their dictatorship but will just be higher ranking slaves to their upper class trash overlords.

I just found out that Russia has started their northern pincer move heading south to encircle the Ukrainian forces and cut them off from supplies in order to finish them off. It has started as of April 27, 2022. Apparently, they are moving south pretty fast. Read that Putin is not going to give them a chance to surrender this time; he is just going to wipe their butts out. They already had their chance to surrender and blew it.

Look for other Russian forces heading north from the south to cut the Ukrainian forces off twice as fast. That is the way the encirclement almost always works.

People, if Russia destroys all of Ukraine's ground forces, the "heavy weapons" the West is sending are only going to be going into Russia hands. Hey, they are going to be rearming Russia.

Think about it, with no Ukrainian ground forces, who else is going to get them? If the Ukrainian forces are encircled, how are they going to get those heavy weapons to those troops? What are Milley and Austin smoking in the Pentagon?

If Putin takes the forces he is encircling in the Donbass area, he will be able to finish taking what they want of Ukraine quite quickly and easily.

I noticed that General Keane of Fox News has changed his tune from "Ukraine is crushing Russia" to Russia is now doing the crushing. Apparently, Russia has the troops they want pinned down in open areas and are pounding them to dust.

Gee, I wonder why most of the media suddenly lost interest in the Ukraine War and are only talking about Twitter?

People, Ukraine did NOT win the "first part" of this war.

Did you notice that Putin changed field generals and, within days, the Russian Army was defeated and in retreat but Putin didn't change field generals again? Gee, I wonder why?

Because that general faking defeat and running was the bait and sucker punch to set up the trap they are right now springing on Ukraine and I told you what they were doing when they started doing it. I read the battlefield in motion.

Remember that I told you about Transnitria years ago and then again recently only they are now calling it Transnistria? Remember that I told you years ago that Russia would take Odessa to create easier direct access to Transnitria?

This video tells you that things are heating up and it looks like, with Russia having drawn Ukrainian troops from the Odessa area and is encircling those troops in the Donbass area, Russia is about to move to take Odessa and her port by attacking from Transnitria in the Northwest, Crimea in the Northeast, and an amphibious landing from the South, you know, ye ole Russian encircling thingy. That will also give Russia control of the entire Ukraine coastal area so Ukraine will be landlocked.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today because God shows me what is going to happen.

BTW, I have been listening to the crap being put out about Mariupol where the experts were simple mindedly saying that Russia kept trying to take the steel mill but kept being pushed back by a relatively small number of Ukrainian troops. It just didn't make sense so I kept digging.

What is going on is partly because Putin is trying to keep the civilian casualties as low as possible and the Ukrainian troops using those mostly women and children as shields to hide behind but it is more complex than that.

I finally found out that Russia is using what we would call a "precision search and destroy campaign". They are sending small squad to platoon size units out "probing the enemy lines". When they make contact, they fight to save their own butts but also to see the exact position and strength of the Ukrainian troops at that point, you know, how much Russian bang is it going to take to destroy the target. The Russian troops being "pushed back" is them withdrawing a safe distance and calling in "strikes" against those Ukrainian positions with artillery, rockets, missiles, and bombs to destroy those positions. The US Military does this all of the time. Of course they pull back a safe distance so they don't also get their butts blown up in the advent the weaponry kind of misses ye ole target just a bit.

Then the Russians go back to where they made contact to make sure the target was completely destroyed and, if it wasn't completely destroyed, they "get pushed back" again and call in another strike.

The Russians are systematically taking out the Ukrainian forces with precision strikes to save civilian lives.

Once again proving that you can't believe a thing they tell you on TeeBee and just how militarily ignorant journalists are. It would be nice if they would at least learn to read a battlefield but that would go against their agenda.

US War

I am waiting for the war in the US to get started. The way it always happens in history is one side gets aggressive and violent, they start rioting and burning buildings down, then they start beating people, and finally end up killing people, which turns into open warfare.

Oh, hold it, that has already started, hasn't it?

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.


Remember that I have been telling you about the corruption of the Euro-American Royals?

This video shows you a tiny bit about the British and German royals' corruption and that they are all related, even with the rest of the royals, you know, kissin' cousins. Remember that this is just a tiny part for a tiny part of the Euro-American Royal Family because there are literally tens of millions of them spread around the world.

The video shows Queen Elisabeth as a darling angel but she isn't by any means. The only reason she stood against Hitler is because she knew he planned to dethrone and kill them even though he knew that the British Royal Family is really Germans pretending to be British. Pay attention to how many of that royal family were Nazis and pals with Hitler and they didn't disown all of each other, only a few were ostracized.

Remember that it is much worse than this video shows, much worse. Look, almost all of them are authoritarian tyrants and that should say it all. It doesn't matter whether their choice of authoritarianism is fascism, communism, socialism, progressivism, or monarchy; it is still authoritarianism, where they believe they are superior to you and should have absolute rule over you to do as they please.


This stuff about Elon buying Twitter is mostly a distraction. Yes, we need to stop the censorship but, if you really want to stop the censorship and propaganda, you have rich conservatives take over Google, which controls much more of the information on the Internet.

I hope that Elon does turn Twitter around but keep in mind that only 20%, maybe now 30%+, of the people in the US use it. Don't let them use this to cause you to forget about other things that are at least as important.

They are raving about how the left has been defeated in spite of the fact that the lefties still control Google, FB, Apple, all of the MSM, and YouTube, to count only a few.

They easily control better than 80% of the information on the Internet and the left is traumatized by it? Really?

The left's trauma is just show to distract you and make you feel over confident. Keep an eye on what is going on but also keep up with what else is going on.

The thing I find most interesting about this sale is that Elon used the royals' own stock market laws (the stock market was created by the royals hundreds of years ago) to turn the tables on the left the way the left has been using those laws to grab everything they could for increased wealth and power. He showed that God was right when He said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Hey, it is the conservatives' turn.

I have been telling you for years to keep your businesses private. Do not get greedy and go public or the upper class trash will quickly buy up enough control to take over your business and use it for their evil. Elon just proved me right.

This opens the door for rich conservatives to organize and start buying back our economy and rights. This could get interesting, potentially.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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