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I am watching the head of the Wagner Group because it looks like he is putting out lies and misinformation to encourage Ukraine to attack Russia harder.


Because you never tell your enemy what your weaknesses are unless you are trying to get them to attack in relation to those weaknesses. If he were not putting out misinformation and he told Ukraine he is short on munitions or was not getting along with the Russian troops, Putin would have quickly fired his butt. He keeps putting out videos telling EVERYONE where their weaknesses are, while Putin is saying everything is under control.

The military calls that psychological warfare and the Western leaders have proved to be very gullible and stupid in taking these sucker punches.

Keep an eye on it.

One thing I have noticed with this offensive is that the small losses of ground by Russia has encouraged Ukraine to start using and losing aircraft again and they don't have many left. Also the new missile Ukraine has already received from the UK and used against Russia requires that Ukraine start using her aircraft again because they are launched from aircraft so you can expect to see the Ukrainian aircraft get shot down in larger numbers again. That should just about finish off the Ukrainian air force.

Shortly after I wrote that, I saw that Russia had just shot down 2 aircraft using that missile.

Also Russia has resumed a significant number of attacks in Western Ukraine only about 90 miles from the Polish border to destroy weapons, munitions, and troops. This isn't just to further destroy the Ukrainian forces but is also to soften up Western Ukraine for an invasion by Russia from Belarus to the South to keep the Poles out of and the fleeing Ukrainians in Ukraine.

So UK gives some super duper missiles to Ukraine and then this magic coincidence happened.

Why, it probably had nothing to do with Russia paying back the UK, right?

Don't be surprised to see more such things happen in the UK because of their aggression against Russia. Now they are going to have to rewire that ship, which is just a wee bit of wiring.

I am pretty sure that was a warning from Russia to the UK. Keep an eye on it.

This video gives the best intel following the start of Ukraine's offensive, which was only really conducted in a few areas, mostly around Bakhmut. It shows that, when the Russian's "panicked and retreated", it was to more defensive lines. It also shows where two Ukrainian brigades staged an attack, Russia pulled back to a more defensive position, and Ukraine lost more than half of two brigades, most of their armored vehicles, and all of their tanks but, hey, they gained a few hundred feet of ground.

He tells you about the difference in attitude between the Ukrainian leaders and Russian leaders, where the Ukrainian leaders are more concerned about gaining ground but the Russians are more concerned about keeping troops alive so they will give up ground to save their troops, while killing even more Ukrainians.

The idiot Ukrainian/NATO leaders don't have enough brains to figure out that, if you get all of your troops killed off, it doesn't matter how much land you take because you won't have any troops left to hold that land and guess what will happen. They make my brain hurt.

"Hey, we got all of our troops killed off taking a few hundred yards and now we don't have any troops left between us and the Russian troops, oops."

The more I cover this, the more convinced I become just how stupid and inbred insane the lefty upper class trash royals are. If you are not a deranged psychopath, you can't be a lefty.

Do you believe me yet that the civilian leaders don't know anything worth remembering about the military except for their own propaganda they see in the media and the military leaders are the worst military leaders in the world because they got promoted strictly for being great butt kissers? Do you believe me yet that they all have extreme reprobate minds?

Note that on the rest of the front, there were just artillery duels with no changes in positions on the ground so those actions were just to tie down Russian troops to prevent them moving to where Ukraine was trying to take ground, you know, while Russia has another 300,000 troops in reserve.

Gee, I wonder why, with Russia losing a few tiny bits of ground, she doesn't rush those 300,000 troops into the battle?

Also note that, for the third day in a row, Russia continued blowing up munitions, fuel, and food supplies along with troops in Western Ukraine, including a munitions depot for Himars missiles, which won't kill any Russians. Wow, that wonder weapon won't do Ukraine much good.

I am even more convinced that Russia is preparing that area to invade from Belarus down to Moldova to keep Poland out and the Ukrainian/NATO troops in Ukraine to finish them off. Hey, the panicked, fleeing Ukrainian/NATO troops will just blunder right into those Russian troops.

Do you want to see how stupid and arrogant the lefties are and how stupid they think we are?

In this video the US is accusing South Africa of being an ally with Russia in the Ukraine War and an enemy of the US and UK because they are selling Russia weapons but the US and UK are not allying with Ukraine in giving Ukraine weapons, munitions, and money for the Ukraine War? Really?

BTW, one other thing the West is doing with the Ukrainian War is permitting Russia to test its weapons against our weapons so they can figure out how to more easily beat our weapons with those weapons before going to war against us. You just know that will end well.

Then I found this video, which is very important and almost guarantees that Putin will go into Europe to take out Germany, France, and the UK, just like I said Russia would. They have escalated this war to where it now puts Moscow and Russia in direct threat from Ukraine and Putin will do a preemptive strike to stop that from happening.

You can bet that the US and UK pressured formally reluctant France and Germany to participate and even promised to protect them from Russia, in part because the US has given so much more and you know that Putin knows that so he will also attack the US along with help from China and Latin America.

Then I found this important video showing that the UK is often the leader in giving Ukraine new weapons systems and notice that Putin didn't directly threaten Germany or France but only the UK. That should tell you that Putin knows who he is going to have to kill to stop the insanity.

Let me see if I can guess a few of Putin's most important targets for his attack; London, Washington DC, Paris, and Berlin?

Do you believe me yet that Satan's spawn royals just won't quit until they either get what they want or are dead?

Even if the greedy, power mad psychopaths do manage to get what they want, they will just keep grabbing for more until they have everything and then they will turn on each other.


Remember that I told you that God is going to have us Christians colonize some other planets after this war is over?

