News 666

I realize that some of you people may freak out with this being News 666 but chill. I am not superstitious and the Bible has the number 666 in it, right? Yeah, so it isn't going to hurt you to read this.


The corrupt, lying politicians are at it again giving the stupid people "free stuff" for votes and the stupid people are probably falling for it.

They want to extend parental leave in Australia for having a child from 3 months to 6 months for both parents.

Hey, yeah, we get to stay home and play with junior for 6 months instead of just 3 months and get paid for it.

The selfish fools have no idea what they are doing to Australia's future.

Let's say I own a business in Australia and now I will have to pay my employees for 6 months for doing nothing but staying home and playing with the new born baby.

How many of those businesses will take their businesses and their jobs out of Australia to where they get people doing things for the businesses to earn the money? Why would those businesses stay in Australia? And people wonder why businesses are taking their jobs out of progressive lefty nations that are stealing from those businesses when they can make more money somewhere else?

God said, "Thou shalt not steal."

But the corrupt politicians don't care about you losing your jobs as long as they get your votes before you lose those jobs (hey, the corrupt politicians will just blame the businesses for you losing your jobs) and the stupid people can only think of getting paid for 6 months for doing nothing for those businesses because they are too stupid to think beyond right now. Hey, free and easy money, baby, forget that they will soon lose those jobs and the money completely and have to depend on government welfare under the complete control of the corrupt politicians for money to live and raise junior on.

Hey, why not a year or two years or five years parental leave and chase all of the businesses out of Australia? Hey, you can have a kid every 5 years and never have to work again, right? /sarc

Our stupidity has reached the point of insanity. Oh, we are beyond brain dead stupid by now.

If their voters were intelligent, they would vote out of office any politicians campaigning on extending parental leave to 6 months but most won't so more businesses will leave Australia, destroying their economy and decreasing government tax revenues from those businesses so the corrupt politicians will just increase taxes on the people.

The evil upper class trash always make everything worse for you and you keep voting for them.


China has been hesitant to attack Taiwan in part because they knew they would lose commerce and money with the US and China is holding off on losing commerce and money with the US as long as possible.

Biden just shot down the American computer chip industry in China, which will also affect Russia by requiring that all Americans in the computer chip industry leave China or lose their US citizenship. (They should have never been there.)

I expect the Chinese, who have been working those factories, to keep turning out chips for Russia, this will cause China's economy enough damage it should guarantee China will try to take Taiwan, and WWIII just got started sooner.

The inbred upper class trash just keep outsmarting themselves at your expense. That is what happens when you keep voting for stupid, corrupt politicians for free stuff and, people, the puppet, Afghan Joe is just doing what he is told to do by the upper class trash. Afghan Joe is just the upper class trash front man.


This video shows that Zelensky is still using green screens for some of his videos so he is clearly not in Kiev, Ukraine.

The videos of him walking through empty streets with just a few body guards and the media are clearly not green screens but they also are not in Kiev, Ukraine during a war.

Keep an eye on this and we will find out where Kiev II is. Sooner or later, someone will leak a picture or video similar to this showing where Kiev II is.

BTW, Russia just staged a massive barrage on Kiev with suicide drones and missiles, doing a lot of damage, but they didn't attack the presidential palace because, as the mayor of Kiev said, "they know Zelensky will not be there." She didn't say where he is but she did say he wasn't there and she said that Putin knows it too. Gee, what a coincidence.

Hey, if Russia attacks London, they will get Zelensky because Putin knows where Zelensky is.

Hunter Biden

They are looking like they are going to prosecute Hunter Biden with the conservative media dorks celebrating but this is just a sucker punch.

It tells me they are about to get rid of Afghan Joe and he wants to pardon his son before he leaves office so they are trying Hunter now. I wouldn't be surprised if Hunter pleads guilty to get it over with soon so pop can pardon him.

Don't start celebrating yet because it is just a sucker punch.


For the true inflation rate to get accurate, they must pass a law that certain things like food, gas, housing, and other basic needs MUST be included in the basket all of the time and that they can't pick and choose what they want in the basket for propaganda purposes.

The inflation rate they keep showing you is pure fraud and the people involved in it should go to jail. They are lying to you.

