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Upper Class Trash

In this video Mark gives you a very tiny glimpse into the organization and corruption of the upper class trash. They really do have regular secret meetings, often weekly or more, to work together or conspire to commit their crimes against humanity, you know, you. They are not good people and do not have any good intentions for anyone but themselves.

This video shows you how well the homeless program is not working in San Francisco. It is failing super bad. The lefty upper class trash can't do anything right but they sure make a lot of money screwing up everything.


I hate war, I hate fighting but I am rational and in touch with reality enough to realize that, as long as we have evil people who try to oppress, enslave, rob, and other wise victimize good people, we have to have wars to stop those evil people because they will start wars to get what they want.

I should have already proved by now that evil people will stop at nothing, including war and murder, to get everything they want, therefore, we must be prepared and willing to wage war against those evil people to protect good people.

In dealing with evil people, war is a necessary evil, which is one of many reasons why I so look forward to Paradise where all evil people will be eternally incarcerated in the Lake of Fire where they can never cause harm to anyone again. At that point, good people will have won all wars forever and the last three great wars; the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Armageddon, and the war at the end of Jesus' Millennial Reign, will all be fought by God for us but there will be other wars up until Armageddon.

This video is fantastic and proves almost everything and some that I have been telling you about the Ukraine War. EVERYONE should see this video so please share it.

Pay attention to everyone who is profiting from it at the expense of the Ukrainian people and you will KNOW that they don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts, just like I have been telling you.

Not only will the weapons we are sending not have an effect of the outcome of the war but they will just extend the war causing harm to more people. This war should have ended weeks ago but the West is doing everything they can to cause it to last as long as they can so they can make as much money as they can at the expense of the people.

Everyone promoting this war and extending this war, including the media, is committing war crimes against the people of Ukraine and they call Putin the war criminal to distract you from their war crimes. Putin is protecting his nation and the Western "good guys" are committing the war crimes.

He tells you that most of those weapons won't even get to those troops because they will be blown up by Russia as soon as they get in country and the military industry and everyone making money from it, like our corrupt politicians, love that because then they get to spend more of your tax money replacing those weapons and making themselves even more wealthy. It is a con job, people.

He points out that Russia is capturing our weapons and using them against the Ukrainians just like I told you. You better bet they are also studying those weapons so they can see how to best beat those weapons in combat.

Note that he tells you that the West is selling weapons out of our stockpiles that we will need in a war just like I told you. That war continuing is all about greed at the expense of the people.

I really cannot stand the upper class trash and I will not miss them in Paradise.


After profiting from the slavery in China and financing that slavery, this video tells you how much Apple stands to lose in the near future. After they have profited from the misery they have caused others for so long, they are finally going to pay for some of it but not much.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

I try my best with my limited resources to not buy anything from these corporations making money from Chinese slavery but, as a poor person myself, I am limited in my buying options, especially in a small town.

It is nice to see some of these evil rich people lose some of their beloved money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

BTW, do you know what Putin was doing staging airstrikes again Kiev while the head of the UN was there?

Putin was telling him that Putin can strike anywhere in Ukraine at any time, you know, because his army has been crushed by Ukraine. /sarc

They are still reporting that "blasts are occurring across the country", you know, by an army what was crushed by the Ukrainian Army. They prove themselves to be liars all of the time by contradicting themselves.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I have been telling you that increasing numbers of people are taking up sailboat cruising and they are depleting the fish populations in the areas they visit, especially around the islands?

At about 10 minutes into this video they arrive at an island and take pictures, some with a drone, and there are now 1,000+ boats at anchor in just that bay. When I first began using the Internet to follow sailboat cruising a few decades ago, there would be from zero to maybe a few dozen boats in different island anchorages.

She even says that she has never seen a bay with that many boats.

What will it be like in another 20 years?

I think some of those islands will have to cut back on the number of boats allowed to anchor at those islands to save their fish populations and even then, heavily restrict fishing for at least 5 to 10 years. They are destroying those islands in a number of ways because those islands just can't handle that much human traffic, especially without controls.


Remember that I told you that me suddenly not being able to find anyone providing intel about the Ukraine War almost certainly meant that Ukraine is taking a beating and suffering heavy losses?

I found a German "news" channel that always puts out lies, misinformation, and propaganda that admitted that Ukraine is suffering heavy losses in Russia's "new onslaught" and then they quickly added the spin that "Ukraine CLAIMS that Russia is suffering even heavier losses".

That tells me that Russia got those 18 Ukrainian battalions encircled in the Russian pocket or cauldron and Russia is hammering them with artillery, rockets, missiles, and bombs so there is no way that Russia is suffering heavier losses unless you count the projectiles Russia is "losing" to the Ukrainian Army, then Russia is probably suffering some pretty heavy losses, you know tons of ammo.

I also keep an eye on the propaganda channels and sources to see what they don't say or get bits of information because they usually tell a little truth followed by a lot of lie.

I just saw some more propaganda from Fox News telling us that the Ukrainians are taking heavy losses but the Russians are taking heavier losses, you know, with the Ukrainians not having much artillery, tanks, aircraft, and the Russians have a lot artillery, missiles, rockets, aircraft and air superiority.

They said that Ukraine is holding off Russia from finishing the encirclement of the cauldron.


