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Mass Shooting Coincidences

I have already pointed out some of the coincidences concerning these mass shooters.

Almost all of them are seeing lefty shrinks, almost all of them (97.8%) are on the same prescription drug the shrinks have known for decades cause violent actions, almost all of them are lefties, these mass shootings always take place when it benefits the lefty agenda, and almost all of them "buy their guns legally" telling me that the shrinks are not putting them on a federal government list to keep them from being able to legally buy guns the way they are required by law to do.

If you have certain mental problems and you are seeing a shrink, that shrink is REQUIRED BY LAW to put you on a federal list to keep you from being able to buy a gun. Almost NONE of these shooters, who should have all been on that list, were on that list because their shrinks did not put them on that list, in violation of the law. They don't need red flag laws, they just need to obey the current laws.

Don't you think they should investigate why none of those shooters were on that list so they could not have legally bought a gun? Don't you think they should investigate why the shrinks are still putting the shooters on a drug that causes the person to be violent decades after those shrinks knew that drug causes them to be violent? Don't you think they should outlaw that drug for medical use?

Gee, what a bunch of coincidences.

And you think these shrinks are not intentionally doping up, brainwashing, and sending these whackos out to murder when ordered by the upper class trash?

I am sorry but there are just too many coincidences for them to not be intentionally using these mass shooters to commit acts of terror against you. They are killing people, they know they are killing people, and they keep killing people.

Do you believe me yet that they should investigate the shrinks and upper class trash for these acts of terror against you?

If you start putting shrinks and upper class trash in prison, these mass shootings will magically go away.

Listen, people, if you just do two things, enforce the shrinks putting these people on the federal no buy list for guns and outlaw the use the drug that causes them to be violent, that will prevent almost all of these mass shootings. It is that simple, which should tell you that these shrinks KNOW they are causing these shootings and they keep causing these shootings, which means they are intentionally causing these shootings or they are the stupidest people in history. Quit giving them the benefit of the doubt and start investigating them.

Do you get the picture?

You giving these evil lefty shrinks the benefit of the doubt is killing people. They clearly to not have good intentions.

One thing the cops need to do at big public events is they should take the high ground and use drones and cameras for surveillance to provide early detection. It is amazing they have not already started doing this because building top snipers have done their thing for decades.

They could even use attack drones to quickly take out such shooters to save lives.

Infrared cameras will help them quickly detect the muzzle flashes to more quickly find the shooter.


When we have people like the president and certain governors "getting around the Constitution", then you no longer have a constitution because if it is not adhered to and it is no longer in effect. In those areas where they are not adhering to the US Constitution, they are no longer republics and are now dictatorships and those governments are in breach of contract in violation of the law.

With them blatantly ignoring the Constitution, do you really think they have not destroyed the Republic and are just trying to finish it off?

Without a Constitution, there cannot be a constitutional republic.

And don't get mad at me because I am not the bad guy here, I am just the person telling you what the evil upper class trash and their evil minions are doing. I am just the messenger.


If you think our upper class trash have created a mess by causing trouble for Russia and finding we are short on gas and oil, just watch this video that tells you about how dependent the US is on Russian uranium.

The more we find out about how the upper class trash screwed things up, it just keeps getting worse for us.

Is there anything the upper class trash have not screwed up for us?

Remember that I warned you that the US making it possible for Ukraine to attack targets inside Russia would backfire on the US?

I found this at Newsmax by Charles Kim:

"Russian State Duma deputy Oleg Morozov told a news outlet in that country that he wants the United States labeled as a 'terrorist nation' for allegedly supplying Ukrainian forces with targeting information that resulted in a series of deadly explosions in the border city of Belgorod on Sunday, killing four, Newsweek reported.

'Now it has become obvious that this [U.S.] information is used to shell Russian cities,' Newsweek reported Morozov telling the state-run news agency RIA Novosti. 'In fact, this is participation in the war on the side of Ukraine and aggression against Russia. This should be openly stated on all international platforms, demand the convening of a special U.N. Security Council meeting, and declare the United States a terrorist state.'"

If Russia can get it accepted that the US is a terrorist state, it will validate Russia going to war and attacking the US. Russia did something similar to this before invading Ukraine.

Afghan Joe

Remember that I have been telling you that the left has to get rid of Afghan Joe and they must do it soon or they will do even worse in the coming election?

This video tells you how much worse it is getting for the Commierats. 71% of US voters do not want him to even run for president in 2024. That is almost 3 out of 4 voters.

