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Remember that I have been warning you about the corruption of the media?

This video does an excellent job of providing the history and details behind this corruption and the management of the corruption. This goes way back and explains all kinds of things like the misinformation about Vietnam I have mentioned.

Part of that corruption concerning Vietnam and later wars was to keep people supporting those wars so the upper class trash could make fortunes from the military industry.

For example, LBJ increased his wealth by more than 10 times from Nam because he owned the Johnson Transportation Corporation that sold the military trucks and jeeps, which is why he 1) escalated the war to where there were more than 500,000 US troops in Nam, you know, the more troops you had, the more trucks and jeeps they needed, and 2) made the war last as long as it did because the longer the war lasted, the more trucks and jeeps would get blown up and need to be replaced. War is really good blood money, baby.

He makes it very obvious why the media are still doing what they are doing today and most of them are just well paid stooges. Remember that all of the MSM are owned by the corrupt upper class trash and the "journalists" tell the lies they are told to tell or they get fired.

This also explains why I keep seeing fake news channels popping up on YouTube to put out CIA or lefty propaganda for such things as Ukraine or any other hot topic they desire to brainwash you about.

EU Economy

I just saw this video telling us about a significant decline in EU manufacturing last month. They didn't even mention Russia cutting off gas and other things to the EU but we know that is going on and would cause a decline in manufacturing. It is very likely that is what is mostly causing this decline in manufacturing.

Keep an eye on this because I warned you that, just before Russia invades, she will cut back on oil and gas, which she is doing, to destroy the EU economy, which it is clearly doing. Russia will continue doing this until the EU economy is devastated, which will take months, and then, either demand the EU stops their hostile actions against Russia or Russia will invade.

Remember that Putin doesn't really want the war so it looks like he is trying to economically destroy the greedy, power mad, war mongering West to prevent the war but, if he deems it necessary, Putin will invade just like he did with Ukraine.

Afghan Joe

It seems that quad vaxxed Afghan Joe just got COVID again, really fast after his other recent infection. He is apparently back to hiding in the basement.

I guess they didn't kill him with it the first time?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that the US and Poland are ramping Poland up for war because they know what I have told you about the best point of entry into Europe to take out Germany and France is through Poland and that Russia is getting ready to invade Europe?

This video shows how Poland is building up its tank force the way I have told you they would build up their military. They sold Ukraine more than 250 Russian tanks and will use that money plus additional money to buy new and used tanks over the next few years, probably at least half a dozen years.

Their plan is to quickly get about 250 South Korean tanks and about 160 used Abrams tanks this year, they already have 250 German tanks, and will be building their tank force up to 1,600 tanks in the next few years. They are rushing it as fast as they can but it takes time to build new tanks, 800 of which they just contracted to build in Poland. They are building what will be the strongest tank force in Europe except for the US.

Gee, I wonder why? There sure are a lot of coincidences, aren't there?

Note that he said that Germany only has 250 of their own tanks and I am wondering how many of those are operational, you know, like Germany's 4 subs that have not been able to leave the dock in years or that only about half their fighter planes are operational.

It should be obvious that Poland is quickly ramping up for war because they know, that if the hostile actions continue against Russia, Russia will invade and it should also tell you that Poland knows the West is not going to stop their hostile actions against Russia.

Big Al

It has been years since I have heard or written anything about Ayman al-Zawahiri (Big Al) because he had gone into hiding in Iran and Obama had worked with another Al Quaeda leader to form and use a Syrian branch of Al Quaeda to topple the Syrian government. Big Al had pretty much dropped out of the picture so it was a little surprising to see him being killed by the CIA but, hey, the elections are only a few months away and killing him would make Afghan Joe look tough to the stupid people and the idiot media are helping.

Hey, so what if Big Al was retired and was an easy kill?

This brief video tells about the CIA killing him in Afghanistan with a drone.

Remember that it was the CIA who worked with Big Al and Osama to create and build Al Quaeda under Billy Boy Clinton in the 90s. Big Al isn't useful alive any more so they decided to use him dead to help the Commierats do better in the coming election.

I am wondering if Afghan Joe made a deal with Iran to send Big Al to work with the Al Qaeda branch in Afghanistan so the CIA could kill him to make Afghan Joe look like a good Commander in Chief of US forces?