The Ukrainians are still taking concentrated fire from at least 3 directions at the same time, while being forced to scatter their fire in 3 directions at the same time. Oh yeah, I can really see how the Russians would be taking the heavier damage. /sarc

Hey, I know what the Ukrainian strategy is; they are going to sit there taking incoming munitions until the Russians run out of munitions and then quickly counter attack with the two or three remaining Ukrainian soldiers to crush the Russian forces. /sarc

People, this has to be the greatest military sucker punch in history. The Ukrainian Army sent 18 battalions stampeding into the Russia cauldron with encirclement inevitable to "finish off the Russian Army". That makes my brain hurt.

Why do the lefties, especially the upper class trash keep lying to you about Ukraine winning the war and crushing Russia?

Because, if you know the truth, they know you won't support them giving tens of billions of your tax dollars to Ukraine to buy our used weapons out of our inventory so our militaries will have to spend tens of billions of dollars to replace those weapons systems and they won't make millions and billions of more dollars from this war.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

This has to be the most extreme example of greed in history.

Strategic Analysis

I am sitting here, not being able to get accurate information and being forced to pick the truth out from amongst the lies, wondering what is really going on.

This last liar said that all of the weapons you are paying for and they are sending into Ukraine, have to go in by rail from Poland on only a few rail lines (easy targets) because they can't be driven in mass on trucks and Russia has complete control of the air so they can't go in by cargo planes. He admitted that almost all of those weapons are being easily destroyed on the trains but "some are getting through", you know, so you will keep supporting Biden spending tens of billions of dollars on replacements for those weapons to make them all more wealthy.

Then he pointed out that there is a major river those weapons have to cross with only four bridges those weapons can pass over.

Why do I not believe any of those weapons are getting through?

Then he admitted that those Ukrainian forces in the east were ALL in Russia's "cauldron" but, Russia has not been able to finish encircling those forces, you know, because those Ukrainian soldiers are tough.

Let's assume he didn't lie about that too and Russia has not finished encircling the Ukrainian battalions. There are a number of possibilities that include that Russia is in the process of encircling them and it will take a few days to finish it or Russia is pounding the Ukrainian forces to dust and leaving the lid off the cauldron hoping Ukraine will send in replacements because of their heavy losses, which is possible. Plus there is another possibility concerning the West sending weapons we will get to later.

Is Russia still trying to sucker more Ukrainian forces into the pocket before they close it?

Now, here is something I just thought of (God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, stupid, what about this?") and we need to keep an eye on. Russia knows that the West will not stop and he will eventually have to invade Europe and go to war against the West including the US and UK.

He also knows that, as long as he drags this war out, the morons in the West will keep sending weapons from their limited inventories, especially the US inventory, which is supplying the rest of them with their new weapons and he is very effectively blowing all of those weapons to bits in Western Ukraine DEPLETING the US and other nations military inventories, while knowing it is going to take years to replace those weapons so that, when Putin does go to war against the West, no one, not even the US, will have a weapons inventory capable of sustaining a fight against Russia.

Is Putin using this to systematically deplete the weapons inventories of the nations he is getting ready to go to war with so that, when he does go to war against them, it will be an easier and more certain win for Russia?

It is like Putin is letting the arrogant Western fools bring their armories to Putin so he can blow up their armories with minimum risks and losses. Putin is stacking the deck or leveling the playing field against the West before he goes to war against them.

Is Putin leaving the pocket or cauldron open so the West will keep sending Putin more weapons to destroy, after all, if Putin closes the pocket so no weapons can get through, then the West might stop sending more weapons for Putin to easily destroy?

It is beginning to look like that is what Putin is doing and, if it is, it is brilliant and Putin is using their greed against them to defeat them. Keep an eye on that.

NEVER underestimate your enemy.

Feral Cats

Remember that I told you that a politician in Ohio said they should have a hunting season on feral cats?

He backed off later. It seems he caught a bunch of flack about it.

In the article, I saw them reference a bunch of studies proving things bad about feral cats that I seriously doubt they can cause.

I would like to find out how many of those studies were financed by chemical companies to "prove that feral cats devastate ecosystems" (called bogus science) so people will kill off feral cats and be forced to use the chemical companies poisons to control the bug and rodent populations, you know, making those chemical companies a lot of money.

The chemical companies have been paying scientists, the media, and others to tell those lies for more than 100 years now, I have researched some of them, and they are lies.

Except when in close quarters with humans, you know, like in cities, the feral cats can barely survive because they are too low on the food chain and too many other predators eat them plus the things they eat reproduce too quickly for them to devastate ecosystems.

The average life expectancy for a feral cat is about 3.5 years and better than 90% of their kittens die before they get old enough to reproduce. Feral cats have a very high mortality rate. That is why, if you sterilize them, it just kills them off slower.

But, hey, those chemical companies sure make a lot of money selling you chemicals when you kill off the cats. They have probably made at least hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars selling you poisons for rodents and bugs from those lies over the last 100 years and they really love their money no matter who gets hurt.

But, that is no motivation to lie, is it? /sarc

I have explained this in more detail over the years.

The US Falling

Remember that I have been telling you that the Republic of the US is dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

At about 6:40 into this video he tells you that "our Republic is tottering" (wishful thinking) because they still do not realize the full extent of the damage that is done but they do realize that the Republic is almost finished.


Remember that I told you more than a decade ago that better than 90% of Muslims who are killed every year, are killed by other Muslims?

This video explains that quite well. The Muslims are constantly waging war on each other over differences in beliefs. Even the slightest difference in belief is grounds to believe that the other Muslims are not TRUE Muslims and, therefore, should be killed and there are a lot of differences in beliefs within Islam.

Remember that I told you several decades ago that Islam is a religion of war and not peace because Allah was the Sabian war god? Do you believe me now?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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