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British Royals

Remember that I told you to keep an eye on a potential power struggle within the British Royal Family?

Ye ole pump has been primed.

The British Royal Family just "banished" Prince Andrew, the brother of King Charles, you know, like the same family is having a falling out with Prince Harry, the son of King Charles.

You can bet on three things. One, that Andrew has enough rich and powerful friends in Britain to support him over Charles, two, that Harry has enough rich and powerful friends in Britain to support him over William and Charles with some of those friends being the same people, and three, the two of them will get together against Charles and William.

If they and their friends get together, you just might see a "civil war" in Britain over power and control or they could work together to seize control of the US and have more power than Britain. I could see Meghan getting appointed president and hiring Andrew to a top position in their cabinet.

Keep an eye on that. Keep in mind that this could all be royal theater to fool us.

Court Case

God works in strange and interesting ways.

When I first started this fight, it was to free me and the locals from an oppressive, fascist system and I was treated in an appalling way by the city court that made me feel like I was in a very corrupt court in the Soviet Union and left me wondering where these criminals studied law, Moscow?

I realize that one thing God was doing was showing me just how corrupt the local city government had become by that judge responding to my comment about the US Constitution by saying, "These are our laws and, if you are going to live in Alamogordo, you must live by them," meaning that the US Constitution does not matter here, they make up whatever laws they want and force them on you, which is completely unconstitutional.

All laws MUST be compliant with the US Constitution.

They told me that Alamogordo is no longer part of a Constitutional Republic and this is increasingly obviously true in too many places in the US. Too many places in the US are now fascist dictatorships where you have no constitutional rights and freedoms.

Do you believe me yet that you are watching the fall of Rome II?

From the way they were talking, I was going to have to appeal to a county court, especially since that court is in the county courthouse.

Today, I went to apply for a court date but found out that it is a state court, the fee I was told I would have to pay was probably waved because of my poverty, and, with the trial in the state court, I found out I could get a state public defender (attorney) to help me put the case together and present it in court for free because I guess the fee was also waved because of my poverty.

I was amazed to be able to do that all in just one trip to town in only about 3 or 4 hours and was expecting to have to make at least 2 or 3 trips. I applied for my court date and got it before I was finished getting everything else done. I was shocked!

Everything went surprisingly well today and I saved so much money on fees that I got a take-out meal from my favorite restaurant to celebrate and just realized tonight that, if this program becomes established as unconstitutional in a state court, it becomes state law, and frees everyone in the state from this oppressive program and not just in my little city.

So now my question is, "Is God going to make me appeal this case all of the way to a federal court so that it will become federal law?" Will the people and I get justice or will I be shown that the state court is just as corrupt as the city court?

I thought God was just starting me out at the local level for a small town and He has already moved me up to the state level so what is next?

There is only one more level above where God has me now though I may have to fight my way through this court and the state supreme court to get there. If my case makes it into a good federal court or all of the way to the US Supreme Court, they will definitely make it official that this program is unconstitutional at the national level, which it blatantly is, which will free everyone in the US from this oppressive government program and undo a lot of corruption in the US.

Is God about to drop kick my butt into this fight at the national level? Is God teaching me the mechanics and protocols of the system to eventually go after people like Fauci and others?

I am definitely going to keep an eye open for the possibility of going after people like Fauci and other such criminals. I would love to put their evil butts in jail for the crimes they have committed against my people.

I think I better pray long, pray hard, pray often. I don't think it will hurt if you also pray for me and you because I am fighting for both of us.

Stick around because we are both about to find out what God has in store for me and you. It looks like this is now a Holy War for sure, using the court system. God will take care of it.

Note that, when I studied law in college, they taught us the law but didn't teach us the protocols and procedures for court actions and I am learning fast.

Also, this may be moving me towards the fulfillment of about half a dozen dreams God gave me that I don't think I told you about yet. If that is the case, then this will get VERY interesting quickly, especially since they were warnings about attempts to murder me.

Some of those dreams involved 4 attempts to assassinate me, which I jokingly tell people it is good to know there will be four attempts because that means the first 3 have to fail or there can't be four attempts. (You smiled, didn't you?) The other dreams have to do with me being attacked by witches using witchcraft and remember that this is one of the 5 most holy sites in the US for witches so there are a lot of witches here. Gee, what a coincidence.

