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Trans Bull Crap

I am waiting for just one good DA who will do their job because that person will put a lot of transies and their accomplices in jail really fast. We are talking at least a few million people will go to prison, be fined, or otherwise punished really fast and easy.

You have to understand that pretending to be someone or something you are not, such as a man pretending to be a woman, is fraud and impersonation along with other crimes. They are openly committing crimes.

Don't believe me?

Go pretend to be a cop, MD, government agent, or anything else and see how fast you end up in jail.

A man pretending to be a woman is committing fraud and many other crimes are involved if they are using them pretending to be a woman to take something from one or more women who should get that something like sports wins, money, college scholarships, and anything else. They are "defrauding those women out of what rightfully belongs to those women." That is fraud and is a felony.

Now, if they tell you "their pronouns" for you to use and insist you call them those pronouns and you do, you are aiding and abetting them in the commission of their crimes because you are helping them commit fraud and the other crimes they are committing so that you become an accomplice and can be prosecuted with them AND them telling you to use their pronouns or insisting you use those pronouns is them telling you to commit a crime, which is another crime.

Their college professors and teachers who taught and encouraged them to commit these crimes are accomplices in those crimes and can go to jail.

The media aiding and abetting them in the commission of their crimes by just using their pronouns are accomplices in those crimes and are encouraging you to aid and abet them in the commission of those crimes.

The sports officials, government body leaders, and coaches who support transgender men in stealing from women via sports are aiding and abetting those transies in the commission of their crimes, are accomplices and should go to jail.

Everyone involved in aiding and abetting transgenders in their crimes are accomplices and all it will take is one good DA who will do their job to put all of them in jail for their crimes and it should be a slam dunk because these criminals are openly committing their crimes in front of millions of witnesses.

I can't wait to see the lefty college professors, academe, and journalists going to prison for their crimes in aiding and abetting these transy criminals in the commission of their crimes.

Where is a good DA when you need them?

After they put a few million of these criminals in prison, they could probably get elected president.

What should this tell you?

The lefty academe are not as smart as they think they are.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are not as smart as they think they are?

Lefty Crusades

You have to understand that college professors are required to publish on a regular basis, even professors in fields where there is never anything new to publish like English, and academic crusades make them money selling books and going on the lecture circuits.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

This is why you will often get lefty college professors going off on great sounding crusades that have nothing to do with their field of study and they have no formal training in like global warming.

"Hey, will it make me money and get me a better paying job at a more prestigious university?" That is all they care about.

The problem is that they have to come up with something new and different to be able to do those things so they sit around in their academic white palaces smoking dope out of touch with reality, while reading each others' bull crap to try to dream up that something new and different or to learn enough to join in on someone else's crusade.

When they do dream up that something new and different, they are so determined to use it to make money that 1) they don't care whether or not it will work and 2) they have to use lots of big words talking in circles saying nothing to make it sound like a great idea.

Therefore, they never study their great sounding stupid idea to see if it can work or how they can make it work but how they can make you believe it can work so they can make a lot of money selling their great sounding stupid idea.

That is why all of the lefty great sounding stupid ideas keep failing.

Blue States

The blue states and cities are losing so many people, voters, and tax money that they are starting to scare people into not leaving their blue zones or into returning to their blue zones. Commiefornia is the worst about this but not the only one and is even buying ads in red states telling their people to return to Commiefornia.

Actually change from their failing policies and encourage the people to return?

No, that will never happen.

I see this as God getting lefties to return to the blue states and cities to sort the good people from the bad people before this war gets hot.

Keep an eye on it.

One thing the lefties causing severe problems will do is teach young people that the lefty ideas don't work so that increasing numbers of them will become conservatives and I have seen this already happening, especially in the two youngest generations right now.

The lefties are their own worst enemies because what they do turns more people against them than the conservatives could possibly turn against the lefties.

Military Industry

I was checking out stories concerning the Ukrainian War when one item in one of the pro Ukrainian propaganda sites caught my attention and I suddenly realized what the military industry is doing with that fake news.

