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This video provides you with a little glimpse into the future of our nation, provided Jesus doesn't return soon. In about 20 years, quite a few of our more advanced nations today will be much worse off wondering what happened while nations like India will have taken the global lead.


They have proved that the masks did not work and even helped spread the disease with COVID just like I explained the details why it is scientifically impossible for the masks to protect you from a virus and would even increase the potential for being infected and spreading the infection.

I did that by explaining how and why the masks cannot work or the science behind it and I explained it in detail within months of the fakedemic starting. Now, by the strangest magic coincidence, they have proved me right.

Well, we have "scientists" who are fighting back against those proofs telling me that those "scientists" are probably academic whores who are prostituting their degrees by taking bribes from the businesses that make and sell the masks, you know, for the love of money.

Hey, they gotta keep lying to keep making that money. Those major corporations got to making a lot more money selling those worthless masks and they don't want to quit making that money so they keep bribing the academic whores to keep lying for them.

People, what I taught you is what you have to know about how to protect yourself and others from a virus when you are doing laboratory research on a virus so, if they don't know what I taught you, they went to a really lousy biology program and should NEVER be allowed anywhere near a biology research lab or project.

Therefore, common sense says they have to be taking bribes to lie for the mask companies. Nothing else makes sense.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

I get so sick of their corruption. I can't wait for Judgment Day to see these evil beasts standing before God in judgment with EVERYTHING being made known and EVERYONE knowing just how evil they really are. I want to watch them sweat for the harm they caused you to make more money.

The Wicked

You think the left is not satanic?

This video tells you otherwise. Again, a church is committing blasphemy because God calls himself the "Father" and "He" so they are calling God a liar, which is purely satanic.

Note that is the Church of England, you can bet it is run by British royals, and you can bet it is only one of many reasons England is being judged by God. If you don't believe me that England is being judged by God, just look at everything England is going through right now.

At least the Pope is going to have plenty of company in Hell. "Hey, let's blaspheme God and see how hot Hell is."

And you wonder why we are being judged by God?

BTW, everything in the Grammies was preplanned so the lefties were bragging to everyone that they are satanic pagans. They had to practice that program for months to make sure they all got all of it right. They came completely out of their closet into the open about them being purely satanic. There is no doubt about it now because they said so.

Do you believe me now that they are the evil spawn of Satan and human demons?

They just bragged that they are. That line is clearly drawn. If you side with the left, you side with Satan and, if you side with Christians, you side with God/Jesus. Your choice, choose wisely because eternal damnation is very long.

Speaking about the wicked, God woke me this morning thinking about the often taught Christian belief that we are supposed to pray for the damned and not for their victims. People, the damned have clearly made their choice and are bragging about their eternal damnation. You better start praying for God to protect the left's intended victims, of which you are one.

I have been telling you that this is a war between God and Satan for your souls and they just proved it.


Macgregor just stated in a video a better way of understanding the German and other European nation military situations. He said that, following the fall of the Soviet Union, Germany basically disarmed itself leaving itself with almost nothing with which to defend herself, as did all of the rest of the European nations, including England.

It should be noted that they didn't return their military budget taxes back to the people but laundered those taxes into their greedy pockets by way of other government programs.

Their attitude was basically, "Hey we don't have to worry about war with the Soviet Union any more, especially with the US Military being so powerful, so let's find ways to stuff all of that military money from our military budgets in our greedy pockets." The arrogant, rich, greedy fools are starting to find out that was really smart because they no longer have anything to protect their nations from being conquered and them being sacked, you know, like a good military.

This video shows you how desperately the European nations are trying to quickly rebuild their militaries so they can defend themselves. They screwed up and created a mess that is a threat to their national securities so they are trying to clean up that mess before it is too late and they are beginning to realize that it may already be too late. They are frantic for the reasons I have been telling you.

This video is very good intel that most people really need to hear, especially in the last half but also throughout it. He explains a lot in this video.

That intel should tell you that our worst enemy and greatest threat to this nation is our own arrogant, corrupt leaders.

Remember that I told you a year ago that Putin went into Ukraine to kill Zelensky and destroy the Ukrainian military?

This video is so good because, when they had a deal ready to sign that the West stopped, notice that it included a promise to not kill Zelensky or destroy the Ukrainian military if Ukraine agreed to not join NATO. Notice that Zelensky showed that he knew Putin invaded to kill him and destroy the Ukrainian military.

