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Afghan Joe

The only reason I can come up with for them still letting Afghan Joe speak in public with all of his bumbling is that they are trying to get all Commierats to support getting rid of him.

They are intentionally making a fool out of him so none of their voters will want him to stay in office.

Think about it, how many people go around bragging that they voted for Afghan Joe?


Obama going on the campaign trail to save elections shows that he is their best hope, all of the other top Commierats suck, and they will support him in a violent coup just like God showed me and I showed you. Right now, if he would run for king, many of the lefties would vote for him.


Was the attack on Paul Pelosi because his wife refused to step down as speaker of the House so they could replace Afghan Joe? Was the attacker hired to kill Paul or just beat him up or kill his wife?

He kept yelling, "Where is Pelosi?"

He obviously thought she would be there so apparently his handler didn't know she would not be there or forgot to tell him she wouldn't be there on that night.

Why was the attacker in his underwear attacking Paul at 2 am in his home and why did BOTH have hammers?

I have never seen a rich home where there was a hammer lying around to be picked up and used in a fight. It is just a wee bit of a coincidence that they both had hammers in a rich home. Too much in this crime doesn't make sense.

Keep an eye on this.


I just saw part of a video by someone who gets much of it right but not all of it and I keep seeing that with all of them.

The most important thing you have to understand is that this part of this insanity is all about the Western upper class trash royals trying to get rid of Putin to set up a global dictatorship and murder off better than 95% of the planet, which will include almost all lefties and the leaders of other nations helping with this insanity.

Russia and the rest of the Eastern Alliance are working together to stop that because they know that they and their people will all be murdered off. It is not because everyone in the Eastern Alliance is good but because none of them can win this war without the rest of the Eastern Alliance. The Eastern Alliance is about both good and bad leaders working together to stop something bad for all of them that they could not otherwise stop.

But let's not be simple minded about this. The lefty upper class trash who are in charge of this insanity are bad guys but they are not the only bad guys.

I see too many people who only seem to be able to understand the simple minded crap that one side is all good and the other side is all bad, which is not even close to being true. It is much, much more complex than that.

First, it is the current leaders of the West and their supporters who are bad in the West and not everyone in those nations. There are many good people who slept, while the left gained too much control, and are now trying to fight back but they have the disadvantage of not being in control but are wining more and more, causing the bad guys to lose ground. There are both good guys and bad guys in the nations the bad guys are using to set up their global dictatorship.

Second, not everyone in the Eastern Alliance is good, it is just that they have in common that they don't want to be ruled and murdered by the lefties. That commonality is causing them to work together for now but, then some of them plan to use this war to achieve their evil goals down the road.

I told you years ago that China and Iran both made it clear that they also plan on ruling the world, it is just that they have to help to defeat the West before they can rule the world and they even see this war as a opportunity to defeat the West AND gain control of the world at the same time. It should be obvious that North Korea is run by people who are very evil and they want to expand their dictatorship to include at least South Korea and only God knows who else.

They are not good people, it is just that Russia, India, and Brazil, who are currently being run by good people, have to work with them to defeat the West and stop their globalism. They have to work with the Eastern Alliance bad leaders to stop the Western Alliance bad leaders or they all die.

Russia has proven that their leaders are some of only a few good leaders right now because they don't have expansionist plans but know they may have to conquer the US and Europe to save their butts and they will do what is necessary to save their butts.

After the Western upper class trash has been defeated, it is very likely that Putin, India, Brazil, and others may have to also defeat China and Iran in another war to stop them.

I have to believe that God is causing confusion in some people so that they don't get the whole picture and only get part of it. Those people are in for a really big surprise in the near future.

I have not yet seen anyone else who has figured out all of that. They get parts of it but I think the complete picture is just too complex for them to get it all. They seem to think that the West is all bad and the East is all good, which is not true. Opposing evil tyrants have fought each other for power many times in history. Just because you are fighting a bad person does not make you a good person.

European Invasion

The US is soon going to begin deploying B-61 MOD 12 gravity bomb tactical nukes in Europe. It is believed they are a variable nuke with a throw weight of up to 50K (the actual variable throw weight is classified), which is a medium tactical nuke.

They will be replacing already existing tactical nukes in Europe but the time table has been moved up from next spring to this December.

This is confirming that the West knows that Russia is staging for an invasion of Europe and soon. As a matter of fact, this was made public in advance as a warning to Russia to get Russia to submit to the West's dictatorship.

With this, if Putin goes into Europe, you can bet he will use nukes in a preemptive strike against the West.

If Europe falls because of the economics and politics of what is going on, then it will just be the US and UK along with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Australia against Russia and her allies. Also, the Europeans will make the US and UK remove their forces from continental Europe to prevent a war.

Ukraine Analysis

This morning I woke up knowing I needed to do an analysis of the war in Ukraine. This will be an eye opener and dispel the bull crap you are being fed by the lefty and military industry media, sites and channels.