Believe me, this is about to get very interesting.

At this point I am wondering whether this next court appearance will be another lesson in how the upper class trash have destroyed the Republic of the US or a victory for me and you?

Believe me, I saw in that first court just how bad they have destroyed the Republic.

Then, after I wrote all of that, I woke this morning to the realization that the spawn of Satan are using this fakedemic to control us more than you can imagine, especially in our courts.

My state court hearing will also be done by computer and not in a court room, which tells me that it may very well be just as corrupt.

What they do is use the fakedemic to not hold court in a court room but over computers where they can control the cases completely, with no witnesses, and prevent the recording of the court activities so they cannot be used in court against them later. It permits them to get away with 100% corrupt trials to railroad whomever they want.

I couldn't imagine in anyway being a part of creating such wicked and evil programs to cause harm to people and, if I were to take control of such an evil program, I would have to fix it to make it constitutional, fair, and objective for the people to protect them from government abuses.

You have to be extremely evil human demons to treat people the way they are treating you. It infuriates me to see people treating other people this way.

If these evil things are using a fakedemic to control and cause harm to people, then it is only just that God use a real pandemic to punish them so, if I am a prophet of God, I call on God to send a plague on only the evil people involved in these crimes against humans everywhere in the world, not just in the US, bringing only the evil people down as only God can do, so those evil people cannot cause other people harm any more.

If God does not judge these people in this manner, then He will have to apologize to those He has already judged for the same or lesser evils. So be it in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ.


This video should concern everyone because Israel has some of the best weapons technologies in the world, often better in many fields than US weapons in the same field, which is why the US purchases some of its weapons from Israel.

God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." Hey, all these human demons care about is how much money they are making right now. They think that tomorrow will take care of itself.

God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

Yes, there are bad Hebrews and good Hebrews because all Hebrews are human and there are good and bad humans. In spite of the many enemies Israel faces, many who are allies with China, some of their rich are so greedy, they will sell out themselves, their families, and the rest of the world. These vile things are so evil they are Israel's worst enemies.

The greatest threat to any nation is the greed of its own upper class trash. Throughout history, they have brought down all empires just like they are bringing down the West today.

Note that he said that "Israel wants to maintain economic ties with China", you know, just like Biden and the US. Hey, they make more money selling us out to China; forget that, after China has conquered their nations, China will hunt them down and kill them because no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor and China will not want these evil beasts of Hell to be a threat to her.

Remember that we are very close to the Tribulation and that the Bible tells us that at mid Trib, these evil Hebrews selling out their nation now for money, will submit to the rule by the Antichrist and Muslims, probably for more money, while a "remnant" will flee into the wilderness to be protected by God.

Hey, it doesn't matter who you are selling your soul to Satan for, as long as they pay well. /sarc

Believe me, these same evil people will submit to the rule of the Antichrist just like the Bible says they will. Every day, we get one day closer.

The left should hang out a sign saying, "Souls for sale." Right now, they are having a clearance sale.


Here is something they never tell you about in the lefty media.

Did you know that Africa has a union called the Africa Union?

That is interesting, especially with Russia and China being allies to those African nations and Europe being worried about Africa (the African Union?) invading Europe from the south, you know, into Spain, France, and Italy.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Life Lesson

Let me share a life lesson with you kids, who want to live wild and carefree until your 30s and 40s and then get married.

After my second divorce at 41, I decided that maybe I should back up and take a really good, healthy look at life and people before even dating again to avoid another divorce.

What I found is that, the better, more dependable people get married young, in their teens and 20s. The longer you wait, the fewer good people are still available because most of the good ones, both men and women, have already been grabbed.

By 40, almost all of the good men and women were gone, you know, married, with most of the available people being the type nobody wants, which is why they are single. Most of the rest are people who have been divorced and want to wage holy war against the opposite sex for revenge or they are people who were happily married, their spouse died, and they are traumatized, which isn't good. There were a few good people left, who wanted a happy marriage but very few and hard to find.

