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Obama just cancelled the military exercise with South Korea to appease Kim Jung Un of North Korea, in effect surrendering to North Korea. That just sent a huge message to every bad guy in the world that, if you push the US far enough, it will back down. You have to understand that whacko bad guys always see such moves as a weakness and cowardice and it always encourages them to begin believing they can win because you are not willing to fight them. This is exactly what encouraged Hitler to go to war. It does not matter whether or not these nuts can win but whether of not they BELIEVE they can win, therefore it is critical to keep these nuts convinced they can't win. It will now get worse until we knock them on their butts in a war, meaning that Obama just started at least one more war, probably more.


China has declared war on Islam and that is one huge civil war because there are 300 to 400 million Muslims in China. It is now illegal for Muslims to pray, especially in mosques, and all Muslim shop owners must sell alcohol and bacon.

Gee, could that be why there are these explosions going on in China right now?

Me thinks China won't be going to war with anyone else, you know, like Japan and the US, for some time unless she wants to lose because she will be over extended. This civil war could bring down China, especially if Muslims within the Chinese army break away.

BTW, Russia has outlawed building mosques and there was subsequently a major explosion in Russia.

Japan recently cracked down on Islam and the US has been fight Muslims now for 15 years and there were major explosions on a US Army base in Japan and another one in a Japanese steel mill.

Egypt recently cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood and there was recently a major explosion in Cairo, Egypt.

Thailand has been fight Muslims for several years and there was recently a major explosion in Bangkok, Thailand in which the bomber was identified as Muslim.

All of the above explosions took place within the last few weeks.

Are the Muslims better organized globally?

That sure is a lot of coincidences. Keep an eye on this.

Right now, there are also major uprisings in a number of countries including Germany, Turkey, and Lebanon. War is breaking out on the streets. Everything the upper class trash has done is falling apart.

China Economy

It looks like China is decreasing share buying to prop up their stock market. They seem to be going to just let it free fall and pick up the pieces on the other end.

Just how far will this market free fall and what effect will that have on their military, which is dependent on those business revenues?


Europe is being devastated by the immigrant problem. It reminds me of Europe after the fall of Rome when the Franks, Goths, Vandals, Huns, and others invaded Europe. It will have the same or worse effect. Europe is dead and a new group of nations will rise up with the immigrants taking over some parts and the indigenous people grabbing what remains of their nations. Europe could easily return to the Feudal system and is already heading that way with large numbers of areas considered off limits to the European people and run by immigrant groups, especially Muslims. Soon, these immigrants will begin fighting local wars to grab more land and conquer their neighbors, just like during the European Feudal system. It will be barbaric chaos.

Some nations like Britain and Germany are beginning to fight back but is it too little too late?

Don't be surprised that, when the European people finally stand up, they round up and kill all of the upper class and bureaucrats who caused this mess. The EU chief is supposedly thrilled by the mess immigration is causing. You know he is dead meat.

The same thing is currently happening in the US and Canada but not as bad yet. Australia seems to be taking steps to prevent this in their country but Europe as we know it is dead because they waited too long to stand up against the corrupt upper class and their activists.

The big question is what will rise out of the European ashes and will it be good?

We refused to learn from history, so we are repeating it right now.

Will we be able to save any part of Rome this time?


Here is food for thought. We know that the upper class trash plan to set up a global dictatorship and slaughter more than 7 billion people globally. By letting Iran build nukes, they will eventually cause a nuclear war in the Middle East between Iran (Shiite Muslims) and Israel plus the Sunni Muslims. The upper class trash can then send in their "medical teams" to finish off the survivors claiming they all died from radiation poisoning. That will get rid of about 1.5 to 2 billion people, mostly Muslims.


I saw a post about an Israeli secret guided bomb being "leaked" to the public. It was very clearly a well done PR video of the weapon system by the maker of the weapon system being used as psychological warfare against Iran. Basically, it was saying, even your new Russian made S300 SAMs won't stop us, we will get you.

But I think that Iran is too confident that the US will be able to stop Israel so the psychological warfare won't work. The only thing that will work now is bullets and bombs. Israel is beating a dead horse by continuing with their psychological warfare.

Arab League

The Arab League is discussing building an Arab League military coalition to defend themselves against Iran. That should tell you that things are worse than we are being told.

Obama Again

Obama has given his blessing for Joe Biden to run for president in 2016. It is extremely clear Obama is destroying the Clinton power machine to make himself more powerful.

So, if Obama is planning a coup, why would he continue to carry on with business as normal?

So it won't be so obvious that Obama pre planned the coup and to make it look like Obama is staging the coup to protect the US (A.K.A. smoke and mirrors) and it is working extremely well.


Jebberwocky is having trouble raising money for his campaign and is having to cut the salaries for his campaign staff. Jebberwocky is pushing almost the entire liberal agenda, is a super RINO, and Trump is destroying Jebberwocky.


I read that Huma may take the fall for Hilarious but will she go to prison for Hilarious or go belly up? Are they also throwing Lois Lerner under the bus to distract from Hilarious?


The number of drivers involved in crashes and are stoned on pot is sky rocketing since states have legalized pot.

Gee, who would have figured?

Before you can get one problem solved, the liberals cause another one.

Sexual Perversions

Once the homosexuals got the right to marry, they have gone ape on getting every other sexual perversion legalized. They have been working to legalize polygamy, pedophilia, bestiality, and now prostitution. They are working to get everything legalized that has to do with perverse and criminal sexual behavior they can before someone can close that can of worms.


Let me share a little secret with you about a land's water they don't want you to know. If you are dependent on surface water for all of your uses, that is fine as long as you don't exceed the amount of water that flows through those resources in bad years unless you fill up reserves during the good years.

If you start pumping water from the ground and you exceed the amount of water that is naturally being replenished, you will eventually run out of water. You cannot take more water out of aquifers than is going in them without the aquifers going dry. It is not if, but when and that depends on the size of the aquifers in relation to how fast you are draining them.

The way they talk to you about these things is meant to give you the false impression that there is an unlimited water supply for every area. That is always false.

God Holding Off

Concerning God holding off on punishing us because of Christians turning to Him in prayer, at some point, God must permit Obama and his Muslim pals to seize control of the US to purge out the evil, liberal upper class trash pagans who are causing all of this mess before they can make their final moves to set up their global dictatorship and slaughter more than 7 billion people.

Now, if the Christians continue in their prayer and prepare to fight for their freedom and lives, God will protect the Christians during that Muslim dictatorship. But it is important to know that God must purge the upper class trash liberal pagans because they are, RIGHT NOW, murdering people. At some point in the near future, God has to remove these liberal pagan monsters we let get into power and we have to pay a price for letting them get into power. Plus God has to hold these liberal pagans responsible for their actions. They must be punished.

Also remember that Jesus said, concerning children, "To harm the least of these, is to be cursed." The least of the children is the unborn and the US has murdered more than 50 million unborn children, therefore, the US is cursed and must be destroyed by God. We will have to build a new Christian nation, deal with it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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