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I am waiting to find out why Japan's prime minister was assassinated.

Was it China, North Korea, or US based or maybe all of the above?

I feel those are the most likely reasons why with China at the top of my list.

Somebody wanted him out of the way.

Then I found out that China is having a big national celebration for Abe's death.

I guess they really wanted him gone?

Then I got this from Breitbart by Frances Martel:

"Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo spent much of his public effort in the months leading up to his assassination on Friday advocating for defending the nation of Taiwan from a potential Chinese invasion, outraging the Communist Party into threatening a 'bloodbath' if he did not stop."

Yep, I would call that adequate reason to murder him.

Keep an eye on this.

Eastern Alliance

I have been pointing out the military, economic, resources, and other advantages the Eastern Alliance has in this accelerating war but have forgotten to include cyber attacks by them against our governments and businesses. Russia and China are very well known for their cyber attacks against the West and you can bet that in preparing to militarily attack, they will first cripple the West as best as they can with cyber attacks.

This video shows that the FBI is very concerned about cyber attacks from Russia and China and are working with businesses to help prevent and control damages from cyber attacks.

This tells me that Russia and China have probably started cyber attacks to weaken the West before they go full ballistic in this war.

Constitutional Republic

Remember that I have been telling you that, if they don't enforce the US Constitution, then you don't have a constitution and, therefore, you don't have a Constitutional Republic.

This video shows you once against that I have been conservative in my statements because these DAs are not just not enforcing the Constitution, they are intentionally denying you your constitutional rights by denying you the constitutional right to defend yourself. These DAs are actively destroying and nullifying the US Constitution.

Do you believe me yet that the lefty traitors have destroyed the US Republic and are trying to finish her off?

I want to know who the attorneys are who should be litigating and having these DAs disbarred for life for violating the constitutional rights of their victims and committing federal felonies against those victims. I want to know why any laws that require the prosecution of someone for what was clearly self defense are not being done away with as being unconstitutional.

What they are doing is unconstitutional because you cannot punish someone for what is clearly self defense because they have a constitutional right to defend themselves.

What they are trying to do is intimidate you into being afraid to defend yourself and sending a clear message that you are not allowed to defend yourself, which is your constitutional right, and you must just stand there and let them murder you. They are abusing the legal system to stage terrorist attacks against the people in order to terrorize people into not defending themselves and they should be disbarred for life and go to prison for treason.


Remember that I have been warning you that, if we cause this war to escalate between the US and Russia, they will attack and even try to take over Alaska and a big chuck of our natural resources like gas and oil to cripple the US?

One of their Russian officials threatened that they could take Alaska, which should tell you that they have been talking about it behind closed doors and decided to make it public as a warning.

As far back as I can remember, the Russians have had troops permanently stationed across the water as close as within 22 miles of Alaska. With Alaska being so very big and lightly populated, it would be pretty easy for them to get troops landed in Alaska or just use their missiles to take out our oil and gas resources, especially in northern Alaska.

Then, after I wrote all of that and even saved this for the night, I found this video and had to reopen this page. The video tells us about escalating tensions in the Arctic, you know, between Russia and the US up by Alaska. He tells you that all 8 nations in the Arctic Circle have been increasing their military presence there, especially Russia and the US, with Russia increasing their military presence a lot over the last few years in preparation for this war.

I have been watching Russia and China preparing for this war for years while our greedy leaders have been sacking our military budgets to fill their greedy pockets at the expense of your defense.

Gee, who would have figured? You think the US Military already know what I have been warning you about? Do you still believe that the upper class trash are not stampeding us towards global war? I told you so, didn't I?

Remember that, thanks to the greed of our upper class trash, the US only has a one front military, it is currently scattered all of the world, we are kicking out tens of thousands of good soldiers because they won't take the murder vaccine, we are having trouble getting new recruits, increasing numbers of those recruits are candy butts, and our idiot leaders are determined to start a shooting war with Russia, knowing China, North Korea, Iran, and others will join in.

Unfortunately, at about 15 minutes into the video, he started the lefty globalist propaganda about NATO getting stronger and more united, when they are actually crumbling. At least, before that, he was being objective about the increasing tensions and militarization of the Arctic, which you need to keep an eye on.

Yep, the upper class trash are having an international stupid contest.

Once again, it shows that I have been very conservative in my statements because it is much worse than I have been telling you. Our upper class trash royal leaders have made a really huge mess of this planet and a lot of people are going to die because of their insanity.

Russia is going to attack us from the north through Alaska and Canada; China is going to attack us from the West and within; and Latin America is going to attack us from the south and from within with our troops scattered all over the world.