You see, these fake stories focus on telling you about this US wonder weapon and that US wonder weapon is destroying Russian forces without showing you the truth about the war and the damage Russia is doing. What I realized is that, regardless of who is winning the war, the businesses selling those weapons are using those fake stories to sell their specific weapons to other countries by making it look like that one super duper weapon has turned the war around and is winning the war by itself.

"Hey, look, our wonder weapon destroyed a Russian tank or plane and will destroy them all!"

These fake news stories about Ukraine suddenly winning the war are just paid advertisements by the businesses selling those weapons for selling specific weapons systems. "Hey, buy our magic weapon; it's winning duh war!" It is a sales pitch and con.

Then I found this video and it is clear this retired military officer is not on the military industry payroll and he tells the truth. I have seen him honestly report a number of times.

Note that he told you just like I told you that Ukraine does NOT have the "capacity" to stage a counter offensive like the propaganda fake news keep telling you and he also said that, when Russia takes land, they don't lose it. Russia is fighting a steady or methodical war steadily gaining ground and it is looking like Russia is getting ready to make another big move to quickly gain more ground.

I am sick of the lies the military industry is paying to put out there, causing more harm to more women and children so the upper class trash can make more money. They don't care who they hurt or kill.


Why is the IRS going after small businesses?

They are trying to finish shutting down small businesses because the COVID lockdowns didn't shut them all down to eliminate competition for the major corporations so the upper class trash can have complete control over our economy to have complete control over you.

"Hey, they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough!"

Hydrogen Cars

Ignorant people make my brain hurt. They just keep blindly believing everything they see on TeeBee, out of Hollyweird, and from corrupt politicians and rich people even though they keep being proved wrong again and again and again and again.

I see people believe the crap they are being fed about hydrogen cars. "Why dey is are be wonderful because dey don't pollute because dey only produce water."

People, go to college and study some science, in this case some chemistry or physics. Hydrogen is the most volatile element on the periodic table and, with any heat source, it will combust with almost any other element, especially oxygen in the air creating a lot of heat.

If those hydrogen fuel tanks in those cars spring a leak, you know, when caused by an accident, and the gas comes in contact with any heat source, you know, a spark, cigarette, or even pretty hot brake pads, that fuel tank will either turn into a torch or bomb and, pending the amount of gas in the fuel tank, it could wipe out an entire intersection of cars and people and, if the fire/explosion comes in contact with other hydrogen fuel tanks, causing them to rupture, that fire/explosion could travel for entire city blocks wiping out cars and people.

If you think electric cars are volatile, wait until you see your first hydrogen car go off.

Look up the film footage of the Hindenburg blimp fire and see just how dangerous that gas is. That fire is why they quit using hydrogen gas in blimps and started using helium, which is one of the most stable elements on the periodic table. Then tell the people who died in that fire how wonderful and safe hydrogen gas is.

You DO NOT want to die in a hydrogen gas fire. It is a horrible way to die.

I am sick and tired of the greedy, lying, upper class trash pulling crap like this on ignorant people so they can make a fortune.

Student Loans

What they are not telling you about forgiving school loans is that, if you get $10,000 forgiven on your student loan, you will be taxed on that $10,000 as part of your income because, legally, it is income. You just received $10,000! That may be enough to push you into a higher tax bracket and cost you even more.

They tax the workers to pay for the $10,000 and then tax you for getting the $10,000. It is a racket and a con.

Lefty Satanic Pagans

In my last post I shared this video with you but 1) I had something else on my mind and 2) was so stunned by the openness of Danny Davitto proclaiming on live TV that he loves Satan and thinks Satan is good that I skipped past it to finish what I was already thinking about.

This morning at about 2 am I woke up thinking about the first 2:30 of that video and the very important message it tells. You have to understand that no celebrity like Danny is going to get on live TV and say something that evil and radical if they know that most of the people watching will be repulsed by what they say. They will only say something that evil and radical if they KNOW that most of the people watching agree with them that they love Satan and they believe Satan is good. Those people are today's lefties. Think about that.