You need to keep in mind that the West, mostly the US and UK, have been involved in this since they staged a coup under Obama in 2014 to replace a Russia friendly government with a Western puppet government. Yeah, Obama started this mess just like he started messes in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria. Obama started more wars than any president in US history.

First, after Ukraine (NATO puppet Zelensky) refusing to stop shelling and bombing the civilians in the Donbass area for 8 years, Putin sent his forces in for a military operation with Putin telling you that all he wanted was to destroy the Nazi forces murdering civilians and replace the Western puppet government that would not abide by the Minsk Accords.

Russia very quickly destroyed 65% of the Ukrainian ground and air forces and wiped out her navy. Russia pushed the fleeing Ukrainian forces back to about the middle of Ukraine, while also gathering to position around Kiev to get Zelensky, his cabinet and his other supporters, when Putin found out that the CIA had taken Zelensky out of Ukraine to Poland where he was using green screens to make videos of him being a great warrior leader, a veritable Viking god, who probably couldn't fight his way out of a sandbox.

I figure that the Ukrainian Air Force probably fled to either Poland or Romania or Putin would have quickly finished them off. They have been operating from out of country, occasionally doing surprise attacks in Ukraine to make it look like they were fighting toe-to-toe with the mighty Russian Air Force in spite of the fact that the Russian Air Force had established air superiority on day one.

Hey, it made good press for the left.

Putin decided to sucker punch Zelensky and the West by faking defeat and retreat. His goal was to lure the remaining fleeing Ukrainian Nazi ground forces into Russian cauldrons or encirclements to wipe them out and cause Zelensky to feel safe enough to return to Kiev so Russia could take him out too.

Come on, people, Russia was crushing Ukraine everywhere and suddenly cut and ran in defeat? Really?

The idiots commanding the Ukrainian forces (US and UK officers) fell for the Russian sucker punch and sent the Ukrainian troops to their death in eastern Ukraine where Russia wiped out at least one or two divisions in her cauldrons or encirclements but the CIA didn't fall for the sucker punch and kept Zelensky out of Kiev.

Then Afghan Joe gave Zelensky (actually the CIA) 54 billion dollars and a little later we began seeing videos of the brave and mighty warrior king, Zelensky, boldly walking the empty streets of Kiev with his body guards and media with no sign there had ever been a war in spite of the fact that Russia was still waging a war all over Ukraine telling me that the CIA had built a Kiev movie set somewhere for propaganda and to keep Zelensky alive, you know, make it look like the great warrior king had returned to Ukraine when he didn't, you know, because everyone had found out about the green screens and the mighty warrior, Zelensky, hiding in Poland.

Then British PM Johnson visiting Zelensky in the mornings and being in UK Parliament in the afternoon four days in a row with the flight time from London to Kiev being 12 hours along with me finding out that Zelensky has 3 upper class properties in London told me that their movie set is almost certainly in England with the trains and train stations world leaders were using to "travel to see Zelensky" being English.

People, there is no way any nation would send some of their top leaders into the middle of a war zone during a war to visit Zelensky.

Hey, it was a good but flawed show. They didn't do a good job of taking care of the fine details because they knew most people wouldn't notice. They knew that only those who really pay attention would notice and they would just call us names to discourage people from listening to us.

After Putin destroyed most of Ukraine's remaining ground forces (they probably have less than 20% of their ground forces left) and we found out there were US, UK, and NATO elements fighting Russia in Ukraine, Putin realized that Zelensky probably wasn't going to return until after the war was over so Russia began taking turf again, slowly and systematically, because the Ukrainian forces, even with those foreign elements, couldn't hold their ground against the Russian forces.

Suddenly, Russian forces stopped and dug in because larger forces were building behind the remaining Ukraine/NATO forces to stage an offensive with us being lied to about those being Ukrainian forces. The only place they could have gotten those "larger offensive forces" was NATO.

The Ukrainian forces couldn't even hold ground but were going to stage an offensive, which requires much stronger forces than just holding ground, right?

Hey, most people don't know enough about the military to figure that one out.

So the NATO/Ukrainian forces, with much more than just a few US, UK, and NATO elements, staged their offensive against Russia with our lying media making it sound like they conquered Moscow 50 times, with the NATO/Ukrainian forces being quickly depleted at a staggering rate of 10 or 15 to one Russian soldier but the maps show the only place where the NATO/Ukrainian forces gained any significant ground was in the Kharkiv area in the north but even that wasn't great advances.

I figured this mighty and overwhelming offensive by the NATO/Ukrainian forces wasn't doing so well when the US positioned the 101st Airborne on the Ukrainian border ready to invade. You don't do things like that if you are already kicking butt with what is in there like we were being told.

Now we are hearing that both the NATO/Ukraine forces and Russian forces are gathering for an offensive.

