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Remember that I have been warning you to not blindly believe anything you see in the media because they are professional liars?

This video does a very good job of showing you how corrupt and deceptive they are. He focuses mostly on TV but the rest of the lefty media are as bad.

I love his comment about underestimating how many stupid people there are in the world and then he gave an example.

I am afraid we are going to find out how many stupid people there are this election.

Remember that I have been warning you that you cannot believe what the media say because they either say what they are told to say or they get fired?

This video shows that the lefty media and leaders are using psychological warfare and propaganda to incite the left into a hate frenzy to get them ready to kill on command to start and fight a shooting war against everyone else.

This is an insurrection in action and building into a shooting war because everything else they are trying is failing.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. They are telling you that they will soon be coming to murder you.

This video tells you about journalists who did not do or say what they were told to do or say and they got fired really fast.

Do you believe me yet?

They keep proving me right. Remember that all of the top lefty media are owned by the upper class trash who own everything else and cause almost all of the corruption.

The lefty media dare not say the truth. It has gotten so bad that, often, the truth is the opposite of what the media say.

Jimmy tells you exactly what I have been telling you about the lying lefty media, especially about the retired generals. You cannot believe a thing they are saying, you know, like what they are saying about the Ukrainian War. If their lips are moving, it is a lie.

That is why I question everything the media say. The truth is almost always the opposite of what they say.

I know I told you about how most journalists "reported on the war" during Nam, especially the great military expert, Dan Rather, who didn't even know we had smart weapons until the Iraqi War, when we used them in Nam. You cannot believe anything journalists tell you about the military or war.

Note that the one guy shows that he still has not figured out that the media are OWNED by the top 1% and say what they are told.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash have destroyed our Republic and it will take the hand of God and a war to begin to clean up this mess?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

I know God has His reasons for letting this to drag out and continue but I sure wish He would get this over with soon so we can be rid of the evil upper class trash and just get back to life with God.


Well, the "conservatives" won and gained control in Italy but, what the Europeans call conservatives are usually not what we in the US call conservatives because they have positioned their political center between communism on the left and socialism on the right to make Hitler look right wing, when he was actually a lefty socialist. Calling Hitler right wing is an academic con or lie to make their beloved communism look better.

Turley joyfully explains in this video how this is a move to the right for Italy and Europe along with some of the EU ramifications but he keeps leaving out their stance concerning Ukraine and Russia, which is critical.

I had been cautiously assuming that, because Turley was so excited about it, that Italy would rebel against the EU (which they may still do) and move towards making buds with Russia but I recently saw something I am watching that said Italy will support Ukraine because to support Ukraine is to be at war with Russia and support lefty globalism.

If that is true, then you can expect the nations from Africa, you know, Putin's allies, to invade Italy when they also invade France and Spain.

Part of the reason why I believed she might turn against the EU and make buds with Russia is because she is anti-globalist and against the upper class trash elites as she stated in this video and, if she is anti-globalist, then she can't support the globalist actions against Russia in Ukraine. Ukraine is a war the globalists started against Russia to get Russia out of their way so they could set up their global dictatorship.

Have the Europeans not figured that out yet?

Note that she also stated in her speeches that she is against the leftist global agendas and seems to be conservative. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt partly because the lefty media hate her, which means, she must be better than the left and against their evil insanity.

If nothing else, it has already caused division within the EU, which will help it fall apart faster. It has also shown the dictatorial attitude of the lefties running the EU as being a bully organization by them threatening to punish Italy for choosing someone who is not one of their criminals.

People, the only reason some of the EU/NATO nations like Germany are taking a stand against Russia is because of the EU/UK/US bullies threatening to cause trouble for them if they do not obey orders. Those nation's leaders are cowards who are too afraid to stand up to the British Royal Family.

BTW, it looks like the US/UK bombed the two gas pipelines running from Russia to Germany, probably because Germany was considering bailing on the EU/NATO alliance for gas from Russia. Now Germany and other EU countries can't bail on the EU/NATO for gas unless it is brought in by ship, train, or truck.

Of course the EU and lefty media are blaming Russia for destroying their own pipeline and others are blaming the US. We may never know but, if you pay attention to what happens in relation to that gas, whoever did it will probably give themselves away by their actions.

You need to know that it is no coincidence that both pipelines were destroyed on the same night.

Then I found this video concerning the destruction of the two pipelines. He does a good job of analyzing whether it was the US or Russia and it looks very much like it was probably the US because now the Germans and others can't bail on the EU/NATO for gas from Russia unless it is brought in by ships.