Just like always, this thing is much worse than I have been telling you and they told you that with their own words and mouths. My statements about the pagans have been very conservative and they just confirmed that and told you just how bad it really is.

Notice in that cartoon that they made making evil look good including them sacrificing a child to Satan. With them right now coming out of the closet that much, they want to come all of the way out of that closet, which is what that Satanic cartoon is all about, so they can legally murder children and others to their god, Satan, and that is exactly what abortion is all about. It has nothing to do with women's bodies and their right to choose. It is about them legalizing post birth abortion so they can legally murder their kids, your kids, and you as human sacrifices to Satan just like they did before Christianity took over.

I have not been watching TV for at least 15 years when satanic Hollywierd was still more subtly making inroads for Satan by showing relatively mild witchcraft shows to seduce the people into Satanism and I warned about that then. I had not realized that Satan's spawn had made such headway that they are now that open with their evil and that explains a lot about what is going on in this world right now.

Also, they told you with their "New Age" movement decades ago that they know that all pagan gods are just fronts for Satan and his demons when they told you that "all gods are the same god with different names". That should have told you decades ago that they all know that, no matter the pagan god's name, they are worshiping Satan and his demons.

What the first 2:30 of that video should tell you is that almost all pagans in this nation love Satan and think Satan is good and they have taken control of this nation because your tolerance of their evil made it possible for them to seize control of our nations. Just like Obama said, this is no longer a Christian nation, it is a satanic run nation.

Right now, we Christians are the Lot in our Sodom and Gomorrah and it is judgment time for the West. Our Assyria and Babylon are at and within our gates tearing down and openly sacking our evil nations.

If it were not for the Christians living in these nations, God would have already destroyed our nations with fire and brimstone as He did Sodom and Gomorrah. The things God is permitting the satanic lefties do and get what they want, including the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, are their judgment and punishment, because those things they want are destroying our nations.

All of those satanic lefty pagans hate you, God, God's Law, the Bible, and Christianity and you are their enemy so they are your enemy. You better wake up to that really fast before it is too late. They are right now waging war against you so you better wage back.

I was not exaggerating that all of the lefties running this nation are satanic pagans and spawn of Satan.

They are right now coming after you and that is what those 87,000 new IRS agents are all about. They plan to convict as many conservatives as they can of felonies and put your butts in prison where you cannot vote this election. They are grabbing for every little bit they can to secure this election and permanent control over you.

Do you get the picture? Do you see why God is sorting the satanic goats out from the Christian sheep?

They are not just doing what they are doing because they are stupid. They are also doing what they are doing because they are evil.


Remember that I have been telling you that China is trying to seize control of the South Pacific to bring forces and bases closer to the US?

This video shows that in more detail. China is a political cancer taking over the world one nation or sea at a time and she has to be stopped before she is too late.

The way she does that is by buying or bribing nations' leaders, you know, like how they own the Biden family and get pretty much what they want from them. These greedy fools being bought up don't have enough functioning brain cells to realize that, once China owns the world, she will just round up those traitor leaders and kill them off.

I mean, who is going to stop her and she already said she is going to kill off everyone who is not Chinese?

West's Bluffs

Early in this video he tells you that everyone has been calling the West's or Afghan Joe's bluffs because they have all found out that the West is nothing but a bluff any more. He said that it has gotten so bad that Afghan Joe is now useless so don't be surprised to see the left get rid of him soon and replace him with someone else to bluff everyone but they have to do it while they still control Congress.

I love the way he later says that, "You can't con people forever", because more and more people are waking up and seeing through the lies.

He also tells you what I told you about not all of the FBI are bad, only the ones in charge in Washington DC and a few others. The rest are good agents doing their jobs as best as they can. It is like I have told you; if you really want to clean up the mess, you have to start at the top and work your way down.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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