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Remember that I told you that the Russian troops were not trying to move into the Azovstal steel plant but were probing and taking out points of resistance?

I just saw that Russia is NOW going into Azovstal.

Hold it, I thought they were telling us that Russia was already trying and failing to go into Azovstal but now they are succeeding?

Later, after I wrote the above, I found out that they were so successful in taking out points of resistance with their probing and strikes that they rotated out 10 Russian units for fighting in the East and only left about 2,000 Russian troops or two units for clean up for the steel plant.

Yeah, the Ruskies are really getting their butts handed to them at Azovstal and NO ONE else told you what I told you they were doing and it obviously worked.

BTW, I also found out that both sides are using drones elsewhere as forward observers for their artillery and missile attacks and that the Ruskies are once again taking ground so you know the Ruskies must get getting their butts handed to them, right?

Well, according to the US media and military experts they are.

I have been hesitant to share this source with you because the videos tend to be more than an hour long and most of what they show are brief combat videos with little or no intel concerning who is progressing where so they are just brief videos of people blowing up people but at 50+ minutes into this particular video he shows you a detailed map like nothing you will see by the media or their military industry x-spirts. (I dig through a lot of crap to write these essays.)

That map very clearly shows you that Russia is RIGHT NOW in the process of encircling the 18+ Ukrainian battalions in Russia's cauldron and they are making progress PROVING everything the media and others are telling you is just bald face lies just like I have been telling you for months.

Note that the US veteran narrating calls it "fixing them in place", which is exactly what encircling the enemy does.

According to that map, Russia is further along towards encircling the Ukrainian forces than I could find anywhere else but, hey, we know Russia is getting their butts handed to them, right? Does that map look like Russia is getting their butts handed to them and that Ukraine can win this war?

Not even close and I have been right all along. I told you that Russia faked being defeated and "fled" to the Donbass area to set up an encirclement trap just exactly where I told you Russia would before this war ever began and it is working and I told you about it with much less intel than that one map provides by connecting dots and reading between the lines like I am trained to do. When you look at that map, you are looking at a well executed Russian encirclement trap that is working but, hey, we know the Russians are really terrible with their strategies and tactics just like the Western media and x-spirts are telling us.

This also proves what I have been telling you about the military industry, those making money from the military industry, and the media lying to you so they can get you to support them spending your tax dollars to send Ukraine weapons that will only drag out this war and kill many more people so the upper class trash can make billions. That is why they and their owned media would never show you a map like that. They don't want you to know the truth.

"Hey, we gotta drag this war out so we can make a fortune at the expense of those people, while pretending to care about those people."

Does it even look like the Ukrainian troops can even get the weapons the upper class trash are making billions to send over there?

They are almost completely encircled and they are being pinned down with artillery, missiles, and bombs so they cannot move to run away.

FYI, the blue lines with teeth are the Ukrainian fixed positions and the red lines with arrows are the Russian movements, you know, with the Russians running away in defeat from the Ukrainian troops by running towards the Ukrainian troops.

This trap should never have had to happen and those troops should not be dying but the West just had to keep them fighting so the upper class trash can make more money. Zelensky is just the stupid, greedy puppet the West is using to cause this mess. He ain't no hero!!!

A few minutes later, he shows another map from another outfit that shows that what Ukraine is doing to stop the Russian cauldron is to flank the Russian troops in the north to cut off their supplies to the northern encircling forces, which is probably why Russia just moved the 10 units from Mariupol to reinforce the northern troops, leaving 2,000 troops for clean up.

I think that will be too little too late for Ukraine. I think the best Ukraine can do is slow the encirclement or as he said to "not make it easy", meaning it probably isn't going to work.

Notice at the end he said, "Likely victory day" for Russia, just like I have been telling you.

Remember that I told you that Putin wants to get rid of Zelensky, his cabinet, and his supporters in the Parliament that were put into power by the CIA and Obama as a puppet government so Putin can put back a Russian friendly government?

Note that, in that video, he mentioned the governments Putin has already set up in the areas Russia controls and that they will be switching to the Russian Ruble. Pay attention to those little details.

