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Rome II

Do you want to see the fall of Rome II?

Go to this site at and read that article.

They are dumbing down our military because they made it woke and no descent human would serve.

You have to study the history of the Roman Army. They started out with only top quality Roman citizens and then they started hiring people from other nations to fight in their army, which the US has already done both.

Then they screwed up their army so that only lower quality soldiers would join just like we have just done. The last thing they did was to contract armies from other nations to fight for them and, one day, one of those armies, the Goths, realized that there was no army between them and Rome to stop them so they sacked Rome.

We are only about one step away from that right now and, if you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

I think this is God keeping our more intelligent and better people out of the military Obama will take to invade Israel so they can stay here and defend our nation. I used to wonder what God would do about that and now I know.

God is driving the good people out of the military into militias and discouraging good people from joining the military. By letting the moron lefties make the military woke, it is drawing the bad people into the military and that will be the army Obama takes to die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

This video addresses some of the problems they are facing concerning people not joining and a big part of it is because very few people want to serve under the current leadership.

Remember that I have told you that no military can be any better than their leaders and these people are proving that right now. That Marine kept returning to the matter concerning the terrible leadership.

Another part of it is because good people are not being allowed to join or are being kicked out because they refuse to get vaccinated.

They are killing our military while starting a war with Putin. Why, I am just so amazed at their superior intelligence. /sarc

Do you believe me yet that our leaders are dumber than rocks?

BTW, I just saw that Libya is cutting off oil at four major terminals. I am trying to find out where the oil would be going, probably to Europe. Their oil exports had already been halved since mid April and this will decrease them even more but they don't say by how much.

This in conjunction with all of the other oil being decreased or cut off for Europe and the US is not a coincidence. Europe is already suffering financially and economically because of oil being reduced or cut off from different nations.

Note that Russia has forces in Libya. Also note that most of the major oil producing nations are part of the Eastern Alliance and Russian allies.

Then I found this video which tells some very interesting things. At the very beginning Macron tells Biden that the Saudis and UAE are at their maximum capacity for oil production and that is very critical because it tells you that they can't find any oil to replace the Russian oil. They are in a position to where it is Russian oil or nothing so Putin has the upper hand concerning oil and gas.

Also note that Germany's gas company, Uniper, is asking for government subsidies so it can stay in business because their gas coming from Russia is now down to less than half of what it was before the Ukraine War and gas companies can't make money without gas to sell.

It should be obvious that the West is in a mess they created and they are desperate with things about to get much worse. Putin has us over a barrel, an oil barrel.

Then I found this article at Breitbart by Peter Caddle:

"Britain plans to cut mainland Europe off from its supply of British gas should severe supply shortages emerge due to ongoing hostilities with Russia.

The United Kingdom is to shut down its pipelines feeding gas to mainland Europe in the event of severe supply shortages, a report has claimed."

The UK caused this mess and they are going to dump their allies and run to save their own sorry butts.

You know that will destroy any unity left in Europe really fast. I told you that Europe was getting ready to fly apart.

After that declaration, what unity? NATO? What is that?

You watch the rest of Europe turn on UK and make buds with Putin to get that gas.

I told you that the UK doesn't care about the rest of Europe, they are just cannon fodder for the UK in this escalating war and the UK just proved it.

This just got interesting.

BTW, Biden just stated that the US gas prices are going to stay high as long as it takes to win the Ukraine War proving what I have been telling that the only thing that will stop the upper class trash is death and they have gone completely over the top with their grab for power with their global dictatorship. They are nuts.

BTW, the lefty media keep making a big deal about Putin "getting mad about the slow progress in Ukraine and purging his generals." People, that is all show and cover for him moving his best generals to his invasion force for Europe just like I told you before. It is a slight of hand that the moron lefties, thinking themselves wise, keep falling for.

Listen, people, Putin is winning the war and doing really great so he is not mad at those generals who are winning the war. He is moving them to win the war with Europe and the US. Hint, hint.

