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American Indians

This is something you used to have to really dig to find out, which was the paganism of American Indians.

This video is mostly about the Zuni Indians in Western New Mexico but they also tell some about other tribes, even the Crow Indians from the Northern US.

When I was a kid and even later I had friends who were Zuni and Navajo Indians and I learned quite a bit about them and learned even more in studying history and archaeology of the US and other continents.

I hate cute documentaries like this where they don't tell you all of the truth, you know, like the reason they have such nice homes and cars, while supposedly living in poverty with very few jobs on the reservations, it is because they get US Government money and quite a bit of it per person. If their tribal leaders are good leaders and don't take too much of the money, they all live well on their reservations.

The ones living in poverty do so because of the greed of their human leaders just like our human leaders are also greedy. I learned from a number of sources, some Indians, that the greedy leaders will take enough of the government money for themselves that it doesn't leave enough for everyone else, causing at least some to live in poverty.

They don't even have to work but they are still considered to be "sovereign nations". I guess it is US foreign aid but that will stop when our upper class trash finish bankrupting and bringing down the US and the American Indians are not preparing for that sudden shock. That well will run dry in the not too distant future.

The one thing I really wanted to point out is their pagan religions they have practiced for thousands of years. Note that she mentioned human sacrifice as part of a legend or myth without any qualms, telling me that they have practiced human sacrifices for thousands of years plus they still have secret religious ceremonies that almost certainly involve human sacrifices.

The Aztec, Maya, and Incas were not the only American Indians who practiced human sacrifices, they almost all did.

Note that they openly told you that they practice witchcraft and black magic, which require human sacrifices. That should tell you that their pagan religions are satanic, which is why God punished them by bringing in the European conquerors along with the diseases that wiped out better than 90% of them and with Christians to teach them about God. Some of them accepted Christianity and are good Christians today and many of them rejected God and were even poser Christians just like the rest of the people around the world and continued their paganism, at first in secret but now more openly, because paganism is now practiced openly by the rest of the Americans.

I couldn't watch too much of that video.


Remember that I have been telling you that most of these retired military officers beating ye ole war drums are on the payroll of the military industry saying what they are paid and told to say?

This video tells you the same thing. Very few of them can be trusted and most people can't tell who they are so they just blindly believe whatever those criminals say. Lying for money is fraud.

What they are doing is intentionally committing fraud for money to make the military industry, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats more wealthy by killing people.

They also tell you what I have told you that, when the upper class trash and their puppets fail because they are wrong, they never admit they were wrong and can't stop doing what is wrong. They just keep making the same stupid mistakes causing more harm and damage. It also means that, since they can't admit their mistakes, they cannot learn from their mistakes and get better. They will always be that stupid.

Ukraine Corruption

People are concerned about the Ukraine corruption with the US giving Ukraine another $45 billion but they will not provide any tracking and accountability because that would expose how much many of our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are getting in kickbacks and bribes.

This video shows that concern and points out that the people who wrote this corrupt bill seem to have forgotten making Ukraine accountable. It isn't that they forget, it is that they are part of the corruption and don't want that exposed.

One of many good things I am doing with this blog is that I am making more people aware of more of the corruption in our government, businesses, and other areas. I am opening your eyes to the truth.

Note that they tell you that what I have been warning you about concerning who is buying those advanced weapons Zelensky and his pals are selling, with them already seeing them in the hands of terrorists. You will see them in more unfriendly hands before this is over with but, hey, the corrupt leaders of Ukraine are making a lot of money selling those weapons to all buyers.

BTW, as Russia continues with her daily bombardments, more and more people are fleeing Ukraine, getting out of the way of the soon coming offensive by Russia. Russia has really been hitting even Kiev hard recently to soften it up for the offensive.

This is what a good military does to soften up the enemy; an artillery and missile barrage before an offensive to decrease the losses for their own troops.

Keep an eye on it because, if Putin decides to go into Europe, this is what will happen to Europe and even the US before he invades. This is part of what I have been warning you about this last year.