I looked around for several years and realized I would be happier living alone than with what I could find available.

If you plan to spend the first 15 to 20 years after high school going to wild parties and screwing everyone you can, you will pay for it later in many ways.


The president of Poland is negotiating with the US to put nuclear weapons on Polish soil to "deter" invasion by Russia.

Getting scared, are they?

Every day, they get one day closer.

Remember that I taught you about military logistics for ramping up for a war or invasion. It normally takes from 6 months to a year to move troops and weapons into position to invade another nation.

It has only been about 7 months since the Ukrainian War started and much less since Russia started ramping up troops in Belarus to invade Europe but, many of the troops Putin staged for the war in Ukraine were positioned in Belarus, very close to where they could be repositioned to invade Europe.

Russia is ramping up with her allies in Belarus and the West is ramping up in Poland and Poland is getting cold feet wanting more troops, weapons and now nukes. Yeah, they are pretty scared.

The way the West keeps talking about Ukraine devastating Russia and taking ground you would think that they have already marched through Moscow half a dozen times. I saw a map today of where everything was yesterday and Ukraine has made a little ground in the north and very little in the south, which explains why Putin is taking his time.

Basically, Ukraine has taken enough of the land annexed by Russia to constitute an invasion and not a very good one at that.

Then I found this video which shows the Eastern Alliance dealing a heavy blow to the West and proving that OPEC is a part of that alliance against the Western Alliance just like I told you.

The East just shut down the Royals' globalist dictatorship saying, in effect, that they will not submit to the rule of the Royals. This is another really big loss for the intellectually superior Western royals.

What the East has done is reverse the tables on the West and they are right now bringing down Rome II and Russia has not had to fire one nuke yet.

You are seeing a massive international transfer of wealth from the West to the East, which will get much worse this winter with the greatly increased heating fuel costs. The West is broke and getting more broke. That is how an empire falls.

I also just found out that part of Nord Stream 2 is still functional so, if the US doesn't blow it up too, then Russia can still deliver gas to Germany. Putin also said that the damaged part of the gas line can be repaired.

Once again, the stupid lefties failed at one of their brilliant ideas. But, hey, dey is smarter dan you.

Then I found this video confirming what I had previously heard about Russia counter attacking and pushing back Ukrainian forces. It seems that Putin was waiting for his Parliament to confirm the annexation of those four new Russian states so that the Ukrainian Army was "invading Russia". Now Putin is making his move and remember that he is reported to have moved tactical nukes into the area.

Remember that I told you that just sending in weapons wouldn't solve Ukraine's problem because you need trained troops to effectively use those weapons?

The EU is finally training 15,000 troops, which still won't be enough replacements and will take a while. It will take a year or more to properly train troops. Russia has almost certainly killed 10 to 20 times that many.

Once again, Putin has not backed down to the Western bluff and has backed down the West by not bluffing. The US is not sending nukes into Poland so the US just blinked. They just don't get it; Putin does not bluff or take bluffs. His spies know what is going on.

Now the idiot lefty upper class trash are starting new sanctions in determination to return Europe to being hunter-gatherers with the Belgium PM protesting their stupidity. After all, their first sanctions have worked so well. /sarc

The lefties are so stupid that, when their great sounding stupid ideas fail, they actually believe that it wasn't because their ideas were stupid but because they didn't do those stupid ideas enough. They are nuts.

I told you that the US has a one front military and, if we get tied down fighting Russia, China and others will go ape on us and, right now, the upper class trash are trying to tie us down fighting Russia.

Mean while the bluffing US is preparing for a nuclear war.

BTW, if a nuclear war will kill us all off, why are they buying radiation medications for us to use? Do they plan to use it on our dead bodies?

No, they know that a nuclear war will not wipe out all life on the planet just like I have been telling you and they are inadvertently admitting they have been lying to you.

Remember that I told you that the ONLY reason Ukraine was able to push back Russian troops was that Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley sent in US troops posing as Ukrainian troops to fight against Russia?

They just confirmed that the US has troops in Ukraine on "unknown" operations.

