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I just read a poll that said that Trump would beat Hilarious by 5 points. My first thought was, "there are that many people in this country stupid enough to vote for such a blatant criminal as Hilarious?" Just how stupid are these people?

With that many people that stupid, democracy cannot work.

Now Clintstone is trying to use a staffer as her scapegoat for her e-mail crimes.

Will he take the fall for her?

Hilarious' latest excuse for her crimes while Secretary of State is "I wasn't thinking a lot."

And you want her to be your president? What, do you think she will think more as president?

I don't know which is worse, people still wanting to vote for Hilarious or Linen II (Sanders) taking the lead in the polls over Hilarious. The liberal insanity is mind boggling.


When I previously stated that the reason God is going to use Obama to nuke the US is because we are letting Obama help Iran try to nuke Israel, it was based on the Bible. God really means it when He says, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you." There are dozens of examples in the Bible of God doing just that. Some bad person did something to someone else or was trying to do something to them and God did that something to the bad person.

In the book of Esther, Haman built a gallows to hang all Jews on. Not one Jew was hung from that gallows but Haman was hung from it. In 1 Kings, King Ahab wanted a particular vineyard but the owner wouldn't sell the vineyard so Queen Jezebel had the man killed and his body thrown in the street. God killed Jezebel and her body was thrown in the street.

Knowing that God is going to use our own Muslim terrorist-in-Chief...uh...I mean president, who is helping Iran build nukes with which to nuke Israel, to nuke the US with one of those nukes built by Iran as punishment for us permitting Obama to help Iran build those nukes, with which to nuke Israel, think about this, all of the following other countries have also been working to help Iran build nukes with which to nuke Israel:

North Korea

You know they are all going to be punished.

Will they all be nuked?

I don't know, stick around and we will both find out but don't be surprised if they are nuked by Muslims using the nukes they are helping Iran build for nuking Israel. You know they are all screwed, along with all of the individuals involved such as John Kerry.

BTW, if you have been paying attention, you know that the EU and all of its nations have been forcing Israel to submit to the terrorism of the Muslims because those countries prefer the Muslims and their oil over Israel so God is giving those EU countries lots of Muslim immigrants to commit acts of terrorism in those countries. God has a great sense of justice and humor and loves irony.


Muslim countries are refusing to take Syrian refugees. They cite a risk of terrorism. They know better because they know their own people. Besides, they want the refugees to all go to Europe and destroy Europe.


UK's PM, Cameron, said that now is the time for EU reform. In other words, "We ain't through beating this dead horse yet. It just might still get up and run. Maybe if we change the saddle."

The EU war is quickly escalating. It seems that the German police recently used rubber bullets on the pro-refugee demonstrators, which is a step up from water cannons. The police are escalating their use of more dangerous weapons.

Slovakia said they will only take Christian immigrants. Four nations have rejected the EU quota system, Hungry, Poland, Slovakia, and Czech. France has said that the migrant crisis is a disaster for the future of Europe. Hungary tear gassed migrants breaking out of their immigrant camp. From the videos, it looks like many of the migrants are young military age men and could easily be terrorists. Since I wrote that last sentence, I read an article that said that most of the migrants are young males. And then I read that a Norwegian migrant has been confirmed as a terrorist. (Yes, I make notes and write some of this while reading the news.)

Hungary has now sealed its borders against immigrants and deployed its military against this invasion. Denmark is refusing immigrants. Things are getting worse by the day.

Others are beginning to realize that Europe is going the way of Rome.

In typical liberal deception, the reason the Greek PM, Tsipras, resigned was to stage new elections in which he is hoping to get an absolute majority for his commie party so they can force their communism on everyone. Keep an eye on this.

Commie Pope

The Vatican has said they are going to take in two whole families fleeing the war. OH, wow, I am so impressed...NOT! With their wealth, they could take in all of them.

Only two families out of hundreds of thousands?

It is all show and smoke and mirrors, baby. "Why, let's impress everyone and make them think we actually care about someone other than ourselves." Barf. I'm sorry, I'm not drinking that Kool-aid.