US Government Corruption

Remember that I keep telling you about US Government corruption?

This video tells you about a lot of corruption, especially from Ukraine and the US. Their corruption really is worse than most people can even begin to imagine. It is horrifically terrible.

They talk about getting rid of the deep state but most people think that only means government bureaucrats. The deep state starts at the top with the upper class trash, their puppet politicians, then bureaucrats, the media, and others. You would have to clean out all of that corruption to get rid of the deep state, which would be impossible for us humans, even with someone like Trump, because he has to get rid of millions of bad guys at one time or they will do to him again what they did last time.

It will clearly take an act of God to clean up this massive mess and God will use the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to begin that clean up but He will only be cleaning up enough that you will be able to clean up the rest.

I have been watching this satanic crap for about two thirds of a century and it just keeps getting worse.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Here is another example of US Government corruption in this video proving that the upper class trash DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. All they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

Do you believe me yet?

Job Market Change

This video shows you an interesting change in the job market where major corporations are no longer requiring college degrees for many of their jobs.

At least some of this has to be because these universities have been brainwashing their kids to be woke and they don't make good employees.

Since the lefty universities helped cause this mess with their great sounding stupid ideas, they have pretty much screwed themselves because this move is going to result in fewer students going to their lefty universities causing those universities to lose money and go broke.

I have been pointing out to you for years that increasing numbers of lefty universities have been going broke because they went woke. If I remember right, I think I told you years ago that about one third to half of the lefty universities went broke over the last 10 to 15 years and the rest just keep getting worse instead of learning from their mistake and changing.

Keep an eye on this.

Illegal Aliens

It is now blatantly obvious that the upper class trash are right now infiltrating tens to hundreds of thousands of foreign mercenary soldiers into the US to take on all of the armed American citizens in a gun fight without having the US Military strong enough to stop you and the upper class trash.

There is now just no other possible reason for them bringing so many illegal aliens into the US right now with most of them being young, fighting age males. The upper class trash are clearly right now building a massive army of mercenaries from other nations to fight and kill the tens of millions of US citizens who have guns. This is an act of war against the American people.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because this will not be pretty.

Patriot Missile System

I was just watching a video where they were talking about us sending in just one battery for ye ole Patriot Missile System, you know, for show, I added the following to the comments and decided to share it with you.

"It is worse than he is telling you. I was in ECM during Nam and we fought SAMs all of the time. I know how to beat SAMs.

They are only sending in just one battery, which means they are only sending in one control trailer/truck.

We located SAM units like that because they are sending out a radar signal that tells us where they are. We don't need them to fire missiles to locate them. They are already telling us where they are with their radar. In ECM we used to call radar units like that a 'beacon' because they are sending out a radar signal telling us where they are.

If you fly a couple of drones in at tree top level below their radar (we called that 'picking fruit') and destroy the control unit leaving all of the launchers intact with all of their missiles to easily capture. Oh gee, what a big prize that will be.

That would be a piece of cake job and Putin knows SAMs too. Sending a Patriot unit will be the stupidest thing the West has done in this war so far. Geeze, these idiots running our Western nations are stupid and militarily ignorant."

Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than our Western leaders because no intelligence is better than their intelligence?


Remember that I have been telling you that the pagans can't see and understand the truth because they don't have the "wisdom of God"?

This video explains that quite well and one of the most important reasons for them not being about to see, know, and understand the truth is that they don't want to know the truth because the truth gets in the way of the sins they love.

The Bible says that they love their sins.

Because of this, their plans will always eventually fail because those plans are based on the lies they want to believe instead of on reality. They just really love to believe they are smarter than they are and everyone else is dumber than they are for pride and ego reasons. They love to think they are better than you and that you lowly peasants couldn't possibly know what is best for you but they know they should be micro managing your lives the way they know is best for you, which always causes problems for everyone.

That is why the pagan upper class trash plans against Russia keep failing and everything they try backfires on them. By choosing their sins and evil, they have chosen to be idiots.


Here is something to keep an eye on.