But the intellectually superior lefties are too stupid to figure that out.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

BTW, the lying lefty media are starting to say that Putin "is beginning to win the war" in order to cover up for their previous lies about Putin losing the war in spite of the fact that Putin has been winning the war since day one. It is just another one of their cons and deceptions to keep you from knowing the truth about them lying to you.

Another thing that will force Putin's hand in Europe even more is that Sweden and Finland made buds with Turkey so they are now being allowed into NATO. Yep, I think Putin is going to start his invasion of Europe by using nukes in his opening barrage to weaken Europe and the US, especially against the US, UK, Germany, and France. Windsor Castle will probably glow in the dark.

Increased Mortality

There is something going on and they say they don't know what it is but watch this video.

It seems too coincidental in relation to the COVID vaccine so that would be my first guess but I intend to keep an eye on it.

Are the vaccinated accelerating in their die off?

Next President

Remember that I have been telling you that they are going to replace Biden and the media are already prepping the battlefield.

This video shows that the left is in a panic to "find someone" they can believe could win and I love the way Waters says they are testing the waters to see who might be a reasonable candidate.

Note that one of them states that, if Biden doesn't step aside, the left will hang him out to dry with the truth about his crimes and actions. If he doesn't quit, they will get rid of him one way or another.

Also note that they are not even mentioning Meghan in spite of the fact that she has stated several times she plans to run in 2024.

Are they protecting her and trying to make her look better by suddenly coming up with the idea of using her as their savior at the last minute?

You know that something is up so keep an eye on this.


This is interesting and it is looking like what I have been warning you about.

NATO is now using very strong language in relation to China as shown in this video. They are calling China a "security threat" and "the world leaders are to put China on notice".

Remember that I have been telling you that, when Russia goes into Europe, which it is increasingly looking like Putin is getting ready to do, China and the rest of the Eastern Alliance will go on ye ole war path against the West?

Then this video tells us that NATO has finally figured out that China has been building up its nuke weapons inventory ramping up for war.

Gee, who would have figured? Haven't the dinks been paying attention to China?

Now they are calling China the biggest threat in the world to security and peace, while still picking a fight they are losing with Putin, you know, like I told you would happen. It is happening like I have been warning you and this is one of those times I am not enjoying being right.

Just like I have been telling you, right now, by the strangest magic coincidence, our problems with Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, and others in the Eastern Alliance are getting worse and we are definitely heading to war because our upper class trash are the idiots I have been telling you they are.

When you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.


Commiefornia is ignoring the Supreme Court ruling concerning concealed carry telling us that, in Commiefornia, the US Constitution does not matter anymore meaning that Commiefornia is no longer a constitutional republic. If no one will enforce the Constitution, then you don't have a constitution.

It looks like the left is trying to find a way to just get rid of the US Supreme Court and the Constitution so they can do as they will to everyone. Keep an eye on this.

The lefty upper class trash have been openly bragging that they are destroying our Republic, which is treason, and no one is holding them accountable for it.

Do you believe me yet that they have destroyed our constitutional republic and it has not finished kicking yet? Do you believe me yet that the greatest threat to this Republic is the lefty commie traitors?

It gets more obvious ever day.

I keep seeing things get worse and worse as we are obviously getting closer to the dam breaking and wonder how much more that dam can take before everything breaks lose. The left is determined to destroy everything good and they keep trying harder and harder.

It is becoming increasingly probable that, to survive this war the upper class trash royals have started, we may have to open up ye old black closet (if it still exists) and get rid of most of our civilian and military leaders to get their inept traitor butts out of our way.

I know God has His reasons for permitting this to drag on longer and the Bible says He is patient and long suffering but it is getting harder to be as patient and long suffering as God. I am only human and really wish we would get this over with but God's will be done.

Heads Up

It appears that the left has turned the polio virus loose on us so I figure you should watch this video before they start trying to scare you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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