When I go to the store, it is blatantly obvious that food and gas prices have gone up about 100% from 2 years ago so it is not possible for the true inflation rate to be less than at least 30 to 40 percent and probably much higher. When I walk out of the store with about half of what I used to buy 2 years ago for $30 to $40 and it costs me $50 to $70+, inflation isn't 8.5%. When I put gas in my car and it now costs almost $4 a gallon and two years ago it cost less than $2 a gallon, inflation isn't 8.5%.

Nobody is telling you the truth.

Pagan Archaeological Con

They have a con in pagan archaeology and history to stretch out time so they can say that the Bible is wrong. The con is this, if they find a modern city, they say it was after the hunter-gatherer village so that increases their time line. That is bull crap and all you have to do is use common sense to realize it.

When they were first setting up civilization in areas like Ur and Babylon and we know they had oppressive tyrannies called kingdoms and empires and we know that many people fled those civilizations as families or tribes to remote areas with no civilization to get away from those oppressive tyrannies, how do you think those people lived when they got away from civilization? Do you think that they instantly threw up big stone or brick cities and developed another civilization overnight?

No, of course not. They started making camps and living as migrating hunter-gatherers at the same time those big cities existed but the archaeologists don't recognize that. They are taught to assume that the hunter-gatherer village was much earlier so they date it much earlier and, by doing this, they have stretched out the real time line of 4,400 years into 100,000+ years for the history of mankind.

"Why, there couldn't have been hunter-gatherers living at the same time as those big cities."

The truth is that, all at the same time, there were big cities, smaller cities, agrarian villages, hunter-gatherer dwellings, and families living in caves spread around the world and often quite close to each other, you know, very much like we have people living today around the world.

People, that is how the Neanderthals lived in caves at the same time as major civilizations in the Middle East and Egypt. They were just families that fled the oppressive regimes of civilization, lived in caves as hunter-gatherers in uncivilized areas, and inbred too much over hundreds of years.

People, does everyone on the planet today live in big cities like New York and Los Angeles or do we have people living in small farm towns, on ranches and farms, or living "off grid" in the sticks like modern hunter-gatherers?

Guess what, nothing has changed in thousands of years because there has always been people running from oppressive civilizations, you know, like the American Colonists fled to North America to get away from oppressive kings in Europe.

Gee, those little colonist villages don't exactly look like London and Paris from the same time, do they?

If we didn't have recorded history telling us they existed at the same time, archaeologists would be saying those colonial villages were thousands of years earlier than London and Paris.

Judgment Day will be a great day because you will learn the real truth about history and archaeology and you will get to meet all of our ancestors. They and the angels will tell you what was really going on and the pagan archaeologists will look really stupid. It will be the greatest history lesson in history.

Mean while, think for yourself and quit blindly believing the bull crap they feed you. Society and culture have always been much more complex than they tell you.


This video provides some telling information. First, France is slightly depleting is air defense system to send weapons to Ukraine, who cannot win their war.

Second, when confronted about how few weapons she is sending to Ukraine she said she "needs them to protect her eastern flank", you know, from a Russian invasion into and through Poland and Germany to France just like I warned you. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, you don't think France knows that Poland and Germany can't stop Russia, do you?

She knows what is coming and just told you, you know, like I have already been telling you.


I got this from Breitbart by Frances Martel:

"Chinese dictator Xi Jinping opened this year's Communist Party Congress on Sunday with a two-hour speech in which he threatened violence towards Taiwan, insisting 'all measures necessary' are on the table to annex the neighboring country."

Note that he said, "annex the neighboring country" recognizing that Taiwan is an independent country and not part of China. Oops!

Keep an eye on this because time is getting short.

You have to realize that Russia's and China's spies know that, if the GOP take both houses, Afghan Joe will be impeached and they could actually find themselves facing someone like Trump and they would much rather wage war against the West with Afghan Joe at the helm.

That means that, if the GOP takes both houses, they have to escalate this war in November to gain momentum before another president can take control.

Mean while, China is warning its people to get out of Ukraine right now. This war is about to blow wide open.


I feel it is necessary to point out that I am not what they call a "neo-con" who always wants war or thinks that war is the solution to everything.

I hate war and fighting but I learned as a kid on bad streets and history confirms it that the Bible is correct in stating that there is a time for war and a time for peace. I have learned that it is very important to understand when it is time for war and it is time for peace.

