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The Capitol Police are coming under fire for not constantly monitoring the cameras at the Pelosi house. They may have to divulge what was really going on to save their own butts so keep an eye on this.

I keep seeing conflicting stories and the latest story by the MSM just doesn't make since.


This is interesting. According to this video, Japan just decided to continue to get some of its crude oil from Russia.

Is Japan going to be forced to jump ship for oil?

After all, they are already getting better than 90% of their oil from the Middle East, who are also now members of the Eastern Alliance with Russia.

I don't care what anyone tells you, Putin and the Eastern Alliance are winning this war quite handedly. It isn't even close.

This video tells you several things I have been warning you about. First, it tells you that both Russia and China have been probing Japan's defenses just like I told you.

Second, it tells you that Japan's new stealth fighter will be designed to "decrease its radar cross section" or radar return. These stealth vehicles are NOT invisible just like I have been telling you. They just decrease their radar return so it is easier for their ECM to hide the vehicle from the enemy radar.

They better get that thing built in sufficient numbers for combat soon.

Then I found this video, which shows even more how Russia is winning this war by selling gas to Japan, France, and India.

If anyone tells you that Russia's economy is hurting, they are lying. They probably have the strongest economy on the planet.

BTW, the Afghan special forces that worked for the US were abandoned in Afghanistan and left behind to die by the US when Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley pulled our forces out of Afghanistan are now fighting for Russia in Ukraine and will end up fighting NATO forces when the NATO forces invade Ukraine.

Is that justice or what?

Then I found out that people are finally becoming concerned about arming our enemies by selling weapons to Ukraine, you know, the way Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley armed our enemies when they pulled our troops out of Afghanistan. Hey, at least they are consistent about arming our enemies and doing a great job of it.

Kind of a few months and tens of billions of dollars late, don't you think? Maybe someone should have thought about this before they began selling weapons to Ukraine?

People are finally learning not to trust our lefty ruined government, whose only concern has been how much of your money they can stuff in their greedy pockets.

Ukraine War

I read this morning that Afghan Joe met with the head of NATO this morning concerning the Ukraine War. I read that Trump said that WWIII will be caused by stupidity.

I have been thinking about the probability that extremely desperate Afghan Joe and his puppet masters would use invading Ukraine and getting the US directly involved in WWIII against Russia to try to save the election this coming Tuesday and I realized a number of interesting things.

First, Afghan Joe would have to stage that invasion and attack against Russia within the next few days to be able to use that invasion to influence the election, which isn't much time.

Second, when a protester shouted at Obama for starting this war and supporting a nuke war, he was shouted down by most of the rest of that Commierat crowd, who are thinking the US getting involved in that war will be limited to Europe and not come home to the US.

"Why, it is no threat to us."

If they get us nuked in this war, next time most of the survivors will yell at Obama too.

Third, Putin knows it is the greedy, power mad upper class trash who are causing this war and working to force Putin to fight it by not negotiating with him.

Fourth, remember that I told you that Putin was destroying the gas, electricity, and water in Ukraine to make those cities uninhabitable and force those people to leave to clear the civilians out of the way for Putin to quickly invade through Ukraine with a minimum of civilian casualties. I later read that Zelensky complained that he was going to have to evacuate the civilians out of those cities because Putin had made them uninhabitable, especially for the winter.

Gee, who would have figured?

Now, knowing how Putin has been fighting in Ukraine, how will Putin fight in the US to use that against us and to help him win the war or at least make the US and UK stop causing trouble for Russia?

First, Putin will use tactical nukes to take out key targets in the big blue cities because he knows that, when those arrogant lefties believing all of the lefty lies see nuclear mushrooms growing above their blue cities because Afghan Joe got them involved in a nuke war with Putin, the roaring sound and shock waves blast by them, the earth shakes violently, and flying glass and debris blows by them and hits them, most of them will be so horrified they are not going to vote blue on Tuesday, many of them won't even vote and most of the rest will vote red because they got nuked in the upper class trash war.

Putin will make that great sounding stupid idea of the left backfire on them by bringing the nuke war home to those blue cities.

If Putin uses tactical nukes to take out strategic targets in big blue cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Albuquerque, and Denver, growing nuclear mushroom clouds over those cities that all of the surviving lefties can see, it will so terrify the stupid people who still vote Commierat, most of them will vote Republican and turn Congress super red.

Second, all Putin has to do to take out almost all of the rich lefties in the US is to nuke the Stock Market on Wall Street on the south end of Manhattan Island or New York City and most of them will lose access to all of their wealth because they won't be able to buy or sell their holdings. Putin will cripple or destroy most of the rich lefties and cause a lot of fiscal harm to all of them because the stock market is the upper class trash "armory" and piggy bank. That will literally destroy the US economy.

Plus you know he will nuke the neighborhoods where they live, you know, like Martha's Vineyard and Malibu, and their expensive luxury basements they wrongly think are nuke shelters won't save their butts. Most will be completely destroyed by even a near miss. Even if their expensive luxury basements can take a direct hit, all Putin has to do is nuke the earth above and around their nuke shelters, which will cut off their escape routes, permanently sealing them inside, and turn the earth into super heated molten earth that will quickly bake them to death. I can hear the screaming now.

Hey, they will make really great archaeological sites in a few hundred years.