Then I later realized that it is possible and even probable that the Russian forces in the north are pulling back away from the Ukrainian forces to draw those forces out of the City of Kharkiv into open ground and into another smaller cauldron to save civilian lives in Kharkiv and entrap and destroy those Ukrainian troops. It seems to be working. I am watching to see if a pincer or flanking movement from the northern and south flanks of those forces moves to encircle those Ukrainian forces.

Then he shows you a video showing the complexity of the steel plant and you can see why the Ruskies did what I told you they were doing by sending out probing patrols that would make contact, back off, and call in strikes to take out those contact points prepping the battlefield for this assault.

He keeps going on about the tunnels, you know, like our troops fought through in Nam. The Nam soldiers who fought in those tunnels were called "tunnel rats".

How do you do tunnel warfare?

First, you have to secure the surface area and all tunnel entrances and place patrols in case you missed tunnel entrances or they try to dig out somewhere else. That gives you the high ground with them trapped underground.

I figure that, based on what I have already seen them doing, they will advance with teams probing, making contact, backing off, calling in strikes, and then probing again to systematically clear the surface areas just ahead of the main body as it moves forward to secure the steel mill.

With the steel factory being surrounded on 3 sides by water barriers (south, west, and north), you could set up some pumps and use psychological warfare to help clear the tunnels. You just run a few inches of water into the tunnels to make the people in the tunnels think you are going to drown them or flood them out; not enough to cause harm to the kids.

That will cause everyone in the tunnels, especially civilians, particularly women and children, to panic and head for tunnel exits, where you will take control of them as they come out of the tunnels one or two at a time, watching for soldiers who would use the women and children as shields. You will find that even a lot of the soldiers will surrender, fight their way out, or commit suicide with some remaining inside the tunnels.

Then you secure the tunnel entrances and wait a few days to make sure you got all of the civilians out.

Then you send teams in to clear the tunnels in a systematic manner to make sure you don't miss any tunnel branches. That would be the easy way.


I hope you realize by now that all of this transgender stuff is just people being so sexually obsessed and perverted that they have driven themselves nuts. They are completely out of touch with reality and irrational, which, by definition, is insanity.

Note that they reject science because science exposes and disproves their insanity so they highjack the name science and call their lunacy science, which it absolutely is not science. They will tell any lie to get what they want.

They are just sexually obsessed homosexuals and bisexuals using words and names to make it look like something it isn't.

You have to understand that Satan knows that the greatest vulnerabilities for him to seduce mankind are greed, sex, power, and ego and he knows very well how to use all of them to turn mankind into raving lunatics he can easily control. Satan knows that, if he can get you to become obsessed with any or all of those and other things, he can use those things to get you to do any evil thing he wants and the left has become obsessed with all of those things, which is why they are so evil and will do anything to anyone to get what they want.

If you want to see what an evil satanic cult looks like, just study the left.

Corrupt Judges

Remember that I have been telling you that corrupt judges are a big part of our problem?

This video shows you one such corrupt judge interfering with an election.

I hope you have also noticed the corrupt judges turning criminals loose on you to commit more crimes against you. Bad judges are bad for our people and nation.


Remember that Saudi Arabia refused to answer Biden's phone call?

Watch this video and, at about 6:30 into it, watch the meeting between Putin and the Saudi leader. That meeting is VERY telling.

Gee, you don't think Saudi Arabia joined the Eastern Alliance, do you?

Of course they did and that should have been obvious when Saudi Arabia said they were going to start using the Chinese Yuan in replace of the dollar. Also, if they have, then the Eastern Alliance will be able to cut off almost ALL oil and gas to the West when they want.

Everything the upper class trash is doing is backfiring on them and their globalist plans are failing more every day.

Do you get the picture yet?

As long as the lefties, you know, the royals, are in control of our Western governments, we are going to lose more allies to the Eastern Alliance. The world is standing up to ye ole royals because the world does not want to be ruled, oppressed, and slaughtered by ye ole royals. As long as the royals are ruling the US, it is going to keep getting worse for the US.

The Western world just keeps getting smaller because we turned out backs on God for Satan. People, God is NOT going to protect the West as long as the West chooses to belong to Satan.

Do you believe me yet that you are watching the fall of Rome II?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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