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Wall Street

When I was being trained to be a stock broker, one thing they taught me was that the fancy sounding market and economic analyses were just a great sounding code to fool the people while telling the more knowledgeable brokers what the upper class trash plans are. They taught me to read that code like a book.

Whenever you see the big rich x-spirts spewing out great sounding analyses, that is just code designed to get you to lose more money to them by making you believe you are going to get rich by doing what they say and telling each other what their current and next games are.

Don't believe a thing they tell you because they control the market and economy, which is why they rarely lose any money and are so rich. It is all rigged show to fool you.

Let me give you an example; when they tell you to buy a stock, it is to get you to buy that stock to drive the price up so they can sell the stocks they already previously bought low and sell them high to you before they crash that stock by unloading on you. It is just a deceptive transfer of wealth from your pocket to their pocket by making you think you will get rich like them.

It is just a con job.

Look, they control the economy in a number of ways, which they use every day. They increase printing money and spending to drive up inflation, they control the stock market to rob you and control the economy or make excuses for them controlling the economy, they control the economy such as recession and depression by hiring and firing tens of thousands of people from the major corporations they own, they control the economy by using the media they own to control you, and they also use that media to cover up for their crimes against you.

The lame excuses they tell you are just great sounding bull crap.


Everyone is talking about Afghan Joe making a bad swap with Russia because he traded a weapons dealer for a screwed up, deranged basketball player.

You should be asking what Afghan Joe is using that bad deal to distract you from because you know it has to be much worse.

Also, the lefties know that these gun control bills they keep passing won't make it past the courts so what are they using those bills to distract you from?

Yeah, you better fight those bills because they would love nothing better than to disarm you but you better pay attention to what else is going on.


In my last essay I wrote, "People, the US and Europe are the modern Sodom and Gomorrah with us Christians being the modern day Lot with the pagans beating down our doors demanding that we give them our children so they can have perverted sex with them."

Then God showed me more last night.

Why would God not punish the West for the same crimes He punished Sodom and Gomorrah?

If God does not punish or destroy the West for the same crimes He punished Sodom and Gomorrah for, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and He is NOT going to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. Do the math. God MUST destroy the West or He will not be a just God.

Remember that fire and brimstone thingy God used to judge Sodom and Gomorrah? Will our "fire and brimstone" be nukes?

God already showed me that He is going to use Obama and a nuke to punish one of the most evil cities in this nation, Chicago, and I told you about it.

Do you understand why, now?

God already showed me and I told you that He is going to punish one of the most evil cities in this nation, Los Angeles, with a very severe earthquake storm.

Do you understand why, now?

I would not be surprised to see God punish the most evil city in this nation, Washington DC, with fire and brimstone because there is a lot there to punish like the Congress, DOJ, FBI, Pentagon, and others.

It looks like God is using Putin to punish the West just like God used Assyria, Babylon, and Rome to punish Israel thousands of years ago.

It isn't a question of if God is going to destroy the West as He did Sodom and Gomorrah but when and how.

Now, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and others better pay attention because you are right now enduring the same judgment for the same crimes. You better also get right with God.

Next time you won't be tolerant of Satan's pagans.

So, how do you think God is going to punish the rest of these evil, satanic blue cities in the US?

I'm wondering how God is going to destroy Albuquerque and Santa Fe for their sins?

Just like everyone else, they WILL pay for their crimes. No one is above God's Law, not even the royals.

In the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, many spawn of Satan will take their journey to Hell and God gives details of how He will punish them. God tells you that He will cause the invading soldiers to turn their weapons on each other with a massive earthquake and they will kill 5 of 6 or 83.3% of themselves and that God will reign down fire and brimstone on Damascus to kill all of their evil leaders.

Do you get the picture yet?

This is going to happen soon. God has had just about enough.

You think we are not being judged and your nations destroyed by the lefty pagan corruption?

This video teaches some interesting things about how the government manipulates their statistics or data to make it say what they want it to say.

Note that I only watched the first 31 minutes of that video. I just don't have time to watch long videos like that all of the way through with all of the research I have to do. Everyone should watch at least the first 30 minutes of that video.

As bad as he is telling us it is, it is even worse. For example, he tells you that, if you are "discouraged" for more than a year, they don't count you as unemployed any more, which makes things look much better than they really are but, pending the state, your unemployment will only last about 6 months to a year and then you are no longer counted as being unemployed.

From what he is saying, this nation is already deep into a recession and quickly heading into a depression and I am only a few minutes into that video while writing this so I need to finish the video for more intel. He even tells you that we are already in a recession.

Then she tells you that businesses are laying people off, which always causes recessions and then depressions. The reason those layoffs cause recessions and depressions is because the people losing their jobs means they have less money to spend so businesses start making less money so they lay off more people, which further decreases business revenues and further increases layoffs. That is called a recession/depression. It will continue until businesses start hiring large numbers of people again.

He teaches you some of what I have taught you about what we call "the cost of ownership", especially for homes. A lot of people do not figure the cost of ownership in buying expensive things like homes, cars, boats, and such and then end up selling that stuff because they can't afford the cost of ownership. It is expensive to own expensive stuff because it has a high cost of ownership.