The US and UK pushed the sanctions against Russia, especially for oil and gas, that are causing the EU to be in a crisis and, by the strangest coincidence, is enriching the US, while impoverishing the EU.

You see that in this video and I am wondering if this has been and is still being done to subjugate the EU royals to the British Royal Family running both the UK and US under the guise of waging war against Russia?

I have warned you that these power mad royals would make moves to take power from each other and oppress each other.

Keep an eye on this.

US Fall

In this video he tells you that the US will eventually fall like Rome did and why. He tells you much of the same stuff I have been warning you about for years.

Based on some of what he tells you about LA do you see why God is going to destroy LA?

He has to or He has to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Interestingly, Mark also points out the reprobate mind talked about in the Bible. It looks like they may have found scientific proof of it.

All Hell has been breaking loose on this planet for some time and all Heaven has already started breaking loose to the chagrin of the spawn of Satan. You better hang on tight because it is going to get much worse.

BTW, I just saw a recent video of George Soros and he is looking so close to death that I just cannot see him surviving 2023 before he takes up permanent residence in Hell, where he can never again cause harm to anyone.

Remember that I told you that I think the US "Winter Bomb Cyclone" was the first punishment for Afghan Joe signing the Marriage Act?

This video convinces me even more that ye ole bomb storm was a very quick punishment and we see that punishment getting worse and not better. They have still not dug out in New York, are afraid of a sudden melt causing flooding, and there is a new, storm heading that way that will bring a lot more snow to the area.

Then they tell you about some of the other problems the bomb storm has caused and still is causing.

Interesting Video

This video is interesting in that it not only shows the Japanese buying new AWAC planes from the US but watch closely and you will see that most of their air force ground support personnel are women and not men.

This frees up more men for combat positions and shows a very efficient use of their people with a relatively small population. Since it requires at least 12 support personnel per combat person, this could easily increase their combat personnel by better than 10 fold, which is very important when your greatest military threat is China.

Interestingly, the video started out telling about Japan buying the planes and then changed to the US using the planes. Then they show us a US E-3, which appears to have a bomb bay, which is probably used by intel gathering devices like bombs, missiles and mines and can be put in key areas to provide intel on troop movements in those areas. (Remember to pay attention to those details.)

We used special intel bombs in Nam to monitor troop movements in the jungles. The bombs would drop vertically into the ground leaving a small antenna sticking out of the ground that looked like a small plant. If the bombs detected sufficient movements in the area, they would send signals back to operations to provide intel about that movement. They were not the only such devices we used.

When I was in Korat, we were using the EC-121 for AWACs and we had a special ECM shop that worked on some of their stuff. Heck, we had ECM on almost everything that flew near a combat zone, especially intel birds, to protect those planes.


Most of this video is about Ukraine but it starts out with US Government corruption, which I have been telling you for decades is really terrible.

Then he tells you how bad it is militarily in Ukraine. We just found out that Ukraine just pulled the last of her troops out of Bakhmut and they suffered 70% losses in troops. They were only able to save 1,200 troops out of 4,000 by pulling them out of Bakhmut, you know, they got their butts handed to them and retreated. It also tells you that they only had a measly 4,000 troops to defend Bakhmut. That is how bad Russia has devastated the Ukraine/NATO military.

If Russia goes into Ukraine on their offensive right now, 1,200 battered soldiers will not provide much resistance to 700,000 troops, especially since the 1,200 troops are already on the run.

Next, I expect Russia to send troops to the north and south to take Odessa and Kharkiv and possibly start their offensive.

Then Scott Ritter started talking and telling you that Russia is definitely going to take Odessa just like I told you almost a year ago. They are just now getting around to it and I told you that a big part of the reason is for Russia to have direct access to the Russian people in Transnitria, just to the northwest of Odessa.

He did make some misstatements about Operation Line Backer in December 1972, which I was providing indirect support of by working 24 hour shifts for 3 days and then 12 hour shifts 7 days a week for weeks until North Vietnam signed the Paris Peace Accord in February 1973.

