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I can't believe that people are buying this "stealth drone" crap. I taught you before that, in ECM, anything that sends out a signal is called a beacon, you know, like a light house, and all drones send out signals to tell the driver or pilot what is going on. You don't need radar to find a beacon. All you need is a frequency scanner with a directional finder to locate and destroy a drone.

We used to do that with the Wild Weasels in the late 60s and early 70s by finding the radar beam put out by SAMs, locking a radiation seeking missile onto that beam, and destroying them. We have had the technology to hunt and kill drones for more than half a century now.

How can it be stealth when it is telling you it is there and where it is with its signal? Do these people not even know what stealth means?

This crap about stealth drones and pushing drones too much as being the perfect weapon that should be the only weapon is making someone in the military industry a lot of money at the expense or our national security. When we get in a war with someone who knows how to use a frequency scanner with a directional finder, they will quickly take down our drones before those drones can do anything.

Those corrupt generals and admirals in the Pentagon need to quit selling out to the military industry to make the upper class trash more wealthy and focus on protecting our nation.

Remember that every weapon system, including nukes, has its weakness. With ECM I am trained so that, when I see a new weapon system, I automatically look for its weakness.

Heck, I would build a bunch of small pickup trucks with a computer in the shotgun position with a frequency scanner and directional finder that can lock 6 to 8 missiles in the back onto any signal to hunt and kill those million dollar drones all day and all night and the drones won't even know you are there or hunting them until the drone blows up.

You have those pickups or drone killers follow right behind your front troops to keep the skies clear and protect your troops.

You can also use longer range missiles so you can lock onto the signal coming from the driver/pilot going to the drone to take them out and today we have those longer range missiles.

These are both "passive systems" that will be very difficult to find and destroy.

For the smaller infantry flown drones, you just have a soldier with a backpack scanner and directional finder and a scoped rifle or shotgun to neutralize those drones.

The counter measures are too obvious, cheap, and creates a very easy to exploit weakness in your military, if you depend too much on drones.

When I worked ECM on the Wild Weasel SAM killers in 73, they had a little receiver for finding targets called the APR46, which is now obsolete. If a plane just briefly keyed its radio mike twice within 15 minutes, the APR46 could tell the EWO the altitude, location, speed, and direction of that plane to hunt it down and kill it.

With such a tool, a drone would be 10 times easier to hunt and kill from the air, ground, or water.

What? No one in the Pentagon can figure that one out?

They are setting themselves up for failure.


The EU got their beloved communism (they don't always call it communism), it is destroying Europe, and no one figured it out or wants to admit their beloved communism is failing so they will stubbornly and arrogantly stick with their communism until it completely fails at their expense.

BTW, I just read that both the EU and UK are now officially in a recession.

I can't believe how stupid the upper class trash are. They actually believed that they could devastate our nations and the nations wouldn't go into a recession.

I guess they thought they were going to keep the nations from going into recession with magic?


I just saw that the Ukraine/NATO forces just started moving into Kherson today. I expect this to draw the rest of the NATO/US/UK forces into Ukraine and to the east side. They have taken the bait so now we wait and see what will happen.

"Hey, we got Russia on the run" again.

You know what happened since Russia was "put on the run" the first time. Russia almost wiped out the rest of the Ukrainian troops and took quite a bit of land. If Russia uses this to wipe out the NATO/US/UK troops, especially with a tactical nuke attack, Ukraine will be left wide open along with Eastern Europe. Russia is going to take a lot of land very quickly.

Remember that the people mismanaging this war for the West are pagans who do not have the wisdom of God so they won't see what is coming until it is too late.

Why is Putin not going to the G20 meeting?

Because he knows it will be a waste of time and he has quit listening to the Western lies. He would be better off spending that time preparing for the war the West is trying to start. It would even buy him some time to start his military actions while the Western leaders were away from their nations at the G20 meeting. That would really create a huge amount of confusion. Keep an eye on that.

I keep watching this thing about the left clambering about Russia being defeated and driven out of Ukraine. "We got him on the run now!" In spite of the fact that he just moved his troops across the river to protect them from a major ground attack while he ramps up that army.

Spacy Aliens

They are really ramping up the space alien garbage so get ready "to make contact." I even saw one headline that said we should prepare to soon make contact.

Hold it, if they have not already made contact, how do they know we will soon make contact? Has this been planned out and is it being faked? Why would space aliens want to make contact with a group if greedy, power mad lunatics who want to set up a global dictatorship to have absolute control over everyone and steal everything everyone has? Wouldn't those lunatics also want to seize control of the space aliens and take everything they have? If you found a planet with a bunch of greedy, power mad lunatics murdering people to set up a global dictatorship, would you want to let them know you exist, knowing they would want to seize control of your planet too?

You watch how many stupid people fall for it.

I have been warning you about his for more than a decade.


I have not said much about the election because I have been waiting to see just how bad it has been rigged, not if but how bad. It is looking like it was rigged a lot and some states are dragging out the count to make it easier to rig the election.

If the FBI were not part of the problem, they would be all over this because rigging an election is a federal felony.

I don't see them anywhere in site, do you?

Quite a few people should be going to jail.