If it were not true, why would it have been included in the deal?

After everything that has happened since the West destroyed that deal, you can bet that Putin is looking to kill Zelensky and, if Zelensky were in Ukraine, he would quickly be dead just like I have been telling you. That should prove to you that Zelensky has not been in Ukraine since a few days after this war began and those videos are of him in Kiev, England.

Just think about it, if you were Zelensky and knew that Putin was looking to kill you and he could kill you if you returned to Ukraine, would you go back to Ukraine?

Of course not and neither has Zelensky.

That in conjunction with everything else I have been pointing out to you proves what I have been telling you.

So, how far outside of London is Kiev, England?

That should tell you that ALL of the videos of Zelensky "in Ukraine" are just scripted propaganda. Nothing is real in those videos and everyone who has had anything to do with those videos is complicit in those fraudulent videos made to fool you. They ALL know that Zelensky is not in Ukraine but helped deceive you into believing he is. They are just using scripted videos to lie to you.

Then I saw that Zelensky met with King Charles, you know, just a few blocks down the street from Kiev, England.

Remember that I have been teaching you that our vile upper class trash royal criminals are out of touch with reality and they obviously don't know anything about military matters?

In this video Macgregor tells you that they are out of touch with reality and that they do not understand military matters just like I have been telling you. They wouldn't know a strategic analysis if it ran over them with a Mac truck. But they get to make the decisions about things they know nothing about.

Their actions should tell you both of those things and other things, like they are greedy, power mad, inbred, raving lunatics who think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else is dumber than they are.

He also tells you that their plans in Ukraine have completely failed because they are just so incredibly brilliant. /sarc

He does a very good job of telling you who owns the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. He calls them the "oligarchs" he also calls them the "ruling class" and I call them the upper class trash royals who own the big businesses. Almost ALL of the upper class trash causing these problems and who are globalists are members of the Euro-American Royal Family. I have been showing you that for decades.

Note that he tells you that thousands of people are flooding into our nation, of which thousands are Russians, you know, sleeper sells of soldiers just like the Chinese, Latin Americans, and others. Their invasion of our nations is already well under way and they are winning.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load!!! We have already been invaded and the invasion continues.

Macgregor gives an excellent lecture on just about everything of importance in that video. It is like he said, the people are the only ones who can stand up to and stop this mess. Until they do, the mess just keeps getting worse.

The host said something very important when he said that, "when all else fails, they take you to war", which partly explains why the upper class trash have become so determined to go to war against Russia. Everything they have been doing has failed so, to distract you from that and make it possible for them to use war to finish grabbing control and power over you, they only have them taking us to war against Russia to save their global dictatorship. It is called extreme desperation and the "last gasp" for their global dictatorship.

That is the best video I have seen concerning this mess. I love the way he said, "the amateurs in Washington" showing their lack of military expertise. Our civilians leaders know nothing about anything they are doing except lying and stealing.

I think his worst fears are going to be realized unless 1) at least the more powerful European nations like Germany, France, and UK bolt and refuse to continue with what the US wants and 2) unless the military takes a stand about not getting us into war with Russia.

The big problem is that he seems to not want to face up to is that the Eastern Alliance is now poised to go to war with us very soon. I am waiting to see where God is going to take this.

I just found out that the UK is sending jet fighter planes to Ukraine and Putin responded by saying that the UK just entered WWIII against Russia, Russia will retaliate, and Russia will "target" the UK for this hostile action against Russia.

I guess the British royals got their war with Russia.

Poland is also sending fighter planes to Ukraine but Putin didn't say that about Poland because Putin knows that the British Royal Family are the main culprits along with the US royals.

I told you that Windsor Castle will be turning into smoldering, radioactive rubble soon, didn't I?

Then I found this video that tells a number of things including that Russia has started her pre offensive bombardment of ALL of Ukraine, especially Kiev, Kharkiv, and Odessa, you know, the three main targets I told you Russia would go after. I think he said it is supposed to be a 24 hour continuous bombardment. Putin is also threatening to use tactical nukes but I don't think he will need to use those tactical nukes in Ukraine. He has had enough.


Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are making their final grab for power and to impoverish you to control you?

