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US Military

Since the military started the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy I have read that the homosexuals have exploded in the number of rapes for man-on-man. They say most men are afraid or embarrassed to tell and just from those who are telling, it is many times higher than before.

Based on human behavior and history, there are probably gangs of homosexuals raping straight men. Don't be surprised to find out that the homosexuals use gang rape as a form of initiation for new soldiers or even someone new to the unit.

An easy prediction is that will chase the straights out of the military and you will end up with nothing but lefty criminals in the military and it was probably intended to do that.

I had been wondering how God was going to get the good soldiers out of the military for when Obama takes the military to invade Israel. That will do it. They will lose every good soldier they have.

God is really prepping the battlefield, isn't He?

BTW, the cops leaving the police forces for the big blue cities is God moving good cops out of those cities for impending disasters to save the good cops.


I told you years ago that the chemical industry (not just Big Pharma) and bad doctors are working together to make them both rich by the doctors getting kickbacks from the chemical companies for writing prescriptions, which was illegal until the chemical companies bribed corrupt politicians to write bills making it legal and/or DAs to not prosecute.

They developed a racket where the doctor would prescribe drug A that you don't really need but is for some minor problem you may have and causes symptom A and then prescribe drug B to fight symptom A but causes symptom B and then prescribe drug C to fight symptom B but causes symptom C and they would do this for up to six drugs, which explains why so many people, especially the elderly, have so many long term prescriptions costing them hundreds of dollars a month.

At about 6 minutes into this video, that Mark sent me a link to, he tells you that the THIRD most common cause of death behind heart attack and cancer is prescription drugs and you can bet that quite a few of those heart attacks and cancers are also caused by prescriptions.

The chemical companies and doctors are killing you, they know they are killing you, and they don't care because they are making big bucks killing you.

Thanks, Mark.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

About 15:30 into that video he tells you that a very prestigious medical research firm decided to not publish their findings concerning the negative effects of the murder vaccines because "it might affect our funding from the pharmaceutical industry", you know, they are OWNED by the chemical companies just like I have been telling you for years. They SOLD YOU OUT for money. Those chemical companies own almost everyone.

Then, when he began to openly question the murder vaccines, he tells you that a number of doctors began harassing him for "making the medical industry look bad", you know, like they were not, and you better bet those harassing MDs are owned by the chemical industry and contacted him to silence him, probably under orders from the chemical companies.

Do you understand why I am so ticked off at these jerks?

At about 23 minutes into that video he confirms my calling it the murder vaccine because it is causing harm to many people with no real benefits. They are killing people and know it but, hey, dey is making money killing people.

At about 24:30 into the video he also confirms that Big Pharma owns the people "regulating the industry", who are really being regulated by Big Pharma. He tells you about all of the corruption I have been telling you about in the medical industry.

Do you believe me yet? Do you get the picture yet? Do you believe me yet that giving or taking bribes in any way should be a capital crime?

And remember that the same greedy, corrupt upper class trash who own the chemical companies also own the media, universities, politicians, bureaucrats, and just about anyone else who matters. You are being sold out on a daily basis by all of them and none of them care they are killing you as long as they keep making the big bucks.

One thing that kills me is that the corrupt attorneys, DAs, judges, law enforcement, and military don't realize they are also being sold out by these evil spawn of Satan. Hey, as long as those greedy fools are making their money, they don't care that they are also being killed. That money is going to do them a lot of good here on Earth while they are burning in Hell.

I have been watching this evil crap for more than 50 years and was taught about such corruption in college and even knew some who were involved in such corruption and were open about it among their colleagues, you know, me and other students. Hey, dey was learning us how the world turns, baby. This one medical professional just confirmed more than two decades of my writings and warnings to you in less than one hour.

I used to tell you that I believe that Chemical companies are ONE of the most corrupt industries in the world along with the banking and military industries but I am now convinced they are the most corrupt industry in the world, heads and shoulders above the rest. I cannot think of one thing they are doing that is good and can think of many things they are doing that cause harm.

I am convinced that almost everyone involved in the chemical industry will burn in Hell and you will see I am right on Judgment Day. That day will be a real eye opener for everyone. You will be appalled at what you learn and one thing you will learn is that God will be justified in condemning those evil monster upper class trash to eternal damnation. They are horrid things.

Note that at about 38 minutes into that I had to quit watching because I am just fed up with this evil corruption. Now I have to see if I can find some fun videos like sailboat cruising, history, or something else to get my mind off of this evil for a while. That has become my therapy.

Stock Market

I realized that some people may not have understood something I warned you about concerning the stock market.

Probably the most common con in the stock market for x-spirts who are on TeeBee is that they will go out and buy a bunch of a low priced stock, tell you that they "expect that stock to grow", which will cause a bunch of people to buy that stock and cause it to grow, and then they sell their stock when they know it is high and about to come down and cause the stock to crash, making them a bundle and losing you a bundle.

This goes on all of the time.


This video is very important but to understand it, you have to know a number of things.

First, both Turkey and Greece are members of NATO and should be allies.

Second, this contention being caused by Turkey has been going on for a very long time, ever since the Ottoman Empire fell a little over 100 years ago because they want their Muslim empire back.