Keep in mind that this will be while Russia and her allies will be invading Europe from the east and north and Africa will be invading Europe from the South, while Iran and her allies will be fighting Israel, and while China and North Korea will be fighting to the south and east of China.

It is going to get very ugly and a lot of people are going to die because of our lefty upper class trash.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. Only the hand of God can save our butts now.

Note that when I tell you, "Then I got this," it means I found it later, after I wrote the above.

Then I got this from Breitbart by Kristina Wong:

"An Army training slide obtained by Breitbart News instructs soldiers to shower with transgender members of the opposite sex even if they have not undergone a surgical transition."

Oh yeah, that will cause a lot of good people to get out of the military or not join. Good ole Afghan Austin and Afghan Milley making America strong. /sarc

Well, they have been telling us they are trying to destroy our nation, you know, committing treason.

Are you listening yet?

Then I found out about Biden permitting China to buy a lot of our resources while facing an increasing potential for war with China.

I got this from Breitbart by Robert Kraychik:

"Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD), author of Not My First Rodeo: Lessons from the Heartland, warned of China's procurement of U.S.-based food production assets on Friday's edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow. Noem described foreign acquisitions of U.S. food production infrastructure and arable land as a threat to national security."


"She continued, "If we think a pandemic was scary, wait until we realize that we can't put food on the grocery store shelves because China controls the entire system, and what most of America hasn't been paying attention to, is that China - for years - has been buying up our chemical companies, our fertilizer companies, our processing systems, and now they're buying land, and we have foreign countries that are heavily invested in that entire supply system."

Whatever they are smoking, the inbred lefties need to quit for a while until they can realize that they may be making big bucks selling everything to China now but, after China takes over, all China will have to do to get those big bucks back is kill these fools and just take the money.

Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense?

Remember that I told you that the West, especially Europe, is divided and blowing apart concerning the Ukraine War?

I got this from Newsmax by Staff:

"Deeply divided top diplomats from the world's richest and largest developing nations failed to find common ground Friday over Russia's war in Ukraine and how to deal with its global impacts, leaving prospects for future cooperation in the forum uncertain."

They keep getting more and more divided and can't unite on anything. It is just going to keep getting worse. You watch all of the white flags suddenly pop up when Russia and China start their invasions.

Then I got this from Newsmax by Jay Clemons:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Kyiv it should quickly accept Moscow's terms of ending the fighting, or brace for another military assault on Ukraine's capital city."

Then I found this at Newsmax by staff:

"MOSCOW (AP) - With Russia's military action in Ukraine in its fifth month, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday warned Kyiv that it should quickly accept Moscow's terms or brace for the worst, adding ominously that Russia has barely started its action."

But, hold it, I thought Ukraine is crushing Russia. /sarc

Putin has figured out that the CIA and Zelensky are not going to return to Ukraine as long as this war continues to keep Russia from killing Zelensky so Putin is going to take Ukraine.

Question: When it becomes obvious that Russia is blowing up Kiev, what are the CIA and Zelensky going to do with their Kiev movie set in Poland, blow it up and have people running around shooting to make it look like the real Kiev?

This could get interesting.

BTW, the US is now sending Ukraine $400 million, which is less than 1% of what was recently sent.

I guess that is blowing up in their faces too or they need to save some money to fight Russia and China?

Do you believe me yet that you are enduring the fall of Rome II and our Republic is dead and just not finished kicking yet? Do you believe me yet that the left is having an international stupid contest and it is very close?

But, hey, let's bluff Russia some more. It has not worked yet but you never know. /sarc

Occult Beliefs

When I was first starting out in my research and studies in religions, I was curious as to what different religions and cults believe and wanted to know how they can believe those things. Since the upper class trash royals are occult, I thought I should share with you what I have learned about their beliefs so you can better understand them. You could write books on this and their minute details vary a little so I will keep it short by just sticking to the basics.

First, they all acknowledge that the "Creator Being" (Yahweh/God) exists and that He created everything including their god, Satan/the Devil/Lucifer/Baphomet/whatever they call him/her today. They believe that Satan is trying to overthrow Yahweh, someday he will and he will become THE god, especially if they can kill off all Christians and set up a global dictatorship.

Gee, you mean that globalism thingy has been around for thousands of years? Yep.

You have to understand that their beliefs are very limited and humanistic just like all ancient human mythologies like Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others. Their simplistic perception is taken from the very limited human existence that their gods are just like very powerful humans who can die and be overthrown, including the Creator Being, you know, like Zeus and Odin.