Hey, if the left will stuff their buddy, Big Al's butt under ye ole commie bus, they will stuff your butt there too.


I couldn't stay awake and was on the verge of using my face instead of my fingers on the keyboard so I took a nap. It was a short nap but a good nap and I woke to 2 important realizations.

1) Everything is coming together at the same time for this war to escalate, the timing is impeccable

2) Putin has spies everywhere and, if he can find and expose the Kiev, England movie studio, everyone will know the upper class trash have played them for suckers and fools, it will completely destroy everything the left has been saying about Ukraine and Putin, everyone will question everything to find out the truth and you can bet that Putin and his people know this.

Therefore, it isn't if but is when will one or more of Putin's people find, document, and expose the Kiev, England fraud to cause everyone to get mad enough to question everything the left has been saying?

They have to find and access the place well enough to take pictures and videos of Zelensky and others using it, use pictures and videos to show that it is just a movie studio, provide a map showing its location, and use a variety of platforms to make all of this intel public at the same time.

When they do that, the left's Zelensky charade will backfire on them worse than anything else they have done because it will really anger everyone for being made fools of by the left. This will be the left's greatest failure and it will destroy the careers of everyone involved such as Zelensky, Pelosi, Schiff, Johnson, and all of the members of the media who know. When that happens, they might as well all go fishing, if they don't end up in prison.

Gee, I wonder why Zelensky was able to travel so safely, quickly, and frequently from Kiev, England to Brussels to see and have press releases with the head of the EU, you know, just across the English Channel?

BTW, that is one reason why I thought the movie set was in Belgium until I found out about Zelensky's properties in London.

Concerning the things coming together for the start of this war, everything is building just like I warned you at the same time with increasing aggressions by the Eastern Alliance. The West getting less gas and oil, their economies quickly imploding, their people becoming angry and rioting faster because of the problems the upper class trash royals are causing, them trying to ramp up as quickly as they can for war, and the divisions between the nations rapidly increasing. They are getting just a wee bit scared but not scared enough to behave.

The lying lefty media are even now finally saying that it is not if but when we will go to war with China, just like I have been telling you, while they are still pushing Russia for war, and Iran, North Korea, Africa, and Latin America becoming more hostile towards the West and positioning troops. The upper class trash have now made this war inevitable and soon.

I also just found out that the Australian Defense Force is undergoing the biggest review in over 30 years, you know, making sure they are ready for war. Gee, what a coincidence, especially the timing.

Then I found this video of Taiwan hardened targets that were completed 30 years ago but have never had any pictures released until now. Gee, what a coincidence.

The timing in relation to the other events taking place tells me that this video is meant to be a warning to China. "We bite!"

Do you get the picture yet that we are about to go to war with China, especially with everyone else who knows what is going on making it clear that they believe we are? Did they just send Pelosi there to start this war and get her out of their way?

You better believe Putin and me when we tell you that nukes are going to be used in this war and billions of people are about to die because of the insane, inbred, greedy, power mad upper class trash royals and their irrational obsession with their global dictatorship.

Some of the questions I have include such things as, is the West planning a preemptive nuclear strike to significantly destroy the Eastern Alliance the way Putin quickly destroyed most of Ukraine's military?

You can bet that Putin is working towards a coordinated preemptive nuclear/conventional attack against the West and that is part of what all of those meetings with his allies in Iran and China have been about. You can bet that they all have military "people" working together to coordinate that strike as to who does what and when.

Such a plan would require a lot of intel gathering for strengths and weaknesses along with enemy changes in weapons and locations up to the beginning of the event itself.

Keep an eye on this because I don't think it will take much longer.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones and lock and load.

I know Putin doesn't want this war but our corrupt Western leaders are not leaving him a choice.

There are number of startup strategies the Eastern Alliance could be planning. One would be for the major powers to start the fight to weaken and draw what is left of the West's forces to specific locations for the fight, which would tie those forces down and weaken other locations, and then for the other forces to attack the weaknesses created by the initial attack and the West moving forces from those areas to fight the major powers.

BTW, I just saw a headline that Putin is cheering because he knows that the US can't fight two wars at once, just like I have been warning you, because Putin knows the US won't be able to protect very corrupt and weak Europe from him, especially with most of our one front forces spread out around the world.

Putin knows everything I have been telling you but our leaders don't?