Third, Turkey is showing other signs of being imperialistic and expansionist, wanting to take everyone else's land. Erdogan has openly stated a number of times in the past that he wants to rebuild the Ottoman Empire, when Turkey ruled most of that part of the Middle East and was the Muslim Caliphate. He wants to rule the world.

Fourth, Turkey has been showing signs of betraying NATO, just joined BRICS international banking system and the Eastern Alliance, strengthening the Eastern Alliance and weakening the Western Alliance, with the US having troops and nukes in Turkey, where they can be pretty easily taken by Turkey as hostages.

What is happening is that Turkey is being militarily an opportunist because Erdogan knows that the entire Western Alliance is short on weapons, munitions, oil, gas, money, and is pretty much tied down facing off with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea so Erdogan is feeling free to go against the will of the rest of the West, you know, to suddenly go on a military rampage to take whatever he wants.

If the Western military, you know, the US (the rest are toothless and have admitted such), moves against Turkey, it weakens their positions against the rest of the Eastern Alliance, which will probably cause the rest of the Eastern Alliance to go on the offensive. I would not be surprised to find out that a deal was made between Erdogan and one or more other Eastern Alliance nations for Turkey to make this aggressive move now.

This could be Turkey going on her rampage starting with Greece and the Kurds, testing the waters for herself and/or the Eastern Alliance, distracting the West from Ukraine for Putin to start his offensive against less resistance, or any number of other things so keep an eye on this.

I have been warning you about Turkey for some time. Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

This means that the US is very vulnerable in all areas, especially to Turkey, and especially with Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley at the helm. Everything is looking really good for Erdogan to make this move.

Remember that I told you a few years ago that the US should pull her troops and nukes out of Turkey?

Note that, if Erdogan starts a war, he can use that as an excuse to put off the upcoming elections in Turkey he is trailing in.

Also, with Erdogan being Muslim, if Erdogan starts a war against one or more non Muslims like Greece but especially the US, he can use that to call other Muslims and Muslim nations to the fight on his side, especially with Saudi Arabia and others just having turned on the West and having joined BRICS and the Eastern Alliance. He can put together the military alliance for Ezekiel 38 & 39 really fast.

This is looking really bad for the US and Europe, especially with this timing. Things just keep getting worse for us and our evil, moronic leaders just keep making it worse. The spawn of Satan are determined to make this not end well for us.


Remember that Russia pulled out of Kherson to fortify her troops east of the river and send some of those troops to Bakhmut to draw Ukrainian/NATO troops there, she did draw them there, and is destroying them and trying to encircle them? Remember that I told you that Russia was going to use Kherson as a trap to destroy Ukrainian/NATO troops and Russia has been shelling them in that trap?

BTW, they are saying that Russia cutting off power to Bakhmut caused better than 90% of the civilians there to leave before Putin started the siege like I have been telling you he would do.

Then I saw that Russia cut off power to Odessa telling me that Putin is getting ready to take Odessa to cut Ukraine off from the Black Sea. Putin just spent the last few days cutting off power to Odessa to drive the civilians out.

It looks like Putin withdrew from Kherson to draw Ukraine into a trap, has been using that trap to destroy Ukraine's troops, and is cutting off power to Odessa to sweep through Kherson to and through Odessa.

Latin America

Remember that I told you that the Eastern Alliance has teamed up with at least most Latin American nations to wage war against the US and invade the US?

I just realized something we need to watch. After that intel was made known to us and Russia and China had a couple of meetings between their people and the people of certain Latin American nations, people have been rioting in at least some of those Latin American nations and I am wondering whether those riots are being instigated and managed by the US to keep those Latin American nations from waging war against the US with Russia and China.

You might want to keep an eye on that.

The West

Remember that I told you that the more Putin doesn't attack the West for doing what the West is doing, the more over confident and arrogant the West gets thinking that Putin is afraid of them and won't attack them, even with nukes?

They tell you that in about the first 10 to 12 minutes of this video. The longer it takes for Putin to retaliate and the more they do to him, the more the upper class trash believes Putin is afraid of them so the more willing they are to do more to push Putin.

Putin is using that against the arrogant, over inbred fools to drag this out to burn up the West's munitions supplies to weaken them and the arrogant fools are too stupid to realize Putin is using their own arrogant stupidity to trap them into a war he can more easily win. Putin uses what they use against them and they are too stupid to figure it out.

They show their arrogance and believe that Putin is a coward and stupid with their obvious lies. Just like I have been telling you, these inbred fools think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else, including Putin, is dumber than we are.

Why, they are so smart and we are so stupid that, if they just say something, we will be stupid enough to believe it in spite of the fact that they have to keep censoring us because we don't believe their crap any more. The morons are so arrogant and stupid they just don't get it in spite of the fact that they keep being proved wrong.

Then they change over to talking about Putin saying more prisoner exchanges are possible.

Is that a slap in the face to Afghan Joe or what?

Of course he is willing to make more prisoner exchanges like the last one. He got a very valuable weapons dealer in exchange for a transgender, doper basketball playing nut case.

