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This video starts talking about Ukraine but quickly changed to talking about all of the small businesses put out of business by our corrupt leaders with such things as COVID and minimum wage.

I believe that everyone of these criminals responsible for intentionally putting those small businesses out of business should go to jail for life and all of their wealth should be seized and given to those small businesses for damages so they can restart and recreate those lost jobs. They should be held accountable for their actions and crimes.

For the major corporations involved in these crimes against humanity, everyone in those businesses including but not limited to management, board members, share holders, attorneys, and others involved in these crimes should go to prison for life, lose all of their wealth and increased profits for the corporations should go to those small businesses for damages. No one involved in these crimes should get away with their crimes. They should all be held accountable.

Everyone in our government who supports sending more and more money and weapons to Ukraine can only be doing this because they are in some way making a fortune from it. They all belong in prison and all of the money they have made from this war should be made public and taken from them.

This government corruption needs to stop.


Remember that I have been telling you that China can't defeat even half her enemies?

That is the reason they are ramping up their nuclear weapons program right now. What they can't defeat, just nuke it.

They are currently working to better than double their nuke arsenal, when it was 400 warheads because they know most won't get to target. They need to be stopped before it gets even close.

Right now, someone should be getting rifles, ammo, and hand grenades to China's rioting people to bring down their government.


This is hilarious. Another great sounding stupid idea by the left backfires really bad.

This video shows that Switzerland is banning all but essential use of electric cars this winder. Shades of Commiefornia.

I am sure glad they have plenty of bicycles.

Has anything the left dreamed up in the last 50 years actually worked?

I can't think of anything but people just keep blindly believing their bull crap.

It is going to get very bad in Europe this winter and an easy prediction is that you will be able to get used electric vehicles really cheap by March.

US Military

This video shows you just how clueless and arrogant the media are. This is a conservative medium and they clearly don't pay attention. I couldn't watch more than 1.5 minutes of it because I know what is going on that they clearly don't know.

I was amazed at when Reagan explained this when he was president in the 1980s so it isn't classified anymore and I can tell you.

Our Military leaders found that we had a real weakness during WWII. With our government being open and transparent, it was very easy for Nazi Germany's SS spies we knew were all over inside the US to follow the money to see what weapons we were developing and building, which, in a war, is critical.

So our military developed a little money laundering racket to hide our secret and top secret research projects from enemies like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China, and others.

The way it works is we have our weapons developers develop top secret weapons and pay them by over paying on other products they provide, you know, instead of paying a few cents for screws, we pay them $100 a piece for those same screws. When we buy thousands of dollars worth of those screws in one city, at a secret weapons development location a door owned by the same company opens and some really advanced stuff rolls out, paid for in full but you can't follow that money trail.

When the enemy sees that, they just think it is normal government corruption and waste and ignore it, which is perfect financial camouflage.

That way, the enemy cannot follow the money to see what we are developing so they will know where to put their research and development money to develop that same weapon. This has been working very well since WWII and the clowns in the media are clueless, even after Reagan explained it more than 30 years ago.

Trump told you about this when he said, "We have weapons you have never seen or heard about."

I have seen them and heard about them.

Nothing is missing. We know where it is but that is classified.

If you don't believe me, just check Uncle Sam's Black Closet. They are all there.


Watch this video and know that God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." He didn't lie.

Christian Holidays

Remember that I taught you about a few of the Christian holidays that were actually pagan such as Christmas and Easter?

I was hesitant to share this video with you because, the parts about the paganism of those holidays is mostly true but you have to understand that he is telling you the version that comes from the Catholic Church, which is mostly not true.

The Catholic Church likes you to believe that it was started by the 12 Apostles in the 1st Century AD but the truth is that the Catholic Church DID NOT exist until 474 AD, more than 400 years after the death of Jesus and the Apostles so they could not have possibly started the Catholic Church.

This is the truth the Catholic Church doesn't want you to know.

The nutshell history for the Catholic Church is that about 200 to 300 years before Jesus was born, the City State of Rome had a wee bit of a problem. Every time a new Caesar was elected to rule in Rome, his pagan church or cult became the state church and there were an estimated 100 to 200 pagan religions or churches in the city.