It is like Tucker recently said, "The only thing that makes senses is if Biden is trying to weaken and destroy the US."

You have to understand that Britain is ranked as the fourth most powerful nation in the world behind the US, Russia, and China, in that order. If the British Royals cause a war between the US vs Russia and China that will devastate all of our militaries, it will leave Britain as the most powerful nation in the world and no one except Israel will be strong enough to stop the British Royals from setting up their global dictatorship over all of us and murdering off almost all of us, which is why the West (the UK and US) is negotiating with Iran and permitting Iran to build nukes, you know, so Iran and Israel will take out each other in a war leaving just Britain as the only "super power" so she can set up her global dictatorship. The British Royals are sucker punching everyone and, under the Commierats, the US is just their disposable proxy.

Hey, they have been telling you for decades that they plan to butcher off better than 95% of you anyway so, if the wars setting them up to become a global dictatorship kill almost all of you off, that will save them a lot of work.

That is the only thing that makes sense in this evil mess caused by the royals. They are not just trying to destroy the US, they are trying to destroy most of the planet so they can have their "Great Reset".

This video gives you some insights into that but Turley and Tucker don't see far enough through the fog of war to see what is really going on. Why, if they actually told you the truth, that would make them conspiracy theorists and they are terrified of being called that. To really understand, you have to keep looking at these things through the eyes of the royals, who are running everything.

Nancy is just an overpaid puppet doing what she has been told to do by ye ole royal puppet masters. "Hey, let's send Nancy off to start a war that will destroy the US, Russia, and China along with also Israel, Iran, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan, leaving just us alive and powerful".

It is too simple minded and won't work because Putin knows the UK is running this show and he will take out them too. Putin has already proved he is smarter than the royals running the show.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I told you that Xi has to do something aggressive towards the US, Taiwan, and Pelosi?

He did stage a massive military training operation or war game and launched a lot of missiles, planes, and other weapons as a warning but will that be all?

This video shows some information about the trip but I am sharing it for you to see what China is already militarily doing. Pay attention to the fact that China had scheduled to hold war games a few days later but quickly accelerated their military actions to when she arrived.

Also note the mention that this is not her first trip to Taiwan as Speaker of the House plus other members of Congress have already visited earlier this year with no fuss so why all of the fuss this time? Is this a set up to get rid of Pelosi or to use it as a trigger or international justification for war?

Something is going on so keep an eye on it.

I am wondering if she will survive the long trip from Taiwan to South Korea so keep an eye on this. Remember that going to Taiwan is only half the trip because she still has to leave Taiwan and that trip is much longer and closer to Chinese airspace. They could also use her presence on the island as an excuse to stage an invasion while she is there.

You better pray that we still have our "Black Closet" and it still works because our limited one front conventional military cannot win this war, especially with the left making our military smaller and weaker by the day.

You better arm yourself, join a militia, get training, get organized, and get ready.

Taxing the Rich

Remember that I have been telling you for years that you cannot tax the rich because they will always just raise prices to make you pay that tax for them?

In this video he tells you about the corruption and the complexity of that corruption for the upper class trash and even shows how they will probably stab this one intellectually superior upper class trash in the back.

That is important for you to understand but what I want to point out here is that, at the end of that video he tells you that the rich will just pass that tax onto you. You have to understand that the way they always do that is to just increase their prices so you pay that tax for them. You cannot tax the rich because of that, the upper class trash know that, but they always use taxing the rich as a cover to get the stupid people to support the government increasing taxes on you indirectly by "taxing the rich". It is always just the lying, corrupt politicians indirectly increasing taxes on you by "taxing the rich". It is a con so quit falling for it.

Latin America

Remember that I have been warning you about China and Russia increasing their allegiances with Latin America?

This video not only tells you quite a bit about that but she briefly shows you a map, while telling you that all but two of the Latin American nations are involved in China's "Belt and Road" program, giving China considerable control or influence over those nations and the map shows you who they are.

At the end, she states that China doesn't have any military bases in Latin America yet so I guess she missed the news about Nicaragua and Venezuela offering China and Russia bases in their nations, you know, with Venezuela offering both of them the use of an island big enough for a air base that would be big enough to fly long range bombers to the US for attacks.

Plus, what is to keep China and Russia from just moving troops, ships, and planes onto already existing bases in those countries?

That move wouldn't take very long.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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