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Sailboat Cruising

One thing I have been noticing in the videos showing the sailboats crossing open waters is how little boat traffic there is. It really shows how huge the oceans are in relation to the boat traffic because they rarely show other boats or ships and, when they do, they make a big deal about it because it breaks the monotony of them spending days to weeks sailing across open water.

The commercial boats stick to routes between major ports so they tend not to be seen so much by the cruisers unless the cruisers are traveling near a commercial route. The cruisers often cross entire oceans like the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans only seeing a few boats until they get close to land.

There is much more room on this planet than the idiot lefties make out.

Remember that I told you that the sailboat cruisers spend a lot of time working on their boats?

This video gives you an idea of how much time and work is required to maintain saltwater sailboats. It is a huge amount of work. I keep seeing cruisers saying things about "it makes it all worth it," telling me they have to work a lot to get something that makes it worth all of the work.

A really big clue is that the videos show them working much more than the time they spend sailing or having fun. With the force of the waves and the wind along with the corrosiveness of salt, things break fast and often.

Another thing I keep seeing is, when they rebuild someone else's used boat, they keep finding really shoddy work done by previous owners they have to fix, sometimes years later, after they thought they had everything fixed.

Another thing I keep noticing is the huge number of boats in the boat yards and docks without seeing any of the owners around them and so many fewer people actually sailing. Many people buy stuff like expensive yachts, use them a few times, and then spend lots of money storing the stuff, in the case of yachts, until they sink or the owner sells them. They find out the hard way that they just wanted to own that stuff and didn't really want to use it that much so they spend a lot of money storing it.

One reason so many cruisers are going with multi hull boats is because they are more stable with less healing and rolling motion while sailing and women don't get as seasick. You have to keep the wife happy to keep the boat happy.

One thing I thought about a number of times is that I hope we can ride bicycles in Paradise and I would love to spend all day riding bikes with Jesus talking about things. That would be wonderful. Hey, maybe some of you could come along.


In this video he tells you a lot of what I have been telling you about Europe, their dependency on protection by the US, "using their defense money for other things", you know, stuffing it in their greedy pockets, and much more.

It is obvious that their eyes are opening just like God told me they would and the German people are realizing that their national upper class trash and the rest of the Western upper class trash, especially from the US and UK, are screwing them really bad.

How long with it take for them to storm the castles?

Europe or Rome II is right now imploding and will soon not exist as either the EU or NATO. That one man paints a very dire picture for the EU and it is getting pretty obvious it will end for them soon.

The upper class trash always get so greedy and power mad that they screw everything up in their countries, cause those countries to implode, and they end up losing most to all of what they stole and, often, their lives. They never learn.

From what he says, there is every reason in the world for most African nations to invade and sack Europe. Europe has screwed them for hundreds of years, the Africans are furious, and they are being financed and armed by Russia and China.

Why would they not invade Europe with Europe being weaker and weaker by the day?

Note that more and more anger is being directed towards rich Europeans and Americans. That is who they will go after.

I just heard that Russia is moving nuke capable Isklander Missiles on mobile launchers to Kherson by rail and I am wondering if Putin has drawn US and UK forces into these areas and is getting ready to roast those forces in another Russian cauldron.

I also heard that Biden just told the heads of top corporations in Taiwan to get their assets out of Taiwan and he may be getting ready to fake supporting Taiwan and just let China have her while trying to keep China out of the Pacific Islands.

Maybe a deal selling out Taiwan was made with China, you know, like Afghanistan?

The US won't have ANY allies when this is over.

It looks like Russia is getting ready to fry US and UK troops in the West while China takes Taiwan in the near future. The upper class trash always screw everything up.

I am now looking for confirmation concerning Russia just staging a series of attacks in Ukraine wiping out quite a bit of Ukrainian forces, especially US weapons sent there recently.

Did the first fecal matter just hit the fan?

Nuke War

I am seeing so much lefty media scare crap about a nuke war wiping out everyone and everything. Quit believing that lefty media scare crap.

Look, a really huge 20 Meg nuke, of which neither side has very many (the US and Russia are currently using about 15 megs for their largest nukes and the rest are using about 300 K or less for their biggest nukes), maybe a few hundred, only has a kill distance of 20 miles in diameter and most of the biggest nukes are in the 100s of kilotons (k - equivalent to thousands of tons of dynamite) range, not the much larger megaton (meg - equivalent to millions of tons of dynamite) range.

A 20 Meg nuke won't even wipe out all of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a medium size city; forget about LA, New York, Dallas, and most other large cities plus those really huge nukes won't be used against the big cities but are designed to be used against hardened underground military targets, which will require a really big blast to cause damage and will restrict surface blast, radiation, and fallout to almost nothing.

There are at least 100s of hidden underground military and government bases scattered all over the US and in other nations that our military and top government officials and scientists will be sent to hide in, of which, many will be targeted with 2 to 4 nukes to make sure they get them but, even then, there will be no guarantee they will get even half of them with first strike.

For example, we knew that White Sands Missile Range, Sandia National Labs, and Los Alamos nuclear facilities in New Mexico were all in the top 10 targets for the Soviets and would have 4 missiles aimed at each of them because they knew that most of their missiles won't even make it to target. Most people have no clue about our true defenses and we conservatively estimated that 90% of the Ruskie missiles won't even reach US airspace 200 miles from outside our border.

That means that, with Russia having less than 6,000 nukes, less than 600 will make it to US airspace and fewer to target with most of those detonating underground.

Another top target will be upper class trash neighborhoods because they run the planet and are causing this war.

I told you before that a 10K nuke has a maximum damage and kill range of 1 mile from GZ (ground zero or the point of detonation) and does not cause any damage at 2 miles out.