If the lefties are going to do what they have been talking about, which is using Speaker of the House to replace Afghan Joe, they don't have much time left because the election is only 4 months away and it will take time to replace him with someone the GOP cannot impeach in order to move Trump back to being the president using the same method.

First, they have to get Pelosi to resign or die.

Second, they have to vote in a Commierat replacement who won't be impeachable, for which there are not many. You know they will spend at least a few weeks just on that charade.

Third, they have to get Kruella to resign or die in order to move the replacement up to being vice president so that replacement will become president when they finally get Afghan Joe to resign or die.

That is the minimum they have to do, it will take at least a few months and they need to get Biden replaced before the election gets more than just a little underway, you know, before the serious campaigning begins to save as many seats in Congress as possible.

I know they have reasons why they have not already done this but they are quickly running out of time. Keep an eye on this.

Turley needs to be careful about counting his chickens before they hatch. God gets final say on all things and He told me that He has other plans.

Man plans, God laughs.

God Exists

This video by The Babylon Bee "proving God does not exist" (read sarcasm) is funny but the reasons why so many pagans, especially atheists, give for God not existing are just about as stupid. They don't want Him to exist so they make up all kinds of crap about why He does not exist.

I have told you a number of times that science has long ago proved that God MUST exist.

Revived Roman Empire?

I have told you for years that the Euro-centric end time prophecies about a revived Roman Empire being the one world government are false.

Where did they come from?

Those beliefs concerning the End Time Prophecies started developing when Rome, which was still unified, and the Church of Rome, before it divided into the Catholic Church and Christian Orthodox Church, "converted" to Christianity in 312 AD in order to assimilate Christians into the Church of Rome, which remained mostly pagan. Those leaders of the Church of Rome did not convert, remained pagans, and were the first poser Christians so they did not have the wisdom of God to understand scripture.

When the Church of Rome began studying the end time prophecies about the one world government and one world church, they were the greatest power in history and just couldn't imagine it could be anyone else but Rome and the Church of Rome because they just knew that Rome would last forever just like the Europeans and Americans like to believe our nations will last forever. They also thought those prophecies would be fulfilled really soon.

They really WANTED to believe their version of those prophesies because they wanted to rule the entire planet, you know, just like their descendants today want to rule the entire planet with their one world government (gee, I wonder where they got that idea from.)

When the Roman Empire was divided into Rome in the West and the Byzantine Empire in the East and the Church of Rome divided into the Catholic Church in the West and the Christian Orthodox Church in the East, they felt that Rome was going to be revived to fulfill those prophecies because they just had to be the ones to rule the world because they will never stop with their great sounding stupid ideas, greed, and lust for power.

They have been so insanely obsessed with their evil desire to rule the world that they have never even considered that those prophecies are about another nation becoming the one world government and one world church and it has been taught in almost all of the churches for more than 1,600 years so that few question it.

When Rome and Byzantium both fell but the Catholic Church survived, the church leaders felt even more strongly that it had to mean that Rome would be revived to become the one world government and make the Catholic Church the one world church and that it is what most Christian churches are still teaching today because they just couldn't question more than a 1,600 years of church doctrine.

In this video the preacher is still teaching that same flawed belief in spite of the fact that, at about 7:30 minutes into the video, he quotes Revelation 17: 10 - 12, which completely disproves what he is teaching because these preachers have never thought to question the church teachings about this.

In Revelation 17: 10 - 12 it says, "And there are 7 kings, 5 are fallen and one is (Rome was at that time so that clearly means Rome) and the other is not yet come; (which means that another empire will come after Rome falls and history teaches that empire is very clearly Islam) and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. (And Islam continued for about 1,400 years or until about 1920 when the Ottoman Empire finally folded.) And the beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth (king), and is of the seven (meaning the seventh empire, Islam, will be revived with that eighth king ruling.) This scripture proves that he will not be the king or leader of a revived Roman Empire but he will be the king or ruler of the empire that was to follow the Roman Empire or Islam.

Yeah, kind of disproves their revived Roman Empire crap, doesn't it?

But they never even consider to question that because it just gots tuh be true.

I have shown you dozens of times since about 2001 how Islam fulfills ALL of the end time prophesies, you know, with their most holy number being 666 and they believe they MUST rebuild Babylon to rule the world from and there is no way that the Roman Empire ever fulfilled even one of those prophesies without taking scripture out of context, not one.