They were shooting our Buffs down with SAM3s, not SAM2s, which I helped counter by working with an engineer from White Sands Missile Range to develop a new counter measure to their countermeasure to our countermeasure that permitted them to shoot down some of our planes but he couldn't know that. Most military officers, who were not in the Air Force, don't know much about ECM or SAMs. I have noticed that even most military historians don't know that the SAM3s replaced almost all of the SAM2s in Nam in the late 1960s.

Note that he told you that, contrary to what the left is telling us, the Russians are not missing any of their targets right now. They are hitting them all.

Those 2 guys in that video regularly provide very good and updating intel.


Remember that I have been telling you that, when Putin does a proper military offensive, he will start that offensive with a "devastating barrage" of artillery, missiles, and bombs?

This video tells you a fair amount about that. By the time the armor starts moving into the battle, Ukraine or Europe or the US won't have much left to fight with. Most of the fighting and killing will take place with the artillery, missiles, and bombs.

At the very start of this war last February, Putin did that on a smaller scale because he was just calling it a "military action" instead of a war and only used a small portion of his forces. He still quickly destroyed better than 65% of Ukraine's air force and air defenses, 65% of her ground forces, and all of her naval forces.

This time it will be a full scale war that will be utterly devastating and Ukraine won't have much, if anything, left to fight with, especially since she doesn't have much left. By the time Putin moves his armor in, it will be mostly a drive through the country side.

That is why NATO is now pulling their troops out. If they don't, they will quickly lose them all.

You will find out very quickly that the left has been lying their butts off to you and, what they will do is simply to change the subject, ignore the disaster in Ukraine, and move your attention to something else to keep you from realizing they lied to you.

The big question right now is, that with all of the stupidity by the Western leaders we have already seen, will the West be stupid enough to escalate this into WWIII?

We know that the upper class trash are so insanely power mad that they refuse to give up on their evil global dictatorship and they could be power mad enough to jump right into WWIII with Russia, which would be devastating on the West because this will very quickly escalate into a global war with the West heavily outnumbered by the Eastern Allies.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often or storm some castles to stop this insanity. We are right now going to need it.

I am concerned that, if Afghan Joe, his puppet masters, his fellow puppets, their lefty media liars, and others remain in power, they will jump right into WWIII and it will be catastrophic.

Then he tells you what I have been telling you, which is that all of the top people in the Pentagon are right now politicians first and military people maybe. He tells that the people in the Pentagon don't have the experience for large scale combat, like against Russia, which is why they keep sending their NATO troops into Putin's cauldrons. That is dangerous right now.

Then he tells you that "we are all sitting around watching the death of the Republic of the US" just like I have been warning you.

Do you believe me yet?

You are right now living through the fall of Rome II because of the greedy, power mad, lunatic upper class trash globalists and their insane lust for global power at your expense. But, hey, it is almost over because we don't have long left now.

Towards the end, I think Macgregor made some assumptions about our leaders and China's leaders that may not be true and may just be wishful thinking on his part. Our upper class trash leaders have been showing they may very well be nuts enough to escalate this to WWIII and remember that it wasn't that long ago that China took both Xinjiang and Tibet with military force.

Then he tells you that his "greatest fear" is that someone will send in US troops and escalate this war to WWIII. I think he knows but doesn't want to admit just how nuts the upper class trash are. Even the smartest military leaders have made mistakes like that.

You prepare for the worst and pray for the best.


Every now and then God gives us a little hope in this sea of insanity.

This video shows us that God's hand is moving and He is preparing us to deal with what God told me will happen. This is the rapidly growing army God will use to take back most of our nation following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Right now these militias are politically taking back control of their counties with elections and this will give them a sanctuary for patriots and a base of operation in the coming war.

Remember that I have been telling you that you are going to have to build a new nation after this war?

He points out that the conservatives are doing that right now with "alternative" organizations like banks, media, and even currencies to create a "parallel society" within our society.

God is using them to build that new nation right now that will organize to fight this war. These are the people God showed me in the dream where I told you that God showed me more than a decade ago He has an army of other people to take back control of this nation.

Keep praying; it is working.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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