They will be using mostly nukes in the 100 to 300 kiloton or less range against cities to take out our military industry and they will only take out about 5 to 10 miles or less in diameter. It won't be anything like in the movies where one regular nuke takes out all of LA or New York. It would probably take 20 to 30 nukes or more to wipe out all of LA and the Ruskies and Chinese are not going to waste nukes to do that.

First strike from Russia might be 1.5 to 2 thousand missiles aimed mostly at hardened underground military and government targets to prevent a large counter strike but most of them will be destroyed before they get to target. Then they will check to see which critical military targets they missed and set to fire more missiles at the most critical remaining targets along with missiles at secondary targets, then check their intel to see which targets were not taken out again and fire again. A full out nuke war will probably only be 3 to 4 waves of weapons being deployed.

They are not going to launch all of the missiles at one time and turn the planet into a ball of fire like the idiot media have most people believing. Most likely, the war would stop after the first or second wave.

There will be a lot of people in the US, but especially around the world, who won't even see the flash or glow from a nuke detonation. Many people will just feel the Earth shake and think it is an earthquake.

A lot of people are going to be surprised when they wake up the day after a nuke war and have to go looking for damage to find it.

BTW, I have noticed that some of the people are finally figuring out, probably because someone in the military is finally telling them, that Russia "has not even started to fight the war yet", meaning they still have much more military than what has even started fighting, just like I have been warning you.

I estimate that Russia might have committed about 20% to 30%, probably less, of their military and not even close to the best of their military. You are being lied to.

The only two reasons I can figure out why Russia is "losing ground" in Ukraine is to 1) draw the enemy into another Russian Cauldron or 2) just hold the enemy off while Russia is ramping up to invade Europe.

BTW, after Russia has annexed parts of Ukraine into being part of Russia, Russian troops withdrawing and permitting the Ukrainian and Western troops to enter that area is those enemy troops invading Russia, is an act of war, and justifies Russia going to war and staging a preemptive attack against the Western nations.

Keep an eye on that. We are so close now.

BTW, North Korea fired a missile over Japan as a warning shot for the pending military actions and I cannot believe that the US has not given Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan a few dozen tactical nukes each to use against North Korea and China. North Korea was warning Japan to stay out of the fight when North Korea invades South Korea.

Replacing Afghan Joe and Kruella

Remember that I have been telling you for several years now that it looks like the lefty upper class trash are planning to replace Afghan Joe with Meghan and that means they also have to get rid of Kruella and Pelosi?

This video shows that even the Commierats want to get rid of both Afghan Joe and Kruella, while other videos have shown the left wants to get rid of Pelosi. The left's media have done their job of preparing the people for replacing Afghan Joe very well. Listen, the reason why the lefties keep having Afghan Joe speak publically is to get more people to support getting rid of him.

The Commierats are going to have to do it very soon and, since they have waited so late, they will have to ram through everything really fast after the election.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you about the upper class trash corruption?

Mark knows a lot about the corruption of the upper class trash and, in this video, he tells you about quite a bit of it.

One thing they keep missing is that it is the royals who run everything, especially the British Royal Family.

He tells you about the Rockefellers being one of the most powerful families in the world. What he doesn't tell you is that the Rockefellers are members of the British Royal Family. You might want to keep that in mind because almost all of those mega rich families are royals.

Biological Warfare

I think I told you that one of the things the upper class trash is doing with these biological warfare labs they are deceptively calling "gain of function research labs" is they are gathering the DNA for the different races or groups of people around the world and programming viruses and bacteria to only kill people with certain DNA because they are closet racists and want to "depopulate" the planet of all non Aryan races.

Did you notice that the people in charge of these programs like Fauci are white?

Gee, what a coincidence.

If you know anything about biology, protists (single cell organisms like bacteria and viruses), and have any common sense, you should know that, like everything else they have tried, this is also going to fail and it will fail massively. You can bet they are too arrogant, ignorant, and stupid to figure it out.

Why will it fail?

What is going to happen when those deadly protists get into the human population?

They will quickly mutate and become deadly to everyone, including the white upper class trash. Don't be surprised if they end up killing most of themselves off.

Hey, at least it will drastically increase the planet's average IQ.

People, COVID 19 was just a dry run for what is coming.

Man plans, God laughs.

They keep arrogantly thinking they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are in spite of the fact that everything they do fails. I can't wait to see them standing before God on Judgment Day with the angels reading from their books and everyone else laughing at them and saying, "You thought what?"

You think they are not that stupid?

What did I tell you about when people revolt?

People tend to revolt against the evil upper class trash when they have more to gain than they have to lose.

Then that arrogant, evil stuffed suit, Klaus Schwab, bellowed out before the world, "You will own nothing!" The arrogant fool didn't finish the sentence because what the average person on this planet really heard was, "You will own nothing to lose by revolting against us and storming our castles!"

The idiot is too arrogant and stupid to realize that he was telling the people that they might was well revolt right now because the upper class trash are planning to take everything all of the people have leaving the people nothing to lose by revolting. When that arrogant fool said that, I just knew it won't be long until the people stand up and take off his evil head, you know, just like Marie Antoinette saying, "Let them eat cake" before she lost her evil head.

The idiot, inbred upper class trash never learn.

He just stupidly told the people that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by storming the upper class trash castles right now because the upper class trash are going to take everything you own anyway.

That idiot would probably have to at least triple his IQ to be a moron and anyone who listens to him is dumber than rocks.

Listen, if I had been a rich person when he said that, I would have rushed home and welded all of my doors and windows shut and then cemented them over but NONE of the upper class trash are intelligent enough to figure out what he really told the people. They should all be terrified.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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