Third, to cripple the US Military and destroy our big blue cities to make them uninhabitable and further terrify the surviving lefties living in those cities so they won't vote blue on Tuesday, he will do to the US what he is right now doing in Ukraine. He is going to target and take out our gas, oil, electricity, and water for those big cities and to deny use of the gas and oil for our military to wage war to defend our nation or to attack Russia, you know, in places like in Alaska like I told you.

If he also takes out enough of our military industry, we won't be able to rebuild our weapons and munitions inventories we depleted for the upper class to make money selling those weapons and munitions to Ukraine. He doesn't have to take out EVERY weapons and munitions factory, just certain critical ones making the things those weapons cannot work without such as main assembly plants.

People WILL riot in the streets and demand that Afghan Joe be removed from office and this election will quickly turn into a massive red tsunami that will completely destroy the Commierat Party. It will definitely backfire on the left worse than anything else they have done.

Afghan Joe starting a shooting war with Russia is the worst thing he can do to try to win the election but the left has already proved how stupid they are because everything else they have tried has failed so I won't be surprised if they do it. I just know that Putin is setting a trap for the US and UK. Keep an eye on this.

I just saw a video where they just found out that we have special operations units fighting on the front lines like I told you a few months ago.

Also, this diesel fuel shortage in the US will mean that quite a few US weapons systems will run out of fuel quickly so it is possible Russia won't even have to cause us any harm there for that to cripple some of our forces.

Also, I just heard that they are working to get Obama into the White House as part of Afghan Joe's cabinet. That may position him to grab control of the US in the event that enough other top people get taken out in an emergency. That is an interesting coincidence.

Also, they brought Billy Boy Clinton out of his tomb along with Oprah out of where she has been hiding to help the left with their campaigns. They are extremely desperate and all of their current people have been caught in so many lies most people won't even listen to them.

I found out that Germany is now trying to make deals with China for gas and what I am seeing is the stupid persistence in the Western arrogance in dealing with other nations. The idiots have not figured out yet that the West is not the super power to deal with that we were last under Trump but they keeping acting like we are because of their arrogance and ignorance.

Increasingly, the Eastern Alliance, especially Russia and China are in the driver's seat and the upper class trash refuse to accept it. I guess they are going to have to learn that the hard way at your expense.

Then this video shows that Italy had struck out on her own concerning energy for her nation. This is a pretty significant rebellion within the EU. Keep an eye on it.

Then this video shows that businesses in France are shutting down because the economic war and sanctions against Russia have increased their overhead to an unbearable level. They are shutting down until their energy overhead costs come back down.

That will unemploy a bunch of people, who won't have money to spend on things, that will hurt other businesses and force them to shut down and lay off more people.

They also point out that, with the people now having less money to spend on things, business is down. They are finally learning that, if you steal too much from the people, it destroys your economy.

The main thing is that the nations of the EU are increasingly striking out on their own making deals and this is tearing the EU apart the way I told you they would disintegrate decades ago.

Afghan Joe

Remember that I have been telling you that the left plans to remove and replace Afghan Joe before the GOP takes control of Congress and can impeach and replace him in January?

I told you that they were putting it off until they were sure that the GOP will take control of both houses. Everyone is now certain that this election will be a red blowout so the Commierats are now openly talking about using the 25th Amendment to get rid of Afghan Joe as is shown in this video. Turley tells you that they will give Afghan Joe an opportunity to resign and, if he refuses, the Commierats will use the 25th Amendment to get rid of him.

They MUST do this before the GOP takes control of Congress in January.

Note that they don't want to replace Afghan Joe with Kruella because she is almost as impeachable as Joey Boy. They have to replace him with a Commierat who does not have a criminal record like Meghan. That also leaves out Hillary.

Also, with them knowing that the GOP will seize control of the House, they know that Queen Pelosi will lose her position as Speaker of the House so they will get her to resign to be ambassador to Italy or else (which is probably what this attack on her husband was about) so they can work someone safe like Megan into the system. Then they will have to get rid of Kruella so they can move that safe person up to vice president and then into president.

That is why the Commierats keep having Afghan Joe speak publically so their stupid voters will accept them getting rid of Afghan Joe.

Turley tells you the Commierats are right now openly talking about starting this process just like I told you they would.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Also, I warned you that, if the GOP takes control of Congress, the left will physically go on the war path with violence so you better be ready for it. The government is now generally warning you too.

Lefty Media and Others

Remember that I have been telling you that you cannot believe a thing the lefty media and other lefties say?

If you watch this video and pay close attention to them telling the same lies at the same time, you should realize that all of these lefties are immoral, unethical, corrupt human demons who will tell any lie they are paid and told to tell regardless of who gets hurt or killed. It should be blatantly obvious that these spawn of Satan are all telling the same lies at the same time because their evil overlords tell them which lies to tell you. They are ruthless, selfish, satanic savages who don't care about your or anyone else, just about themselves and their bank accounts.

So what if you are being driven into poverty with inflation; so what if you are being robbed, raped, and murdered; so what if their lies are ignoring and covering up the harm their policies are causing you. They don't care because they have told you many times before that they plan to murder off almost all of you anyway, after they have set up their evil global dictatorship.

To all of them, you are nothing but a bunch of stupid peasant voters they only need until they can finish setting up their absolute dictatorship and control over you, when they will no longer need you or your votes. To them, you are just stupid animals that can vote until they no longer need your votes.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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