Hold it, if the NATO/Ukrainian forces are kicking Russia's butt, why are they gathering for another offensive? Wouldn't they be continuing with the first offensive? What? Did the "inferior, defecting" Russian forces made up of their worst tanks and weapons and worst reserves stop the mighty NATO/Ukrainian offensive? /sarc

Think about that. People, the Russian forces depleting the NATO/Ukrainian forces at a rate of 10 or 15 to one Russian soldier with multiple Russian cauldrons will quickly bring any offensive to a screeching halt. The actual Ukraine military has been all but wiped out.

For example, if the NATO forces had 100,000 troops and Russia had 100,000 troops with NATO losing just 10 troops to every Russian troop and NATO loses 50,000 troops, leaving them with only 50,000 troops, Russia will only lose 5,000 troops leaving them with 95,000 troops or almost twice as many troops. That ain't good military and you can thank Afghan Austin and Afghan Milley for that.

BTW, if the NATO troops lose another 50,000 troops, NATO won't have any troops and Russia will have 90,000 troops.

Keep in mind that Russia was using troops from China, North Korea, Syria and other nations so that a lot of her losses were not Russian troops so her forces are not dwindling much, while the NATO troops are being ravaged. This means that US weapons and munitions are not just being depleted by this insane war, but also troops, while Russia is building their weapons, munitions, and troops by using foreign weapons, munitions, and troops and continuing to build weapons and munitions and train new troops, the latter of which, the US is falling behind on recruiting.

If you think the Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley Afghan job was so wonderful, just stick around because they are doing even worse right now.

Are you getting the picture? Do you believe me that our pagan run Western nations should not have picked a fight with Christian Russia? Are you beginning to wonder why they have not fired Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley yet?

All of that is while Russia was systematically building up her best weapons, munitions, and troops to invade the US and Europe. Think about that. This ain't going to be purdy or fun.

BTW, Putin evacuating Kherson in the south along with Ukraine attacking some Russian ships with drones from Odessa and him stopping the grain exports from Odessa is telling me he is getting ready to take Odessa to completely cut off Ukraine and NATO from the Black Sea. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, if the 101st Airborne goes into Ukraine (takes the sucker punch at the orders of the Afghan 3 amigos), I expect Russia to invade Poland and then Romania to cut off the US forces from reinforcements, munitions, food, and retreat to isolate them from helping fight against Russia and her allies in Europe. Keep an eye on this. That could also be why Putin is getting ready to take Odessa to cut off their resupply or escape by the Black Sea.

Putin is right now setting up a super Russian cauldron as a trap. Keep an eye on that.

BTW, I think Putin will wait until after our US elections on November 8 to stage his invasion to help the lefties causing this war to lose control of the House and Senate. He is probably hoping that, if the left, who are causing this war, lose control of the US Congress, the fighting will stop.

Also, the reason they have not already gotten rid of Afghan Joe is because the GOP have to gain significant control of both the House and Senate to impeach and remove Afghan Joe and the left is hoping that the GOP won't gain enough seats in the Senate to remove their idiot puppet and they really like the terrible job he is doing.

Power Grab

Remember that I have been warning you that the power mad lefties are making a final power grab to set up their dictatorship?

Part of that has been trying to grab everyone's guns so the upper class trash don't get their brains blown out when seizing control to set up their dictatorship.

This video shows one more example how the insane lefties are doing that with their red flag laws. They are so obsessed with gaining absolute power over you to oppress, enslave, steal from, and murder you off they can't stop their insanity.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties are greedy, power mad spawn of Satan?


This video shows you some more how the left has infiltrated everything and corrupted it. Their wickedness is never ending. They have invented infinite evil.

Do you believe me yet that God is going to have to clean house at least quite a bit with the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 so we can win a war to get our freedoms back?

That is getting more obvious by the day and every day it gets one day closer.

Nuke War

He doesn't say it but this video but makes it obvious as to why the upper class trash royals are pushing to start a nuke war with Russia. They have elaborate, luxurious nuke bunkers to hide in while everyone else dies and then they plan to come out months to years later and own the planet, you know, set up their global dictatorship with very few of you peasants left alive.

Hey, they think they will survive so screw you peasants. They don't care if you get vaporized.

They really believe that the nuke war will kill everyone who is not in one of their magic bunkers but I have shown that isn't true. Most people will survive and they will hunt these rich people who caused this war down, dig them out of their bunkers, and string them up.


This video provides some interesting intel. This shows how you have to pick up bits and pieces here and there.

First, it tells you that the US is selling the SM6 missile system to "help Japan in fighting China and North Korea" because they know that China and North Korea will attack South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan and that Japan will be a major factor in fighting that war.

Second, it tells you that "it will reduce Japan's reliance on US forces for the defense of Japan."

Oops, that sounds like the US won't be committing as many or, maybe, any troops to help Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan so those US forces can be used elsewhere?

It also tells you that the US will also be selling those missiles to South Korea and Australia, who recently signed a military mutual defense treaty with each other so that, if any of them are attacked, they come to the help of those being attacked.

Everyone is ramping up for war at the same time.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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