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Remember that I told you that 20 to 30 missiles, drones, and bombs combined did not constitute a pre-offensive barrage, it would be more like hundreds of such weapons per day?

This video shows where Russia just increased to almost 200 the number of drone, missile, and bomb attacks, not including artillery. THAT is what a pre-offensive barrage looks like. That should tell you that Russia has begun its pre-offensive barrage and will soon begin its offensive.

What I really love is when they say that Russia fired 20 to 30 missiles or drones, Ukraine claims to have shot down all but one or two, and those one or two destroy a dozen buildings and then they tell you that explosions were heard all over Kyiv. Wow, those must be some really dangerous missiles and drones and those extra explosions must have been echoes, yeah, that is the ticket.

Why does anyone believe anything the left and their pals say at all?

I just realized something we better watch with Putin concerning the Ukrainian "offensive". He might fake a defeat and retreat like he did early into the war to have his troops pull back and form a pocket for a big Russian cauldron to trap the Ukrainian forces and destroy them.

Keep an eye on this because, if Russia gets "defeated" and "routes" too easily, it is a trap.

Remember that I told you that what Russia was doing was drawing the Ukrainian offensive into position so they could destroy it?

Then I found this video showing that is exactly what is happening. The Ukrainian troops, munitions and fuel got into position for their offensive and Putin hit them with everything including the kitchen sink just like I warned you would happen. From what it says, this started today, May 10, just like I told you it looked like the Russian offensive would start some time after May 10.

Yeah, the Wagner Group is going to pull out of Bakhmut after May 10, into the next battlefield.

That fight is finally on.

It is being reported that Ukraine started its offensive during the night and Russia went on the attack and is devastating Ukraine.

The best defense is to have the best offense.

I just realized that the mess you are seeing in Ukraine is what you will see in the US during your war to regain control of your land to build a new nation. The fighting will be mostly in the cities, especially the big blue cities, the suburbs, and areas near them. It is going to be a horrible mess.

Remember that I warned you that, if the Ukrainians defeat the Russians too easily and the Russians retreat too easily, it is certainly a Russian cauldron being set up to encircle and destroy the Ukrainian troops?

At about 2 minutes into this video he shows Russia doing just that and I am amazed that no one else has figured this out.

NOTICE that little pocket with Russian forces on 3 sides?

THAT pocket is a Russian cauldron for destroying enemy troops. It is not a weakness. That is called a "tactical retreat" to gain an advantage on the enemy. Moving backwards does not mean you are losing; it may mean you are about to clobber the other guy really bad.

The US Marines call it maneuver and position, which they are very good at.

Then the narrator states that it shows a "Russian weakness" telling me that NO ONE has figured this out yet; not NATO, not the Pentagon, not Ukraine, none of the armchair generals, NO ONE! Russia just sucker punched Ukraine "showing a Russian weakness".

Russia's big weakness is that she just can't resist trapping and destroying enemy forces that are too stupid to learn not to get trapped by Russia. Hey, she is addicted to crushing the enemy while the enemy thinks they are winning because Russia "retreated" forming a cauldron pocket to destroy the enemy in.

Russia has been using this strategy for almost the entire war, the lefties don't get it yet, and probably never will. They are so simple minded that all they can think is that, if you are moving backwards, you are losing.

You think that God has not given the lefty western leaders and upper class trash royals over to reprobate minds?

Those fools couldn't think their way out of an empty closet with the door wide open, the light turned on, road signs, neon lights, a road map, and a tour guide. They are so arrogantly stupid they make my brain hurt. They love to think they are smarter than they are and everyone else is dumber than they are.

Man plans, God laughs.

Also notice that these people flunked math. When Ukraine makes an advance forward, they quickly forget that Ukraine only has an offensive force of 40,000 and Russia has a total force of 750,000, while keeping at least 300,000 in reserves for their offensive.

"Why, Ukraine gained a few hundred feet inside of a Russian cauldron so they could win this war because Russia is weak."

At about 7:45 minutes I had to quit watching that video because it didn't make sense. It gave me good intel but it didn't make sense because he couldn't do good math with the intel.

If you have been paying attention, you should know that is the way the left thinks.

This is very interesting intel in this video because it is about Zelensky saying he has put the Ukrainian offensive on hold indefinitely, with him giving lame excuses. Never look at intel like this on its own; always consider it in conjunction with other relative intel.