If you study the scriptures, God teaches you the truth about Himself. He is not just eternal and cannot die but He is infinite so that there is no end to His existence and we humans (and Satan) are too simple minded to understand that. The Hebrews believe and I agree with them that Yahweh had to make a tiny space in His existence to create our massive cosmos or universe and, to Him, our cosmos is tiny. He tells us that all power (energy) comes from Him so that, if He is overthrown (killed), there won't be any energy to maintain and run our cosmos and we would all cease to exist. That one thing alone should tell you that Satan CANNOT overthrow Yahweh and, if he did, it would kill us all off.

Yahweh is our existence and you cannot topple Yahweh without ending our existence and that should tell you that Satan doesn't have a lick of common sense or the wisdom of God because he lost that when his first thoughts turned him against God.

Do you see the difference?

Paganism is a very simplistic, humanistic group of cults that don't even come close to understanding God and our true existence. That occultic humanism is why they simple mindedly believe that they are gods or can become gods. In their cults, the only thing that is required to "be a god" is arrogant narcissism.

No intelligence or common sense is required. (Nuclear physics? What's that?) If you are so arrogant and narcissistic that you think you are so wonderful that you are better than everyone else or, at least most people, you are a god. Yep, that is the way they think because that is the way Satan thinks too and he is their god.

You see, in their simple minded thinking, gods are just really powerful humanoids, that's all. Hey, dey gots lots of power ober lots ub peoples so deys gots tuh be gods.

Do you get it? Pretty simple minded and ignorant, huh?

Now I am going to share with you one of the reasons God gave me such a high level of intelligence. I think I told you that I was told by someone at a university that, based on certain entrance test scores, if I took a certain other test, I could easily qualify for membership in Mensa, which automatically put me in the top 2% of humans intelligence wise. People, just being intelligent enough to pass junior and senior level hard science courses automatically puts you in the top 10% of humans intelligence wise.

Hey, I'm a smarty pants. That and $4 will buy me a soda at Sonic.

I told you that I grew up in poverty and, because their college professors told them that the only reason people are poor is because we are stupid and lazy, almost all of my teachers told me I was stupid or treated me like I was stupid.

That belief is a false security blanket clutched firmly by the insecure members of the middle and upper classes so they can believe they can't end up living in poverty because poverty terrifies them. People, poverty just means you have less money.

Because of that, I had no idea how intelligent I really was when I got into college. One test told me I was a genius but I figured everyone in college was a genius too. It took some education for me to figure out that most college graduates have average to below average intelligence and only think they are smarty pants.

I found out I could do some interesting things with my mind, that I just assumed most people could do with their minds, but I became curious as to exactly what I could do so I began experimenting to see what my mind could do (without drugs).

I had already learned to study and understand science and math by running science models in my head the way I later learned the top scientists in the world run science models on the most powerful computers and I just thought everyone could do that.

It was fun but, hey, everyone can do that, right?

I was working my way through college on Work Study and I had gotten a job at Data Processing so that one of my jobs was to pick up and deliver things to be processed or that had been processed all over campus so I regularly went into all of the buildings and knew the campus layout well.

One day I had just made a delivery at a big administration office and was leaving when God caused me to suddenly stop in the hallway and look at the long outer wall for that office. He caused my mind to erase that wall so I could see inside the room and I could place everyone and everything in the room with the people walking and taking. We are talking about placing everything including placing everything on their desks.

I was stunned and amazed. I started playing with that everywhere I went. After leaving the room, I would stop for a few seconds, erase the walls, and place everyone and everything in that room with the people working, walking, and talking. It was amazing and fun. My brain was a great toy.

One day, as I was leaving the big administrative building, I realized that I had been inside every room a number of times so I wondered whether I could do that to the entire long, two story building, all at once.

I walked away from the building until I could see the entire building without moving my head or eyes, faced the building, and removed all of the walls at the same time. I was amazed and thought about that off and on all day.

The big question was, "Just exactly what could I do with my mind?"

That night, as I lay in bed thinking about it, I decided to see just what I could do and, to learn more about God, I decided to use what we called "the God perspective", where I would look down on things from above.

I set some rules and one of those rules was that, though the people, animals, and plants were just imagined by me, they were representing real, living organisms and not just numbers the way our academe and upper class think of them. I was already disgusted by the thought that the academe and upper class already only thought of people as numbers and not as feeling humans.

I started by looking down on that administrative building and erasing their ceilings so I could see everyone and everything inside it. I played with that a little while and then rose up away from the ground until I could see all of the buildings on the UNM campus. I erased all of their ceilings so I could see the people and everything inside all of them along with the people, plants and animals outside those buildings, including the ducks in the duck pond. I could see people walking, riding bicycles, and driving cars.