You mean pretending to be Ukrainian soldiers? Gee, who would have guessed?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

With Russia counter attacking those troops and pushing them back, the US is going to start getting body bags from Ukraine and the US troops were sent in without proper air cover. The people at the top should be facing criminal charges.

I told you so, didn't I?

No one else was telling you but me; no one.

Get it straight that Ukraine does NOT have the military capability to even hold ground against Russia, much less take ground from Russia. Ukraine lost better than 65% of her forces in the first few weeks of that war. I told you that before and they just proved me right.

Then they told you that the UK also has troops in Ukraine fighting Russian troops, which is an act of war.

This video is very important because it shows that the West does not care about Ukraine but is abusing Ukraine to destroy Russia to get her out of the way so they can setup their global dictatorship and are ready and willing to kill off all Ukrainians to get what they want. Hey, the upper class trash royals plan to kill you all off later anyway; they said so.

You should also realize that Zelensky knows about this, is continuing the war against Russia to help with this, and so cannot possibly care about even his own people, which is why he keeps fighting Russia instead of making a peace deal, which also tells me that Zelensky is almost certainly outside of Ukraine and really never plans to go back to Ukraine to live alone with no people.

It shows you how evil the lefty upper class trash royals and their puppets are.

"Hey, so we kill off all Ukrainians to get what we want." They plan to kill off almost all of you anyway.

When I see idiots in the US saying the Ukraine war was "unprovoked", it makes me wonder where they have been since Obama started this mess in 2014, provoking Russia. They either have not been paying attention, have not done their homework, or are liars.

I just heard that some top Russia officials are getting impatient with Putin and wanting him to use tactical nukes to get the war over with but Putin is clearly more level headed. Putin wants to win this war against the West without using nukes but will use nukes, if necessary.

What this does show is that the stories about the Russians not being behind Putin in this war are lies.

Zelensky is demanding that the West stage a nuclear first strike against Russia to "prevent Russia from using nukes against Ukraine" but it is probably because he is now, once again, losing ground and the war to Russia. He just got reminded that he cannot win that war.

Zelensky was doing just fine when Putin was just "letting him win" but, now that Putin is staging a counter offensive and driving Zelensky back again, Zelensky is desperate and desperate people do desperate things like want a nuke war. Hey, he is an idiot.

Also, Zelensky kept asking for and getting new weapons systems, even when Putin was letting him take ground, and those weapons are now clearly not helping him at all, just like I have been telling you. Hey, the US military industry made a fortune from your tax dollars, which is a big part of what this war is really about, you know, wearing Putin's military down and making our upper class trash crooks a lot of money.


There are several things in this video concerning wisdom. First, it shows what I have been telling you that God hides wisdom from the arrogant pagans and academe and reveals it to His people. We see that going on right now in this world where the left keeps failing at everything and conservatives, especially God's people, keep winning.

The second thing is that it shows how the academe, "thinking themselves wise, make themselves fools" just like God says and are constantly wrong with their thinking and contradicting themselves. If you study the history of any field of study in the soft sciences, you will find that it is hundreds of years of different theories because their theories keep failing so they have to keep coming up new theories to replace their older failed theories.

Note that the left loves to quote Nietzsche but don't tell you that he ended up in a mental institution so that they love quoting a nut case pagan. Hey, birds of the feather flock together.


Remember that I have been reminding you that the upper class trash globalists have been telling you ever since Bush I that they plan to depopulate the planet or murder off all but a MAXIMUM of 500 million people GLOBALLY because they arrogantly don't want to have to share THEIR planet with you?

This video shows one more of many ways they plan to murder you all off so they don't have to share their planet with you. I have been showing and warning you of other ways they plan to murder you all off such as releasing deadly pandemics on you from their "gain of function" or bio-warfare labs, killing you with their vaccines, and Tim tells you of a few other ways.

The arrogant upper class trash are murdering you all off right now; a few here, a few there, and many other ways. These are the worst criminals in history, far worse than Hitler's Nazis, Linen, Stalin, and Mao. They are the pure evil spawn of Satan.


