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US War

We are now finding out that the left already has and is building more terrorist armies than just Antifa and BLM. It seems they now have a transgender activist army that is arming and training for a "civil war" against conservatives but especially Christians.

This should make you wonder, "What other terrorist armies does the left have hiding in their dark little closet?"

You just might want to get right with God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because they have been planning this insurrection for at least 6 or 7 decades, you know, since 1947.

BTW, I just saw that the Russian tactical surface-to-surface nukes, Iskander M missiles, can reach Germany from Belarus, it is very mobile so it can advance with advancing troops, and can quickly come within range of France and the UK plus Russia is providing airborne nukes that can reach farther plus Russia and China have ships with nukes in the Atlantic Ocean that can reach almost everything in Europe. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

In this video he explains our government corruption and why people are not rising up in rebellion yet. Until enough people get enough inconvenienced, there will be no rebellion.

Wow, I was really surprised when he pointed out what I have been telling you about the globalists using Ukraine to destroy Russia to get her out of their way so they could set up their global dictatorship.

I guess he has known about this but just didn't say it for some reason. He also tells you what I have been telling you about the upper class trash misjudging Russia.

He shows you like I have been telling you that Russia has been preparing for this war but the US and UK have not plus we just disarmed ourselves.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that the West, Rome II, is falling?

Wow, this video shows that the US dollar is being dumped around the world by increasing numbers of nations.

Remember that I also told you that European nations would start cutting and running from NATO and the EU?

Note that he tells you that France just made its first purchase of oil from China in Yuan and not the US dollar. That is huge and will start a stampede isolating the US and UK in their globalism.

The upper class trash royal WEF globalism is quickly dying and heading down ye ole toilet.

Then he tells you how countries from all over the world are lining up to join BRICS and dump the IMF and the US dollar.

Hmm, maybe we should start using the Roman Denarius? Hey, you always wanted to live in a third world nation, right?

The big question here is how much more will have to happen before even the US and UK have to ditch their evil globalist plans to try to survive like France is now doing.

You can thank our glorious lefty upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets for this disaster.

Do you believe me now that the EU is NOT going to be the one world government and the Catholic Church will NOT be the one world church during the Tribulation?

They may not even exist by then, you know, the way Rome doesn't exist today.

Don't forget that, just like I said decades ago, Islam is reuniting and rapidly growing to become both the one world government and one world church of the Tribulation. Satan's occult just lost the contest to be the one world government and one world church to Satan's Muslims.

Here is another video that shows that the left has seized control of our Republic and it is no longer a true republic but is a partial dictatorship and only a partial and declining republic. It is dying because the left is murdering it.

They show that the conservatives must start fighting back and quit letting the left walk all over us.

Now that Rome II has fallen, either we set up a new nation or someone else will move in and set up one to rule over us. History proves that to be true.

US Military & Ukraine

Remember that I told you that almost all of the generals in the US Pentagon are there for political reasons and not because they are good military officers, they are just really good at kissing butt to get promotions?

This video explains that very well in the first 8 minutes and then he tells you what I have been telling you about Putin not moving forward in Ukraine is because he is just sitting there destroying military units as their idiot leaders keep pushing them into Putin's cauldrons.

Putin isn't going to move until the NATO idiots quit shoving their troops into Putin's cauldrons for Putin to easily destroy.

Why would he?

While watching this video I realized why they have depleted our military resources by giving it almost all away to Ukraine, making us vulnerable to invasion. They did it to force our government into a position to where it must better than double their military budget to replace those weapons and increase those weapons to make the military industry and those involved in it extremely wealthy very quickly.

Everything they have done in giving Ukraine tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons to get blown up by Russia was all about the greed of our upper class trash. It is just a "get rich quick" con forced on the people by the upper class trash.

The big problem with that con is that it will take us years to replace all of those weapons plus increasing them, making us vulnerable to invasion until we get at least most of them replaced.

I told you that greed destroys common sense and they just proved it.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Concerning China, I think he is wrong because they keep over estimating China's war capability and underestimating those of our allies, especially Taiwan. The greatest threat to the US by China is the forces she has infiltrated into the US to fight us from within.