I have been wondering how we were going to get Christians from around the world here so we can send them to colonize those planets.

Today I was watching this video, when I realized that God is taking care of that by letting the pagans in other nations drive those Christians here. Pagans all over the world, including in the US are persecuting Christians because they don't want to have to live by Christian laws any more, you know, like you shall not lie, steal, or murder. Those laws are just too "oppressive."

You better pray for your Christian brothers and sisters because they really need it.

BTW, I have been watching the Hindus in India getting away with persecuting Christians for several decades now. History and the Bible teach that they will pay for this in the not too distant future.

Every pagan religion on this planet is right now waging war against Christianity and that war was started by the New Age movement almost half a century ago when they united all pagan cults, including poser Christianity, against true Christianity by admitting that all of their gods, including Satan, are the same god with different names. That was Satan uniting all of his pagan religions against God.

A lot of what is going on, especially by the West, is global warfare by pagans against Judeo-Christianity.

Listen, Christians colonizing other planets plus the Christian rapture will be God's version of a Russian cauldron to get His troops, except for special ops, out of the way of His artillery during the Tribulation. NO ONE is going to survive that cauldron.

Democracy Thing

I am just checking to see how that democracy thing is working, especially them rigging the system so the rich can get anyone they want elected to do whatever they want. Screw what you want.

Well, I will be darned; isn't that just the rich still ruling you buy spending a lot of money to get the stupid people to vote for and them rigging the elections for whomever they want?

Hey, they can always make the "journalists" working for the media they own to put out enough propaganda to get enough stupid people to vote to get the corrupt people they want in office to be elected and, if that doesn't work, they can bribe enough of the bureaucrats they own to get them to also rig the election so the upper class trash get their front people and puppets elected.

That should be getting pretty obvious by now.

Yeah, not working out too well because the corrupt rich people I call the upper class trash royals can eventually rig any democracy or republic to turn it into their monarchy hiding behind a fake democracy or republic. When they rig it, your votes don't count, especially if they get their judges and other bureaucrats in office.

I mean, who is going to arrest and prosecute them when they own the DOJ, FBI, and other law?

They have proved again and again that the people who get elected in your democracies are the people the rich spend the most money getting elected, primarily because of the stupid people.

Are you ready for a Christian theocracy where EVERYONE, including Moses, must abide by the same laws? Did you know that, under Judaism, the Israelis were the most free people in history because the upper class trash couldn't do what they are doing to control you?

They were more free than you.

Are you ready to give up on worshiping your false pagan god, democracy?

Democracy can't protect you because it can be rigged by the upper class trash just like in Britain and now in the US. Only God can protect you.


Remember that I told you that the first globalist group formed in 1947?

This video tells you about the Bilderberg Group that formed in the 1950s and other groups like the IMF and WEF have formed since. There are a number of these different groups of the rich royals that are working together to set up their global dictatorship. They use a number of different groups with different names to confuse and distract the people.

It is just like I have been warning you that they are a bunch of greedy, power mad royals who "want their planet and slaves back at any cost to you".

They got their IMF and other organizations set up and then they began falling apart with the plans regularly failing because man plans, God laughs. God is getting ready to bring these evil things down and they will all be burning in Hell by 2033.


Remember that I have been telling you that China is in economic duress so her economy cannot sustain a prolonged war?

Do you know why?

This video shows you part of the reason why. Note that the intellectually superior upper class trash of China know what farmers should grow and destroy their crops if they don't grow what they are told to grow, which any fool would know would destroy their economy.

That is why the upper class trash royals running everything always destroy their economies and impoverish the people, they are completely clueless about reality and the economy. They are just rich, greedy, power mad idiots who got rich stealing from everyone.


There are a number of things I keep watching and one of them is when I see someone who was a very popular Commierat and they "change". You have never seen me ranting about how wonderful Trump and Musk are because I cautiously watch them because they could just be faking their conversion.

Trump is more likely to be the real thing because he did a lot of damage to the Commierat agenda but I still cautiously watch him, even while voting for him.

Musk just had too many red flags still flying over his head for me to get excited about him at all and now he has hired a member of the WEF as his CEO for Twitter, who is already starting to censor their clients.

Be very careful who you worship because I have learned that Satan is very good at infiltrating his people into controlling our world.

Big Lies

When I was teaching high school, I saw a poster of a black Cleopatra on the wall in a junior high school class room. The left are still teaching their kids that she was black, which is a blatant lie.

Did you know that she wasn't even biologically Egyptian?

She was a descendant of some Greek Royals who conquered Egypt just a few generations before she was born so she was really a Greek Royal and biologically not a descendant of anyone from Africa.

The left lies about EVERYTHING. I think it would kill them to tell the truth about anything.

Don't believe me yet?

Watch this video exposing more of the left's lies. You can't believe one thing they say, not one.


This very important video is India explaining to their people why India should fight China in the event that China invades Taiwan. They are psychologically preparing their people to want to fight China to protect Taiwan by showing how it will hurt India for China to invade or put a blockade around Taiwan.

This should tell you that India knows that China is about to either invade or blockade Taiwan so it is preparing their people to go to war against China.

This should also tell you that India is preparing to fight China with Taiwan.

Keep an eye on this.

Invasion of US

I was watching this video looking at all of the young, military age men, when one of the people said, "Wow, look at all of those women and children. They all look like military age young men to me."

Russia, China, and Latin America are NOT going to have to attack the US from just without but also from within. They already have huge numbers of their troops inside our gates.

I am not the only one figuring this out. This is a military invasion being helped by Afghan Joe and is treason.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. This is going to be ugly.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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