But most Christian preachers have taught that lie so long that they can't even begin to imagine it not being true so they never question it and look to see if anything else could be true the way I have questioned the teaching of the church in relation to Bible prophecy. God showed me decades ago that their Euro-centric end time prophecies cannot be true.

Now you have to understand that the European Royals have been taught that lie by the Church and their parents since 312 AD and they avidly believe that they or their children will revive the Roman Empire to rule the world and make the Catholic Church the one world church to fulfill that prophecy so they have not questioned their false prophecies either because they want their false prophecies to be true.

That is exactly what their one world government is really all about. They believe that they will revive the Roman Empire and rule the world and they are so obsessed about it that they are so power mad, that they just can't believe their current efforts could possibly fail, even though God is right now causing their evil plans to fail because it ain't going to be them, baby. That is why God is destroying the EU right now just like I told you He would years ago.

Now, in Daniel it teaches that the legs of iron are representative of the Roman Empire because the 2 legs being separated or divided was fulfilled by the Roman Empire being divided before it fell AND the last empire, the two feet that will also be divided (which will happen following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 just like I told you), will be iron mixed with clay telling us that a remnant of the Roman Empire but not the revived Roman Empire will be joined together as a part of another empire, the clay (Islam), to form the end time one world government and one world Church and I think the royals have figured that out to some extent but they still insist on believing they will run the show with their revived Roman Empire and they will only share in running the show with the Muslim leaders.

All of that is why God is causing the royals to fail at their current efforts to revive the Roman Empire (the EU) to rule over the Muslim Empire or Caliphate and the world. The royal One World Government, Globalism, and New Reset are just royal fantasies and God is proving that right now.

Note that the same scriptures continue to say, "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom yet; but receive power as kings one hour (during the Tribulation) with the beast (the Antichrist.)"

Ever since the first Caliphate was formed, they were all ruled over by a council of 10 kings or leaders and that is what that scripture is talking about, further proving that it will be the last Muslim Caliphate and not the revived Roman Empire that will rule the world. I do believe that there will be some European Royals on that council but no more than probably half, which will fulfill the iron mixed with clay prophecy.

Now, do you better understand why the European Royals will NOT revive the Roman Empire and the one world government and one world church will be the last Muslim Caliphate with some royals and other Europeans involved, which has always been both a government and a church for more than 1,400 years?

You have to pay really close attention to prophecy detail or you will get fooled by Satan.

Note that I didn't watch past 7:30 into that video because I just wanted to show you what most churches are teaching and why it is wrong. I couldn't stand to watch more than that.

It is that teaching that is causing many preachers to get other prophecies wrong such as they believe that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is the same as the Battle of Armageddon in spite of the differences in details and will believe before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 that Jesus will return, which He will not, and that will cause a big falling away of poser Christians and even some true Christians for at least a while. It will definitely cause confusion within even true Christian churches and I have been warning you about that for years.

Get it straight that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 MUST take place before the Tribulation begins and the Battle of Armageddon will end the Tribulation and is when Jesus will return. Just the mortality rates prove that they could not be the same battle because the mortality rate for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be 5 out of 6 or 83.3% will die and the mortality rate for the Battle of Armageddon will be 100%.

BTW, you can bet that God is going to at least break up the EU if not completely destroy it and permit Russia to take over most of it. Keep an eye on this.

Do you now believe me that God is using Putin to stop the upper class trash Globalism?

Note that God also showed me that He is going to break up the current USA, dividing her into two parts with the larger of the two parts annexing other nations as far south as the southern tip of Chili and all of Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean.

A lot is happening right now and God is clearly moving in this world to prepare for the soon coming Tribulation. That is why God has me, a prophet, teacher, or messenger, warning you about what is happening and explaining things to you and it ain't fun.


I can't believe they are doing this. They are accepting both Sweden and Finland into NATO and the idiots are acting like, "Oh, we got Russia beat now," or "Russia can't beat us now and won't invade Europe because we got two new mighty powers in NATO."

Sweden and Finland are not as powerful as they are acting and definitely not powerful enough to deter Russia from invading Europe.

Are they so stupid that they really think they can bluff Putin that easy?

Oh, I am certain that Putin must be shaking in his boots, you know, from laughing so hard. What idiots.

And you think the upper class trash, who have already failed at everything else they have tried and will undoubtedly fail at this too, are smarter than you because they say they are?

They just don't get it that Putin knows the Western upper class trash only have bluffing to use against him and he just does not bluff. You know he will call their bluff again. I just know Putin is about to destroy the EU and NATO.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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