That meant that the Caesar leaving the throne took his pagan church with him and his pagan church would lose most of their worshipers or congregation to join the new state pagan church, which would cause the old pagan church to lose money and power. Ye ole pagan religious leaders didn't like losing money and power.

This caused the exiting pagan churches to have their hard core members start protesting in the streets about their pagan church remaining the state pagan church and it wasn't too long until those protests became violent.

This caused the Senate to get all of the moderate to large cults or pagan churches in Rome together to form an official state pagan church or "the Official Church of Rome" that all of the local cults would join and be a part of. That way, no matter who was elected as Caesar, the state church would remain the same.

The first thing they did was get the heads of the churches to put together a list of common cultic practices and holidays used by most to all of the pagan churches in Rome, you know, what they all had in common. Then they negotiated on adding other religious practices and holidays to the Church of Rome.

When they got all of that organized, the City State of Rome formed the Official Church of Rome and it had all of those pagan holidays he told you about in that video. Those pagan holidays were not assimilated later by the church the way he makes it look, they were a very important part of the church from its founding. There was no other official church in the Roman Empire, which, itself was purely pagan.

Remember that this was hundreds of years before Jesus was even born so there were NO Christian churches at all and only Judaism and paganism on the entire planet. Also remember that Christianity is a sect of Judaism.

The Church of Rome was purely pagan from its inception hundreds of years before Jesus was born until it "converted to Christianity" in 312 AD, for more than 500 years.

After the death of Jesus, the followers of Jesus began to form the Christian Church, which was just small groups of Hebrews practicing their sect of Judaism at synagogues.

At first the Christian Church spread the Gospel to Hebrews via the Hebrew synagogues but, after Paul converted to Christianity, he and then the rest of the Apostles started spreading the Gospel to the Gentiles (they call Goyim - pronounced Goy- yeem), who were all members of the Church of Rome so that, when they converted to Christianity, they converted out of the completely pagan Church of Rome causing the Church of Rome to lose control of those people, which the Church of Rome leaders and their government did not like.

The Roman leaders and Church retaliated by hunting down and killing all Christians they could find, while ye ole Apostles were still alive. This caused the Hebrew synagogues to expel the Christians because they didn't want to be hunted down and killed with the Christians so the Christians began meeting in secret whereever they could like in living rooms and basements.

Remember that Rome crucified Paul upside down for being a Christian and converting members of the Church of Rome out of the Church of Rome. It says so in the Bible.

This should tell you that, contrary to what the Catholic Church tells you, the Apostles did not build any big cathedrals because they would have been too easy to find and kill.

This persecution and slaughter of the Christians began in the First Century AD shortly after Jesus died and continued until the Church of Rome "converted to Christianity" in 312 AD or almost 300 years. In spite of that, the Christian religion continued to grow by leaps and bounds so that, when Constantine (280 to 337 AD) came into power following his father's death, he realized that persecuting the Christians and killing them was not working so he decided to "convert the pagan Church of Rome" into Christianity in 312 AD in order to assimilate those Christians back into the Church of Rome to regain control of them.

What the Church of Rome did was keep all of their pagan rituals and holidays to appease the pagans still in the Church and "Christianize" those holidays and rituals to fool the Christians into believing the Church had converted to Christianity so they felt free to return to the Church and their families.

Get it straight, the Church of Rome NEVER fully converted to Christianity, they just Christianized their pagan worship and holidays plus added a few things from the Bible.

To really make it look like the Church of Rome had converted to Christianity, Constantine had his wife travel around the Middle East, especially in the areas of today's Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey, building big cathedrals and making up fairy tales that this Apostle founded this church, that one founded another church, and so forth.

All of those beautiful cathedrals in the Middle East that "were founded by the Apostles" didn't even exist until almost 300 years after all of the Apostles had died.

The "conversion of the Church of Rome" was pure deception to assimilate Christians back into the Church.

This caused 3 basic groups of Christians to form. The biggest group was the Church of Rome because most of those Gentile Christians did assimilate back into the Church, a second group, who didn't fall for the con and was made up of mostly Gentiles with some Hebrews quickly became known as "Baptists" because they practiced the emersion baptism of Judaism, and the third group was a small group of Christian Hebrews who remained hidden within the Hebrew church or Judaism.