Why would Putin not make more deals like that with Afghanistan Joe and company?

Putin is mocking the intelligence of our leaders. Putin traded a person to the US who hates the US for a person from us who hates the US and will help kill Americans. I can just see Putin arresting more America hating American woke fools to trade for people Putin wants back.

After watching that video, are you ready for a Christian run theocracy that would prevent all of this insanity?

Under Biblical Law, many of the things our government is doing are crimes. Our corrupt leaders would either go to prison or be executed for many of the things they are getting away with doing.

They also point out how our weapons purchasing program is weakening the US Military even more, you know, while starting WWIII with the East. The greedy, arrogant fools are devastating our military in so many ways.

Upper Class Trash Thinking

Remember that I told you about the castle I designed for my family, after God pushing me for several years to do so because all I wanted was a nice house?

This video is very interesting for several reasons.

First, it shows the extreme extravagance and luxury that the royals paid for by your ancestors living in poverty. It shows the extreme luxury of the royals built on the backs of you people. They made your ancestors live in poverty so they could have this luxury just like they are now stealing from you for their luxury today. Think about that. They haven't changed.

And God said, "There is nothing new on the Earth."

Second, the castle I designed to protect my family is extremely modest compared to the luxury of the royal castles. Heck, the upper middle class have homes with more luxury and extravagance than my castle. My castle is just a really nice home with no such luxury at all and is more functional than any of the royal castles I did the research on and intentionally designed it to be much, much more functional. To me, their luxurious castles suck.

This shows the difference in the thinking of common people and the royals. They are obsessed with getting more and more wealth at your expense to buy more and more such luxury and I just wanted to build a nice home for protection and function for my family at MY expense. I don't want to steal a darn thing from anyone. I earn it myself or don't get it.

The royals think they are "entitled" to you living in poverty so they can live in luxury.

I fought God for at least 2 to 3 years about designing that castle because all I wanted was a nice home that was functional for my family and I originally designed a 4 bedroom, two story home with a nice garage and workshop. God made me design a 62 foot yacht when all I wanted was a nice Hobby cat or 30 foot sloop. For fancy cars, I wanted a nice Ford stretch van for my family, to rebuild my 71 VW Bus, and build a 32 Ford Roadster and 57 Chevy.

Who needs a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini?

You will love this; guess what I designed for air travel. It weren't no private jet. I designed a customized C-130 I could drive my family van up into so that, when we got where we wanted, all we had to do was drive the family van out, do what we wanted, drive it back in, and go home. It would be very functional.

I don't need anyone's attention, I like doing things like teaching kids, running, hiking, riding bicycles, cross country skiing, sailing, canoeing and kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving, and other such things. I like designing, creating and building things and doing things.

I designed an athletic facility to run programs for kids that would be at least as expensive, probably more so, than the castle I designed for my family. You would never see any of the royals do that.

Design something for your kids? Really? Why, how dare you peasants even think such a thing?

Much of my castle was designed for educational, recreational, health and fitness, family security, and such things than for anything else. I designed several sports facilities in my castle for teaching my kids sports and fitness like how to swim. I designed a work shop for teaching my kids things like wood and metal working. I designed a class room and science lab for teaching my kids about all kinds of things. Almost all of the rooms I designed were multifunctional the way I was trained to design athletic/educational facilities for a university. My castle would be the most unique castle I have seen in years of researching castles and probably in history.

Does that sound anything like what those royals built into their castles, paid for by your impoverished ancestors?

The royals are so selfish and abusive they make me sick. They don't care about anyone except themselves and their bank accounts.

If they earned the wealth instead of stealing it from the people, that would be different. To impoverish people so you can live a life of luxury is terrible.

Look, the "extravagant yacht" I designed was a 62 foot, $2 million sailboat and John Kerry bought a $70 million, 70 foot sailboat. Only 8 feet longer and $68 million more.

A big chunk of the price of my boat was in electronics systems for things like navigation, radar, sonar, and communication to protect my family and, with me being trained in all electronics warfare systems from submarines to satellites on both sides of the Iron Curtain, you know it was a very good system covering all bases for safety and it was still a fraction of what John Kerry's yacht cost him.

Do you see the difference? Just a wee bit, huh?

We, the people don't even think the same as ye ole royals.

The one thing I regret the most about Paradise is that there won't be any children to teach anything to. I will miss that in Paradise. Everyone will already know everything because God said, "Everything will be made known." There won't be anyone to teach anything to.


This video is very important because it shows several things.

First, it tells us that the Commierats visiting and talking about having "something in common" with the Communist dictators of Cuba, you know, they are both power mad Communists.

Second, he tells you that, this year alone, they caught more than 250,000 Cuban "migrants" at our borders and that doesn't include the ones who got away. If just 10% of them are Cuban military, that is 25,000 Cuban military coming into the US just this year, you know, from a member of the Eastern Alliance just before probable plans to invade and destroy the US. Gee, what a coincidence.

Easy Prediction

The founder of FTX won't live long enough for the GOP to take control of the House and investigate his crimes, exposing the Commierats. The Commierats will snuff his butt to cover their butts. Of course, they will make it look like suicide.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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