If the US did this, it would be at least an act of war by the US against Russia and possibly also against Germany because it is causing economic harm to Germany. Also, if the US did this, it would justify and provoke Russia into destroying the gas and oil pipelines running from Alaska down into the continental US, which Russia can pretty easily strike. This is a strong probability so keep an eye on it.

This video tells you how serious this is. He tells you that it is also an attack on Germany. Keep an eye on this.

Keep in mind that the same thing can happen to the gas and oil pipelines running to Europe from Africa and Israel. They are also vulnerable.

Just like always happens in tyrannies, the upper level tyrants are terrorizing and bullying their puppet tyrants. The upper class trash are arrogant fools who think that, because they are members of the tyranny, they will be above the oppression of their tyranny until things go south and they find themselves on the receiving end of their own tyranny. It always happens and the inbred upper class trash never learn.

Their thugs and activists think they will get free stuff stolen from other people but most of them always end up living in poverty so the upper class trash can keep more and more of the free stuff stolen from other people until the upper class trash are keeping all of the free stuff stolen from other people. You cannot believe the lies and promises of traitors and liars.

It is like I have been telling you; greedy and power mad people can never be satiated because they will ALWAYS want more and more wealth and power, which is why they can't stand to see anyone else who has anything and they are not oppressing. They just can't leave other people alone.

Keep an eye on this.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that 4 out of 10 Chinese scientists at our universities, including the best universities, are giving up well paying tenured positions to leave the US.

Are they leaving because they know the US is about to be attacked and invaded? Don't you find the timing somewhat coincidental and suspicious?

I heard an unconfirmed rumor that Xi managed to stop the coup. We will see.

Then I finally got some good intel about the coup with this video. These people do an excellent and thorough job concerning intel about what is going on in China.

It looks more like Xi was preventing a coup that was in planning.

One thing this video shows is how no one can trust anyone in tyrannical governments and how people keep getting sent to prison or killed off. Those guys who got life sentences will probably become "organ donors" in the future.

The same is true with our stupid commies in the West who believe they will share in power. Most of them will be killed off because no one can trust a traitor and you have to be really stupid to believe the lies and promises of liars.

One thing you can bet on is that such deadly games are already being played by our commies trying to set up their dictatorships in the US and around the world with some of them regularly "committing suicide" with a couple of bullets to the back of the head or having accidents that kill them but the greedy, power mad fools never learn and keep thinking it won't happen to them because they are different, smarter, or better than the others until they get help stepping out of a tall building somewhere.

So it looks like the deals between Xi and Putin are still intact and WWIII marches on. Yep, billions of people are still going to die because of our insane leaders.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, with WWIII pending, by the strangest of coincidence, there are rioting protests in Russia, China, and Iran that could easily have been caused by the US CIA. Keep an eye on this.

Then I found this video providing more information about Iran's protests. It seems like Iran has been having quite a few protests over the years that our media have not been telling us about.

Considering all things, it is very likely that the US has been "encouraging" the protests.

People, for these protests to succeed in these countries run by tyrants, all you have to do is smuggle in guns. That makes me wonder why the CIA has not done that.


Remember that I have been telling you that everything the left is doing is failing?

This video shows that it is happening worse and worse for the left. God has opened eyes and increasing numbers of people are turning against the left.

People do not like what they see the left doing. They are staging a revolution now at the ballot box to try to regain control of their nations.

Everything the left has done has failed and they just keep making it worse and worse by getting more and more radical turning increasing numbers of people away from them. The left is so obsessed with their global dictatorship that they can't realize that they are making their own problems worse. Their evil minds are closed to anything but finalizing their dictatorship at all costs.


They are now sending Ukraine another $12 billion to buy more weapons with our US soldiers on food stamps.

Hold it, I thought Ukraine was crushing Russia and they were selling 70% of the weapons they buy to other nations for the money?

I am wondering if turning that war around to keep the stupid people supporting sending more money to Ukraine to buy more of our weapons to make our military industry more wealthy would cause our corrupt politicians and Pentagon leaders to send US troops disguised as Ukrainian troops into Ukraine, especially with our military not being able to recruit replacements and Russia and China threatening to invade the US?

I could see Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley doing something that stupid.

Pagans/Poser Christians

Remember that I have been telling you about pagans and poser Christians, especially on the left.

This video uses scripture to tell you much of what I have told you.

For example, I have told you that Satan's spawn love themselves and their bank accounts. The video teaches that they love themselves and money.

I have taught you that many self proclaiming Christians will turn from Christianity to paganism when it benefits them. The video tells you that there will be a falling away from the faith.