This video shows you one way they are doing this right now, increasingly around the world. They are using their banks to steal your money but not stealing the money of the upper class trash.

This is angering the people and will back lash against the upper class trash just like everything else they are doing and it will also fail. This is very likely to cause the people to stop fighting the police in the streets and actually storm the mansions of the richest to get their money back.

Remember that I have been teaching you that history teaches, when people have more to gain than they have to lose by rebelling, they will rebel. When the rich sack the middle and lower classes so that the middle and lower classes have nothing to lose and everything to gain by rebelling, they will rebel.

The greedy upper class trash never learn and, when you point out that something like this failed for their ancestors, they always arrogantly say, "Yeah, but we are smarter than them and we will make it work", you know, just before they get hung.

Do you better understand why Russia and the Eastern Alliance formed the BRICS international banking system?

Keep an eye on this.

That video also shows you how evil and corrupt the upper class trash really are. People, the upper class trash royals have been planning this stuff out since they formed their organization for their beloved global dictatorship following WWII in 1947. They PLANNED to set it up so you would lose everything to them so you would "own nothing" and they are starting to do it right now. This is not a magic coincidence.

One of the savage monsters in that meeting said that "the principal is not protected by design." You have to understand that the money you put in the bank is called the "principal" so they are telling you that they intentionally designed their system so that the money you deposit in their corrupt banks is intentionally not protected so they can steal it from you. They are telling you that they DESIGNED it that way on purpose.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals and their puppets are evil human demons that only care about themselves and their bank accounts?

These evil things convince me that anything less than eternal damnation for them will not be good enough or just punishment for their crimes. When you hear the angels tell you what these evil beasts have done, you will know that God's judgment for them of eternal damnation will be very just and deserved. In my opinion, these monsters can't get to Hell fast enough.

They keep proving me right because God taught me well.

Note that this is only being done in relation to the West's IMF international banking system and will not include the BRICS international banking system of the Eastern Alliance.

And you think Putin is the bad guy?

Putin saw this coming, which is why he set up the BRICS international banking system so the evil upper class trash could not use their banks to control him the way they are starting to use those banks to control and impoverish you.

Are you getting the picture yet? Do you realize who the real bad people are and what they are trying to do?

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

BTW, the same lying criminals who tried to bring trumped up charges against Trump again and again and again are now saying that Putin caused a plane crash. All they are doing is proving to Putin that they will never stop trying to destroy Putin and Russia as long as they live, which will just cause Putin to invade Europe and the US to kill them to put an end to their evil. The evil things are determined to start WWIII with any lie they can so they can get Russia out of their way to set up their evil global dictatorship.

It shows how insanely desperate the lefty upper class trash royals are. All of their plans are failing.


Remember that I have been warning you that our upper class trash have sold you and their souls to China for more wealth because of their insane greed?

This video tells you that, when Roman asked why no one would speak out against China's abuses, she said, "Money", plain and simple.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

All these evil things care about and think about is how much more money they can make right now at other people's expense. They don't care about what happens later, who is hurt or killed, or anything else, just making more and more money right now at any cost to everyone.

Do you believe me yet that they are the spawn of Satan and one of the biggest reasons why we are being judged and punished?

That video shows that China owns big parts of our nations now, which is why they are hesitant to wage war against us because they would much rather just finish buying us out. They don't need a spy balloon when they can probably get almost any information they need from our leaders they own for enough money, which isn't that much to China.

Remember that I told you the corruption in our nation is so bad and extensive that only God can clean up this mess effectively?

I have been trying to figure out exactly what is going on with the bogus coverage of the Commie killer balloon and China about to go to war with the US.

What were they covering up with that distraction?

I told you the balloon was a distraction and this video shows it because the balloon happened when intel was made public about the Biden administration committing international crimes with the pipeline and then again with the US personnel targeting of US weapon systems in Ukraine against civilians, which was clearly no coincidence.

"No, no, don't look at those crimes the Biden administration and the Pentagon are committing, look over here at this obsolete 'spy balloon'."

Do you get the picture yet?

THE . DEADLY . KILLER . OBSOLETE . SPY . BALLOON . WAS . A . DISTRATION!!! And now we know what they were covering up.

Then they told you about the upper class trash being above the law because they are royals, who always make themselves above the law.

Keep in mind that, on Judgment Day, they WILL NOT be above God's Law.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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