I have shown you again and again that China doesn't have the money, resources, economy, and too much else to wage such a war, their weapons are significantly inferior, and I think this tells me that Ritter probably is not trained to know about our black closet and I have a very good idea of what is in it and what it can do.

They have more ships but most are dinky ships that will be neutralized quickly, her carriers and planes are greatly inferior to ours, her subs are greatly inferior to ours, our star wars will quickly blind her satellite intelligence required to find and destroy our ships, and much more.

People, having "more ships" because you got a bunch of canoes floating around ain't going to win the war. China just has many more really lousy weapons. We can track her "stealth planes" and nuke subs with no problem and she can't track ours. Do the math.

Listen, we can beat China (if the upper class trash had not depleted all of our weapons) but we cannot beat Russia. Most of them have it backwards. The top people are going to be really surprised in this war when Russia wins and China folds and, if you don't believe me, go back and read what I have been teaching you for decades.

People, the greatest threats that China poses to the US are 1) the Western lefty commie traitor upper class trash China owns and are currently betraying us, you know, like the Bidens and Cook, and 2) the hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of Chinese troops she has infiltrated into the US, many of whom are based near US military bases.

If one quarter of the 60+ million gun owners in the US or 15+ million US citizens are trained members of professionally run militias, they can defeat the Chinese troops infiltrated into the US along with the lefty terrorist armies like Antifa, BLM, and the transgender nuts, and other infiltrated forces from Latin American and Muslim countries. Listen, if 30 million of those gun owners belong to those militias, it will be a much quicker win. That is why I have been telling you to join a militia, get trained, get organized, and secure your red zones.

Why do you think China is paying Biden and those other traitors to disarm the US citizens?

She knows she cannot beat all of those gun owners and our upper class traitors owned by China getting more desperate to disarm you is a warning that China wants to go to war with the US now.

I am wondering if everyone turning on the US and UK to get our troops out of places like Syria is God using this to cause us to stage a "strategic retreat" to defend the US?

Keep an eye on that.

The first 3 minutes of this video are very important because Ukraine just started a war against the Russian Orthodox Church and God. I think Zelensky is about to die. That would be a pretty easy prediction.

Note that this war against their religion will also turn most of the people against Zelensky and his side. The idiot didn't make the problem better; he just made it worse because now more of the people will betray him to get rid of him and may even assassinate him.

Ukraine is now dead and just has not finished kicking yet.

Wow, this guy is unloading some really good intel such as about the NATO forces using tunnels for resupply, which you know the Russians will soon find and destroy, and the underground NATO headquarters Russia destroyed, killing about 300 NATO officers, many from UK, and some from Poland and the US.

You keep seeing the UK chin deep in everything proving that this is being run mostly by the British Royals and Putin knows it.

Wow, the losses in Bakhmut are staggering with them losing about a battalion a day or 30 battalions a month. Ukraine can't keep losing troops at this rate much longer before there won't be anyone left to fight Russia.

Then I found this video with more intel showing that the West is getting ready to dump Ukraine. It is happening like I warned you about so don't be surprised if Zelensky ends up dead soon or just quietly disappears to one of his mansions in the US or UK.

I think the West knows that Russia will soon finish the job in Ukraine and you may just suddenly stop hearing anything about Ukraine and be directed to a war with China or something.

Then I found this video showing how stupid the upper class trash are. They just can't quit disarming themselves while turning the world against them. They are so arrogant.

The first thing you have to understand about weapons sales to our allies, except Israel, is that they never get "our best stuff", meaning they don't get the best electronics warfare and other stuff that makes such weapons better or as good as the stuff our enemies have.

We do that so that, if those weapons get captured by our enemies, they cannot study our best stuff and develop countermeasures to our best stuff. But, hey, our idiot politicians don't know that and they ignorantly think "an F-18 is an F-18" not knowing it is barely close. Our politicians are so militarily ignorant it makes my brain hurt.

Russia has the best SAMs in the world and, if you don't have the best ECM, you are just target practice. I am sitting here wondering just how fast are Russia's SAMs going to sweep those planes with their Finish flight crews from the sky.