It is very clear that he already staged his offensive in a few isolated areas and they are not working out, in part because Putin has already done significant damage to those troops and their resources like munitions. They have made a few minor land grabs but even those could easily be traps set by Russia. Basically, he is telling you that his offensive failed so he is putting it on hold until he gets a completely new military from NATO.

It seems that Ukraine's offensive was just on the north and south flanks of Bakhmut, where they took a little ground and all other military actions by Ukraine seem to have been limited to distractions to keep Russia from moving troops from those areas to the Bakhmut area. From what I am seeing, it won't take much for Russia to reverse what Ukraine did.

Note that his offensive has failed so he is blaming others just like all of Satan's spawn so he is blaming NATO. Why, it is NATO's fault that he can't stage his offensive and not his fault for positioning the troops and resources where Putin could easily blow them up, you know, in Putin's cauldrons.

Man plans, God laughs.

This video tells you that Russia is staging its offensive but the lead unit is artillery fire including drones, missiles, and bombs plus artillery shells. They are battering the enemy and their resources to weaken them before sending in the ground troops.

This video shows the EU rebelling against NATO (US and UK) and jumping ship to save their own butts from a war with Russia. These European nations are now doing it as an organized and united team and not just individually.

Did Macron's road trip work at turning the rest of the EU against US and UK?

It sure looks like it.

What? The EU nations don't want their nations to look like Ukraine? You don't mean NATO and the US and UK have been lying to us, have they?

Hey, even the EU is now calling the US and UK liars.

Gee, I wonder how long it will be before the EU nations join forces with Russia to keep their buildings and people from being blown up?

This video shows how much closer Turkey is getting to Russia and it would be a good guess that the CIA are probably working to get him voted out in this weekend's election against a person who is more pro US and UK so he will fall in line with the West. Keep an eye on that.

This video shows that Poland is the exception to the rule and their leaders are probably taking bribes from the US to cause more trouble with Russia. They appear to be greedy stupid and not sane.

You have to understand that Kaliningrad is a small area under Russian control where Russia keeps its Baltic Sea Fleet and Poland renaming it is Poland laying claim to it being their territory, which is in violation of international law and poses a significant threat to Russia, which is why Putin is calling it a hostile act, which it is and is an act of war by Poland. If Poland tries to take possession of Kaliningrad, Putin will be legally justified in going to war with and invading Poland to free Kaliningrad.

Poland is working in conjunction with NATO (the US and UK) to cause more and more trouble with Russia stupidly believing the US will come to her aid and defeat mighty Russia in a war. Her leaders are ignorant idiots playing with nuclear fire. Their idiot leaders have to be taking bribes, especially with their people not supporting causing Russia more problems.

Did you notice all of the barbed wire they were stringing in the video?

It ain't even going to slow down those thousands of Russian tanks going up against Poland's 250 tanks. The Polish leaders obviously know they are being paid to cause a war with Russia to become the next Ukraine.

Hey, while the Polish people are dying, the leaders will retire with their millions to the Caribbean. I can't stand the upper class trash and won't miss them burning in the Lake of Fire following Judgment Day and the world will be a much better place. Just think, no more problems caused by those evil beasts forever.

Do you believe me yet that the Western upper class trash royals are determined to start a nuclear war because they think they are smarter than they are and Putin is dumber than he is and that Putin is just bluffing?

I am convinced that the royals are raving lunatics.

Then the next day I see that the Russians are under attack and are "stepping back" or retreating with very little resistance and they are doing this for several reasons.

First, they are clearly doing this to draw forces into cauldrons to slaughter them but, second, they are trying to get the Ukrainians to think, "We got them beat. They are on the run. Charge!" you know, psychological warfare. The Russians are trying to get the Ukrainians to commit everything into battle in hopes of winning the fight so the Russians can finish destroying the Ukrainian forces from safer defensive positions. It is a sucker punch like I told you they would do and it is already starting to work.

For example, the Ukrainians are already moving reserve troops from places like Kharkiv into the front line.

There were several cases where the Russians made contact and just withdrew or "ran" from the Ukrainians to another defensive position, where the same "cowards" are making a stand just like I told you they would do.