But I already realized something that made a big difference between me and God. Whereas I was imagining everything, God could see everything in real time including knowing our thoughts and needs, every electron, proton, atom, and molecule inside every organism, and all at the same time, which is something I could only imagine. I had already proved he was much more intelligent than me but still being able to imagine all of that was amazing and fun, keeping in mind that it was nothing before God's intelligence so it was starting to become humbling.

Then I moved up to where I could see all of Albuquerque, inside the buildings, the people, plants, and animals outside the buildings, people walking, riding bicycles, and driving cars and motorcycles, and played with that for a while. It was just like running science models inside my head to test scientific theories.

Then I moved up to where I could see all of New Mexico, which I already knew quite well, and played with that for a while.

Then, using a flat map, I placed the entire US with the cities, towns, villages, different geological formations, and the humans going to work, playing, traveling, and eating. It was amazing and it was fun.

Then, having studied geography so that I understood the different cultures, technologies, and religions all over the world, I put everything in place on one big global flat map with people working, farming, teaching, playing, traveling, and everything else. I must have played this for at least half an hour, keeping in mind that all of the people on this planet were real living humans who laugh, cry, and have needs and desires.

Then I wrapped that flat map into a spinning globe so that part of it was in the light and part in the dark so that people were up, working, playing, and such during the day, others were sleeping, some were getting up, and others were going to bed. I could even biologically see the differences between day and night for the plants and animals. It was stunning but I had to keep going.

Then I decided that I must keep in mind that on that tiny speck of a planet in that tiny speck of a solar system in the tiny speck of a galaxy within that tiny speck of a cosmos within the infinitely massive existence of God, all of those people were humans with feelings, while I backed out to include our entire solar system with all of the planets and I played with that for a while.

Then I backed out to where I could see our galaxy and then all of the galaxies in the cosmos keeping in mind that there was a tiny speck of a planet with real living, feeling humans on it. They were not numbers.

Then it got very humbling because I could only imagine all of those things down to including all of the subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and everything else, but God could continuously see and control each and everything in the cosmos without hesitation in real time. He knew the path of every particle from the beginning until the end and the names, needs, and desires of every little human on that tiny speck of a planet.

It was very humbling.

I realized that His intelligence dwarfs my intelligence. Standing before God, intelligence wise, I am nothing more than a tiny, tiny, tiny speck of sand on a massive beach BUT he knows me, loves me, died to pay for my crimes against His Laws, and He knows each and every one of us the same, we just have to choose between Him and Satan. That is our test in this life.

The best way to tell pagans from Christians is that pagans hate God's Law because they feel it oppresses them because those laws keep them from doing as they will to you, where as a Christian loves God's Laws because those laws protect them by keeping the pagans from doing as they will to the Christians. I love God's protective Laws.

I am not A god, much less THE God and can never be. I do not want to be A god, much less THE God and the responsibilities that come with that job. No thank you. I just want a little cabin by a little stream with a little pond in the woods where I can grow my food, enjoy God's plants and animals, and visit with God when He has time from caring for you. I just want to be God's friend and I do not want God's job. He can have it.

God made me smart enough to figure out I am not a god. I am just a little, pathetic, smarty pants human.

Do you see how ignorant and simple minded paganism is when arrogant, narcissistic people dare to believe they are gods or will be gods because dey gots more money and power dan yuze?

They are simple minded, ignorant, arrogant idiots who don't even know what a god is. Come on, people, everything these arrogant fools are trying is failing so they can't be very smart. With their inbreeding, they probably only have an average or less intelligence and they clearly have much more money than brains.

I may be one of the most intelligent people on the planet but, before God, I am just a tiny grain of sand and only an arrogant fool like Satan and his followers would think they are gods. I am just a little smarty pants human.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools." They arrogantly think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are.

I have a challenge for all of you ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, power mad fools who think you are gods because you have a lot of money. Prove you are a god and all you have to do is create JUST ONE habitable planet with all of the plants and animals in balanced ecosystems by just speaking it into existence. If you cannot do that, you are not a god, you are just an ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, power mad little fool.

People, the ignorant, narcissistic, power mad upper class trash royals have been playing this "I am a god" game since Babylon and Egypt by having themselves deified as gods only to end up burning in Hell because dey ain't no gods. They are just power mad, ignorant, pagan fool humans. You have to understand that the upper class trash are so power mad that they WANT to believe they are gods and just because you want to believe something does not mean it is true.

As a side note, God gave me a lot of intelligence but He has blessed us all in different ways. He has made some of us good carpenters, plumbers, scientists, cooks, mechanics, pilots, fathers, mothers, teachers, and such. Me having more intelligence than you does not make me a better human than you, it just means I am more intelligent. I have told you that having more money just means you have more money. Caring about other people makes you a better human and those are the best humans.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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