This means that, with the elections being rigged by the upper class trash, we no longer have a Constitutional Republic, the system is permanently broken so it cannot work for the people, and the people will have to take other matters into their own hands and soon.

After the last election, I knew this was the case but now it should be obvious to most of you.

BTW, the upper class trash are creating a division between Trump and DeSantis to divide and destroy the GOP and too many Republicans are helping them. I am wondering if some of the conservative media, especially on YouTube, have sold out for money. They are starting to look like it.

Big Tech

The big tech are now stabbing their lefty commie traitor employees in the back, laying them off by the tens of thousands for money. The great sounding lefty stupid ideas are not working, their businesses are going broke, and they are having to lay lefties off by the tens of thousands to save their own butts. Hey, they are purging the lefty traitors they don't need any more just like I told you they would do.

Question: Now that these big tech upper class trash are proving they have no loyalty to their lefty employees, will those employees learn and move right or just keep being shafted?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

If you make your living screwing other people, you have no right to complain when other people screw you.

God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."


I just saw a headline that said, "Where does Anti-Semitism begin?"

In the Christian West, it began when the Church of Rome pretended to convert to Christianity to regain control of their religion's members who converted to Christianity and left the church. To get them back, the Church of Rome pretended to convert to Christianity and over more than 1,000 years since then, some of it did actually convert to Christianity.

The Church of Rome knew that just getting them back in the church would not keep them back in the church unless they drove a wedge between the Christians and Judaism so the Church of Rome started telling the Christians that the Hebrews "murdered our God, Jesus." To some extent, that worked, turning many Christians against Hebrews.

The occult and other pagan religions all hate God, His Laws, and the Bible because they love Satan's one law of "do as you will." They love their sins so they hate Hebrews.

Our Future from Our Past

If you want to see what we are in for when Rome II finishes falling because of the corruption and greed of the upper class trash, just watch this video concerning Cartagena and pay attention to 1) how wealthy and technologically advanced they were as we are today and 2) how quickly they descended technologically and economically because of the fall of Rome I.

Down that same road is where we are going right now to the same destination of ruin. Their past is our future because our greedy, power mad upper class trash didn't learn from history so they are forcing us to repeat that same history.

People, this has been happening again and again for thousands of years because the greedy, power mad upper class trash royals NEVER learn and always keep forcing the rest of us to keep repeating that very bad history.

God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

Now I want you to go study history and archaeology to witness the insane death and destruction of the upper class trash royals' greed having destroyed culture after culture for thousands of years.

Now ask yourself, "Where would we be today if the greedy, evil, pagan upper class trash royals had not destroyed all of those cultures with their satanic paganism so they could steal more and more wealth from your ancestors?"

How many planets in how many star systems would we have colonized if it were not for the insane greed and lust for power of the upper class trash royals destroying all of those really advanced cultures and setting mankind back centuries every time?

People, the upper class trash royals have been holding mankind back for more than 3,500 years because of their insane greed and lusts for power to rule the world. They are the worst thing that has ever happened to mankind and this planet and they are now destroying the greatest nations and culture in history because of their irrational greed and they just have to rule the planet.

Now, just think about how far we will advance with eternity without one of these evil things in Paradise with God. Just imagine eternity without these vile, evil things destroying everything and everyone because of their insane greed.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." For thousands of years, the upper class trash royals have proved God right.

I bet that opened an eyeball or two.

Royal Gods

Remember that I have been telling you that the royals consider themselves to be gods and, therefore, superior to you lowly peasants?

They believe that, as gods, you are theirs to do with as they please. "You will own nothing and you will be happy." Your arrogant gods said so.

This video shows you some of that. Note that he points out that the upper class trash royals throughout history, who our current royals are decedents of, have been considering themselves to be gods, appointing themselves as gods, and being appointed by each other as gods for thousands of years and then they explain the "Imperial Cult of Rome" or the cult of the upper class trash royals being recognized as gods.

Remember that today's royals descended from these "Roman gods" and consider themselves to be gods over you lowly peasants, you know, just like Satan has been telling them for thousands of years that they are gods.

It is because of their conviction that they are gods that they believe they should rule the entire planet, you know, the globalism/one world government/great reset thingy, have complete control over all of you lowly peasants, and are free to do with you lowly peasants as they will, including murder you all off, you know, depopulating their planet.

This fanatical belief system is not something new and they have all been raised up to believe it and practice it, mostly behind closed doors to not infuriate you lowly peasants. "Hey, we don't want you to know how nuts we are."

Note that, on Judgment Day, when they individually stand before the one true God and the angels read from their books, not one of you will consider any one of them to be a god. You will all clearly see that they are all just a bunch of greedy, power mad humans and criminals, who abused the power they had over other people. Believe me that they will ALL be held accountable for every crime they have committed against every one of you just like the rest of you will be. They are NOT above God's Law, which is why they hate God and His Laws.

Note that this deity thingy is one reason why they tend to think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are and they love to use them having more money than you, that they stole from you, to prove they are smarter than they are.

Their belief in them being gods explains their arrogance.

My response to these arrogant gods is, "Really, you are a god? Prove you are a god. Let's see you create just one habitable planet by just speaking. Go ahead, I'm waiting." And then watch the look on their faces. They couldn't speak a pebble into existence.

There is only one God and they ain't it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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