It tells you to get to know Jesus yourself and not to rely on what others say about Him. What most people believe about God, the Bible, and Jesus is all wrong because it is lies spread by Satan and his people.

For example, they believe and are taught the Bible says that money is the root to all evil but it does not. It says that the LOVE of money is the root to all evil.

It even tells you about me because the Bible says, "Your old men shall dream dreams," you know, just like me, you know, while some preachers are teaching that old men won't dream dreams. I guess they think God is a liar.

Note that God has used the last few decades of my illness and poverty to make me a better Christian. It has not been pleasant, I would not want to live through it again, and I would not wish it on you unless you really need it to straighten you out and keep you out of Hell, which would be even worse.

It has been and still gets extremely difficult and I pray for God to help me through it all. One thing He has done is show me how He uses things going wrong or bad to bless us.

I have also learned that, when things get bad, it is too easy to get focused on the bad and not recognize the good God has in your life.


Remember that I have been warning you about believing anything any government or chemical company owned scientists or MDs say?

They say what they are paid to say and we used to call them academic whores because they prostitute their degrees at your expense, just like Fauci.

He is pointing this out about one of the government's top "scientists" in this video. They cannot be trusted and should not be allowed to control medical policies. They are very evil things that cause harm to and kill people, know it, and keep causing harm and killing them, you know, like that infamous Nazi doctor, Joseph Mengele.


One of my pet peeves is the Christian obsession with cursing or curse words.

Did you know that English may be the only language that has curse words? Did you know that German, from which English originated, does not have curse words? Then where did English get its curse words?

It all happened during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 1800s. The arrogant, self righteous, condescending British Royals started an ego trip fad to prove they were more righteous, had more class, and were superior to others, especially the peasants by doing virtue signaling by making a show of them not using many of the words that the lowly peasants used. Why, using those words was vulgar and beneath them.

All of the royal wannabees jumped in on that to show they were just as righteous as the royals by not using those lowly, rude, and repulsive words that became "bad language" and then curse words and most of those arrogant, self righteous people are probably burning in Hell.

Then a lot of preachers jumped in on that taking the term "vain speech" in the Bible out of context to make it look like the Bible says using those words is a sin or vain speech but there is nowhere in the Bible that says you will not use certain words.

Besides, one of those curse words, ass, is found in the Bible a number of times.

Does that mean that God sinned?

No, it means that some preachers sinned by twisting verses in the Bible to make sin where there was none, which is blasphemy because they were adding to God's Law and elevating themselves above God.

Vain speech in the Bible is referring to proud and arrogant speech, you know, vanity. Vain speech in the Bible is what the arrogant, proud, condescending royals use all of the time, especially towards the peasants, and has nothing to do with using certain words we consider curse words.

While pretending to be righteous because they don't use bad words, they were sinning by using vain or arrogant and proud speech along with lying, stealing, oppressing, enslaving, and murdering people, which is much worse than using any words. This has gotten so bad in the church that about half a century ago I knew a "church queen" who, to show how much more righteous she and her family were, she taught her 3 daughters to say poepoe instead of butt because they were too righteous to say the word butt.

Now imagine her daughters going to school saying the fake word poepoe. You know those other kids had no idea what those girls were saying and understood what they were talking about.

Language is for communication and, if you don't use the words the other people understand, they can't understand you and will naturally think you are an idiot.

It was the sinful arrogance of the royals that created the idea of bad, dirty, or curse words and not the Bible.

You cannot gain righteousness by not using certain words because all righteousness comes from Jesus. Those words didn't die on the cross, Jesus did. You will also not go to Hell because you use such words. They are just words and not using them will not make you a better person.

I guarantee that, on Judgment Day, God is not going to send anyone to the Lake of Fire because they used a curse word, not one person, but will send many people to the Lake of Fire because they rejected God's love, Law, and salvation.

Maybe we should put more emphasis on God's love, Law, and salvation and less emphasis on "dirty words"?

Political Move

I am seeing more about making Trump Speaker of the House to replace Biden with them telling me the GOP is getting really anxious about it.

You know the Commierats also see this and should be concerned but I am getting the feeling that the left is waiting until after the election to see whether they can rig the elections enough to not lose control of the House before making their move. I guess they think that, if they lose control of the House, they can just ram the changes through before January.

I also saw that Harry and Meghan just got "demoted" by ye ole Royal Family, which is the Royal Family distancing themselves from Harry and Meghan to get the people to accept Princess Meghan as president. Hey, she is a victim.

Both sides are making moves in this preparing for their soon coming accelerated power struggle.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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