The Church of Rome (later the Catholic Church) continued to persecute the Baptist Christians for hundreds of years and even caused many of them to migrate to the British Colonies to get away from that persecution. The last time I checked the Catholic Church still had laws in their books concerning killing Christians who were not members of the Catholic Church.

In 474 AD the Roman Empire was on the verge of collapse so it split in about half with the Western half being called the Roman Empire or Rome and the Eastern half being called the Byzantium Empire or Byzantine. This meant the Church of Rome had to also split in half with the Western half becoming the Catholic Church and the Eastern half becoming the Christian Orthodox Church, you know, more than 600 years after the Church of Rome had been founded as a pagan church and 400 years after the Apostles all died.

A few other things he didn't tell you in that video was that Christmas was originally set up on December 25 so that Constantine could continue to worship Sol, the Roman Sun god's birthday, Constantine's favorite god, which used to be on December 24 in order to fool the Christians into believing he had actually converted to Christianity, while still worshipping Sol.

Yes, Odin, the Viking sun god, also had his birthday on December 24 because almost all pagan sun gods did because that was within a few days of the daylight hours beginning to increase so they called it the "rebirth of their sun gods."

You see, ALL of those pagan holidays were actually part of the religious holidays and rituals for the pagan Church of Rome for more than 500 years before the Church of Rome faked conversion to Christianity to assimilate Christian Gentiles back into the Church. They were not brought "into the church" to get pagans to join, they were just Christianized to get the Christians to join and keep the pagans in the Church happy.

The way he tells it in that video tells me that he got his information from the Catholic Church. The fact that the Catholic Church and all Protestant Churches used and still use Christianized pagan holidays is very true.

BTW, Halloween was actually a pagan holiday in the Church of Rome from the start worshiping demons, the dead, witches, and black magic which is why they use ghosts, demons, witches, and skeletons in its rituals. Halloween is purely satanic.

Soon that will all become history when the Catholic Church converts to Islam to set up their one world church just like they said they will in 2012. That will be part of the iron mixed with clay in the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's figure in his dream.

Now you know the truth. I do my homework and question everything I am told.

Muslim Caliphate

This video is pretty important.

They show you a map at about 25 seconds into that video that, except for the missing Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia countries, which will also be part of that Caliphate, will make up the Muslim Caliphate following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with Israel taking control of both sides of the Red Sea down to the Indian Ocean and up to the Euphrates River to fulfill the prophesy of Nebuchadnezzar's divided feet at the start of the Tribulation.

The Muslims will lose their leaders and most of their armies in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which will force them to form the last Caliphate just before the Tribulation begins to quickly rebuild their army.

I still believe that, most likely, Russia will take control of Turkey following Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Note that they point out that China is making buds with those nations and trying to drive the US out of that part of the world.

After that video, do you believe me that you are living the fall of Rome II?

Our greedy and power mad leaders' plans to rule the world have failed and are taking us down. None of the Eastern Alliance nations will now submit to the rule of the world by the West but the idiot Western leaders keep trying to seize control to setup their global dictatorship just ticking everyone off more and more because they are inbred nuts.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often.

US Invasion

Remember that I told you that China and Russia were going to use Latin America to help them invade and conquer the US?

This video shows they are already working with the Mexican cartels to kill millions of Americans with drugs.

To the Chinese, it doesn't matter how they kill you as long as they kill you. Dead is dead.

In the military we call this prepping the battlefield by killing potential fighters. The more they kill with drugs, the fewer they will have to kill with bullets.

It is already going on and we don't know what other Latin Americans are infiltrating and for what purposes like terrorist attacks to weaken the US from within.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II and it is going to get much worse soon?


Remember that I warned you that the lefties are on a space alien kick?

A group of lefty academe are now saying that they believe that octopi come from outer space as is shown in this video.

Note that octopi is plural for octopus, not octopuses. Sheesh.

Hey, if you can't find life in space to prove evolution then just claim that something here on Earth is from space to prove evolution.

The lefty pagans never quit, they just change something like names, words, definitions, and their fairy tales and just keep right on lying.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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