Remember that about a year ago, Russia moved a bunch of nukes close to the Russian/Finish border? Hey, Finland isn't going to have those F-18s or their flight crews to protect her, is she?

Then I found out in this video that the West is trying to use the lame excuse of moving "peace keeping forces" into Ukraine to move NATO forces openly into Ukraine to save face and not look as stupid as they are. It won't work. They are insulting Putin's intelligence, while thinking they are smarter than they really are. The arrogant idiots are determined to start a nuke war.

Then he told you about a Russian document that was just passed by Russia that says Russia will fight the US until the last Russian. It just got real but don't expect Satan's Western spawn to quit. The West will continue with their efforts to set up their global dictatorship until they kill a few billion of you.

Note that he told you that Poland has accumulated a lot of forces inside Poland to attack Belarus and not for going into Ukraine. This explains why Putin is turning Belarus into a nuclear power because you know he saw this coming.


I have been keeping an eye on the protests in Israel with it looking like those protests against the new conservative government are being staged by the US CIA, especially with the conservative counter protests not also being reported.

This video shows that Israel is moving to the right, the now conservative government is making moves to change the very liberal supreme court to conservative, and the lefties are rioting in the streets to stop it, which is why those riots are probably being orchestrated by our lefty CIA.

He tells you that the conservatives are also protesting the liberals rioting. The conservatives are learning to fight back against the lefties.

I think Obama will nuke Chicago and seize control of the US and then use Israel moving to the right as an excuse to blame "right wing extremist Israel" for nuking Chicago so he can justify invading Israel with an army like God told me Obama will so he can stand on the Temple Mount to order Muslims to kill all non Muslims, especially Christians and Hebrews, to get the Muslims to unite behind him to set up their global dictatorship with him as the Mahdi or ruler.

Keep an eye on this.


The West is falling apart and King Charles, who is not supposed to be politically involved, is traveling around Europe visiting all of the top nations' leaders, you know, like France and Germany, getting all of the other royals in line or on the same page.

Hey, they gotta get that royal WEF globalist monarchy established before it is too late.


My concern about Trump is, when they get him in jail, they will have an inmate murder him.

I have been warning you for years that the upper class trash will never stop until they die and they are proving that right now. They are so desperate to get rid of Trump that they are openly and unconstitutionally abusing the power of government to get rid of him.

This will bring us much closer to war because now eyes are opening that, to have our freedoms and rights back, you will have to fight the bad guys just like the Founding Fathers did. A lot of people are about to die because of the insanity and evil of the lefty upper class trash and their puppets.

Keep an eye on this.

Eastern Alliance

Remember that I told you years ago that the nations you need to watch concerning them fighting against the West as an alliance are Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea?

Who are the nations now siding with and selling arms and munitions to Russia with us getting closer to a war with Russia?

Those nations are Iran, China, and North Korea. Gee, what a magic coincidence.


I want to share my post on FB with you.

When I started college in the late 60s, I had some friends who were hippies and, every now an then they would invite me over to their place because some of their other friends were coming over to discuss solving the world's problems.

I would just quietly sit and listen to them discussing solving the world's problems while thinking about how, if we did the things they kept thinking up, someone would just do something to cause that or another problem.

Then I would go home to my apartment and quietly think for hours how to solve the problems of the world but, every time I thought of something, God would say, "No, they will just do this, that, or something else."

One day I was sitting thinking about how to solve the planet's problems when God said, "Carl, if you want to solve better than 90% of the problems on Earth, take the humans off." I knew He was right because we humans cause better than 90% of our problems.

I thought about and studied that for decades and realized that, if you want to solve better than 90% of the problems we humans cause, you get rid of the corrupt members of the upper class I call the upper class trash, their political puppets, and their other supporters because they cause most of the problems we humans cause.

As I studied history and archaeology, I realized that they have caused all of our wars, almost all of our poverty, all of our slavery, and almost all of the other problems we humans cause because of their selfish greed and lust for power.

When all of those evil people die and go to Hell, only then can mankind have Paradise, which is why God will imprison them in eternal damnation to protect us from them before He sets up eternal Paradise.

Those evil people just can't leave other people alone.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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