Unfortunately, too many people are too simple minded to understand that so that they either want war all of the time or want peace at any cost, which is not good.

War is not good but often it is necessary to stop evil people who love war and will use it to seize control of other countries and people. There is a difference between war being good and it being necessary and we have to know the difference.

I know that, right now, war is necessary to stop the upper class trash from setting up their evil dictatorship and butchering billions of people around the world. It would be really stupid to let the upper class trash butcher even millions of people in the name of peace because that would not be peace but would be a war against the people.

You won't wage war to stop your evil upper class trash from setting up their evil global dictatorship so God is going to use Russia, China, and the rest of the Eastern Alliance to wage war against them to stop them. God is taking so long because He is giving you more time to stop the upper class trash yourselves. If you don't, God will and it won't be pretty.

The upper class trash are proving every day that war is the only thing that will stop them and their evil plans. Therefore, I just want to get this war over with and stop their evil plans because the longer it takes to get this war over with, the more harm and death the upper class trash will cause to the people of this planet. I pray every day that God will stop these evil vermin to protect the people from them.


People getting the worthless vaccine has slowed to less than 10% of the population so we suddenly get a "new variant" that is "more contagious and deadly" to scare more people into getting the vaccine so the drug or chemical companies will make more money.

Kind of obvious, isn't it?

Here is an easy prediction, every time the number of people getting the worthless vaccines that do not keep you from getting or spreading the virus decreases, they will suddenly have a new more contagious and more deadly variant to scare more people into getting the worthless vaccine.

Hey, we gotta keep those drug companies getting richer so they can keep bribing our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. /sarc

These people all belong in prison, including the lying media who help them commit these crimes but especially the upper class trash who cause these problems.


This video tells me quite a bit and I am just a few minutes into it while writing this part.

First, Putin has announced that he has completed the mobilization of those 300,000 troops two weeks early and is now ready for war.

Gee, you don't think the West ticked off Putin and caused him to speed it up, do you?

As soon as those troops are in position, they will go to war.

Second, Russia just stepped up attacks into Ukraine with fighter and attack aircraft along with the missiles. This is clearly pre-invasion bombardment, while moving those new recruits to the front for the invasion. Gee, what a coincidence.

Third, NATO is trying their best to start a war with Russia by launching attacks from Ukraine into Russia again.

Fourth, some troops that trained in Poland and got experience fighting in Ukraine tried but failed to stage a terrorist attack in Belarus so now Russian fighter planes are flying patrols over Belarus. This has drawn Belarus and Poland into the war. It is justification for Belarus to join Russia and the two of them to invade Poland.

Fifth, Putin has now cut power to 580 cities in Ukraine with his recent missile attacks. That will drive a lot of people out of Ukraine to decrease civilian casualties.

Sixth, NATO started its nuclear war games this morning, that will last about 2 weeks and which will only increase the tension in the area, increasing the probability that Russia will use nukes. (I think they are trying to bluff and scare Putin into surrendering and submitting to the West's global dictatorship.)

Seventh, Ukraine has just about depleted their weapons and munitions and lost about 40,000 troops with their recent offensive. This alone will cause Putin to stage an offensive in Ukraine very soon.

Gee, you don't think Putin was "losing ground" to draw Ukrainian troops into encirclements or cauldrons to destroy them and weaken Ukraine just before his planned invasion, do you?

Eighth, captured intelligence personnel from Ukraine confirmed that active US, UK, and other European troops are involved in this offensive proving what I have been telling you about Ukraine not having enough troops of her own to even hold ground against Russia, much less stage an offensive. This constitutes an open act of war against Russia by the West.

I was watching the scene of a drone attack in a city with the cops and military firing lots of small arms into the air at the drone with the streets filled with people knowing those bullets will be falling down on the people and are bound to hurt and kill some of the people. Plus, when they do shoot down those drones, when they hit the ground they will still explode.

They need to destroy those drones before they get to the cities.

Also keep in mind the threat to the US and Europe of China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, the Africa Union, and Latin America. This is going to suck because we are all going to lose friends and family in this mess caused by the upper class trash. I would not be surprised to see the global population drop by 1 to 3 billion people.

Towards the end of the video they got into some philosophical talk guessing about other things.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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