Ah, now the Pope is telling every Catholic institution in Europe to take in one migrant family. Well, at least they are taking in one family each when the Vatican alone could support all of the families. I'm still not impressed because it is still just show and not real caring. If they really cared, the Vatican alone would take in thousands of families. Marxists really don't care about anyone except themselves.

Listen, we are talking about a major military invasion of Europe by the Muslims...again. This is not an immigration but is a covert Muslim invasion in civilian cloths.


Speaking of Marxism, the two largest economies in Latin America are collapsing, Brazil and Mexico. Good old socialism being consistent in its failing the people. BTW, almost all of Latin America is run by socialist governments, which is why their nations' economies suck.


Now Trump is saying we should let some of the Muslim refugees into the US.

And you think he is not a RINO?

Hey, we want the same problems here they are having in Europe, pass the Muslim immigrants, please.

What, we don't have enough problems with our own illegal aliens, we want illegal aliens from Europe?

Hold it, I thought Trump's big campaign thingy was to stop illegal immigration, not increase it. Just another RINO.


Palin said that all immigrants must speak American. Finally someone who recognizes that we don't speak English, we speak our own language, American.

Don't think so?

The English call a water bottle a bidden, the hood of a car a bonnet, and the trunk of a car the boot. There are significant differences in the two languages; therefore, we don't speak the same language. They speak English, we speak American.

BTW, Palin also told Trump to make her Energy Secretary and she would shut the Department down.

And then make her the head of EPA?

White Crackers

The Black Lives Matter and CAIR just shut down Jerry Brown's office. People, this is a power struggle between the liberal white cracker commie traitors and black Muslims with the Muslims winning. The black Muslims are already moving to consolidate power, throwing the white crackers under the bus, and taking control.

And what are the white crackers doing?

Standing there with their thumbs up their butts not knowing what to do because they are too stupid to realize the Muslims are taking over even before the dictatorship is finished being set up, you know, just like I have been telling you they would.

This site is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Black Panthers

A Black Panther just got prison for a bomb plot conspiracy. Mean while, Black Lives Matter tells Elizabeth Hasselbeck that they are a love group. Yeah, they love to see cops killed, they love to see whites killed, they love to see non Muslims killed...


Police recruitment is dropping off because of all this hate-the-cops crap. That is exactly what Obama wants so he can replace cops with his black Muslim CNSF, who will turn their guns on you.


I read that ISIS has opened another front in Egypt. We know that Obama started ISIS, is running interference for ISIS against our own troops, and he hates the current government in Egypt.

Is this another one of Obama's criminal acts?

Have you noticed that we still have technological superiority but are losing the war to the Muslims because of our corrupt liberal traitor governments and their Muslim pals?

I don't care how much more advanced your technology is, if your leaders, bureaucrats, media, college professors and others are traitors, you lose.


China just had another explosion at a "chemical plant". That is four such explosions in the last three weeks. This is clearly Muslim terrorist attacks or civil war. If this is a civil war, then China should definitely not be considering starting any external conflicts, especially when you keep in mind her current financial problems. China has her problems.


The infamous ultra liberal commie traitor lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, says that the Kentucky clerk's Christian morals, values, and ethics make her a bigot. Hold it, Dershowitz is a Jew and those Biblical morals, values, and ethics are supposed to be his morals, values, and ethics but he prefers Satanic morals, values, and ethics. You have to understand that Dershowitz is only a biological Jew and is not a spiritual Jew. Any conservative born again Christian is a better spiritual Jew than most biological Jews. That is why you are not supposed to follow biological Jews. You are only supposed to follow Jesus and the Bible.

Animal Deaths

They just had 60,000 antelope die in one day. Any time now they will start saying that all of these animals are dying because there are too many humans and we need to depopulate the humans to save the planet. When they start preaching that, you will know the liberals are poisoning the animals.


The more I read the news, the more I become convinced that the inbred crazy people are running the West...well, OK, the rest of the world too. They are all psychopaths pretending to be human.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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