Everyone believes that the Soviet Union satellite, Sputnik, was the first satellite launched into space by anyone but I told you some time ago that wasn't true because, before Sputnik was launched, the US could already orbit the A-12 (CIA version of the SR-71; we had the first astronauts before 1958) and had already successfully tested the first anti-satellite surface to air missiles by shooting down an already defunct US satellite (it had already quit working) by 1958.

The US Military was trying to keep it secret that we already had spy satellites and the A-12 flying over the Soviet Union by 1958 so the Soviet Union would not start working to shoot our spy satellites and the A-12 down so the US Military pretended to be behind the Soviet Union in the space program and set up NASA as a decoy and front organization to help keep our already existing space program secret.

This video shows you why we already had that by 1958.

By 1945, the US had captured and taken to the white Sands Missile Range in the US the German V-2 rocket technology along with many of Germany's scientists to continue experimenting on and developing rocket science with the missiles already capable of reaching low orbit altitude. Within a few years, probably by 1950, they would have been able to put spy satellites in space.

During WWII, we developed a classification system that we kept secret the very existence of our best weapons so Germany would not know that they had to develop technology to beat our best weapons. If they don't know about it, they can't defend against it.

For example, I have told you before that the US began developing stealth technology during WWII and the Korean War but no one outside of the US Military and few in the US Military even knew it existed until the traitor Jimmuh Carhtuh blabbed about stealth technology to try and beat Reagan in that election almost 40 years later.

I still have told no one about some of the things we could do during Nam that I know almost none of you have even heard about because the existence of those weapons is still classified secret. You couldn't begin to imagine what we could do half a century ago and we have better today.

Do you believe me yet?


I am pretty sure that I told you that some of the best strategies Taiwan could use concerning a war with China is to either stage a preemptive first strike against China to invade and conquer China (they are not expecting it or ready to defend against it) or a counter attack after destroying much of China's forces to invade and conquer China, for which Taiwan does have the forces, you know, take the fight to China.

Interestingly, at about 6 minutes into this video it says that Taiwan announced that, if China's weapons systems like combat aircraft or ships cross into Taiwan's territorial space, it will be considered "first strike" or an act of war.

This tells me that Taiwan knows that China is getting ready to invade Taiwan just like I have been telling you and is planning to stage first or a preemptive strike against China just like I told you. Taiwan is getting ready to take a trip to Beijing.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you for years that God is opening people's eyes?

In this video Tucker tells that is true. God is waking people up to reality and they are changing their minds instead of blindly believing the lies, misinformation, and propaganda of the left.


Remember that I have been telling you that stealth does not make a plane invisible? Remember that I told you that the US began developing stealth technology during WWII?

It just decreases the size of the radar return to make it more difficult for enemy radar to find the plane and then uses ECM jammers to finish hiding the plane from that radar.

This video tells you that the F-22 uses electronic jammers (ECM). Gee, what a coincidence.

If stealth made the plane invisible, then there would be no reason for the ECM.

They talk about the paint on the plane absorbing radio waves but they have been using radio wave absorbing paint since the first US planes were painted camouflage during WWII. That paint absorbing radiation makes the planes very hot to stand on during the day.

When I would stand on F-4 wings in Thailand, the wings would get so hot during the day that it would be very hot to your feet through boots and wool socks. Because of the paint absorbing radiation, B-52s get so hot during the summer days that the plane must be hooked up to a mobile air conditioning unit for troops to work in them during the day to prevent the troops from succumbing to the heat or the troops are required to leave the plane every 15 minutes so that troops are sent out to the planes in two man teams with them taking turns working inside the plane for 15 minute shifts.

Again, the paint absorbing radiation causes the radar return to be smaller so it is more difficult for the radar to detect the plane. The paint alone does not "prevent" the plane from being detected by radar like the video said. It is a combination of technologies and ECM that cause that to happen.

I told you years ago that the progression for developing stealth was that they started using radiation absorbing paint during WWII and Korea. The U2 was the first plane to use paint and radiation absorbing materials for stealth. The SR-71 was the first plane to use paint, materials, and surface shape for stealth. All of that happened by 1958.

Do you believe me yet?

When I look at everything I teach on this blog, it amazes me how much God has taught me in my 72+ years on this planet and I still have more I can teach. Stick around.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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