He is one of few who are being honest. I have been telling you it is much worse than the lefties are telling you and he is confirming it.

Now, if you get right with God before it is too late, He will give you a chance to build another republic. If you don't, sucks to be you.

And some preachers teach that you don't need a prophet to warn you? Really?

God ALWAYS provides prophets to warn his people before He punishes them. Get right with God or pay the price and the bill is coming due soon. You have been warned.

Oil Spill

The greatest oil spill in US history was probably sabotage by the left. Keep an eye on that. Nothing is beneath those vermin.


One part of Putin's strategy is based on the Ukrainian strategy of positioning troops where people live and work, especially in residential areas and hospitals, to cause as many dead civilians as possible in order for Russia to fight the Ukrainian troops.

What Putin is doing is destroying the infrastructure to chase the people out of the cities, especially during the winter, before Putin sends troops in so they can just level the place to get the Ukrainian/NATO troops with minimal civilian casualties.

I just read that Putin just destroyed the city of Bakhmut.

I Told You So

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia keeps making more than enough munitions, while the West is falling behind?

This video tells you that is true.

Remember that I told you that Putin has been preparing for this war for more than a decade, which would including stocking up on any resources she would have to import?

So, why do you think Putin is still able to continue making missiles in Russia? Do you think that just maybe she stocked up on those resources before the fighting started? It kind of looks like it, doesn't it?

Putin outsmarted the West in every area of this war because the Western leaders are not as smart as they think they are and Putin is not as stupid as they think he is. Morons.

Then I found this video which shows Russia is selling or trading weapons system with Iran, which is something she could not do if Russia were running out of munitions and weapons like the lying lefty and military industry media keep telling us.

It should tell you that Russia prepared very well for this war and is obviously ahead in the game.

In that last video, at about 4:45 into it, that greenish colored building in the background for Zelensky is commonly used when he is using a green screen to make it look like he is outside at night. That was being used after he first arrived in Poland at the start of the war and keeps being used to this day. Any time you see that building in the background with a night time shot, he is using a green screen and he has been using it quite a bit lately.


I think that this current unrest in China is probably the CIA continuing an attempted coup to get rid of Xi and replace him with a West friendly leader so China won't work with Putin against the West.

This video shows you how this is still growing in spite of what the CCP is doing, including executing protestors and the top leaders of the coup.

Did they quickly replace those leaders with others?

Keep an eye on this because China has started making some minor concessions to the people showing progress for the protestors. China is concerned.


Remember that I have been telling you to keep an eye on Turkey, a member of NATO, because it was looking like they might jump ship to join the Eastern Alliance?

I just found out that not only is Saudi Arabia joining BRICS international banking system but so are Turkey and Egypt.

Increasing numbers of allies are leaving the US. We seem to be getting weaker by the day because of the lefty upper class trash. We are screwed.

Also, as the prices for gas and oil increase it increases the financial drain on the West, especially the EU. They can only lose so much wealth and they will be impoverished countries.

Maybe the US should stop giving foreign aid to others and start giving foreign aid to herself?


Remember that I told you that India is one of the nations replacing the West on the world stage, especially the US?

This video shows that, after the US dumped Afghanistan and left it impoverished, instead of turning to the West for help, the Taliban is turning to Indian for business investments and help.

Now India, China, and Russia are the big nations helping developing nations so guess who those developing nations will support in any kind of military, economic, or other contentions. The West is bleeding allies like a stuck pig because of how our upper class trash has treated our allies.

The Western leaders are making our nations look horrible. An easy prediction is that US tourists in other nations will often be treated badly in the future.


Most of your lefty shrinks are lying idiots looking to make a quick buck, usually in the form of book sales. My second ex-wife had a masters in psychiatry so I got to spend 5 years hanging out at parties with her and top left shrinks in the Los Angeles area studying their behavior the way I am trained by biology to study animal behavior.

They are opportunistic lunatics and the cause of a lot of the problems being forced on us by the left. They are very good at dreaming up really great sounding (by lefty standards) stupid ideas and selling them to lefties to sell books.

This video shows one example of how they work and how quickly they can convince a troubled person of really stupid stuff. One of them hijacked that troubled man's mind in just one visit convincing him he was a transy.

It took the guy a decade to clear his mind enough to realize he had been conned and make the change back.

Note how the shrink used the man to make money selling a book.

It looks like this transgender thing has become a fad that a lot of quacks are making money from and is destroying people's lives. But, hey, as long as the quacks, media, chemical companies, lefty attorneys, and others make big bucks from it, they don't care who they hurt.

I have seen shrinks hurt quite a few people with the stupid fads they create to make money.

It is because of years of watching and studying lefty shrinks that I believe at least some of them brainwash and dope up people with problems to become mass killers on command for the lefty agenda. Many of them would easily do that and all of the mass killers are being put on the same drug that causes them to be violent with the shrinks knowing that drug causes them to be violent.

That is not a coincidence.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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