This video also shows that Russia giving ground to draw in Ukrainian/NATO forces is working in other ways. The UK just announced that they are GIVING long range missiles to Ukraine for use against Russia, once again showing that all of this Western crap is being managed from within the UK by the British Royal Family like I have been telling you for years.

Why, with Russia being beaten back by the Ukraine offensive, here is their chance to destroy Russia and get her out of their way right now so they can set up their globalist dictatorship.

If those missiles get used directly against Russia, like you know they will be used, it will legally justify Russia invading and nuking UK. The ONLY reason for the UK to give Ukraine those long range missiles is for Ukraine to use them directly against Russia.

Hey, them British Royals have to strike while the iron is hot and dey gots Russia on the run.

Keep in mind the Ukrainians have a severely depleted army of now less than 200,000 with an "offensive force" of about 40,000 and Russia has 750,000, with 300,000 of those still in reserves, and just called up another 500,000 reserves. Do the math because none of the analysts are.

Me don't tinks dat duh Ukrainians are going to crush the Russians, conquer the world, destroy the solar system, defeat the galaxy, and destroy the universe with 40,000 troops the way the left is making it sound. It ain't happening.

When Putin gets all of the Ukrainian/NATO forces committed to battle, he will make his big move.

Remember that I warned you to not start a fight with Putin and Russia and this video shows why. They are Christian and God will be with them in a fight but ye ole Western pagans hate Putin and know they must remove him to set up their satanic global dictatorship. That is why everything our pagan upper class trash royals do to Putin and Russia fails and backfires on them.

Note that Turley also shows you how conservatives are fighting back economically and financially against the upper class trash owned big corporations, that shut down so many mom and pop businesses in the US. Even that is backfiring on the upper class trash royals.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I told you years ago that God had drawn a line and was making us choose which side of that line to stand on, with God or with Satan?

This video shows that people are changing their minds because they have found out that the lefties lied and their great sounding stupid ideas don't work so they are choosing God's side of the line in increasing numbers.


I just saw a headline that said, "The War on Drugs Has failed".

The idiot journalists still have not figured it out or are lying. There never was a war on drugs because the upper class trash made a fortune selling those drugs to the people and kept law enforcement from being able to do more than a token effort to stop drugs in order to fool the people into thinking there was a war on drugs.

I have told you before that the US Military had the technology to completely stop all smuggling coming into the US by 1975, the Navy told Congress they could stop all smuggling into the US within 3 months so Congress very quickly passed a law in 1975 forbidding the US Military from trying to stop smuggling coming into the US because that would have cost the upper class trash tens of billions of dollars.

Any idiot journalist, politician, bureaucrat, or other person who says the war on drugs failed is either a moron or lying to you because there never was a true war on drugs.


I am seeing reports of tyrannical leaders in Western countries arresting people for in any way supporting Russia and being against their own government. The simple minded idiot leaders think that arresting such people will "fix the problem" because they are too stupid and ignorant to understand human behavior.

All it will do is anger and turn more of the people against their own abusive governments and towards Russia, making the problem worse.

Do you believe me yet that the stupid people are running the planet and our nations?

The only way the upper class trash royals know how to suppress and control the people is by lies, fear and brute force, which they have already been using a lot of to gain that control.

FB Trolls

I found out that they pay FB trolls $500/week to post lies, misinformation, and propaganda on FB because that is what they offered me.

When you see lefty lies, misinformation, and propaganda on FB, the person initially posting it is a political whore being paid $500 a week or $2,000 a month to just post anything they are told to post.

The stupid people, who blindly believe it and just share it, are just easy fools.

Know that my soul isn't for sale because Jesus owns my soul. Yep, I turned it down even though that $2,000 a month would bring my butt out of poverty because your credibility is more important than money. God takes care of me and I do not want to tick off God.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are? Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are out of touch with reality so they do not understand most people and those people do not think the way the lefties want to believe you think, which is why everything they try keeps failing?

They arrogantly believe you are so ignorant and stupid that, if they do X, you will think what they want you to think but most of you never do because you see through their cons.

This video proves that is what is going on. The lefties are out of touch with reality and real people so they and their plans are irrational and keep backfiring on them, destroying their evil plans.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, remember that I told you to not be surprised to see the British Royal Family murder Harry and Meghan?

I just saw a lefty headline that said, "They don't need Harry any more".

So, how long do you think it will be before they murder Harry and Meghan?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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